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  1. Star Trek Discovery, finally a trailer
  2. Music RIP Chris Cornell
  3. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
  4. Suggest me Fantasy and True Crime books!
  5. Gauging Interest: Let's Read! Isaac Asimov's Foundation
  6. Comics Gundam Zeta With Marvel characters
  7. Attack on Titan: Are Titans More Brutal Now?
  8. What is Cyberpunk?
  9. RIP James Bond - Roger Moore First Bond to Die
  10. Looking for a comic
  11. Castlevania Netflix
  12. Movies Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
  13. Comics Venom 150
  14. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  15. Which movie should I see out of Colossal and GOTG2?
  16. Movies Worthwhile deleted scenes?
  17. If could create a HBO show what whould it be about?
  18. Looking for a cool fantasy movie or tv series
  19. Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, but Without the Horror
  20. John Noakes has died.
  21. A new high/high power setting match up. The Vault Hunters land on Gaia.
  22. The NY art battle continues
  23. Any documentaries on Illuminati debunking?
  24. Honest Trailers - Because all other trailers lie
  25. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  26. Question for Metal Fans
  27. Why are successful SF writers so susceptible to padding?
  28. Comics One Piece V: Black Leg Wedding
  29. most complex sf/fantasy/horror book you've read
  30. Movies Wonder Woman
  31. Comics Practical Applications of Improbable Fencing Powers
  32. What If Rick (Of Rick And Morty) Met THe Doctor (Of Doctor Who)?
  33. Fear The Walking Dead (Spoilers)
  34. Why is CGI considered bad?
  35. TV Why do I like Aldnoah.Zero? (Or, alternately, why do most people not?)
  36. Can you reccomend any good sci fi books?
  37. TV Deep Space 9 economics question - Spoilers
  38. Novels about female knights?
  39. Favorate things to bing-watch/rewatch
  40. Everyday interveiws with dragon girls
  41. Pokemon Ultra S&M: Thoughts?
  42. Books Seeking supernatural P.I.
  43. Worm - Fantasy Casting
  44. A Special Election Required - Adam West, Mayor of Quahog, Has Passed On
  45. Dog-Themed Superheroes
  46. Re:Creators Anime
  47. TV Template Stacking outside of D&D
  48. My Little Pony XCVII: Cheerilee's Lonely Hearts Club
  49. Peter Jackson comes clean
  50. The Mummy
  51. So should I see Wonder Woman?
  52. Why are some fans so... weird?
  53. Movies Actual size of the Droid Control Ship in Star Wars
  54. Movies Nemesis (Resident Evil) at the battle of helms deep
  55. Comics Marvel Secret Empire
  56. Comics The lighter side of DC
  57. Bobby Dollar books
  58. Marvel MCU HAMMER and Norman Osbourne
  59. Movies How was the movie?
  60. Movies you must watch when surfing the channels
  61. Name three movies you think are funny
  62. What is the current "Geek/Nerd canon"
  63. Jessica Jones
  64. Create your own Suicide Squad
  65. Opposite song lyrics
  66. The Star Wars Prequels
  67. Good Octavia Butler book to start with?
  68. Online TV Channel
  69. DBZ Abridged
  70. Books One-Volume History of the English Language?
  71. Let's... What is Active Plus Cream ?
  72. Let's... What Is Xcell 180 Brand?
  73. Just how Does Detox Body Blast Task?
  74. What is T Complex 1000?
  75. Transformers: The Last Knight
  76. Movies Star Wars: What is Destiny even supposed to mean?
  77. So, I've been rereading Lord of the Rings for the first time in a WHILE...
  78. Movies: What happened to the magic?
  79. Movies Let's Talk About Horror!
  80. Farewell, Michael Bond, Creator of Paddington Bear
  81. Do You Need Superpowers To Become A Superhero?
  82. TV Could Edward Elrict transmute the entire earth?
  83. Why doesn't Sauron lead his armies in battle?
  84. Movies Pick ONE Favourite Movie From Each Year Starting at Your Birth Year
  85. Comics Infamous Iron Man (Doctor Doom)
  86. "Skin" (the song by Rag and Bone Man)
  87. Damian Wayne (DC Animated)
  88. Fantasy & Sci Fi Movies
  89. Japanese Backpack? What is this? (From Rurouni Kenshin)
  90. Libriomancy
  91. Are MCU Asgardians techno-enhanced?
  92. Superhero origins.
  93. Comics Marvel: Do they still understand the concept of Space Opera?
  94. Movies Spiderman: Homecoming
  95. Star Wars EU books
  96. 20th level 3.5 wizard vs XCOM 2 (with all DLC) Aliens
  97. Does the "file that can be transferred, but not copied" trope have a tvtropes entry?
  98. Most Powerful Marvel Hero(es)
  99. If you had an evil pokemon team?
  100. The Roman Empire at it's Height V.S Third World Countries
  101. Remembering a scene cant remember the movie/series
  102. Lets make a Grail War
  103. Battlebots
  104. Preacher Season 2
  105. Movies The Room
  106. Overlord style Fan Fiction
  107. What's your favorite movie figth?
  108. Wrinkle in Time movie trailer
  109. R.I.P. George Romero
  110. R.I.P. Martin Landau
  111. Game of Thrones season 7 (with untagged spoilers, apparently)
  112. Movies War Of The Planet Of The Apes
  113. Gundam Seed, starring other characters that were played by VA
  114. Movies War For The Planet Of The Apes
  115. Marvel Comic-Con emoji pin artwork looks VEEEEERY familiar...
  116. Mario Brothers Movie
  117. The Star Wars vs. Star Trek fandom rivalry is a myth.
  118. Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington dead
  119. Good Story-Based Webseries/Podcast?
  120. star wars episode 8 discusion
  121. Power Metal Bands
  122. Valerian (Spoilers)
  123. Has anyone ever noticed after reading a lot of fanfiction
  124. New Trailer for Stranger Things Season 2
  125. Encylopedia of Westeros?
  126. Redshirt Jaffa vs 1 Redshirt Kree Warrior
  127. Dunkirk discussion
  128. Platonic shipping.
  129. Movies Why do people enjoy superhero movies?
  130. Buddy cop movies that you would like to see made
  131. What are famous character's players like?
  132. YASID*: Fantasy novel with food that changes skin color to green.
  133. Spiderman vs Deadpool.
  134. Superhero Web Serials
  135. Battle of World Police: Titans vs. HAMMER
  136. How to Train Your Dragon theory
  137. How to Train Your Dragon theory
  138. Those times in media that made you chuckle.
  139. A part or as scene of a movie that really stuck with you.
  140. Movies Does anyone ever say "Light Side" in the Star Wars movies?
  141. Movies/shows with proper vampires
  142. TV Midnight Texas - A vampire, a witch and an angel walk into a pub...
  143. Why do people think the Jedi aren't allowed emotions?
  144. Dark Tower Reactions (Likely spoilers)
  145. Atomic Blonde
  146. Where would you rank Aizen in One Piece?
  147. Voltron Season 3
  148. Wasteland: Equestrian Rangers (What if Fallout Equestria is Wasteland game)
  149. Comics Aizen vs Itachi (with bonus rounds just in case/some spoilers)
  150. The Emoji Movie
  151. Goodbye, Hulu
  152. Why don't the dwarves take over the nine realms in Norse mythology?
  153. Darkness Induced Audience Apathy (don't worry, no link to TVtropes)
  154. Books Tolkien's Old English Words
  155. Ned Stark only had one failing, and it wasn't what killed him.
  156. Looking For A Videogame Where Civilians Pull Out Instruments During Fight Scenes
  157. Star Trek Discover...Your Own Series!
  158. Let's Watch Kamen Rider!!!!!
  159. Music When "don't like, don't listen" doesn't work...
  160. Marvel's Spiderman (2017)
  161. Characters that movie adaptations can't get right
  162. Going Postal on BBC?
  163. Long rumored Obi-Wan Standalone is looking more and more likely
  164. Defenders: The verdict
  165. Defenders question (no spoilers for it please)
  166. Metal thread IX: Metal To The Pedal To The Other Metal
  167. Comics appropriate for young children?
  168. TV Sanji (One Piece) vs Shuu (Hokuto No Ken) + Bonus round to compensate
  169. Alien:Covenant is a thin, black film (spoilers)
  170. (Most) slasher movies are not horror
  171. Movies Baby Driver
  172. Models of Characterization
  173. Guardians the Russian Superhero movie
  174. What if... The Matrix Rebooted
  175. TV DeathNote Netflix movie
  176. Lack of basic military history in fiction.
  177. The curses that are really not curses trope, what curse from myths and media you
  178. Why are ghosts associated with the color green in western animation?
  179. TV The Mist (Netflix adaptation)
  180. The Once Upon A Time Cast In American Horror Story
  181. THE "Fight" (Floyd "Domestic Violence" Mayweather VS Conor "Gimme Yer Belt" McGregor)
  182. Need help identifying a DC character
  183. Pinterest Boards Pins
  184. Fanfiction tropes that just annoy you to read
  185. Pratchett: Unwritten novels destroyed
  186. Books you regret not reading sooner
  187. Eragorn The Movie
  188. Darth Skotia, Darth Marr, Darth Baras and Darth Thanaton V.S Darth Sidious
  189. Popular Creep of Lovecraft: Down with the Tentacle! Up with the Demon Horn!
  190. What's the appeal of nostalgia critic?
  191. Can you write hard sci-fi without a science degree?
  192. Books about Atlantis
  193. Captain Phasma?
  194. Movies Im rooting for the First Order by this point
  195. Movies Blade Runner 2049
  196. D&D Research Part II: Dissertation Boogaloo [Recruiting Informants]
  197. Good "monster of the week" X-Files episodes?
  198. Earth Critics are agents of Maximus (Inhumans)
  199. Yoshikage Kira (JoJo) Vs Mr. 5 (One Piece)
  200. The Orville
  201. Netflix Castlevania Show
  202. What do you want to see in Star Wars Episode 8?
  203. When the story threw you for a loop, and you loved it.
  204. Unsong : the trans-apocalyptic kabbalah-punk (finished) web serial!
  205. Books Long tales of Faerie?
  206. Are stories where evil wins unique to the West?
  207. The Dark Council v.s Darth Bane
  208. Anyone read, "The strange affair of spring-heeled jack"?
  209. Movies The Star Wars Prequels where nearly brilliant.
  210. RIP Jerry Pournelle
  211. Mobile Games and Apps you'd recommend.
  212. Zeta Gundam and Marvel: How Gundam did a better job at resistance storyline.
  213. Does anybody else HATE most Hero/ Villain "Subversion" Stories
  214. How does the Minovsky Effect make long-range dumbfire weapons useless?
  215. The Importance Of Moody Bowel Problem Diet
  216. How would you make the perfect horror film?
  217. Books Harry Potter - Why Is the Killing Curse Unforgiveable?
  218. Doctor Manhattan Plothole, why doesn't he just cure cancer?
  219. Supergirl (the series)
  220. Movies The camera work in The Force Awakens
  221. The Museum versus battle
  222. Adventure Time, maybe?
  223. My problem with portals
  224. The best superhero is actually...
  225. What mythos have the West produced in the past 1000 years?
  226. Is Dexter Morgan Lawful Good?
  227. Legend of Korra: Turf Wars
  228. Movies Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  229. Books Trying to Remember the Name of a Book . . .
  230. Kingsman The Golden Circle
  231. Stephen King's IT. My big problem with it.
  232. Halloween movehs!
  233. Fans of Blind Guardian?
  234. Mythological Citation Needed
  235. Music What are you listening to?
  236. Seven Deadly Sins - Does it deserve a thread?
  237. TV Tentai Senshi Sunred-The Cutest Show I have ever watched
  238. RIP Hugh Hefner
  239. Blade Runner 2049
  240. Who would win in a free-for-all between all Marvel heroes/antiheroes/villains?
  241. TV Days of Our Inhumans
  242. TV Rick and Morty, season 3 and beyond!
  243. Comics Most ridiculous superhero?
  244. Guy Doesn't Get The Girl
  245. Ninjago Movie
  246. Award Shows
  247. Regarding Space Operas
  248. RIP Tom Petty
  249. TV The Gifted
  250. Rumplestiltskin vs Ganondorf