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  1. Computer Anyone that can recommend an "JRPG" for someone who don't like them?
  2. Computer Upgrading from 1080p to 4K - is it worth it?
  3. Multiplatform What are some of your favorite games?
  4. Computer What are your thoughts on League of Legends?
  5. Multiplatform What games that are coming out are you hyped for?
  6. Board Any else play talisman?
  7. Multiplatform Sentinels Of The Multiverse
  8. Let's... Let's Play: Stellaris 2.0 Apocalypse!
  9. Is There Mythical Pokémon In Pokémon GO?
  10. Tablet Games: Any Suggestions?
  11. I Notice Something About Diglett In Pokemon
  12. Let's... Sims 3 Legacy inspire challenge
  13. Wiki Board hosting
  14. Magic most complex format(conspiracy vanguard planechase big fun pauper commander)
  15. Miniatures Wargame campaign rules?
  16. Fortnite Thread II - Royale With Cheese
  17. Metal Gear Survive (or at least, trying to)
  18. Thought on NWN
  19. Multiplatform RIse of the Tombraider, 80% off
  20. Computer Open world adventure / RPG games?
  21. Thief (2014)
  22. Odd request: Yu-gi-oh in videogame form?
  23. Card CCG an artistic way of cheating
  24. Card Magic The Gathering: GDS3 faux-entries.
  25. Surviving Mars
  26. do you think a FFX 100% speed run is possible within a reasonable amount of time
  27. Civilization VI comparison request
  28. D&D Lords of Waterdeep Crashing on Android 8.0
  29. Zodi Plays: Kirby's Dream Land 2 (By Ham, Fowl, and Fish)
  30. Anyone Familiar with the Destructoid Community?
  31. Let's Play Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen
  32. Computer Castle of the Winds Item Hex Editing Guide [Partial/Incomplete]
  33. Computer Slay the Spire
  34. Computer How do you calibrate your monitor and GPU?
  35. Computer PSA: Grim Dawn is 75% off!
  36. CK2 Jade dragon question.
  37. The Darkness II free on Humble Store
  38. NWN: EE released!
  39. The Cure (False Cure deck MTG) Please help/rate
  40. Multiplatform The oldest videogames you played (at the time of playing)
  41. [MTG] What color combo involves being nice/helpful, but also ambitious/distrustful?
  42. Computer PC single player games
  43. Card War of Omens decks - Free online card game
  44. Fire Emblem: Heroes
  45. Your favorite boss fight(s)
  46. Diablo III: 4 - Necros Aren't Just for Posts Anymore!
  47. Computer Crusader kings ii for free on steam!!!
  48. Computer Magic the Gathering Arena
  49. Nethack Poetry
  50. Computer CK2 - I. Am. A. Pole! - The adventure of the Sieradzki Dynasty
  51. Computer Medium difficulty investigation/RPG games: Let's find a game that makes you think
  52. WoW XX: It's Not A Recolor, It's An Original Thread
  53. Co-op Games
  54. Need suggestions for video game ringtones
  55. Mice
  56. Civilization Unbound
  57. Portable Mobile - Empires and puzzles
  58. Battletech rules question.
  59. What is/are your turn based strategy of choice
  60. Mythic Fantasy: a Unique H5 Game
  61. Board I need more help than you think
  62. Zodi Plays: Psychonauts (This One Time, At ESPer Camp...)
  63. Livestreaming
  64. Phoenix Point, or "XCOM meets x-com"
  65. Multiplatform Thinking of finally playing Skyrim. What version to choose?
  66. Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XXXIV: Situation Normal, All FAQ'd Up
  67. Battletech! (The new one)
  68. Fort Triumph - Fantasy XCOM meets OotS
  69. Free Stuff: The Thread
  70. Kick the Can
  71. Computer Ultima Underworld 2 Partial Item Hex Editing Guide
  72. Let's... Let's playtest How to host a dungeon V2
  73. New Genesis Collection to lack Sonic 3 and S&K
  74. Gamer couple: my life is weird and that's how I like it.
  75. Star Wars RP - Working for the empire ideas
  76. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
  77. Let's... Be apart of my "Oxygen Not Included" Colony!
  78. Expansions for Arkham Horror
  79. New God of War or original trilogy?
  80. Java Struts Framework
  81. Why I can't play Words with Friends with my friends
  82. Card Boss Monster Card Game
  83. Card [MtG] What are your most overkill/winmore decks?
  84. Looking for a new miniatures wargame
  85. Warcraft Lore (Medivh)
  86. 40k eBook Help
  87. Thinking of buying Crypt of the NecroDancer...
  88. Computer Neverwinter Nights Complete Stuck on "Updating Component Registration", Windows 10.
  89. Handheld game identification assistance
  90. Gaslands: Hot Wheels meets wargaming
  91. Card Help with MTG Ramp Deck
  92. Board Warhammer 40K Fluff Discussion XV: You Must Be THIS Tall To Witness The Grimdark
  93. What would you do to make Skyrim less soulless?
  94. So where are the D&D video games?
  95. Console Legend of Zelda - It's dangerous to post alone! Read this!
  96. Out of the frost and into the furnace--finishing Skyrim and beginning Fallout 4
  97. Fallout 76. Worried? Excited? Both?
  98. Steam has some really stupid rules
  99. Unity, Game Maker Studio, or...?
  100. Playing Vampire the Masq Bloodlines Video Game as Malkavian (First Time Through)
  101. Moddable games that feel like DDO and aren't MMOs?
  102. Computer Conan Exiles
  103. Total War thread
  104. Tyranny - worth picking up?
  105. Backloggery
  106. Psychonauts vs. Persona 5: Who did "People's minds as dungeon levels" better?
  107. Wil Wheaton Broke one of my Dice and it's been cursing my party
  108. Anyone watching e3?
  109. Computer Unfinished Business - Throne of Bhaal
  110. Devil May Cry 5
  111. Computer Darkest Dungeon - What Do You Think of the Ending?
  112. Most toxic game possible thought experiment
  113. Multiplatform Best Chillout RPG?
  114. Europa Universalis IV Thread 5: Wil Wheaton Turk Party
  115. Let's... Skyrim: Journal of Valerian Valtieri
  116. A Link to the Past Randomizer
  117. Multiplatform Chrono Trigger: Yeah its pretty good
  118. Computer Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is free on Humble Bundle for 1 d 8 h as of 06-22 at 7 AM GMT
  119. Multiplatform My problem with the "Souls Type" Plot
  120. Computer IWD Complete vs IWD Enhanced Edition
  121. Final Equinox Kickstarter
  122. Computer Let's Geek About Diablo
  123. I am loving the crap out of Cuphead.
  124. Computer Red Streams ToME!
  125. Computer Looking for help in finding games for a friend(Steam)
  126. Serpent in the Staglands
  127. Let's... Doing some preliminary work on a Shadowrun: Dragonfall LP
  128. Miniatures New to warhammer tabletop
  129. Deus Ex-like stealth-action games
  130. What are some good turn-based, browser MMORPGs?
  131. Console Anyone to play REDOUT online on PS4?
  132. Fallout 4 Endings
  133. Indie 2D platformers
  134. Card Hearthstone 22: Evening the Odds
  135. Let's... Let's Play Shadowrun: Dragonfall
  136. The Old Republic - worth the story experience?
  137. Violence Is (Probably) Not The Answer: A Divinity 2 Pacifist Journal
  138. Free iPad games for Toddlers
  139. Warhammer 40k: woodcarving my own army
  140. Portable Fate/Grand Order II - Top Kōhai
  141. anybody play red dragon inn?
  142. Computer lag
  143. Multiplatform 20XX: I want to make out with this game.
  144. Secrets of Zir'an
  145. Zodi Plays: Furi (Time To Wake Up)
  146. Three Dimensional Connect Four - could it work
  147. Computer I just got Oblivion and I'm already hating it.
  148. Portable Final Fantasy Record Keeper X-2: Gems, Mithril, Salt - In Position!
  149. Console Octopath Traveler: This Thread is Truly Joy!
  150. Need help making up a Demon Tide KH 0.2 themed Boss Fight in 5e
  151. "Girl Power." The card game, w.i.p.
  152. Board Just discovered No Limits free sci-fi wargame
  153. figurer
  154. Computer Lobotomy Corporation - Face the Fear, Build the Future!
  155. Computer Let's Play ToEE PC as a Pseudo-Online D&D Campaign!
  156. Monster hunting in the Playground!
  157. Any upcoming Sci-Fi games that I should look into?
  158. Strongest banned fighting game characters?
  159. Board Pandemic Legacy - Season 2
  160. Card Deck assemble assistance - power 5 [mtg]
  161. I've A Question About The Mario Bros.
  162. Card Crazy, weird idea for a Card Game meta...
  163. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition questions
  164. Ignore This
  165. Pirates of the Cursed Seas CSG
  166. Console Super Smash Bros: Ultimate - Living up to the subtitle.
  167. Computer Like Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil D&D 3.5 PC Game? Want to help improve it?
  168. Computer Icewind Dale 2, paladin (x)/ fighter (4), need help with optimization.
  169. At my wit's end with Nintendo. Any advice?
  170. Kingdom of Loathing: The Thread
  171. Greatest game series of all time?
  172. Gotta' Read 'Em All! (Pokémon discussion for the Nintendo systems...except Switch)
  173. Chicken shoot
  174. Iceland Dale: Im Stuck
  175. Has Combat in Final Fantasy always been boring?
  176. NWN Dark Sun
  177. Divinity: Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition
  178. Computer What kind of character are you going to create for the new Pathfinder CRPG?
  179. Computer Star Wars: DroidWorks on a Modern Computer?
  180. The worse game I have ever played for the computer.
  181. Card Magic The Gathering but through the internet!
  182. Computer How do I get rid of all of my French Provinces? (EU4, England)
  183. Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage Released
  184. Old first-person, grid-based dungeon crawler RPGs
  185. If Square was less lazy... (Alternate FF titles)
  186. Dominions 5 - new game signups
  187. Innovative, Accessible Roleplaying!
  188. Computer My RPGMaker Game : For Great Nostalgia! Nostalgic ideas wanted
  189. Where can I find a good, easy to follow written tutorial for HOI4?
  190. Computer Dungeons and Dragons
  191. Computer Hero U: Rogue to Redemption
  192. Trying to convince a friend about XCOM
  193. Let's... Zodi Plays: The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (I asked for LESS water!)
  194. Risk of Rain
  195. Multiplatform War Thunder: Pilots in the Playground
  196. Computer Carbine announced its shutdown along with Wildstar.
  197. For the King
  198. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers - Who's playing it? How is it?
  199. Europa Universalis - on sale ....
  200. Computer Modding in the playground
  201. Miniatures Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XXXV: 4 Pages of Rules, 46 Pages of Pointless Bickering
  202. Miniatures Dragon-rider army in Age of Sigmar
  203. Let's play Fire emblem Different dimensions Ostian princess Bolt tome boogaloo.
  204. Portable Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Rise of the Bounty Hunters
  205. Hadean Lands - Gauging Interest for an interactive/community Let's Play
  206. rikvip player experience
  207. Console Playstation 2: In Jak 3, is there ANY way to skip all these races?
  208. Star Control out today. Anyone else excited?
  209. Battletech armless mech.
  210. Card Boss Monster Card Game Thread #2
  211. Telltale Games Abruptly Closes
  212. Devil May Cry 5 - Microtransactions
  213. Trying to buy a PS4 pro - any guesses on how long until they're easy to buy again?
  214. Puzzle and Dragons ... :D?
  215. Yu-Gi-Oh Mare Mare
  216. Computer Pathfinder: Kingmaker
  217. Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  218. Anyone try Streets of Rogue?
  219. Console Soul Calibur 6
  220. Modern games with good archery?
  221. Help me find a new videogame
  222. MTG: Am I imagining this card?
  223. How good is Dragon Ball FighterZ?
  224. Console Dragon Quest XI (No Spoilers Or The Demon Lord Will Get You)
  225. Fallen London: Help Me, I’m Useless
  226. Dwarf Fortress IV: Urist Cancels Pull Lever: Drowsy
  227. Steam question.
  228. Virtual Pet Help?
  229. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  230. Legends of Novus Tabletop Boardgame in Development
  231. Recommendations for RPGs
  232. Please Delete
  233. Pathfinder kingmaker question
  234. So, possibly odd question. MUDS.
  235. Console Modern PS4 Coop JRPGs to play with S/O?
  236. Agents of Mayhem
  237. Multiplatform What are your favorite games that nobody's heard of?
  238. ask Crusader Kings II?
  239. Warhammer Total War 2 - Vampire Patch
  240. Where to post Starcraft 1 Campaigns
  241. DELTARUNE, a new project by Toby Fox
  242. Create my Own Party Games
  243. Computer turn based or slower paced games (cRPG/cards/4X/adventure-ish)
  244. Card Boss Monster Card Game Thread #3
  245. Miniatures Best self-print historical Japanese minis?
  246. Kickstarter; Ashes Beyond, turnbased 3.5 inspired game
  247. Refounding the Dominion {Starcraft 1 campaign.}
  248. First-person dungeon crawlers?
  249. Good but potentially unknown games
  250. Kingdom Rush 4 out 22 Nov!