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  1. D&D 5e/Next Vampire: Reloaded
  2. D&D 3.x Class Oath Warrior
  3. D&D 3.x Class The Vanguard [Tank Class]
  4. D&D 5e/Next Gothic PC Templates for a Barovian Campaign [PEACH] [WIP]
  5. D&D 3.x Other Elite Equipment (Nonmagical items for high-level characters)
  6. D&D 5e/Next Singing Sea Otherworldly Patron: An aquatic warlock subclass
  7. D&D 5e/Next Greater Shadow (Homemade Monster)
  8. D&D 5e/Next Half-illithids! I hope you like subraces.
  9. WIP Homebrew: The Flagellant!
  10. Pathfinder Emperor's New Clothes - Robe Edition
  11. D&D 5e/Next Giant: Reloaded
  12. D&D 5e Homebrew Class: The Flagellant! (WIP)
  13. D&D 5e/Next Way of Storms for Kryx's monk rework- Draft 1
  14. D&D 3.x Other Working on a Race
  15. Pathfinder Weapon Hoarder class
  16. D&D 3.x Other Greater Holy Word (spell)
  17. D&D 5e/Next Devils: Reloaded
  18. D&D 3.x Other Some NPC character sheets (and questions).
  19. D&D 5e/Next Demons: Reloaded
  20. MLP d&d 5e homebrew: Alicorns and the Princesses
  21. Contest Local Speakeasy: Home Brewing 3.X Competition VI: Here, There, and Everywhere
  22. D&D 5e/Next The Perk System - Specialized, tiered "Feat"-like options for Ability Scores
  23. D&D 3.x Other Lesser Angel and Lesser Succubi
  24. D&D 3.x Other Butcher's Madness [3.5 ToB Discipline, PEACH, KD:M related]
  25. D&D 5e/Next Elementals: Reloaded
  26. D&D 5e/Next How to use Word to create D&D-style documents
  27. D&D 5e/Next Initiative Remastered: For your Tactical consideration
  28. Pathfinder PF Drunken Master base class brainstorming
  29. D&D 5e/Next How much HP is a 5th level warlock spell worth? - Balancing a warlock invocation
  30. Poison Dusk Lizardfolk 5e conversion
  31. D&D 5e/Next Ball of magical energy (peach)
  32. Are there any systems good for Air-battles/Dogfights?
  33. D&D 3.x Other More Skills
  34. D&D 3.x Other Heart of Y'Shaarj for a barbarian character
  35. D&D 5e/Next Need help brewing an item that allows wild shape into fiend / devil
  36. D&D 3.x Other Shapeshifting Domain
  37. D&D 5e/Next Fewer Weapons/Armors - PEACH As You Please
  38. Req
  39. D&D 3.x Other Mystic Theurge Race (heavily revamped Quintessons)
  40. Revamped metamagic (Silent, Still, and Quicken Spell)
  41. Warlock Pact Boon 5e, Pact of the Eldritch Fist
  42. D&D 5e/Next Yurians aka Crabmen (5e Race)
  43. Pathfinder Midnight Spire: Zombie Apocalypse Generator
  44. D&D 3.x Other Aelsif: AC and DR armour.
  45. D&D 3.x Other Ancestral Blessing (Custom "item")
  46. Pathfinder Problem with Corruption/Affliction system
  47. Some new Dragon-themed Spells
  48. 5e Warlock Pact Boon, Pact of the Tentacle
  49. 5E Sentient Item: Raktavarna, The Stealer of Secrets
  50. D&D 5e/Next Character Death and Dying ... fixing not a problem?
  51. [deleted]
  52. D&D 3.x Class Soulknife Mk II
  53. D&D 5e/Next Monster PC Races: Naga, Angels, and Yugoloth
  54. D&D 5e/Next Swordmage for 5e
  55. D&D 3.x Other Balanced and Simple Low Magic Item System
  56. My Fighter Fix
  57. D&D 3.x Other Player-proofing an ability.
  58. D&D 5e/Next Angels: Reloaded
  59. D&D 5e/Next Unorthodox Combos 5e anyone?
  60. D&D 5e/Next Artificer rework
  61. D&D 5e/Next Hoi!~ I'm Tem! [Race]
  62. D&D 3.x Other Morrok, god of Nightmares -Theperfect25
  63. D&D 5e/Next Totemist Class
  64. D&D 5e/Next Let's Make A Wand of Wonder!
  65. D&D 5e/Next Half-Side Initiative (Alternate Initiative)
  66. D&D 3.x Class The Warlock
  67. D&D 3.x Other Proximate Zenith [Epic] martial discipline
  68. D&D 5e/Next help with some homebrew sentient magic items
  69. D&D 3.x Other Khepri (Improved Familiar option)
  70. D&D 5e/Next Bloody Abomination Warlock Patron.
  71. D&D 5e/Next Water Cleric
  72. D&D 3.x Other Revamped Skill Focus
  73. D&D 3.x Class Prestige Class as base class?
  74. D&D 5e/Next Grey Hawk Initiative small revamp
  75. Pathfinder Homebrew Magic-Item Feedback
  76. D&D 5e/Next Zenkaya: The Friendly Shark People [PEACH]
  77. D&D 3.x Other Monsters: Lantern Archon (revised as a familiar), Murk ("lesser Gloom")
  78. Original System Ideal list of classes
  79. D&D 5e/Next Wands and Staves - Potential Mechanics for Arcane Foci
  80. D&D 5e/Next Acolyte of the Skin [Updated Arcane Tradition]
  81. D&D 3.x Other Sprite Swarm (shedding pixie dust everywhere)
  82. D&D 5e/Next A Very Brief Guide to Changing 1st Level Cleric Domain Features
  83. D&D 5e/Next Swordmage (5e Class) [PEACH]
  84. How to make the Monkey Kings Staff
  85. D&D 5e/Next Half-Hobgoblin ( Sil-Karg) [PEACH]
  86. Homebrew 5e PC Race: Spellweavling
  87. D&D 3.x Other Pirate Queen's Regalia (pirate-themed magic items and a bit more)
  88. D&D 3.x Other Optional armour strength/weakness rule?
  89. D&D 5e/Next More Consistent Monster Damage
  90. D&D 3.x Other Human gods
  91. D&D 5e/Next Turtlefolk Race
  92. D&D 3.x Other Sphinxfolk (possible at LA+1?)
  93. D&D 3.x Other A relatively simple fix for martials using ToB
  94. D&D 3.x Other Thrall-Harness (Armor)
  95. Low fantasy gaming - your thoughts about this game
  96. Pathfinder Bladesinger (A different take on a very old and well loved idea)
  97. D&D 3.x Class Adaptive (Shapeshifter, Tier 3) PEACH
  98. The gallery of ridiculous monsters
  99. Contest Base Class Contest XXXXI - It's in Our Nature
  100. D&D 5e/Next 5 Stats For 5E
  101. D&D 5e/Next Fighting Spirit (An Unoriginal Idea For HP)
  102. D&D 5e/Next A Guide for Creating D&D-Style Images Using GIMP
  103. D&D 3.x Other Harmful divination spells
  104. D&D 3.x Other Treefolk (LA+1 race), take 2
  105. Gallant
  106. D&D 5e/Next Illithid: Reloaded
  107. D&D 5e/Next A Complete Collection of Half-Races, fixed Yuan-Ti, and a new race, Turtlefolk
  108. D&D 3.x Class Quick and dirty Kensai fix/rework
  109. D&D 3.x Other Ascendant Fiend
  110. My attempt at 5e Nightshades
  111. D&D 3.x Class Inspired Archer [Base Class - Divine Archer]
  112. Revised Polyglot (feat chain)
  113. Pathfinder Skill Techniques
  114. Diabolocal Dungeons (1)
  115. D&D 5e/Next Feat: Master of Many Weapons (replaces PAM/GWM/SS/CBE). PEACH
  116. D&D 3.x Class Prestige Class: Champion of Moradin, Advice Wanted
  117. D&D 5e/Next Monk - Way of Harmony (an arcane magic path for the 5e monk)
  118. D&D 3.x Class Be the Friendliest Host! (3.5 base class)
  119. D&D 3.x Class Breath Of The Gods
  120. D&D 5e/Next The Vanguard, a heavily armored defensive barbarian variant.
  121. D&D 3.x Other Profession Overhaul
  122. Name Help
  123. D&D 3.x Other Changeling Race (Star Trek DS9)?
  124. D&D 5e/Next Endermen Race
  125. D&D 5e/Next Physician Class - Imbalanced and Broken? Perfect and Fun? New System HELP!?!?!?!
  126. M&M 3e Fundamental House Rules
  127. D&D 3.x Other Improved Unseen Servant, Unseen Entourage, Unseen Army
  128. D&D 5e/Next Creatures, Monstrous Traits, and more: Reloaded
  129. D&D 3.x Other Reining in Tier One casters. Make them mostly-spontaneous, with a loophole. PEACH.
  130. Gnome duskblade substitution levels: What You got?
  131. D&D 3.x Other An NPC class to make badass npcs without overshadowing the pcs: specialized expert
  132. D&D 5e/Next Swordmage as a Paladin Archetype (5e)
  133. D&D 3.x Other Kindred (LA+1 vampire race from Vampire: The Masquerade)
  134. D&D 5e/Next Balancing a pet class with a mix of cantrips and weapon attacks. Need ideas.
  135. D&D 3.x Class Overwatch Classes, Genji -Theperfect25
  136. D&D 5e/Next New Feat idea, feedback appreciated.
  137. D&D 3.x Class Overwatch classes, Torbjorn -theperfect25
  138. D&D 3.x Other Rainbow Bridge (anti-Shadow Walk for Evocation)
  139. D&D 5e/Next Barbarian: Path of the dragon [WIP] Updated
  140. D&D 3.x Other Rainbow Magic (feat), plus spells
  141. D&D 3.x Other Feat Ideas
  142. D&D 3.x Class Chaos Sorcerer [base class tier 2 caster, not 40k]
  143. D&D 5e/Next Pact of the Blade (Boon Upgrade)
  144. D&D 3.x Other Aelsif design goal: Mighty military powers
  145. Original System Please delete; wrong forum
  146. D&D 5e/Next Generalist Wizard
  147. D&D 3.x Class The Hunter (Aelsif base class)
  148. D&D 5e/Next Help balancing Ghostrider?
  149. D&D 3.x Class Blackout Brawler 3.5/PF
  150. D&D 3.x Class The Fool 3.5/PF
  151. D&D 3.x Class The Cyborg 3.5/PF
  152. Pathfinder Dracoweed Race
  153. Thoughts about a custom psionic power
  154. D&D 3.x Other Modify Creature & Modifying Burst [3.5 Sor/Wiz Spells]
  155. D&D 3.x Other Awaken (revised spell, plus template)
  156. D&D 3.x Other GITP Makes a Spell (Again)
  157. Bring me the Horizon: Challenge 1 (Chase the Skies)
  158. D&D 5e/Next 3.5 Remix - 4 Updated Races and a Subrace (5E, PEACH)
  159. D&D 3.x Other Dunewalkers (Sandworm-taur race inspired by Tremors and Dune)
  160. D&D 3.x Other No words, just broken unicorn PCs
  161. D&D 3.x Other The ultimate Wing-men
  162. Pathfinder The Necrani: A negative energy fueled race of humanoids with odd sexual dimorphism
  163. D&D 5e/Next Any pirate bard item ideas?
  164. Challenge!!! Make an epic progression for base classes
  165. D&D 5e/Next A collection of mechanical ideas
  166. D&D 5e/Next Oakenleaf Monster
  167. D&D 3.x Class Artist Macabre 3.5/PF Everyone's Favorite Serial Killer
  168. D&D 5e/Next Spellsmith - Arcane Half-Caster [PEACH]
  169. D&D 3.x Other Monster: The Bard's Worst Nightmare
  170. D&D 3.x Other The Creeper: Minecraft PTSD in DnD Form!
  171. D&D 3.x Other Tamaranean (Starfire's race from Teen Titans, LA+1)
  172. D&D 5e/Next Nature Sorcerer Subclass
  173. D&D 5e/Next Nature Warden Class - 1st time creating and just wanted some fresh eyes and feedback
  174. D&D 5e/Next Crit Role Style Vestige
  175. D&D 3.x Other The Bane (Incorporeal Undead)
  176. D&D 3.x Other Amonkhet Domains, seeking PEACH and Suggestions
  177. D&D 5e/Next Races of Eberron
  178. D&D 5e/Next Balancing the Barrow King homebrew monster
  179. D&D 3.x Other Potential houserule: Constitution scores for constructs and undead?
  180. D&D 3.x Other Black Lotus Nimbus (poison spell)
  181. D&D 3.x Other Ascetic Paladin, Mystic Ranger (spellcasting feats)
  182. D&D 3.x Other Revised Unicorn
  183. D&D 3.x Class The Baba Yaga
  184. D&D 3.x Class The Pyromancer
  185. D&D 3.x Other Thayan Mad Experiments
  186. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew Cleric Domain
  187. gooddragon1's TPE (Temporary Peach Exchange) I
  188. D&D 3.x Class Waker Casts "Brain Storm"
  189. D&D 3.x Class Revised Paladin
  190. D&D 3.x Other Aelsif deities: Domains, favored weapons, specialty feats
  191. Pathfinder Hammering out and fine tuning a homebrew race
  192. Pathfinder Feedback request: Custom Class based on the Dragonborn (a la Skyrim) for Pathfinder
  193. The Issue of Divination
  194. Homebrewed creatures
  195. D&D 5e/Next Channel Wild Guardian: An environment-based spell
  196. Behold! MAGEBANE! (weird homebrew poison)
  197. Kingbreaker (Rules, Evil Kingdom-Building Game Variant)
  198. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew: Sorcerer's Kraken Bloodline
  199. D&D 5e/Next Lichdom Spells
  200. D&D 3.x Other New Exotic Weapon: Warscissors (it does not have to make any sense!!)
  201. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew: Barbarian Slasher brainstorm/discussion
  202. D&D 5e/Next The Lunoth: Moth Folk (I know she's a bug, but she's so cute and fluffy!)[PEACH]
  203. D&D 5e/Next Cleric Domain: Luck [PEACH]
  204. D&D 3.x Class Revised Ranger
  205. D&D 3.x Other Magic items that grant options / modes
  206. Sorcery World: Hacking Apocalypse World for Sword & Sorcery settings
  207. D&D 3.x Class The Minstrel
  208. D&D 3.x Class The Marksman
  209. D&D 3.x Other A score of feats.
  210. D&D 3.x Class The Fencer
  211. Original System Active Card Battle System
  212. D&D 3.x Other Parasite: Neurax Worm on streoids (PEACH)
  213. D&D 5e/Next [Class] The Seeker of Forms--inspired by Magic of Incarnum (PEACH, WIP)
  214. D&D 3.x Class Revised Bard
  215. Idea for a new homebrew contest: the Remake contest!
  216. D&D 3.x Class The Cyromancer
  217. D&D 3.x Other Trick or Treat (Group Idea)
  218. Pathfinder Pathfinder Cleric, Tier'd Down [PEACH]
  219. D&D 3.x Other Generic Cleric Faiths [PEACH]
  220. D&D 5e/Next Circle of the New Moon
  221. D&D 5e/Next The Kraken- A Warlock Patron [PEACH]
  222. D&D 3.x Other [Starfinder] The Necrolights
  223. D&D 5e/Next Avatar of Umberlee Stats
  224. D&D 3.x Other Monteparnas' New Stuff
  225. So, I need an opinion for a race I'm attempting to make
  226. D&D 3.x Other DR/Critical, Regen/Critical
  227. D&D 3.x Other Soul Traits
  228. Chimaera's (World Fix)
  229. Original System So I'm trying to write up a game system from scratch...
  230. PEACH New Special Material from Wheel of TIme to Pathfinder: Heartstone
  231. D&D 3.x Other Yet another dryad. Please PEACH.
  232. D&D 3.x Other Minor Miracle (limited wish equivalent) & True Atonement (Good-aligned mind control)
  233. D&D 3.x Other Feats for the lover, not the fighter
  234. D&D 5e/Next 5e incarnum [PEACH]
  235. D&D 3.x Other The Metal Legion
  236. [5e Monk] Way of the Dragon Disciple [PEACH]
  237. Original System Not sure if I'm in the right place
  238. Homebrew Ceremonies (Geist: The Sin-Eater)
  239. GURPSify these superpowers/superhero plotline
  240. D&D 3.x Other Vorlon (Babylon 5)
  241. D&D 3.x Other Familicide (epic spell)
  242. I need opinions on a race I'm creating(2 attempt)
  243. D&D 5e/Next The Muggle Bard [PEACH]
  244. D&D 3.x Other Guardian Gargoyle (no, not from the "Gargoyles" series :D)
  245. D&D 3.x Other Clive Barker's Undying (conversion)
  246. (Starfinder) Armor Upgrading
  247. D&D 5e/Next Power Armor Artificer
  248. D&D 3.x Other Miscellaneous Feats (Paladin auras, monster creation, weapon/armour feats)
  249. D&D 3.x Class The Osteomage Prestige Class
  250. Excel Table Conversion Template