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  1. Help: Flumph Bard Racial Archetype in the works
  2. D&D 3.x Other Incarnum: Metameldshaping (PEACH)
  3. Pathfinder Mage [base class, PEACH]
  4. D&D 3.x Other Feral/Obbittian Dragon (PEACH)
  5. D&D 3.x Class The Lost Hunter (Base Class)
  6. D&D 3.x Other Is There Precedent?
  7. Question for the Full-Setting Homebrewers
  8. D&D 3.x Other Help Pricing Custom Item
  9. Original System Stack Based Mana System [PEACH, Thoughts?]
  10. Runesmith [3.5 brainstorming]
  11. Superhuman Race
  12. D&D 3.x Other [3.5 Discipline] Sanity’s Eclipse – Combat from Beyond Reality.
  13. D&D 3.x Other Race: Hell-raven (P.E.A.C.H.)
  14. D&D 3.x Other Kenku as a playable race- PEACH
  15. D&D 3.x Class The Rogue Project: a class for being Batman [WIP/discuss]
  16. Original System VENTURE! An EMPIRE! spin-off RPG [PEACH, brainstorm]
  17. D&D 3.x Other Lay On Hands (3.P D&D)
  18. D&D 3.x Other Critique my spell list
  19. D&D 3.x Class HB Monk (Need Help plz)
  20. D&D 3.x Other Level 0 and Alternate Multiclassing System
  21. D&D 3.x Other Cities of Gold: ddude987's 3.5e fix - e8
  22. D&D 3.x Other [Monsters, PEACH] Creatures of the Sanguine Realm
  23. D&D 3.x Class For the most Elite of an army ... Look no further! PrC [P.E.A.C.H.]
  24. D&D 3.x Class Berserker of the reckless one [Base Class]
  25. Feats or Class Featurs to manipulate results of HD rolls?
  26. D&D 4e GPuzzle's 4e Homebrew Experiments or "I hope this doesn't blow up.."
  27. D&D 3.x Other "If people don't change, why should I be like people?"(Mythos Paragon)
  28. Pathfinder Genasi (Peach)
  29. D&D 3.x Other [d20r, Spells] Spells, Alphabetical, "A"
  30. Pathfinder The Mage of Deceit (Prestige, Peach!)
  31. Writing the Pact
  32. D&D 3.x Other Rebalancing Classes (And Spells), would like some input!
  33. Contest Base Class Challenge XXI Voting Thread
  34. D&D 3.x Other [Spell] Summon Battleloth Quiver
  35. Pathfinder [Base Class] Pyromancer: Dark Souls Style (WIP)
  36. Index Mythos Compendium
  37. Show off your Npcs!
  38. D&D 3.x Class (PEACH) Hero Reborn: Walking the Path of Glory
  39. Original System Generica-Shin Megami Tensei version
  40. D&D 3.x Other [ToB Discipline] Sanguine Hand-Sadism, Blood, and Fear
  41. Pathfinder Monk Homebrew (WIP, Advice Welcome)
  42. D&D 3.x Other Some new (sub)races
  43. Original System [Homebrew System] Problem: The delicate action economy
  44. D&D 3.x Class Iaijutsu Assassin [Base][PEACH]
  45. D&D 3.x Other Deus Vult races
  46. Original System Some question about...
  47. [Discussion] Shadow Artificer: Fixes, Optimization, and Thoughts
  48. D&D 3.x Other Spike's Magical Fowl Compendium [PEACH]
  49. D&D 3.x Class The Nihilist: Base Class.
  50. D&D 3.x Other [d20r Spells] Spells, Alphabetical, "B"
  51. Pathfinder The Dungeon Associate[Base Class](WIP)
  52. D&D 3.x Class The Bonus Feat [PEACH][BASE]
  53. D&D 3.x Other Vampire Template
  54. Contest Voting Thread: PIWTW IV
  55. D&D 3.x Class Give it everything you've got! Soul Blaze Fist! (Incarnum, PrC)
  56. D&D 3.x Other Vow of Poverty Remix
  57. D&D 3.x Other Theurges without Prestiges
  58. D&D 3.x Class The Oracle [Base Class, Talents]
  59. A random idea about spells came into my head today.
  60. GITP Creates a class! [BASE]
  61. Pathfinder You want feats? I'll give you feats! [Base Class]
  62. Pathfinder Path of the Ninja (Naruto 3.75)
  63. The benefits of a liberal education and mass media
  64. MageBeast idea
  65. D&D 3.x Other Wild Halflings
  66. D&D 3.x Other Elite Warforged Abilities
  67. Pathfinder Violence Solves Everything! (Base Class, PEACH)
  68. Ability Score Adjustments (3.P/4e/Next)
  69. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Blackguard)
  70. D&D 3.x Class Bard of Blood (Homestuck Classpect PEACH)
  71. Star Trek attack wing campaign help
  72. D&D 3.x Class Paladin Changes
  73. D&D 3.x Class Munchkin Prestige Class Project
  74. D&D 3.x Other Experimental Species: The Drakin [Please Evaluate And Critique Honestly]
  75. D&D 3.x Other An Alternative XP Formula
  76. Pathfinder [PrC] Enchantment Spinner [please PEACH]
  77. D&D 3.x Class Puppet Master PrC P.E.A.C.H.
  78. D&D 3.x Class The Champion (A Re-imagined Paladin)
  79. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Dragon Disciple)
  80. D&D 3.x Other D&D Looking for Unique transformation
  81. D&D 3.x Other The Skyter
  82. D&D 3.x Class I cant Believe its Not Druid (Its a monk) (Pseudobrew) [Peach]
  83. D&D 3.x Class Fighters be trippin' (Warrior of Insanity) [PRC, PEACH]
  84. D&D 3.x Other Holy Bloodlines (Fire Emblem) (Bloodlines) (PEACH)
  85. D&D 3.x Class Clerical Variants
  86. D&D 3.x Class Oh, Monkday was yesterday? Sorry I'm late...
  87. D&D 3.x Other Feat Upgrade (Fort, Ref, Will)
  88. D&D 3.x Class Warrior Adept [BASE]
  89. Peach
  90. D&D 3.x Other [Template] Half-Khayal [PEACH]
  91. D&D 3.x Class I need to create an artist prestige
  92. Original System D&D space campaign! Firefly/Farscape/terry Gilliam/Star Wars cantina style!!
  93. D&D 3.x Other Feedback requested, new template
  94. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Duelist)
  95. Quality Melee Abilities
  96. D&D 3.x Other [Random Thought] Stronger Fighter Feats
  97. Feats at every odd level?
  98. D&D 3.x Other Jack of all Trades Spell List [PEACH!]
  99. D&D 3.x Class Thought Experiment [Fighter Fix Related]
  100. D&D 3.x Other Don't Go Near the Water [Monster]
  101. Original System TRON: RPG v .1b (PEACH)
  102. D&D 3.x Class Spellwarped Warrior
  103. D&D 3.x Class "Today is victory over yourself. Tomorrow is your victory over lesser men."
  104. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Dwarven Defender)
  105. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Horizon Walker)
  106. Pathfinder pathfinder race
  107. D&D 3.x Class Heir of Void (Homestuck Classpect PEACH)
  108. D&D 3.x Class quick sorcerer variant
  109. D&D 3.x Class [ACF, Fighter, PEACH] The Sound of One Hand Smashing: The Ironarm Fighter
  110. [Warrior, Rogue, & Mage] Size Categories
  111. D&D 3.x Class Aberrant Totem Barbarian [WiP, PEACH]
  112. Pathfinder Oh, Soothing Light! Heal! (Base Class, PEACH)
  113. [Alternative Alignment System] Sanity vs Insanity, Empathy vs Apathy
  114. Thought Experiment: What if Races AND Classes had levels?
  115. Pathfinder Early Bloomer Bloodline
  116. D&D 3.x Other An Attempt to Fix Full Attacks
  117. D&D 3.x Other Fighting with [Style] (Revamped + New Feats)
  118. D&D 3.x Other New Persona Masks for Master of Masks
  119. A little project of mine [d20 Modern]
  120. Contest Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition XXIII Voting Thread
  121. D&D 3.x Other TWF fix PEACH
  122. D&D 3.x Class "Through Purity and Discipline, Strength" [Base Class, PEACH]
  123. D&D 3.x Other Ranger Ability 3.5
  124. D&D 3.x Other Magic item idea: grassblade
  125. D&D 3.x Class Druid Variant
  126. Bard Spell PEACH
  127. D&D 3.x Other Making mundane an effective combat option. 3.5
  128. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Loremaster)
  129. D&D 3.x Other Minimized spell
  130. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Shadowdancer)
  131. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Agent Retriever)
  132. D&D 3.x Class Everything that's yours is mine
  133. D&D 3.x Class Yet Another Fighter Fix
  134. The power level scaling of spells and my lack of understanding
  135. E6 Prestige game style
  136. D&D 3.x Other Feat: Final Slash
  137. Pathfinder [PrC]The Masked Eye
  138. Pathfinder The Meditist (Psionic Monk) WIP [Advice Seeking)
  139. D&D 3.x Class Zen Blade. PEACH
  140. D&D 3.x Other Djinn's Wish [3.P Spell][Sorc/Wiz 8]
  141. Pathfinder [PF] A few feats for Gunslingers... (PEACH)
  142. D&D 3.x Class [Base] The Force Missile Mage in 20 levels [PEACH]
  143. D&D 3.x Other Would this be acceptable LA for this race?
  144. D&D 3.x Class Truespeech [Truenamer fix, PEACH]
  145. D&D 4e Revised Fighter (PEACH)
  146. Pathfinder (Overly?)-Ambitious Class Re-Designs for PF/3.5-ish
  147. D&D 3.x Other Berserker Draught (3.5)
  148. D&D 3.x Other Crystalline [Memory Altering Living Construct] [New Race]
  149. D&D 3.x Other Smash Orb
  150. D&D 3.x Other Campaign House Rule setup [PEACH]
  151. D&D 3.x Other Poison [D&D 3.5 Skill] [Second draft]
  152. D&D 3.x Class Interpretive PrC Community Project.
  153. D&D 3.x Other 3.5 Homebrew Bloodline
  154. I need help with D&D sports (Dwarf Tossing)
  155. D&D 3.x Other Expanded D. Necro. Spell List (and other features) [PEACH]
  156. D&D 3.x Class [Prestige] Death from Afar!
  157. D&D 3.x Class The Socialite [Base Class] Part-Caster Con Artist
  158. D&D 3.x Class The Gravi-Blade [WIP]
  159. D&D 3.x Other Better mass stat boost spells (PEACH)
  160. Original System Realistic Ancient/Medieval Army Combat System
  161. D&D 3.x Class The Missingno (No, really, it's serious. PEACH)
  162. Pathfinder 'Possessing Ghost' racial template
  163. Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style (Exalted 2.5, rewrite)
  164. D&D 3.x Other Feat I came up with, any thoughts?
  165. D&D 3.x Other Step and CUT!~ [Feats, PEACH]
  166. Pathfinder "Knowing Is Half the Battle" - The Scholar [PF Base Class, PEACH]
  167. Psion Adaptation for Dungeon World [PEACH]
  168. Original System Telescopic Vision
  169. D&D 3.x Class Shooting Swords, and Other Fun Things
  170. D&D 3.x Class Rewriting the Paladin
  171. Holy item creation question?
  172. D&D 3.x Class Zalphon's Improved Martial Classes
  173. Pathfinder [Archetype] Blood-Draught Alchemist
  174. Original System Change is changing.
  175. D&D 3.x Class Reworking the Healer: Fixed-list casting, Expanded spell list, etc.
  176. D&D 3.x Other Ki Feats
  177. Pathfinder Cleric Archetype: Kyton Embodier
  178. D&D 3.x Class Some cut PrC's
  179. Contest GitP Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition Competition XXIV: Taste My Steel!
  180. D&D 3.x Other New Pantheon[WIP]
  181. Long time no see, figured I'd whip this up for you guys (fixed, PEACH)
  182. D&D 3.x Class Base Prestige classes (Cosmic Descryer)
  183. D&D 3.x Other Help with designing a time-based minor/major artifact
  184. Pathfinder Culex - A home-brew assassin/antimagic user class [Eschaeon]
  185. D&D 3.x Other Aiding aid another
  186. Quick Fixes
  187. Time Lords
  188. Pathfinder Finfolk, a homebrew race for NPCs and Player Characters
  189. Pathfinder I need to decide on concepts for my classes and archetypes.
  190. D&D 3.x Other Attacks of Opportunity [Combat Reformation]
  191. D&D 3.x Class Rage Warrior (Psionic Barbarian)
  192. D&D 3.x Class Return of the GitP Community Fighter Fix Attempt
  193. D&D 3.x Class Help with a new PrC, the Runelord [PEACH]
  194. A Guide To Base Classes, Power, and Identity
  195. D&D 3.x Class Alchemiester [Prestige][PEACH]
  196. Original System PASSIVE™ ~ A percentile / d100 system built from the ground up.
  197. D&D 3.x Class Disciple of the gem + 3 prestige classes
  198. Making a spell to preserve blood for a vampire...
  199. Lex Talionis - Re-imagining Carceri
  200. D&D 3.x Other New Alignments
  201. Original System Final Fantasy Infinite
  202. D&D 3.x Class Arcane Justicar - a melee class designed to mess with wizards
  203. D&D 3.x Other Rune Blaster [Magic Item]
  204. Original System d6/d10 Untitled Generic Fantasy System
  205. Homebrew help 3.5
  206. D&D 3.x Class The Fortune Blessed
  207. Pathfinder The Grappler: A DnF Conversion!
  208. Spontaneous Diviner/Conjurer Base Class
  209. D&D 3.x Other Siphon blood template
  210. D&D 3.x Class Benders, Avatar: The Last Airbender inspired classes [PEACH]
  211. Pathfinder Erevos - A truly Living Campaign Setting
  212. D&D 3.x Class Build challange: Organisation XIII
  213. D&D 3.x Other Siphonoid Monster Race
  214. Bestow Greater Curse Idea for Vampires
  215. Pathfinder Warlock Conversion and Update (Community Contributions Desired/Required/Admired)PEACH
  216. D&D 3.x Other [3.5] Zambies
  217. D&D 3.x Other Kellus's Truenaming Re-Write: Anyone Actually Played This?
  218. D&D 3.x Class A bit of paladin brew [3.5] PEACH
  219. D&D 3.x Class The Transmorpher [PEACH]
  220. Fantasy Space-Time Theory
  221. Savage Worlds: Mass Effect
  222. D&D 3.x Class Lightweaver Class Help
  223. D&D 3.x Class Paladin Rebuild
  224. A Monk Question
  225. D&D 3.x Other A small Pantheon
  226. Watch Walking with Dinosaurs Online
  227. D&D 3.x Other A generic monster that scales in level.
  228. Everquest Alignment Idea: New AL Axis
  229. EPoW's Avenger
  230. Pathfinder Ghostblade (WIP)
  231. New Prestige Class. Arch-Warmagus 3.5
  232. A song of ice and fire gods as D&D gods? Domains and ideas?
  233. Minecraft Monsters in d&d
  234. D&D 3.x Class Specialist casters for fun and profit!
  235. Original System d02: Unlimited Power
  236. D&D 3.x Class Ranger Fix: Stances [3.5]
  237. Original System Help requested
  238. D&D 3.x Other Thought bubbles! (3.PF spell, PEACH)
  239. (3.X) (PrC) Spellmaster (Under Construction, Enter at Own Risk)
  240. D&D 3.x Class Homebrew Balancing
  241. D&D 3.x Other [Monster] Golden A.M.A.Z.O. [PEACH]
  242. Pathfinder Playable Ogre for Pathfinder
  243. Old School Spell Point Sorcery - Alternative magic system for any OSR game
  244. D&D 3.x Other Phase-based combat system [PEACH]
  245. Looking for an old class
  246. D&D 3.x Other Less Broken Epic Spellcasting [PEACH]
  247. D&D 3.x Other Class feature for a fighter fix [PEACH]
  248. D&D 4e Player Customization (Magic Weapons)
  249. Pathfinder Leadership Fixing
  250. Pathfinder Homebrew Base Class: Spellbow