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  1. Board Issue Bug in little-used [roll] feature
  2. closing of treads
  3. Site Issue Navigation Suggestion
  4. Can I post After Action Reports and stories in GitP?
  5. Accidently reported someone?
  6. Board Issue Refresh (button or F5 key) not working on the forum - Resolved
  7. Mythology
  8. Further on Mythology, Religion, Politics, History and fictional versions thereof.
  10. Cross Advertising?
  11. A suggestion
  12. Site Issue The graphic in the front-page News post about GDGU mistakenly links to AMFES: Winter
  13. Sticky note suggestion
  14. Proposal: Pathfinder RPG Subforum
  15. Can I tag other members in my post?
  16. Domestic Abusive and Abusive Relationships
  17. Issues with the mobile site
  18. Rules Question Can we amend Thread Necromancy rules for handbook / index / guide threads?
  19. Board does not use HTTPS connections
  20. Board Issue Table Buttons Greyed Out?
  21. Issues with custom avatar
  22. Site Issue Password reset appears to be broken
  23. Signature?
  24. Question: uploading images directly on the forum
  25. Search Syntax Question
  26. Intersex Gender Options.
  27. Please limit images
  28. Notifications & Subscription
  29. Rules Question Question About Thread Necromancy
  30. Is there really a thread necromancy rule around here?
  31. Site Issue No "Edit Avatar" Option in Profile Settings (Solved)
  32. Board Issue Have all images been removed from the site?
  33. Looks like spam bots are out....
  34. Why do the smilies to the right of the text box shuffle?
  35. Rules Question Daily Self-Promotion Threads
  36. Parody Religions (SubGenius, etc)
  37. Site Issue javascript errors / site functionality reduction
  38. Rules for linking/discussing things elsewhere on the internet
  39. New Roleplaying Games subforum for Pathfinder 2nd/Playtest?
  40. Site Issue RSS Feed
  41. Board Issue Grammar Error
  42. HTTPS Avatars
  43. Why can't I see dice rolls?
  44. Would this be double posting?
  45. Linking to GoFundMe campaigns
  46. Rules Question what's the best way to report mass thread necromancy?
  47. How to go back to the mobile version of the forums?
  48. "Deceptive Site Ahead" on Giantitp's 3.5 Forum
  49. Waiting for www projectwonderful com
  50. What are the benefits of using Tags for a thread?
  51. How does one create a spoiler tag?
  52. Philosophical Topics?
  53. Rules Question Board rule question on tech support
  54. Stupid avatar question
  55. Site Issue no HTTPS possible?
  56. The HTTPS issue
  57. Warning when you're about to commit thread necromancy?
  58. Avatar not showing up?
  59. Is it against the rules to report your own posts?
  60. Best way to report iffy users
  61. Correct area to post help for a campaign??
  62. Forums are not zoom-friendly
  63. Pre-formatted text with word wrapping?
  64. Rules Question Regarding expletives and "masking"
  65. A question about self-promotion
  66. How can i delete this thread??
  67. Mea Culpa Question
  68. Delete this. Problem solved.
  69. ___ in the Playground?
  70. Gumroad asking to confirm email
  71. Spoiler tags on print screen
  72. Rules Question Are there any rules against bumping a post with no replies after a few days?
  73. Google chrome says GITP "Not secure"?
  74. Rules Question Illegal Drug becoming Legal
  75. Rules Question Is a Bible reference "discussing religion"?
  76. Unsure of Correct Forum
  77. Site Issue A monster for every season winter is missing
  78. Rules Question The Thread Bump.
  79. I'm Requesting To Lock One Of My Threads Down Please.
  80. Rules Question Eluding the filter against profanity for writing a non-profane, just ambiguous word
  81. Rules Queston for Gaming Recruitment Thread.
  82. Why is the self-logout timer so short?
  83. How do I make a custom avatar?
  84. Commission Questions
  85. Rules Question clarification on the rules
  86. Profile change?
  87. Where should discussions of the Pathfinder Playtest go?
  88. Website not Secure?
  89. PBP Forum Blacklist
  90. Finding followed threads
  91. Restore Mobile View
  92. GiantITP-Friendly Image Hosting Sites?
  93. Can you add the date a thread started next to the name of the starter?
  94. FAQ on thread ratings
  95. Board Issue XSS attack?
  96. Dice Rolls In PM?
  97. What is the best place to give feedback on moderation standards and rules?
  98. Trying to contact Rich...
  99. Descriptive discussion of the term "Heretic"
  100. Is it ok to make the same post on two different forums?
  101. Rules Question Real-world religions and edge cases
  102. Issues with mobile theme
  103. Polls?
  104. Board Issue Is the forum dice roller working right?
  105. Rules Question Moving or resurrecting a thread
  106. Site Issue Please Add Non-Binary as a Gender option
  107. New Moderator Call For Applications
  108. Rules Question Potential Dungeon Master seems to have literally lost his mind.
  109. Site Issue Imgur banned the forums...
  110. Clarification on usage of political figures
  111. Which subforum should be appropriatiate for cooking tips and discussions?
  112. grammar: Post again in 1 seconds.
  113. Question about possibly discontinued store products
  114. Trying to put quote in signature, line break splits it
  115. can I get a full explanation of how the playground rank ting works.
  116. Board Issue Time zone appearing wrong
  117. THe image in my signature is suddenly too big
  118. Forums “Not Secure”
  119. Why does "--- Updated --- " Occur?
  120. Missing posts, but not deleted?
  121. Site FAQ a little dated
  122. Suggestion: Homebrew Design - Adventures and Campaigns
  123. Patreon Link in Signature: Acceptable?
  124. Shop page not optimized.
  125. Shall I report?
  126. New poster - How to roll?
  127. Forbidden topics in PMs
  128. Question about fanfiction
  129. Request threadlock
  130. is asking about a safe place to discuss a forbidden topic forbidden
  131. I Received A Warning About Double Posting Which I Didn't Double Post
  132. Rules Question Advertising own non-profit game
  133. List of Giant's comments?
  134. Inception blocking?
  135. Secure Connection?
  136. Cannot update signature
  137. Change Username? I typo'd it
  138. Today I had to log in.
  139. Not really an issue, but rather a board question
  140. Rules Question Rules Question - Specific type of post
  141. Simple mod question: thread necromancy.
  142. Board Issue Sidebar disappears when I'm on forum pages other than the overall front-page.
  143. Site Sidebar
  144. Site Issue Elements Not Loading
  145. Editing posts in dead threads (over 45 days)
  146. Custom avatar URL
  147. Board Issue {removed} mistaken cyber attack
  148. Archives?
  149. Cannot change my email in settings
  150. Welcome New Mods!
  151. Got a malware alert from the forum
  152. HTTPS URLs to giantitp dot com redirect to the wrong page
  153. What is the point of the rules on necroposting?
  154. Necroposting followup question
  155. Is it possible to contest a mod ruling
  156. Can I ask how to facilitate a religious accomodation for TTRPGers?
  157. How to post pictures
  158. Sticky post cleaning
  159. Rules Question Asking for player for a game on a different website?
  160. Board Issue Any chance of increasing the Private Message message limit?
  161. How do I mark a forum read from my iphone
  162. Is there anyway to find out WHY someone was banned?
  163. Rules Question Posting openings for RP games on other sites..?
  164. Exception to the Thread Necro rule?
  165. Can't seem to access User Control Panel
  166. Rules Question What are Religion and Politics in the Playground?
  167. Posting visuals made in Excel
  168. newbie question (well to this forum) not roleplay or life
  169. Help with site features please
  170. Adding IC And OOC Tags
  171. Rules Question Question on "Mea Culpa" Infractions
  172. Why are some words automatically considered hate-speech yet NOT also in the filter?
  173. Rules Question Being not sure if this would break the posting rules.
  174. Where would a thread about the word "foo" go?
  175. Will There Be A New Tag for Pathfinder Second Edition?
  176. Board Issue Bug in the "minimum post length" checker
  177. Posting anxiety - worried about getting banned for unknown offenses
  178. Site Issue Can't buy Evil Merch
  179. Xfinity/Comcast scam??
  180. How to set up a signature?
  181. Board Issue Could there be a Tag for Starfinder RPG as well?
  182. What is wrong with this URL?
  183. Rules clarification about religion
  184. Problem with the profanity filter
  185. Fine points of the No Advertising rule
  186. Board Issue Gender marker on profile
  187. Thanks mods!
  188. In Character Swearing
  189. Other gamers?
  190. Can I just join a freeform game?
  191. Blurry avatars
  192. Preventing thread necromancy
  193. Password Change Issue
  194. Site Issue Erfworld still on GitP
  195. Designated Place to Float Game Ideas?
  196. I wrote a blog post, please read it!
  197. How do I turn on mobile mode?
  198. Missing Option to change Avatar
  199. Can’t see my rolls
  200. Why Did My Title Remains Unchanged?
  201. Site Redesign?
  202. Setting Up A Custom Avatar
  203. Board Issue Is there a way to get ignore to bypass threads?
  204. Best place to Request items on Cafe Press
  205. Thread breaking site formatting
  206. Single post mode in mobile view fails
  207. Thread closed for review for 3 days
  208. Dice rolls invisible on the mobile version
  209. Site Issue Web pages loading slowly
  210. Rules Question When to Double Post
  211. Internal server 500 error when posting.
  212. Thread Closed Unexpectedly
  213. Is there a way to reset your password?
  214. Site Issue Getting a bunch of 503 errors
  215. Moderator question
  216. Charity Question
  217. Site Issue Really slow loading times since yesterday
  218. phishing attempt blocked?
  219. Board Issue question on PMs
  220. my sister's account
  221. Multiple Post Icon
  222. Am I always going to be this way?
  223. Forum Dark Skin/Theme
  224. Site 503?
  225. Brave browser, Rich to create account to withdraw money
  226. Can you unlock my homebrew spells thread
  227. Get back to mobile site view?
  228. Public statement or action plan regarding site-wide issues?
  229. Changelog
  230. Forum Errors and Glitches - Report Issues Here
  231. Loading and/or speed issues
  232. Main site problem
  233. Simple Question About Subforums
  234. Rules Question What is and isn't acceptable to link in a signature?
  235. Are We Allowed To Talk About The Corona Virus In This Forum?
  236. Email Notifications
  237. Posting for a friend
  238. Where did the gaming articles go?
  239. Site Issue Direct link to newest Comic?
  240. Site Issue Where did the extras go?
  241. Making a Spoiler box
  242. forum options
  243. Copyrighted Content Gray Area
  244. How to change signature?
  245. I don't receive Instant notification subscribed tread
  246. Are imgur images no longer allowed as Avatars?
  247. Board Issue Time limit for replying to a handbook topic?
  248. Password Reset Issue: Outlook users, try this if you are not getting the reset link.
  249. Board Issue Enhanced Editor Interface Problem
  250. I received an instant notification I would not expect to receive