Welcome to Media Discussions!
This forum is for discussion of anything media related that doesn't fit into another forum. This includes books, films, television, music, plays, and so forth.

Below are a few specific rules for this forum. Please follow these rules when posting here. These particular rules apply only to this forum (though other forums may have similar forum specific rules). They are in addition to the regular Rules of Posting.

Please keep these rules in mind while posting here, and of course follow the general Rules of Posting at all times.

Gaming Related Media
This thread is for discussing various forms of entertainment media other than games. However, many modern games have non-game media related to them. Novelizations, companion novels, film or television adaptations, and any other similar product related to a gaming product that does not actually allow you to play a game should be discussed here. The games the adaptations are based on, however, should be discussed in the forum appropriate for them. RPGs should be discussed in Roelplaying Games, while other games, such as CCGs, board games, and particularly video games, should be discussed in Gaming (Other Games).

Political and Religious Media
Real world political discussion is off-limits in this forum. As such, any film, book, television series, documentary, or similar media specifically dedicated to these topics should also not be discussed (this would include, for example, discussing a book written by a political pundit such as Ann Coulter or Al Franken on society or politics, or a religious text such as the Bible or the Qur'an). Books, films, and other media that are allegories or satires of real world politics may be discussed, but only in terms of their function as entertainment media. If discussion of such a work moves directly into discussion of real world politics, then the thread will be locked and Infractions issued.

Bashing Media Preferences
You are encouraged to post your opinions of various media here, positive and negative, but we ask that you do so in a constructive and courteous manner. Saying you don't like a particular work, genre, media type, or what-have-you is fine, as long as you either state that it simply doesn't meet your preferences, or provide a constructive explanation as to what you dislike about it, which can help further discussion.

However, simple bashing of a specific media type is not allowed. For example, making a post that states "Rap music is worthless and all rap albums should be burned," whether in a new thread or in a thread for the discussion of rap music would violate this rule. The same would hold true for a post bashing anime in an anime thread, or bashing opera, and so on. Such posts will be deleted, and repeated violations will earn the offender an Infraction for Trolling.

While you are entitled to your own opinions and welcome to express them in a polite way that engenders further discussion, taking it upon yourself to negatively comment on a certain media type, with no constructive content - and especially doing so repeatedly whenever a thread on the particular media type you disliked shows up - is not something that will be condoned or allowed.

If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to PM one of the Moderators or visit the Board/Site Issues forum. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and feel free to join in on the discussions here, or start a new one of your own!