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  1. OOTS optimization challenge!
  2. Seriously Dude, We need to talk
  3. Sphinx Pox
  4. Dwarven accents and skin color?
  5. OOTS #1135 - The Discussion Thread
  6. Thor is here?!!
  7. That's not Thor
  8. Will Durkon tell Belkar how he won?
  9. Guessing Thor, Loki, and a Symmetrical Loredump
  10. Possible Loophole
  11. Anyone else hoping for crayons next update?
  12. Analysis No matter how many people he/she kills, the people still loves him/her
  13. OOTS #1136 - The Discussion Thread
  14. Valhalla doors
  15. A week? Really?
  16. Which of Thor's lines would you most like to hear Chris Hemsworth dramatically read?
  17. The voices in my head...
  18. Things You Never Noticed VI: The Undiscovered Detail
  19. Puzzled Does Durkon's anti-vampire gambit even make sense?
  20. Guessing Could the soul bet be relevant to the Gates ?
  21. Favorite one-off characters?
  22. Durkon, Hilgya, Hel and the future
  23. OOTS #1137 - The Discussion Thread
  24. What will we learn in the astral plane?
  25. Thor's Alignment
  26. Analysis What does Xykon see as his flaw or missing skill?
  27. Do we have any idea what Nale's grudge against Malack was?
  28. Guessing Astral Fortress and Kraggor's Tomb
  29. OOTS #1138 - The Discussion Thread
  30. The Astral Plane Reminds Me Of...
  31. The astral plane and thoughts-xykon
  32. What about the Elemental Planes?
  33. Can someone explain the ideas from 1138 to me?
  34. What If? V as a Mystic Theurge (Mental Exercise)
  35. Next Omnibus Book
  36. Puzzled Eugene's final destination?
  37. Alignment Planes
  38. OOTS #1139 - The Discussion Thread
  39. What Thoughts/Philosophy Constitutes the Prime Material Plane?
  40. Did somebody estimate the ammount of worlds in #1139?
  41. The Destruction of All the Souls
  42. I just realized...
  43. So how long have the Elven Gods, etc. been around?
  44. Relevance of Planet Marker Sizes?
  45. 1130/963 - "Something to look forward to"
  46. Thor's size
  47. What kind of stupid class?
  48. OOTS #1140 - The Discussion Thread
  49. Well, The Metaphor that is OOTS's Gods has come full circle. (Spoilers of SOD
  50. Well, The allegory has come full-circle (SOD Spoilers)
  51. Guessing My Prediction about the "Unique Opportunity"
  52. Ridiculous Hypothesis.
  53. Guessing What happens after the last gate blows besides the obvious?
  54. (what if) Redcloak and Xykon would make great gate guardians
  55. Buying OoTS art (prints, wallpapers, etc.)
  56. Predicting final fates of individual Order of the Stick members (& other characters)?
  57. Analysis From OOTS #1112 "The Wall of Names of Very Rich Donors" translated
  58. Q: What did Elan with the belt of Femininity/Masculinity?
  59. Belkar and V and inverted ethics
  60. OOTS #1141 - The Discussion Thread
  61. Guessing Purple Pantheon Theory
  62. But what about the Starmetal?
  63. Why The Dark One is special
  64. Analysis My understanding of the divine colour types.
  65. The OOTS in the real world; a thought experiment.
  66. CMYK reality (or Pantone pantheon)
  67. SCP Foundation Reality Benders and the OotS Snarl or Quiddity = Humes
  68. plane shifting vs different settings
  69. Puzzled Who does Thor mean by "we"?
  70. Question about divine colors
  71. Question about Gods and Fiends
  72. Theory: Either way, the cycle will end
  73. Goblin souls
  74. Thor's sanity and attitude
  75. 15 years of OOTS
  76. Is Odin really the leader of the North Pantheon?
  77. The Dark One Problem
  78. Analysis How did Goblin Dan remember?
  79. Guessing Pet Theory: The world seen through the portal in the desert was the first world.
  80. Guessing Eastern Continent Absence
  81. Are we in the final book?
  82. 1141 is clearly about diversity in creative works, right?
  83. Dwarves and other pantheons
  84. Puzzled From a narrative perspective, why is it important that Minrah knows?
  85. OOTS #1142 - The Discussion Thread
  86. Is the Snarl intelligent?
  87. So who told Thor...
  88. The Other God in the Dark One's Pantheon
  89. Guessing Greenhilt and the Eastern Pantheon
  90. How many paladins of the Sapphire Guard are still alive?
  91. Is the Snarl actually evil?
  92. The Dark One?
  93. Parallels between the Snarl and Elder Evils?
  94. So how do the Gods build new worlds without starting new Snarls?
  95. How do YOU pronounce "Oona"?
  96. Guessing About Gouda
  97. Minrah's little secret
  98. Puzzled If the gods need worship to survive, how did they survive before creating mortals?
  99. The budget problems with the elemental dungeons in Dorukan's dungeon
  100. I think there can be trans characters
  101. So if you were interviewing for the position of Thor's Divine Agent.....
  102. What about the Elven Gods?
  103. Guessing Green quiddity
  104. It came to me...dun dun dun
  105. OOTS #1143 - The Discussion Thread
  106. Guessing How things could go down
  107. How does one become a god? And other god candidates
  108. The Order of the Stick: The Musical?
  109. Thor or The Dark One is Lying, and I dont see why yet....
  110. Analysis How much does the Dark One know?
  111. Redemption for Redcloak?
  112. Could the Order just let Redcloak finish The Plan?
  113. Analysis Why are Miko's parents dead?
  114. Analysis What is Banjo's Quiddity?
  115. Rat is furious...
  116. Dont the gods have an implicit "out"
  117. Who are the 9 sides?
  118. Speculation of the IFCC's Goal (Unmarked SoD Spoilers)
  119. The reason for the bet
  120. Who was the Rat angry with?
  121. Recommended order of reading
  122. Is there going to be a 2019 calendar?
  123. Tiamat and The Dark One: In on "The Plan" Together?
  124. The Oots and Redcloaks agenda
  125. OOTS #1144 - The Discussion Thread
  126. "Hel is messed up"
  127. How can the Gates work? [SPOILERS]
  128. How Elan will Save the world
  129. Might Oona save the world?
  130. Puzzled What does Xykon sound like?
  131. Thor's Pryimid (1144)
  132. Nale saved the Western Continent
  133. How Miko Saved the World (spoilers)
  134. Guessing I know who the Monster In The Darkness is...
  135. What Durkon needs Thor to do
  136. Who Would Win?
  137. Yet another "How the Story Will End" thread.
  138. Puzzled Belief, Dedication, Soul, and Worship - is this a reference to something?
  139. Analysis Will Durkon be resurrected?
  140. Death and Destruction to us all.
  141. Who's "We" in "We only need a drop or so" - 1143
  142. Wild speculation on latest "colorful" exposition, and the comic's ending [SPOILERS]
  143. Hypothetical: Earth and OOTS World Encouter Each Other
  144. Oh come all yee faithful, it's the best Husbando round!
  145. Why Isn't Thor More Distressed
  146. OOTS #1145 - The Discussion Thread
  147. Random Musing
  148. Where is Trigak's mate?
  149. So now we know the Creed of Stone were trying to jump the queue
  150. Question about quiddities (spoilers, naturally)
  151. What happened to Robinsegg.
  152. Guessing Thor and Loki are the actual leaders of the Northern Pantheon.
  153. Oh my goodness, it is all so clear now...
  154. What If? To get someone interested in OOTS, which one strip would you pick?
  155. What If? So... why don't Redcloak and Xykon...
  156. Are the demigods stuffed?
  157. Analysis How is it that Hel has NO worshipers
  158. How Long Until Thor Starts Hating Trees
  159. OOTS #1146 - The Discussion Thread
  160. What If? What if Elan is a descendant of Thor?
  161. Why was Surtur able to kick over castles in the mortal sandbox?
  162. How many secret plans are in progress right now, anyway?
  163. Any chance of a Stan Lee tribute strip?
  164. Guessing What's next for Sabine?
  165. Puzzled Is Malack really dead?
  166. Order of the Stick Trivia XIX: It's Always the Demon Roaches
  167. What If? What if Darth V could wait ten frickin’ minutes? (OOTS vs Team Evil)
  168. Banjo’s Quiddity
  169. Guessing Monster in the Darkness speculation
  170. Analysis Even throwaway gags become important
  171. 2019 OOTS Magic Item Calendar, Holiday Ornament, and New T-Shirts!
  172. OOTS #1147 - The Discussion Thread
  173. Is book 6 about to end?
  174. Guessing Is Durkon gonna have a beard when resurrected? If so, how long will it be?
  175. What's the significance of the Slaad with Belkar?
  176. Do we know for certain that Odin started the Dwarf Prophecy?
  177. A Quick Question
  178. Analysis How does Ressurection work with the god energy plan?
  179. The Party Animal Backdoor To The Dwarven Soul In The OotSWorld
  180. Vampire durkon...sorta
  181. Analysis of liches and demi liches
  182. 2 things concerning Durkon's mission
  183. When did everyone become so powerful?
  184. Guessing "We have to wipe all the outsiders' memories...": Foreshadowing Sabine/Qarr/Celia...?
  185. It beats battling trees.....
  186. What If? What if The Wizard Yydranna returns? (SoD)
  187. Saphire Gaurd Timeline issues
  188. OOTS #1148 - The Discussion Thread
  189. Analysis Durkon is in a messed up threesome, whether he wants to be or not
  190. Analysis Elan and xykon?
  191. Analysis So Minrah is going to be joining the Order
  192. Durkons family and their whereabouts, stats
  193. Guessing How much time has passed on the ground?
  194. Nale what flavor of evil.
  195. Puzzled Old question: is the cloaked figure in 448 significant?
  196. OOTS #1149 - The Discussion Thread
  197. I guess I missed a couple of things
  198. Did Hilgya ever really want to kill Durkon?
  199. Hilgya's the worst
  200. Why didn't Shojo just send his wizard to fetch the order?
  201. Yet another thread on Hilgya's alignment
  202. Resurrecting the same day?
  203. Where did the Red Cloak come from?
  204. What If? Mastering the divine and arcane parts of the snarl ritual.
  205. An 8th level spell
  206. Doors and Statistics and Monty Haul - Is MitD helping?
  207. OOTS #1150 - The Discussion Thread
  208. Some quick questions
  209. Guessing The Giant reduced Durkon's level to prevent him from accessing a specific spell.
  210. Why did Durkon come back to life with clothes on?
  211. When did Durkon find out about the planet in the rift?
  212. Hilgya: Xykon-level evil?
  213. Analysis On WIS score, outlook and alignment
  214. which character would you go out with?
  215. OOTS #1151 - The Discussion Thread
  216. Belkar's Alignment
  217. Ranking Durkon's other choices for marriage within the party
  218. issue links
  219. Who is the most good member of the Order?
  220. Analysis MitD XII: This Space Intentionally Left Dark
  221. Durkon's Armor
  222. What are your favorite character duos (or more)?
  223. Plot twists you thought would happen (but totally didn’t)
  224. evil outsiders and the mindwipe: what do they know
  225. Guessing Hilgya - Next death candidate?
  226. Guessing Will the bet be called off?
  227. Guessing Belkar's Final Destination
  228. I found a recipe for peanut-butter fish filets.
  229. Guessing Banjo the Clown and the Sixth Quiddity
  230. Feasible Duels
  231. Quiddity
  232. OOTS #1152 - The Discussion Thread
  233. Puzzled "Murder a decent pint"
  234. Spoilers: HtPGhS: What's needed for "blue bolt of disapproval" from the Twelve Gods"?
  235. How has OOTS influenced your D&D campaigns?
  236. Guessing Is Durkon going to Regenerate his mom's arm?
  237. Analysis Do we have a timeline for Durkula
  238. OOTS #1153 - The Discussion Thread
  239. Calenders!
  240. Incredibly significant story central question about goblinoids
  241. OOTS #1154 - The Discussion Thread
  242. Analysis Class and Level Geekery XVI - These Characters May Now Drive the Plot
  243. Analysis OOTS and their final (?) weapons
  244. Analysis Hypothetically speaking...
  245. Are we actually done with the vote?
  246. Dangling thread
  247. The treasure chest that the dwarf found and gave to Sigdi.
  248. Finding a quote
  249. What if... Miko never killed Shojo?
  250. OOTS #1155 - The Discussion Thread