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  1. D&D 5e/Next Cosmic Sorcerer
  2. D&D 5e/Next Frostrager (Barbarian Path)
  3. D&D 5e/Next 5e Homebrew: Fighter Archetype: The Warrior PEACH
  4. D&D 5e/Next Michael's Specific Warlock Patron #17: Jubilex, Lord of Shedaklah
  5. D&D 5e/Next Rules for Outrunning Hazards (explosions, rivers, etc.)
  6. D&D 3.x Other Arcane version of Implosion?
  7. D&D 5e/Next Adding in a Feature, Need Advice/Criticism
  8. D&D 3.x Other Rebalancing 3.5, Backwards?
  9. Pathfinder [Kineticist Element] Flesh
  10. D&D 5e/Next Looking for help/feedback on "homemade" scaling weapon
  11. D&D 5e/Next [PEACH] Mage Hunter 5e
  12. D&D 3.x Class Gnostic: What use is your fixation on Good or Evil? It is not a matter of or but and.
  13. D10 based mana pool help?
  14. D&D 5e/Next Bladesinger a go go
  15. D&D 3.x Other Warforged Components: Armor of Mars (WIP, PEACH)
  16. D&D 5e/Next Jedi Class
  17. D&D 3.x Other [3.P Mythos] "Don't you feel the power? Soon everything will be corrupted. Even you."
  18. D&D 3.x Other Flaws of the Fallen [Invocations]
  19. D&D 3.x Other Custom Golem Template [PEACH]
  20. D&D 3.x Class The Valkyrie [3.5 Base Class] (WIP, PEACH)
  21. D&D 5e/Next Michael's Specific Warlock Patron #18: Demogorgon , Lord of the Brine Flats
  22. D&D 5e/Next Need help comparing 3 shields with abilities.
  23. Pathfinder Gunslinger Quick Fix
  24. D&D 5e/Next Sharpshooter Gun Based Class Feedback and Ideas
  25. Pathfinder [Rule] Kineticist and prestige classes
  26. D&D 5e/Next Star Wars for 5th edition
  27. D&D 3.x Other Feats of Sarcasm (Feats, Silly)
  28. Pathfinder Assorted Class Fixes [PEACH]
  29. D&D 3.x Other Zero-to-Hero Ability Scores for E6 [PEACH]
  30. D&D 5e/Next 20 Cursed Weapon Properties
  31. 5E Mystara Players Handbook
  32. D&D 5e/Next 5E Class - The Bladedancer
  33. D&D 3.x Other GITP designs a new subystem
  34. D&D 3.x Other LA 2 Gnoll
  35. Pathfinder Spheres Occultist
  36. D&D 5e/Next Work in Progress Dark Souls-ish Campaign Rules, PEACH if ye dare
  37. D&D 5e/Next Another Wild Shape Fix
  38. D&D 5e/Next My first race! Centaurs! C&C Very welcome.
  39. D&D 5e/Next 100 Cursed Item Properties in a free PDF
  40. Pathfinder [Archetype] Possessed Vindicator (Antipaladin)[PEACH]
  41. D&D 5e/Next The True Kender Race! PEACH
  42. D&D 3.x Class Grand Vivimancer (Deathless-based caster, PEACH)
  43. D&D 3.x Class Raven Lord (3.5 PrC, familiar based caster)
  44. D&D 5e/Next 5e spellcasting less bard discusion. Possible? Worthwille? What would you want? Othe?
  45. [3.5 Mythos] "I'm the Best There is at What I Do"
  46. D&D 3.x Other Multiclassing Feats
  47. D&D 5e/Next Improved OoV Paladin capstone
  48. D&D 3.x Class The Sensei Prestige Class
  49. Contest Base Class Contest XXX - A Study in Beige
  50. D&D 5e/Next 5e Class, The Synthesist (Playing Abathur in D&D)
  51. D&D 5e/Next Fighter, Lord of Battle [5e Fighter Remake/Fix/Whatever][WIP][First Draft]
  52. D&D 5e/Next Beast Master Ranger Fixes
  53. Pathfinder Shadow of the Occult (Shadowcasters and Occult Adventures)
  54. D&D 3.x Class Is there any good Kamen Rider homebrew class that isn't the Super Sentai?
  55. D&D 5e/Next New Warlock Invocation Idea
  56. Index Sorcerous September
  57. D&D 3.x Other [EPIC] Gramarie - Epic Spells, Feat, and short story
  58. Absent Thread: Shadow of the Occult?
  59. D&D 3.x Other Hunt Domain
  60. D&D 5e/Next "Mundane" Magitech Adventuring Gear, need help on pricing
  61. Pathfinder A little extra for the Expert
  62. D&D 3.x Class Heaven Blooded Mage (PrC, Celestial blooded arcane caster)
  63. D&D 3.x Other Celestial Heritage Feats (Because not all heroes are born of Hell)
  64. Mutant Cult Incantation [Little World][WIP]
  65. D&D 5e/Next Looking for experienced homebrewers to critique content!
  66. D&D 5e/Next 3 class modifications; the ki warrior, the arcane knight, and the book priest.
  67. D&D 5e/Next Possible "rewards"/treasure for Moon druid (PEACH)
  68. Trying to adjust Scion to handle mortal starting characters and a magic system?
  69. D&D 3.x Other Starcraft and Warcraft Hero Vestiges
  70. D&D 3.x Other Familiar's for all!
  71. Dark Sun Monster Conversion - 2nd to 5th edition.
  72. D&D 5e/Next World of Warcraft to 5e conversion
  73. Pathfinder [Project] Unique Secondary Classes
  74. D&D 5e/Next A Small Selection of Spell-list Swapping Sorcerous Subclasses (PEACH)
  75. Delete this
  76. Science in the shadow plane
  77. Contest Blend-&-Brew Battle #1: The Paladin (PF)
  78. D&D 3.x Other Familiar Spell Power (Feat)
  79. D&D 3.x Class The Bonemelder
  80. Pathfinder Wrathblood - The Monster Bloodrager Archetype - New and Improved Monstrous Thread!
  81. D&D 5e/Next Werewolf Prestige Class (PEACH)
  82. Original System Marvel Cinematic Universe in M&M 2E
  83. D&D 3.x Other A cat is a wizard's best friend or I like Familiars (PEACH)
  84. Pathfinder Berserkr [Barbarian Archetype]
  85. D&D 5e/Next 5e Homebrew Races for homebrew setting
  86. Pathfinder Pathfinder Rebuild: Fighter
  87. D&D 3.x Class Chronomancer (Time Mage)
  88. D&D 5e/Next The (condensed) variant Ranger
  89. Original System Kingdom Hearts Tabletop
  90. D&D 3.x Class An Offer: Custom Base Classes
  91. Pathfinder [Archetype] Occult Scholar (Wizard)
  92. D&D 3.x Other Wisdom and Charisma: Possible fix?
  93. If you want something saved from WotC, do it now
  94. D&D 3.x Class Nova Blast Mage (3.5 Evocation-specialist PrC)
  95. D&D 5e/Next Norn (from Guild Wars 2) PC Race [PEACH]
  96. Pathfinder [Empyreal Lord] The Smiling Flagellant
  97. D&D 5e/Next Parent - New 5e Background
  98. Original System Cyberpunk/Transhumanist/Fantasy setting rules.
  99. D&D 3.x Class The Final Fantasy Job System in a Class: Freelancer
  100. D&D 3.x Class [3.5] The Inheritor (Incarnum/Martial Adept Base Class)
  101. [3.5, Mythos] "You Look In The Mirror, But Someone Else Looks Back..."
  102. Pathfinder The Shadewright, a shadow-conjuring gish with multifaceted archetypes
  103. D&D 3.x Other Pondering DnD/Fallout Crossover, got the stats and skills, having trouble w/ weapons
  104. D&D 3.x Other Another idea that I want to share. [D20 monster idea thread]
  105. D&D 3.x Other Soothing Assault (Martial Discipline, 3.x, PEACH appreciated)
  106. D&D 3.x Class The Divine Ascendant [PEACH]
  107. D&D 5e/Next No Ability Score Works Alone (Saving Throw Rework)
  108. D&D 3.x Class Custom Psionic "BladeSinger" Type Class - NEED INPUT PLS!
  109. Pathfinder [Empyreal Lord] The Lady of the Evanescent
  110. [Empyreal Lord] The Devourer of Sin
  111. D&D 3.x Class Elan Exemplar (Elan racial PrC)
  112. Contest 3.X Ancillary Contest VI - Power in rhyme, poetry time
  113. Pathfinder Suggestions for building an electricity vampire
  114. Pathfinder [Complete Taint] Tainted Bestiary
  115. D&D 5e/Next Modern High Fantesy
  116. D&D 3.x Other [3.x] Five Elements feat (PEACH please)
  117. Craft:Trapmaking for PC's
  118. D&D 3.x Other APF - Alternative Prestige Features [PEACH appreciated]
  119. D&D 5e/Next Dragonlance Trinket Table.
  120. D&D 5e/Next Birthright Trinket Table
  121. D&D 3.x Other Brainstorming ability-based special abilities
  122. D&D 5e/Next Need help pricing these alchemical items.
  123. D&D 5e/Next Base Class: Magical Girl (AKA "Help me, I've done something terrible!")
  124. Feng Shui; Magic in zones
  125. D&D 5e/Next Starting array
  126. D&D 5e/Next Larloch's spells for 5e, plus a few of my own
  127. Pathfinder Help me designing a custom prestige class
  128. D&D 3.x Other Spell based on Season Premiere of Doctor Who
  129. D&D 3.x Class Elvish Exemplar (3.5, Elf the Base Class, PEACH)
  130. D&D 5e/Next Sorcerer Archetype - Shadow Caster
  131. D&D 5e/Next Versatile Weapon Fighting Style
  132. Paladin Archetype: Oath of Unity
  133. D&D 3.x Other "My race is a proud and ancient one." [3.5 Race+, PEACH]
  134. Pathfinder [Complete Taint] Keepers of the Hallowed Doctrine
  135. [3.5 Mythos] "When There's No More Room in Hell, the Dead will Walk the Earth"
  136. D&D 5e/Next Rules for Fiend Summoning Ritual in 5e
  137. Blood is Power - Vampires (New subsystem, Template, Base Classes. WIP, PEACH)
  138. Pathfinder Cartomancer [Occultist Archetype][WIP]
  139. D&D 3.x Other [3.P Mythos] "For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."
  140. D&D 3.x Class Sublime Blade of Heironeous (ToB PrC, PEACH)
  141. Paladin Sacred Oath: Oath of Absolution
  142. D&D 3.x Other When you don't have enough dust...
  143. Pathfinder Magic Item Help
  144. Pathfinder Homebrewed Android/Warforged Race [PEACH]
  145. Look! Huge Equipment List & Rules! We Have candy!
  146. D&D 5e/Next Guybrush Threepwood (Character sheet & a Pre-Gen character)
  147. Metal whip... ?
  148. D&D 5e/Next An "I'm fully rested. Now let's kick some butt!" item feedback wanted.
  149. Homebrew Bard College -- The College of Virtue (Troubadours)
  150. Pathfinder [Archetype: Oathbound Paladin] Oath of Mortification
  151. Proposed Degree-of-Success Mechanic To Replace Full-Attack + Itteratives [P.E.A.C.H.]
  152. D&D 5e/Next Teamwork Feats
  153. Campaign Building Advice
  154. Pathfinder Need a house rule to limit, but not stop, planar travel for a home brew setting
  155. Pathfinder [Class] The Marked; Wielders of the Outside.
  156. D&D 5e/Next Ritual for summoning high level celestials in 5e
  157. 5e Monk/Bard Items
  158. D&D 3.x Other Supernatural abilities for all classes (i.e. Su Feats; especially for Fighters) PEACH
  159. D&D 3.x Other Freelancers of Power [Spheres of Power Project]
  160. Pathfinder Archaeologist (Pathfinder Base Class)
  161. My new and improved flaws that are actually flaws! ( I hope!)
  162. D&D 3.x Other Necrobotany
  163. Index The Harrowing Halloween Harvest of Horror
  164. D&D 3.x Class [3.5] "Tyler, why wont you let me in the campaign?"
  165. [5e Race] Ooze Genasi
  166. D&D 3.x Class Hematomancer (3.5 Blood Mage PrC)
  167. Original System Dear Mr. Hadley (An Experimental Role Playing Game)
  168. D&D 5e/Next Fiendish Frenzy (Barbarian Primal Path)(WIP)
  169. D&D 3.x Other [Halloween Harvest] The Outside Woman [PEACH]
  170. D&D 3.x Other Vitality-Based Spellcasting (PEACH, for Oriental Adventures-type campaign)
  171. D&D 3.x Class Frost-Pact Warlock (3.5, Archetype for T.G. Oskar's Warlock, PEACH)
  172. AQUOS ZETA SH-01H with 32GB internal memory!!
  173. D&D 3.x Other Simultaneous Combat System for D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder
  174. D&D 5e/Next New Background - Retired Adventurer
  175. Pathfinder Pathfinder Rebuild: Monk
  176. D&D 3.x Class Walker in the Wastes [Base]
  177. D&D 3.x Other The Hungry Dead: New Options for Player Ghouls
  178. Pathfinder Avatar [Barbarian//Oracle][WIP]
  179. D&D 5e/Next Guts' Gear
  180. ASOIAF D&D 5e
  181. Fanus: A space RPG
  182. D&D 3.x Other To Serve the Ancient Ones (Vile Feats, 3.5)
  183. Original System Mecha World: A Mecha RPG Powered by the Apocalypse (PEACH)
  184. D&D 5e/Next Races (Gnolls, Bangaas, and Killoren. Oh my!)(WIP)
  185. Legendary Magic Item Help 5e
  186. D&D 5e/Next More Power Word spells for 5e PEACH
  187. D&D 3.x Other Spells for Thralls
  188. D&D 5e/Next Swordmage (Duskblade and Hexblade) (WIP)(PEACH)
  189. Kidslayer Goblin Tribe
  190. D&D 3.x Class Winter Knight (Ice Mage Gish)
  191. D&D 3.x Other Advice on Magical Enhancements for a Gun Mod
  192. D&D 5e/Next Alternative Ranger Class, plus Scout and Beastmaster Druid
  193. D&D 3.x Other Preserving and Defiling
  194. a 3.5 homebrew help.
  195. D&D 5e/Next Monstrous race/subclass combinations. Trolls! Slaadi! Yuan-ti! Harpies!
  196. [PEACH]The Unworthy (3.5 PrC)
  197. D&D 3.x Class Majokko (Base Class, PEACH)
  198. D&D 5e/Next Spellbook of Attuned Magic (PEACH)
  199. Infiniterrains
  200. The Blighter, Adjusted--Better than Before?
  201. Homebrew Creation Advice?
  202. D&D 3.x Class Servant of the Great Old One - Disciple of Yog-Sothoth (PrC)
  203. D&D 5e/Next Some new feats and fighting styles
  204. Pathfinder [Hellknight Order] Order of the Scream
  205. D&D 5e/Next Mesmerist Class; Critique Welcome
  206. Looking for a System
  207. D&D 5e/Next New Background - Possessed
  208. Small Sorcerer Homebrew
  209. Pathfinder Codex Alera
  210. D&D 5e/Next Bardic College (College of the Maestro)(WIP)(PEACH)
  211. D&D 3.x Class The Avenger (Supportive Divine Warrior)
  212. D&D 5e/Next [PEACH] 5e Homebrew Druid Circle of the Watchers
  213. D&D 5e/Next Need opinion about the balance of some ideas
  214. D&D 3.x Other Frightening Fiends (New Demon and Devil)
  215. D&D 5e/Next Simple classless 5e [PEACH]
  216. D&D 5e/Next Spellsword Homebrew Class
  217. Pathfinder Help Creating a new class; Trying things out
  218. Pathfinder Idol: Akashic Medium Spirit
  219. D&D 5e/Next Oath of Nudity Paladin Subclass WIP
  220. Pathfinder Free Random Warrior Generator.
  221. D&D 5e/Next Huge and Gargantuan Spiders and Scorpions in 5e
  222. D&D 3.x Other Ninja/Barbarian Multi
  223. D&D 3.x Other Feats (and Flaws) of Fear
  224. D&D 3.x Other Variations on a Theme: Skill Focus
  225. D&D 5e/Next Rogue Archetype - Mentalist - feedback appreciated
  226. Pathfinder The Arcane Commander (Path of War, Sorcerer Archetype) [PEACH]
  227. Pathfinder Egyptian Akasha
  228. D&D 5e/Next The Alchemist (WIP)
  229. DnD 5th Buckler or Target Shield
  230. Pathfinder The Condemned, a port of the Hellbred
  231. D&D 3.x Class Servant of the Great Old Ones - Mask of Nyarlathotep (PrC)
  232. Cut-throat feat 5e
  233. 5e Naginata and Tengu
  234. D&D 3.x Class Devotee of Pure Magic (Boccob-ian Cleric PrC)
  235. ignore this post.
  236. D&D 5e/Next Bard College of Deception
  237. [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] Fate/Heroic
  238. D&D 5e/Next New Pact of the Tome Warlock Invocation: Secret Bookshelf
  239. Pathfinder Campaign idea help: "first level problems"
  240. [5e] Prestige class: Fiendish Emissary.
  241. D&D 3.x Other Scarecrow Golem (cheap, low level construct)
  242. D&D 3.x Class Lord.Lady of Masks PrC (PEACH)
  243. Pathfinder The Battlecaster - a military-themed mage with fireball on tap!
  244. D&D 5e/Next Daggerspell Shaper?
  245. D&D 5e/Next World of Warcraft (Warlock)
  246. D&D 5e/Next 5e Monster Building Workshop
  247. D&D 3.x Class 4E Hexblade Conversion to 3.5
  248. Khen-zai (ethergaunt) Monster Classes
  249. D&D 3.x Other Jack o' the Harvest (3.5 monster)
  250. Help me make some "Half-" templates!