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  1. General Anime/Manga Discussion: Twelve Thread-doms
  2. So, I've been doing some spring cleaning
  3. Help me find a Picture about a Tyrannosaurus!
  4. Harry Potter and the Calling of Saints and Legends Redux
  5. Watched GI:Joe Retaliation (Spoilers)
  6. The Avengers - Power Rangers Style
  7. Looking for a LARGE font music player for iPad
  8. The Cold Commands
  9. Looking for triumphant but sad music
  10. April Fool's 2013
  11. Swarm Aliens
  12. Humorous Artistic Coincidence
  13. Unidentified Piece of Music
  14. Video Game Medley (My own work)
  15. Safe for work, I promise! - Best ever Wonderwoman Costume is a porn spoof?
  16. The Beatles vs Queen
  17. Finding Dory - Announced for 2015
  18. Doctor Who thread IV: "Would you like a jelly baby?" [SPOILERS]
  19. LucasArts down the toilet
  20. Things helping to promote a band
  21. Very sad news about Ian M Banks
  22. Iron Skies, better known as that movie with SPACE NAZIS!
  23. Detective Comics #900/#19 an April Fool's joke?
  24. OCD in Media.
  25. Rand al'Thor vs Xena
  26. Evil Dead Movie
  27. Roger Ebert loses his battle against cancer.
  28. My Little Pony LXIV: Haute Couture and Huge Crustaceans!
  29. Your personally Star Wars "canon"
  30. That peice of music that is played in every cheesy romance scene ever made.
  31. Please delete
  32. Spiritual Successors
  33. A Star Wars III "What if" Scenario
  34. Tower of God
  35. Walking Dead Comic
  36. Hunted (TV series)
  37. Girl next door Annette Funicello dies at 70
  38. Cosmic Horror Movies?
  39. Harry Potter and the Natural 20
  40. Comic Book Characters: You do not belong here!
  41. I can't remember the name of a book, help please!
  42. Emo Superman?
  43. Oblivion or G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  44. Warhammer 40K vs Forgotten Realms vs Dragonlance
  45. Iron Skies II (Or what happened with the other thread?!
  46. Sci-Fi Humans are Always Late to the Party
  47. NerveGear vs Haptic Suit (Virtual Realitiy related Discussion)
  48. Baba Yaga and other Russian Fables
  49. Kvothe vs Harry Potter - Who Would Prevail?
  50. What role do you think firearms should have in fantasy?
  51. Gantz
  52. Making An Antagonist Superhero Who Is Actually a Hero
  53. Defiance (Spoilers)
  54. Looking for a comic I have a vague description of
  55. Why did Ed and Al own a suit of armor? FMA
  56. "I can ride my bike with no handlebars" Favorite songs?
  57. Good shows to watch with my Grandmother?
  58. Bluestone 42: The Search for Fisherman's Friends
  59. GiantItP's Cabinet of Curiosities!
  60. How would batman kill Raoh (HnK)?
  61. Pew Die Pie
  62. Summarize a Show
  63. Warcraft 3 World Editor
  64. Iron Man 3 film thread (real, no spam robots) SPOILERS
  65. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Woaaaahh... - Spoilers past OP
  66. Return to Oz
  67. Writing Advice - How to reduce tendency to infodump?
  68. Choose your own Alignment-specific Five Man Band!
  69. Your Favorite Alignment Flipped Hero/Villain?
  70. Kirby Krackle
  71. Orphan Black (TV Series)
  72. Pacific Rim
  73. What is he saying?
  74. Amazon Pilots
  75. Good Barbarian music?
  76. [Narnia] Logistics of the White Witch's Reign
  77. Your problems with the DC Reboot Thus Far
  78. What Is A "Military Character"?
  79. Sacrilegious Treatment of Books
  80. The BioShock Franchise (Possible Spoilers)
  81. DR. Horrible's sing along blog
  82. Teen Titans Go!
  83. Youtube problems.
  84. Do you know of any good rock bands from the past five years?
  85. After Earth?
  86. Looking for a few examples of science fiction privateer series
  87. Luffy VS Naruto VS Ichigo at Theoretical Absolute Peaks
  88. So I Just Went to See Oblivion...
  89. Ender's Game Discussion Thread
  90. Watch Latest Movies Online Free
  91. Butcher V Cannibal V Monster
  92. Star Trek XII: Into Darkness (SPOILERS)
  93. Warner Bros acquires D&D rights
  94. gender-specific games
  95. Fantasy novels/series with memorable villain teams
  96. How do you think / solve problems?
  97. Power Rangers
  98. So this is what Angela will look like
  99. Full Iron MAn 3 movie in HD quality, IRON MAN divx hd
  100. A question about copyrights
  101. My Little Pony LXV: Stand Back, I'm a Registered Princess!
  102. "It was a dream"-fic
  103. Not-TMNT now back to being TMNT?
  104. On First Person Digital Games
  105. Generic Music CD
  106. SFDebris arguments regarding contact with extraterrestrial life
  107. Looking For a Particular Kind of Book
  108. Reading List
  109. Examples of mass-drivers or railguns in Manga
  110. Chosen one Bloodlines that didn't go wrong.
  111. Does anyone know this trippy Team Fortress 2 video?
  112. Being Human (BBC)
  113. Book fight! Legend of Drizzt vs Lord of the Rings!
  114. Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever
  115. Man of Steel Movie Discussion Thread
  116. Fictional Wizards of "High Intelligence, low wisdom" variety
  117. D&D3 - The Book of Vile Darkness
  118. Supernatural: Epic Level Handbook [Spoilers]
  119. Recognized authors, with style similar to Kings'?
  120. Gender Inverted Phantom
  121. When The Wind Blows....
  122. Goodreads
  123. New Pacific Rim Trailer!
  124. Magician's End (Riftwar Cycle Finale)[SPOILERS]
  125. Don't Stop.
  126. Zombieland: the series
  127. Neuromancer Q&A
  128. Feed my Kindle addiction
  129. Match-ups and crossovers nobody thinks of
  130. What era does "The dark is Rising"(2nd book of the series) take place in?
  131. Things you should have seen from miles away (but totally didn't)
  132. TV Adventure Time II: Everybody Knows Your Name
  133. Adventure Time II: PB's Questionable Sanity
  134. Worm: A story of capes
  135. Nottingham: The Best Robin Hood Movie!
  136. Dan Brown Inferno [contains spoilers]
  137. Dredd (2012)
  138. Best Dark Age Comics
  139. Best definition of a Mary Sue Ever
  140. Do You know this music video?
  141. looking for a HHGTTG quote
  142. Gotrek and Felix
  143. Ibooks, Kindles and Macs
  144. R.I.P. Jack Vance
  145. Evil Dead remake (spoilers...groovy)
  146. Arrested Development: Season 4
  147. My Little Pony LXVI: What Would Celestia Not Think?!
  148. What kind of music is this?
  149. The Phantom aka The Ghost Who Walks Discussion
  150. Hypothetical Video Game Spiritual Successors
  151. Is it just me doing this (imagining switcharoonies in movies)?
  152. Up the Movie
  153. Is it just me or are the Moshi Monster jams REALY good?
  154. Actress Existance Failure
  155. Watching Star Wars: The Machete Order
  156. RWBY (Ruby)
  157. Dark Disney
  158. Takhisis versus Tiamat
  159. Venture Brothers: Student Green [Spoilers]
  160. Revolution Finale (Minor Spoiler)
  161. Is Star Wars Objectively Good?
  162. I Need a Stealth Game
  163. *please delete*
  164. How I Met Your Mother - Season 8 Finale
  165. Dark take on Strategy Genre
  166. Book Lovers of Northeast Ohio!
  167. RIP Iain M Banks
  168. Roleplaying Podcasts Suggestions
  169. Useless complaining about the state of the world (Game of Thrones version)
  170. Smaug! (2nd Hobbit Trailer)
  171. The Dark Sorcerer
  172. TV Naruto VI: HASHIRAMAAAAAA!!!!!! [spoilers]
  173. Man of Steel.
  174. Anime suggestions
  175. DC comics to read
  176. The General Book Thread
  177. Wizards Vs Aliens
  178. The I Claudius appreciation thread
  179. Cordycep inspired outbreak.
  180. Turbo: apparently a dreamworks movie about snails
  181. Anybody read "Chew"
  182. Recommend me an anime! Let's put a smile on that face
  183. Stargate SG-1
  184. Terry Pratchett
  185. The Anit-Hawkeye Intiative
  186. The abridged series
  187. Comical Misuses/Misunderstandings Of Names/Words
  188. scare me
  189. Westerns/Any Of You Watch Them?
  190. Recommend me House/electro/dubstep
  191. Farewell, Tony Soprano
  192. The Final Season of Futurama
  193. Looking for a Fantasy Book Series
  194. Name the book (help me!!!)?
  195. Beware the Batman trailer
  196. Movie soundtracks that don't match the film.
  197. My Little Pony LXVII: Summer of Love and Tolerance!
  198. World War Z (spoilers)
  199. Sciencey Origins for Superman
  200. Need Help Remembering a Movie (Solved: Snatch)
  201. Dresden Files- The Show
  202. Films I should see
  203. TV Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin
  204. Power Nostalgia Critic Ranger
  205. Advice on what to watch/read?
  206. Are there Bollywood fans among us?
  207. Richard Matheson RIP.
  208. X-Men and Marvel: Round Peg, Square Hole?
  209. What sort of fantasy art do you prefer?
  210. Getting Into Anime: Initial Thoughts
  211. Barney Rubble attacked Jack Ryan in Patriot Games?
  212. Druss The Legend versus Drizzt the Drow
  213. Reading Ciaphas Cain without knowing about Warhammer 40k
  214. Where I (re)watch Farscape (spoilers)
  215. Book Fanedits
  216. How Would One Make Good Star Wars Sequels?
  217. Are There Any Good Abridged Books?
  218. Looking for a blog
  219. What Books are Students Supposed to Read in High School
  220. World War T (WWZ but with Tribbles)
  221. Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel Tie-ins
  222. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
  223. Getting Into Comics
  224. I need a photo of medieval buildings
  225. Possible for an ork to beat a demon prince? [40k]
  226. Star Trek Discussion - What annoys me about Vulcans
  227. Making power rangers awesome?
  228. Recommend Khan a Comic Book!
  229. PestrVlogs, AKA Herpestidae Reviews YA Fiction, AKA "He's doing ANOTHER Thing!?!?"
  230. RIP Jim Kelly
  231. Rains of Castamere question (Game of Thrones Spoilers)
  232. Deadpool in Mortal Kombat
  233. Sharknado
  234. Any Teen Titans TV fans who got confused by New and Old DC Comic
  235. If you could tear wolverine in half
  236. Rebuild of Evangelion (Spoilers will be probably be discussed with the TV and Movies)
  237. Looking for a play.
  238. Pacific Rim-Not a Spambot
  239. Completely incredible portal animation vid
  240. How to Train Your Dragon 2?!?!?
  241. My Little Pony LXVIII: Wondercolts don't do drugs!
  242. Music for Writing
  243. In The Flesh
  244. The Inheritance Cycle
  245. Series you can watch a million times and always find something new
  246. Vocaloid - A Tale of 50 Pages and a Post
  247. Suits, the Tv Show, third season
  248. Anyone here read Hack/Slash?
  249. Gravity Falls, An Irregular Show take 2
  250. Whose Line Is It Anyway