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  1. D&D 5e/Next Anyone already done these 5e Cleric Domains?
  2. D&D 5e/Next Campaign Design: The Moon Over Wallachia
  3. D&D 5e/Next Cantrips and 1st-level spells from past editions updated to 5e
  4. D&D 5e/Next GSC Genestealers [Monster]
  5. D&D 5e/Next What are reasonable mechanics for rebuilding/restoring lost class features?
  6. Spell components and costs
  7. D&D 5e/Next Living Dreadnought - Play as a tank, battleship, or airship
  8. (3.5 & 5E) Supay'chikal, the dead god of death and his followers (PEACH)
  9. D&D 3.x Other Looking for Armor Enhancements
  10. D&D 3.x Other Class Enhancement Tomes
  11. D&D 5e/Next Divine Metamagic Feat (PEACH)
  12. D&D 3.x Other Neeld help converting some 2e spells into 3.5e spells.
  13. D&D 5e/Next monk subclass = 1/3 cleric casting
  14. Pathfinder Evangelist of Rolterra - Deity help requested!
  15. D&D 5e/Next 2nd-level spells from past editions updated to 5e (PEACH)
  16. How would you do rune magic?
  17. D&D 5e/Next Monk subclass - Way of the Taut Strand - taking others' capabilities for yourself
  18. Contest D&D Base Class Context XX: I'm Not Supposed to Be Here (Open to All)
  19. Contest D&D 5e Base Class Contest XX: I'm Not Supposed to Be Here (Submission Thread)
  20. Contest D&D Subclass Contest XXX Voting Thread
  21. (3.5 & 5E) Sorcerarchy of Kethran, Lore and Player Options (PEACH)
  22. D&D 3.x Class Dawn Zealot, feel free to PEACH
  23. D&D 5e/Next Warlock Patron: Vampire
  24. D&D 3.x Other Some Quarterstaff Feats [PEACH]
  25. D&D 5e/Next Spell Points: A Variant System
  26. D&D 5e/Next Detect Magic as a sense
  27. asdasd asdasd
  28. D&D 3.x Class Kython Monster Classes (Minmax Revision) [PEACH]
  29. D&D 5e/Next Various Sporting Event And Competition Rules
  30. D&D 5e/Next Homebrew Challenge: Magic Items from Descriptions
  31. D&D 3.x Class Reaping Mauler (quick dirty fix)
  32. D&D 5e/Next Behemoth (Worm Endbringer)
  33. Old School Introduction to Wandcraft
  34. D&D 5e/Next New Spell: Displacement
  35. D&D 5e/Next Minimalist Champion rework: Combat Focus
  36. D&D 5e/Next The Unlikely Hero (Base Class) PEACH
  37. Should bows use draw weight as a proxy STR requirement?
  38. Fighter possibility
  39. D&D 3.x Class Fire Master (revised)
  40. Original System Dice Pool vs. D20 vs. D100 (Percentiles)
  41. Wild Surge Scaling (Wild Magic Barbarian)
  42. D&D 5e/Next Magic Item: The Tavernmaster's Flask
  43. 5e Sorcerer Origin: Spellmastery
  44. D&D 5e/Next Magic Item: Variation on the Mantle of Spell Resistance
  45. An Extremely Late Truenamer Rework Nobody Asked For
  46. D&D 5e/Next Adding and reworking conditions
  47. D&D 5e/Next Monster: Alvarez the Demon Lord
  48. D&D 5e/Next Build your own subclass!
  49. D&D 5e/Next "Forcing" your way through--a couple houserule spell changes and related rules
  50. D&D 3.x Class Psionic Class Redux
  51. D&D 5e/Next 3rd-level spells from past editions updated to 5e (PEACH)
  52. D&D 3.x Other The Elemental Dragon Deities Pantheon
  53. D&D 5e/Next Tiny water elemental familiar
  54. 5e quick and dirty traps
  55. Alchemical Crafting
  56. D&D 5e/Next Magical vs. Divine vs. Supernatural - Differentiating types of mystical abilities
  57. Contest D&D Subclass Contest XXXI: Something Borrowed III
  58. Need input for subclass idea
  59. Tracking down a old collaborative homebrew campaign setting.
  60. D&D 3.x Class Templar, a full list spontaneous divine caster for your games (PEACH)
  61. D&D 5e/Next Scholar Class Looking for Feedback
  62. D&D 5e/Next Jackalfolk (Khenra) Race
  63. 5e weapons system revamp 1st draft
  64. Original System Help me come up with my system's rules' Table of Contents?
  65. D&D 5e/Next Improving vision and sound rules?
  66. D&D 3.x Other Fizban's Tweaks and Brew (Feats, Spells, PrCs, Base Classes, Rules, Items, etc)
  67. D&D 5e/Next Air Magic, Expanded! (& the new Air Sorcerer) PEACH
  68. Mages: General caster, Diviner, Feywild Caster
  69. D&D 3.x Other Breath Weapon Polymorph Item
  70. Balanced & Simplified Heir of Siberys Fix
  71. D&D 3.x Other Fun with GPT-3: Can an AI homebrew feats for Pathfinder and D&D 3.5?
  72. D&D 5e/Next Circle of Storms: Pushy Druid
  73. Original System [Z-Wolf] Weapons Table, PEACH for balance and verisimilitude!
  74. Original System [Z-Wolf] Lots of rules organization
  75. Original System [Z-Wolf] Library: Kits, Feats, & Talents (87 so far)
  76. D&D 5e/Next Paladin spells to use with a mount (PEACH)
  77. D&D 5e/Next Cleric Domain: Dragon
  78. D&D 5e/Next CR Check for 2 Monsters
  79. Isekai Campaign
  80. D&D 5e/Next Cleric Domain: Dreams
  81. D&D 5e/Next Monk - Way of the Spider subclass
  82. Balanced & Simplified Invisible Blade Fix
  83. Help with a Homebrew Sorcerer Class
  84. D&D 5e/Next 5th Edition Ranger Subclass: The Warden (Lair Ranger) PEACH
  85. D&D 5e/Next A few 4th-level Cleric spells (PEACH).
  86. D&D 5e/Next Additional Oozes (ie, Gimmick Fights)
  87. Classes as attributes
  88. D&D 3.x Class Unstoppable
  89. [All editions] Frankengame
  90. D&D 5e/Next Slow Actions/Spells
  91. D&D 5e/Next Cleric Domain: Strength
  92. D&D 5e/Next World's Simplest TWF Fix
  93. D&D 5e/Next The Pyromancy Sorcerer, Revised (PEACH)
  94. Quick Counterspell fix
  95. D&D 5e/Next Druid: Circle of Unnamed Owolbear Druid (PEACH)
  96. Trying my hand at homebrew.
  97. D&D 5e/Next Beats in 5e - Gamifying Inspiration
  98. D&D 3.x Class The Chosen of Erevan Ilesere
  99. D&D 3.x Other Elven Bladesinger. (Gish)
  100. D&D 5e/Next 13 Nasty Necromancies
  101. D&D 5e/Next The Way of the Wave (Dragon Ball Monk) (PEACH)
  102. D&D 5e/Next Naga Dominator
  103. [Class] Summoner, a take on the Summoner from the Final Fantasy series
  104. D&D 5e/Next Crazy fighter idea - the Feat Master
  105. 5e another Monk Approach
  106. D&D 5e/Next Fighter Feature Brainstorm
  107. D&D 5e/Next Constitution Scores: Who Needs 'Em?
  108. Balancing homebrew archetype
  109. D&D 5e/Next School of discipline(General wizard)
  110. D&D 5e/Next Bracers of Intravenous Potions
  111. 5e warlock Patron: Devourer
  112. DEX barbarian 5e?
  113. D&D 5e/Next Champion vs Battlemaster (damage)
  114. Giving something for a wasted extra attack optional rule
  115. D&D 5e/Next Separating the Primary Themes of Necromancy Spells Into Their Own Subclasses.
  116. Building a homebrewed Moon Cleric
  117. A (for the moment pathetic) compendium of my homebrew
  118. D&D 5e/Next Some buffs to strength
  119. D&D 5e/Next 5e Stolen Moment Rogue Archetype
  120. 5e Homebrew sorcerer buff- opinions? (Curse of Pages Spoilers)
  121. D&D 5e/Next Ship-to-Ship combat
  122. D&D 5e/Next Rogue Archetype - The Venom-kin
  123. D&D 3.x Class 3.5 Tarresque Race (Petite Paragon, PEACH)
  124. D&D 3.x Other The Soothsayer (An NPC Class!)[Opinions Welcome]
  125. D&D 5e/Next Simple rules for moving grappled creatures
  126. D&D 5e/Next Revised Six (others coming soon) from little nightmares!
  127. D&D 3.x Other A compilation of all my work
  128. D&D 3.x Other How much should this cursed magic ring of never-missing cost?
  129. Pathfinder Ninjutsu (Ninja subsystem)- Suggestions needed
  130. D&D 5e/Next Ninja Items
  131. D&D 5e/Next [Brainstorming] Class that gets spectral limbs (e.g. "combat tentacles")
  132. Broadmage class (PEACH)
  133. D&D 3.x Other Unique Fiends
  134. D&D 3.x Other The Shadow-Born Template
  135. D&D 5e/Next Alchemist Artificer Reloaded!
  136. D&D Subclass Contest XXXI Voting Thread
  137. D&D 5e/Next Klor, Khornate Marine
  138. D&D 5e/Next Wall Wizard and Chaos Sorcerer Support
  139. D&D 5e/Next The Bonespear
  140. My Mountain Goat Monster needs pizzazz
  141. D&D 5e/Next One Rest System
  142. D&D 5e/Next Jagras, Shamos, and Girros from Monster Hunter!
  143. D&D 3.x Class Swordsinger - Bard PrC - Support
  144. D&D 5e/Next A couple fun-and-fluffy musical things
  145. D&D 5e/Next Martials Rejoice! Expanded combat options, better fighting styles
  146. D&D 5e/Next New Sorcerer ability to change spell damage types
  147. D&D 5e/Next The Orphan Spirit
  148. D&D 5e/Next Animal Companions for Everyone (PEACH)
  149. Turn Undead and Wildshape Replacements
  150. Contest Subclass Contest XXXII: Food and Foodies
  151. Battlemaster Maneuvers
  152. D&D 5e/Next Journalist Campaign: Encounter Ideas
  153. D&D 5e/Next War Domain Revision: Smite-Based Cleric Subclass
  154. D&D 5e/Next Life Domain Revision: Return from the Dead!
  155. D&D 5e/Next Darkness related items (and maybe some items that grow along with the PC)
  156. Updating 1e OA Monk
  157. Physical Analog to Spell Trap Disarm: Ghost Leg
  158. D&D 5e/Next Exorcism Cleric Domain: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
  159. How broken is this ability
  160. Original System GMing for Animals (system agnostic, compatible with pretty much everything)
  161. D&D 5e/Next What if CHA was the only spellcasting ability score?
  162. D&D 5e/Next Half of a whole: A halfling homebrew for your consideration.
  163. D&D 5e/Next Balance Check--are all these features *roughly* on the same scale?
  164. D&D 3.x Other Portal guardian template
  165. D&D 3.x Other The Horror of being in love
  166. 5e Is this BBEG too strong for a party of 4 level 9s with tons of items?
  167. XKCD Presents the Omnitaur!
  168. D&D 5e/Next Base Class Contest XX: I'm Not Supposed to Be Here (Voting Thread)
  169. D&D 5e/Next Old Dogs & New Tricks: Putting Spins on Classic Monsters
  170. D&D 5e/Next Anyone has ideas/solutions for Obsidian and Ironwood weapons/armors?
  171. D&D 5e/Next Shadow Conjuration
  172. D&D 5e/Next 'Minimalistic' balance fixes to the Fighter and Martial Archetypes
  173. D&D 3.x Other Multifunction Potions (PEACH)
  174. a currently unnamed barb subclass
  175. Homebrew spells (5e)
  176. D&D 5e/Next Static saves and targeting multiple defenses with a single attack roll
  177. Tips for Testing Homebrew in Combat?
  178. D&D 5e/Next (PEACH) The Evolved Character Class - Deadly Shapeshifting Action!
  179. Contest D&D Monster Contest I: Extraplanar Origin
  180. Original System Using NPCs and NPC Factions Easily (system agnostic, same as the critter rules)
  181. D&D 5e/Next Johnny Tremain stat block and group patron
  182. D&D 5e/Next Chaos Genasi
  183. Original System Combat and Roll Under Systems
  184. D&D 5e/Next Cleric: Chooser of the Slain/Soul Guide Domain (Valkyrie Profile inspired)
  185. D&D 3.x Class Mirecarver: Alchemical Oozes and Slimes
  186. D&D 3.x Other Custom Lizardfolk/Argonian
  187. D&D 5e/Next Talents--a parallel advancement track slanted in martials' favor. Feedback desired.
  188. D&D 5e/Next Dark Fantasy
  189. D&D 5e/Next IS THIS BALANCED? Primal Path of the Reaver
  190. D&D 3.x Other Mountain Giant, revised [PEACH]
  191. D&D 3.x Other D20 Diplomacy Houserules
  192. Erinyes-Brachina racial class
  193. D&D 3.x Class Tomb of Battle "Lite"
  194. D&D 5e/Next The Warden, Caster's Best Friend (Fighter Subclass) PEACH
  195. D&D 5e/Next Oath of Oration: Leader and Postal Paladin Subclass (PEACH)
  196. D&D 5e/Next Reskinning the Giff as Black Powder Dwarfs?
  197. Changing Attacks of Opportunity to Trigger on Approach Rather Than Retreat
  198. D&D 5e/Next Alternatives to Extra Attack as a form of character advancement?
  199. D&D 5e/Next Introducing Pseudo-attunement - or how to get your players to enjoy all their items
  200. D&D 5e/Next Would These Changes Help or Hamper a Champion?
  201. Roughing out an alternate "multiclassing" framework
  202. D&D 3.x Class The Generalist: Literally Every Class At Once And I'm Not Sorry
  203. You SHOULD double up on ASIs/feats
  204. Make Stats matter less
  205. D&D 5e/Next For the convenience of Necromancers
  206. For the convenience of Necromancers
  207. D&D 5e/Next Shadesteel Golem
  208. Savage Worlds: Mutant Dawn and Mutant Rise
  209. D&D 5e/Next New Fighter Subclass Idea: The Bushido Duelist [PEACH]
  210. D&D 5e/Next Armor has three stats that protect you in different ways, also armor layering
  211. D&D 5e/Next Fixing bad capstones
  212. Houserule: fall damage scales with size
  213. What would a diminishing returns mechanic look like for a d20 system?
  214. Contest Subclass Contest 32 (XXXII) voting thread
  215. D&D 5e/Next New D&D 5e Base Class Contest: Discussion Thread
  216. Contest (closed) 5e Base Class Contest XXI (21): Heroes, Myths, and Legends Submission Thread
  217. D&D 5e/Next Artificer Subclass - the Technomancer
  218. Rouge, Warrior of Acheron
  219. The Wand of Tricksy Escapes (Requires Attunement by a spellcaster)
  220. D&D 5e/Next How Insane Is It To Mix D20 Modern, 5e, and Pathfinder 2e?
  221. Barbarian: Trance Warrior
  222. D&D 3.x Other New skill/base attack and critical hit system
  223. Balanced & Simplified Force Missile Mage Fix
  224. D&D 5e/Next Weapon Tricks
  225. D&D 5e/Next Power Attack - double weapon dice, or double ability mod bonus?
  226. Balanced & Simplified Silver Key Fix
  227. [SW] Quest for Savage Glory
  228. Pls try this riddle
  229. One DnD: the Perform Action
  230. D&D 5e/Next Dragon Rider Subclass
  231. Contest (Closed) D&D 5e Subclass Contest XXXIII: Bigger is Better
  232. D&D 5e/Next Dragon Race and Class
  233. D&D 5e/Next QoL changes for Barbarians
  234. PC Homebrew: 5E Ravenloft ... becoming a darklord?
  235. D&D 5e/Next Divine Inspired Cantrip
  236. [D&D 5e] Getting extra reactions
  237. D&D 3.x Other Making BAB more relevant and interesting - PEACH
  238. D&D 5e/Next Psion Class - major overhaul - PEACH
  239. D&D 3.x Other Mirror Minion [PEACH]
  240. D&D 5e/Next Borrowing from PF2
  241. D&D 5e/Next Starseeker Ranger Archetype
  242. Original System d100 system. Roll High or Roll Low?
  243. D&D 3.x Other New Basic Combat Feats - PEACH
  244. D&D 3.x Other New Demoralization feats - PEACH
  245. Emulation and Specialization (replacing multiclassing)
  246. D&D 5e/Next Clockwork Naga-A Highly Specific Class
  247. Tome of Towns Volume I
  248. D&D 3.x Class Sandworm Rider (Ashworm Dragoon rework)
  249. D&D 5e/Next Fast "Generic Monster" Stats
  250. D&D 5e/Next Short-Rest Mystic