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  1. Things to listen to on an hour long commute?
  2. Need some advice on how to interpret something about this community
  3. Food Cooks in the Playground!
  4. Friendly Advice Experiences in Martial Arts/Self Defence/Contact Sports, Anyone?
  5. Handstand tips?
  6. My addition is costing me £100.
  7. Friendly Advice So, just got fired... time for a career change?
  8. Friendly Advice Do Red Wizards of Thay worship Mystra?
  9. I'd like to learn about other places!/What's the world like?
  10. Minmax boards are down
  11. booze and rpgs
  12. Friendly Advice Help, I think I might be jaded!
  13. Hunting Stories
  14. Seeking workout equipment and information.
  15. The Genie from Aladdin shows up and offers you 3 wishes. What do you do?
  16. Thanks for the News Post
  17. Any cephalopod or marine biology enthusiasts in the playground?
  18. Ideas for a job for a disabled kitty
  19. Insomnia
  20. Need an American city
  21. The Rant Thread
  22. Time to buy books again....
  23. Favorite music to roleplay to?
  24. YouTube?
  25. Braces Springs Loose?
  26. Support Can we be tolerant, please?
  27. Finding Housing in NYC
  28. the lost books of Moses
  29. Is there a place to find out statistics for things like total number of traffic stops
  30. Stuff to Do in Montreal
  31. Support Vocabulary doubt
  32. Just became a father!
  33. rat(s) in crawlspace. Advice?
  34. Are Asian Martial arts an archetype of Perfect masculinity? (Whiplash movie)
  35. Index Tabby's Star
  36. Red and Burner Return!
  37. Being a playgrounder
  38. Is there a word for fake words?
  39. Let's talk ferrets
  40. Why I have been absent.
  41. Friendly Advice Looking for a job
  42. Girls' hair, what does it mean?
  43. pizza dressing for angry customers
  44. I just messed up and I'm terrible
  45. Why Kid Jake Is Still Single (With Examples!)
  46. Support I need to talk, even if it's useless
  47. IPA: How does this daggone thing actually work?
  48. Food Any good veg dishes I should look into?
  49. How are single, post-education adults supposed to make friends?
  50. hello
  51. What makes some online groups more generally hostile than others?
  52. Slow Unis
  53. I just want to play
  54. Ever drink your beer in the shower?
  55. namaste, y'all
  56. How do you react to the discovery of Magic?
  57. I Finished My Demo And I'm Pretty Happy Of The Way It Turned Out
  58. Translate A Short Phrase in Norwegian?
  59. RPG Industry Economics Thread
  60. My first time skeet shooting!
  61. Talk to Ashiel About Anything Mark II
  62. A Funny Baby Question
  63. International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  64. The pet thread
  65. Hello folks!
  66. RIP C Martin Croker (Zorak)
  67. I'm fine now, please ignore this.
  68. Friendly Advice Making simpel rules for thirdgraders
  69. What's in a Name
  70. Can't Find this picture
  71. Realizations
  72. Good Big Head Jokes :D
  73. Healthy Good Wrist Strapping For Typing?
  74. Why does my diet aggravate people so?
  75. How do I improve my study habits? (With serious anxiety problems?)
  76. How did you come up with your name?
  77. Anyone know of any good online die rollers?
  78. So, I just had an interesting experience...
  79. (Warning: Nature) Why do cats torment their prey prior to dining on them?
  80. Looking for Players and DMs.
  81. Favorite Bands
  82. Meetup Are there any decent RPG IRC channels these days?
  83. Happy New Year Status
  84. Friendly Advice Happy new year pic
  85. Fun Or Competitive?
  86. Hi, I'm new here and have a question...
  87. Art Request
  88. Sports Ironbending in the Playground: Fitness and Exercise
  89. Usernames: Why did you choose yours?
  90. Any songbird lovers?
  91. Any songbird lovers?
  92. I made a website!
  93. Addiction - Thoughts, opinions and questions
  94. Skill Vs. Luck
  95. Verbally confusing green and orange
  96. A friend of mind has some original AD&D miniatures still inbox...
  97. A friend was asking me if I liked old memes.
  98. Dedicated PBP forums for mutants & masterminds that includes villains/antiheroes?
  99. your artwork or stuff you've created
  100. Silly mistakes at an intersection...
  101. Dungeons & Dragon and science?
  102. Men wearing necklaces
  103. I Got Great News To Share With Everyone
  104. Effects of working out on mental health
  105. I'm Suicidal and need help.
  106. Funny things that happened in scenarios
  107. Cheap Kitchens Hull
  108. Should have listened to Durkon
  109. Friendly Advice Online Shopping Addiction
  110. Help finding a quote
  111. Free hugs
  112. Where can you get a decent non touch screen phone anymore?
  113. Its SNOWING!
  114. Repost of share your stories
  115. Just a little joke only d&d players and fans of generic anime
  116. Recovery can commence.
  117. Philosophy in the Playground: A Moved Derailment
  118. Looking for old Nexus Arcanus friends
  119. How do you cope with the fear of death?
  120. Best Halloween Parade Ever
  121. Resources for World-Building?
  122. What's the next line?
  123. Urban Legends
  124. Tattoo smart ideas
  125. Looking For Conversation and Friends
  126. What's the difference between feudalism and caste system?
  127. generic military video game character in real life
  128. Friendly Advice Learning to Make Games - What Degree Should I Seek?
  129. Need help for for buying D&D stuff as a complete noob
  130. Friendly Advice Dating, Dungeons, Dragons and the rest.
  131. General Philosophy Thread
  132. New Member
  133. Any experience as mystery shoppers (Bestmark)?
  134. Having fun working on getting my cdl
  135. Relationships:how do you deal with your lovers ex's?
  136. Spicing up Cereal
  137. How does hangover feel?
  138. Hello there!
  139. Support I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True
  140. what is a white paper?
  141. Help, I'm bored!
  142. Lyrics for a Norwegian Song?
  143. Fantasy job, Looks good job, and Real job?
  144. Flakes. So annoying.
  145. Hello
  146. Branching Here Looks Like A Good Idea.
  147. Friendly Advice HL12 Diabetes Supplement just has one dynamic fixing
  148. Hello, another added to the ranks
  149. How I almost got arrested at the movies this weekend.
  150. The best D&D 5e spell a man can dream of in real life
  151. Pen Pals
  152. Chunky Wooden Furniture UK
  153. I Just Got Into An Argument With My Co-Worker
  154. What setting has the best Giants?
  155. Favorite gift you're giving this year
  156. Anybody here dislike burlesque?
  157. A Tribute to Joe Dever (author of the Lone Wolf Series)
  158. Hello there
  159. I've Been In This Forum For A Year
  160. How common is the "uncanny valley" response?
  161. I Am Returned!
  162. Soooo, my dog likes chocolate chip cookies I guess.
  163. Braving the Tempest: Navigating Washington D.C.
  164. Anyone here speak Tamil?
  165. I hate nice people.
  166. My Goal Is To Beat A Chess Grandmaster
  167. Names for a Screech Owl
  168. I'm doing a school project on this forum, it requires an interview
  169. My first thread: how do I change my avatar?
  170. What is the best looking fictional weapon in your opinion?
  171. Favorite school-appropriate one-liners?
  172. My Autism And ADHD
  173. pathfinder Alchemist
  174. Hello!
  175. My Old Pre-Voc Teacher Died
  176. Greetings!
  177. WarKitty's Feline Frenzy Random Banter #216
  178. Minecraft References OOTS
  179. Forming a Pry-Bar
  180. Misconceptions about unicorns
  181. sales in Dec. any guesses?
  182. What would be expected in an ancient Chinese prison/dungeon?
  183. AAA thread? Ask anybody anything
  184. Anyone have advice on making an outfit formal?
  185. Can you feasibly use rum in a lava cake?
  186. Guess I start Here
  187. What is going on
  188. Friendly Advice Help me figure out his puzzle
  189. Friendly Advice Linguistic Survey for Americans and Canadians ITPG
  190. Friendly Advice multiple personality disorder
  191. Giving away used copy of The Order of the Stick Adventure Game in Vancouver, BC
  192. Meetup Role player seeking group in Traverse City, MI
  193. Cherimoya and guava, are these ripe?
  194. Dango and mochi, to cook or not to cook?
  195. Lotus root tempura?
  196. Merry Christmas!
  197. Fear of homelessness
  198. Playground tattoo parlor
  199. Woes of an introvert during a holiday season
  200. Your Favorite GITP Moment In 2016
  201. 3D printing DnD
  202. LGBTAI+ LGBTAI+ Question and Discussion Thread III: Third Time's A Charm
  203. Unaccredited universities
  204. Welcome to 2017
  205. The Problems With New Year Resolution
  206. Searching for the name of a japanese(?) demon(?)
  207. Hello
  208. Hi Friends!!
  209. I Created An RPG Group On Facebook
  210. Where should I post and host.... ?
  211. What’s It Like Flying Southwest These Days?
  212. Any good D&D Jokes?
  213. I Can't Stand Unstable People
  214. What job did you aspire to when you were a kid?
  215. Trip to NYC-getting around?
  216. Click bait
  217. Ringling Brothers Circus is closing in May
  218. I'm Going To The Movies With My Friend Sister
  219. What is the Most Pathetic Clickbait Ever?
  220. Best GoPro for Beginners?
  221. Innate Beauty in Languages?
  222. Wizard intimidation FTW
  223. How much of the saffron plant is edible?
  224. A Woman Defended Me At The Pizza Place
  225. Does the ranking of your school/university matter?
  226. Short Dresses for college function
  227. detecting scam websites
  228. General languages thread
  229. Superpowers - and their Downsides
  230. Food Trying to perfect the duck burger, need some advice
  231. Becoming more resistant to clickbait?
  232. Ever felt an attraction outside of your orientation?
  233. Friendly Advice "Politically-Correct" DnD Adventure??
  234. A Gravity Falls fanfic I wrote today
  235. most descriptive way to describe an ottoman?
  236. Confessions 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  237. Suggestions for things to see in the San Francisco Bay area?
  238. Anti - Surge warning pc rebooted on its own when i wasnt in home.
  239. Visiting Scotland
  240. mythweavers server status?
  241. Meetup Trogland XI: Stranger things are a prime example of why these go to 11!
  242. Greetings and Salutations!
  243. Japanese Linguistics History Question
  244. Friendly Advice How to release unpleasant lore information.
  245. What is "maté" supposed to taste like?
  246. (Food)What are papayas supposed to smell/taste like?
  247. Friendly Advice Need some advice (Also, Hi!)
  248. I Did Something Nice To A Member In This Forum
  249. What Makes Convincing Fake Blood?
  250. Friendly Advice Should I go to College?