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  1. Get Fit 3: See the future with 2020 Resolution!
  2. Healthy Sick and Working
  3. Why is is impossible to find a decent backpack!?
  4. Online Dating Venting (Somewhat Risque, Read At Your Own Peril)
  5. How to best ship miniatures?
  6. I Saw Someone Got Hit By A Taxicab This Morning
  7. Where have you been?!
  8. I Dream About D&D Dragon Deities
  9. Aphantasia
  10. Help
  11. Learning Classical Music and/or Chess
  12. Food I Ate My Very First Acai
  13. An odd scheduling issue at work
  14. How much money did you lose?
  15. I'm Almost Got Into A Fight With This Angry Man Today
  16. Support Coronavirus is at my job
  17. Anyone else working from home?
  18. Healthy Update Of My Weight Loss
  19. Food Anyone Good at Cooking Cod?
  20. Friendly Advice What can I do to improve my writing now?
  21. Fyraltari's Fiercely Friendly Random Banter Thread #226
  22. Hello! I'm looking for a Geist the Sin-eater 2nd ed. Roleplay!
  23. Hello!
  24. The (Other) Plan (Wrong Number)
  25. Wash your hands
  26. ElfQuest - Coloring Book for Free. (Something to do if you're bored)
  27. Sports Swords for kids!
  28. The Alignment Song (Parody Of The Baby Shark Song)
  29. Universal Laws of the Playground
  30. Friendly Advice How do you entertain yourself while staying at home?
  31. I Won The Lottery
  32. Any interesting April Fools stuff?
  33. You were kind
  34. Gardens In The Playground
  35. Planning ahead
  36. The Mind of A Six-Year-Old
  37. Support Puns about plagues, to lighten moods (Probably my 1st post in this section.)
  38. Friendly Advice Good toys for dogs that chew a lot?
  39. Why do I feel bad about killing a mouse?
  40. Prank Wars
  41. Social question - When did you meet your friends?
  42. I'm A Cartoon Now
  43. I'm looking for a art site.
  44. Disqus isn't showing up on sites I visit, please help
  45. How Old Is Giant In The Playground?
  46. Anonymouswizard's Random Banter #227 and Free Cup of Tea
  47. A joke thread
  48. I'm Working Out A Lot
  49. Friendly Advice Printing old D&D stuff
  50. Shakespearean English, or "Why is misunderstanding easier than learning?"
  51. Support How do you make friends as an adult?
  52. Is Roll20 This Excruciating For Everyone?!
  53. LGBTAI+ Happy LGBT Pride Month
  54. A Fatherís lesson to his Son...
  55. What happened to Rich's articles on worldbuilding?
  56. What goes in a sig
  57. Who do you look like?
  58. [Philosopy] What is "Consciousness"?
  59. Keeping My Cat Entertained
  60. What foods do you really hate?
  61. Fathers Day
  62. dragon ball multiverse poll
  63. Yoga suggestions
  64. What new words have you learned recently?
  65. What foods do you really love?
  66. Help me Name my New Pet Spiders!
  67. My Weight Loss Update
  68. Sermil and the Banter of Randomness: Random Banter #228
  69. Story Time: Why I Hate Paper Hats
  70. management question
  71. Had an interesting couple of weeks.
  72. Do you count audiobooks in your list of read books?
  73. Apropos of App Development
  74. Optimism and Pessimism
  75. Opinions can be wrong..?
  76. My 100,000+ Views On Youtube Milestone
  77. What used car for a family of 8?
  78. How did you come up with your username here?
  79. YAY!!! Im back!
  80. My Energy Drink Story
  81. Edamame
  82. What Foods Have You Been Craving?
  83. So Where's The Space Alien Invasion?
  84. Who's The Happiest Member In This Forum?
  85. I'm Taking A Break From Social Media For A While
  86. For a moment I was thinking it's December or something
  87. Rules for what are groups of people called?
  88. History and Geography Buffs: Can you date this map?
  89. Moving day
  90. Suggestions in how to...
  91. Looking for a particular meme/webcomic strip - Correct-but-useless answer
  92. Tell A Joke!
  93. Somebody Cares
  94. Where Can I Find A Wizardís Gem?
  95. My 9/11 Story
  96. Food Looking for help finding store bought chicken nugget dipping sauce
  97. Friendly Advice Can anyone recommend a denim jacket pattern?
  98. Zoom Backgrounds
  99. Do you know any vapid boring dumb people irl?
  100. Halloween Parade Is Cancelled And I Need Suggestion To Do Something Else For Hallowee
  101. Looking for something different to go with a roast beef
  102. Did Rich draw this?
  103. Just vs Just pronunciation
  104. Rater's Ridiculously Rambunctious Random Ranter #229
  105. Indigenous Peoples Day
  106. Support Recently kicked a player from our pathfinder group
  107. Blogging and stuff.
  108. What If: TSR, Inc./Games Workshop
  109. Potato Chips and Salsa - An Unholy Abomination?
  110. A question of jargon...
  111. D&D Horses Are Way Faster Than Real Horses
  112. Food What new foods/dishes did you learn?
  113. cool sci-fish names with non-cool meanings
  114. I greatly appreciate how polite this community is
  115. I'm Back And My Reasons Why I Left This Forum
  116. Healthy I'm Well-Fit Now
  117. Ask a chef
  118. I'm Very Uncertain About 2021
  119. How to stop burglars
  120. My 5 Year Anniversary In GITP Forum
  121. Posting Times
  122. Healthy Eating No Junk Food At All
  123. How Are Tulou Viewed in Chinese Culture?
  124. Support My Female Co-Worker Is Being Abused At My Job
  125. Food The Whisky Thread
  126. I Really Don't Get These Social Cues At All!
  127. Coffee Flavors You Love & Hate
  128. My Youtube Channel Is Getting More Popular Now
  129. I Got My Two New Glasses
  130. What does P.E.A.C.H. stands for?
  131. Transcripts of Radio Comms During Combat?
  132. Enderlord's Random Banter #230 (Friendly warning: Might teleport. Don't get wet.)
  133. Merry Christmas to all
  134. My cousin/roommate is positive for Covid, so I'm probably sick as well.
  135. some cool games
  136. Juicy but intriguing
  137. Good Riddance 2020
  138. your favorite genre
  139. Home brewed games or GM brainchild?
  140. I have a question
  141. Cat Tree Material Help
  142. Get Fit IV: And This Time it Will Stick
  143. Food (Worm) Meat is back on the menu, boys!
  144. token stamp update
  145. giving plasma for money
  146. Dungeon Gazette Free D&D Newsletter
  147. New glasses, nausea and "weird" vision
  148. Great science fiction stories on old time radio
  149. Why do schools have lockers the size of a student?
  150. New little DNPC
  151. DataNinja's Scintillating Digital Random Banter #231
  152. Groverhaus
  153. I Made A Youtube Milestone
  154. place to post video links
  155. Looking to make some friends
  156. LGBTAI+ LGBTAIitp Part 60: Still Going Strong
  157. Looking for a good cold brew coffee maker.
  158. Language, Linguistics, & Grammar
  159. Support I'm worried about one of my players/friends in our D&D group...
  160. Why doesn't everyone know about Chakras?
  161. Could anyone tell where to find *observational* videos of laughing babies
  162. What color do you think Vermillion is? no google, from the heart
  163. Beans Are Evil
  164. Healthy I Regain So Many Pounds!
  165. Interesting things for a fantasy alchemist to do?
  166. Value of Benefits in a job
  167. A Wild Lurker Appears! Hyoi's Random Banter #232
  168. Rockphed's Stochasticly Random Banter of Wide Sense Stationarity #232
  169. Food Tell me best Food Recipe
  170. I'm A Billionaire Now
  171. Looking for some suggestions
  172. Friendly Advice How much should I have paid a person to house sit my cats?
  173. How Do You Find Artistic Collaborators?
  174. Gift ideas for my brother: t-shirts with fun graphics
  175. RIP Michael Collins - Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot
  176. Very noisy bird
  177. Tech support compared with 40k
  178. Hello, I'm from Finland just wanna say hi
  179. Ancient Hellenic Ships and a (fantasy) Naval Revolution in 500s BC
  180. Role Playing Games and Print-on-Demand [Rant]
  181. Best way to sell collector items?
  182. Friendly Advice what does " fully one half " mean ?
  183. I Can't Believe It's Not An Index CCXXXIII - Jasdoif's Random Banter #233
  184. The Wishing Well
  185. Whatís the Best Airbrush for an Almost-Beginner?
  186. Food How to Cook Perch?
  187. lawn care tool question
  188. Friendly Advice Name of psychotherapist office
  189. Friendly Advice Advice needed: How do I hand things to people without them touching me?
  190. Advice for a party game
  191. Can ancient civilizations stop making a mess for 5 damn minutes?
  192. Plant issues
  193. Tarmor's Terribly Tantalizing Tarasque Terrrifying Random Banter #234
  194. where the heck did "verisimilitude" come from?
  195. dyslexia help as a parent
  196. The Great Dirt Blight
  197. Cutest Dog Contest
  198. I wonder what people from the past would think about movie techniques today
  199. Where do I learn how to format my posts?
  200. Preordering a game: Amazondotcom or Walmartdotcom?
  201. Friendly Advice Smoking meat - advice and progress
  202. Do tiefling horns have skin?
  203. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, Form smells a Random Banter #235
  204. Does Anyone Remember the Smithsonian Stellarium?
  205. How vapid were the early 2010s?
  206. William Shatner is going to space ---Rocket Man---
  207. Collective Dream Journal
  208. Has Anyone Used Lightsheet?
  209. Help me pick a book!
  210. Do You Work In An ER? (Need Fiction Feedback.)
  211. X-Wing at the Smithsonian
  212. Random MetaBanter Ė Random Banter no. 236 (now with Flowers!)
  213. Would a few of you like to be involved in some gaming research?
  214. Are scare quotes used in other languages?
  215. Happy new year 2022.
  216. Food Has Anyone Duplicated A Freebirds Quesadilla?
  217. Cliche actions of big cooperations
  218. Bartmanhomer Evil Random Banter Thread #237