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  1. [CHB] XXII: In absence of Zexion
  2. [SWitp] Character Registry
  3. The Storyline are coming!
  4. Bleach Reborn Omake: Kogami Akira demands it!
  5. [Nexus Plot] To Exonerate a Monster
  6. [CHB] OoC V: Arguments abound!
  7. [Nexus Plot] Black Wounds
  8. [NEXUS] Taverna Generica 30: Triple-X? Or Triple Sec?
  9. [SWitP] Nar Shaddaa
  10. [ACRO/Town/Whatever] SPACE [Plot]
  11. [Nexus] AMEN 32: Srs Bzns
  12. NarutoITP OOC VI: Believe it!
  13. CHB XXIII: World's Largest Disfunctional Family
  14. Or just delete this
  15. [Nexus] HALO 134: Just when you think you're not in Kansas anymore, turns out you are
  16. [HP] Hogwarts ITP
  17. [HP] Hogwarts ITP OOC
  18. [HP] Hogwarts ITP Character Registry
  19. [myth] Mythos I: Wizards, Warriors, and Warrior Liches!
  20. Mythos Character Creator
  21. [TWI] [ERG] Twilight V/Eragon III: When Worlds Collide {ooc}
  22. [TWI] [ERG] Twilight V/Eragon III: When Worlds Collide
  23. [Nexus] Inside 20
  24. [Nexus] A Death So Permanent
  25. [Nexus] HALO 135: Still Counting...
  26. Highschool musical (NOT THAT ONE) plot (closed plot)[Nexus]
  27. CHB XXIV: Talking rabbits and catboys and deadly sins and oh my!
  28. [Nexus] The Library
  29. [Town] The Dancing Fox Inn LXIII: Took us 2 months, but we got a new thread
  30. [Nex Organization] SOCIOPATH
  31. [Nexus] Alternate Acro Fic-I'll come up with a better thread name later, I promise
  32. [Nexus] Good League of Good LVII: Princess Power Trio Plus Protective Parents
  33. [Nexus] WATCHTOWER 4: Doing Nothing, With Style (since 2009)
  34. [Nexus] War for Grand Island I: The war begins!
  35. Halo Wars
  36. [Nexus] Lulz Bar and Grill 2: Now with ice cream!
  37. Quinsar's Tower VII
  38. [Nexus, Open-ish]Hyuga Demi-Plane II: Bark at the Moon!
  39. [HP] II: Pure-Blood Feruccia?
  40. [NEXUS] HALO CXXXV: Oi, you! Get in here!
  41. CHB XXV: What Stereotype Should We Butcher Today?
  42. [BitP:R] BleachitP: Reborn: OOC Thread 11
  43. [Nexus] MagCave III-If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence you tried.
  44. [Nexus] Outside XVI
  45. [Nexus] OoC II: Where Sanity Comes to Die.
  46. [TWI] [ERG] Twilight V/Eragon III OOC II: When Roman Numerals Attack
  47. [Private Plot] The Last War
  48. [GB] GhostbustersITP OOC
  49. [Nexus NO Plot] An Infailible Plan
  50. [ElmITP]A Nightmare on Elm Street ITP OOC (It's back!)
  51. Quinsar's Tower VIII
  52. [Nexus] HALO CXXXVI: We are the terror that flaps in the night!
  53. [Nexus] The Dancing Fox Inn LXIV: Man, that was close. If you don't find LXIII
  54. [NEXUS] Trog's Tavern CCIX
  55. Nothing to see here.
  56. [Rail] Academy City OOC I : Biribiri.
  57. [ElmITP] A Nightmare on Elm Street IC
  58. [GB] GhostBusters IC: "Don't cross the streams"
  59. [NEXUS] NO VII: Beware the Penguins
  60. [KH] OOC 1: The Keyblade's Chosen
  61. The Harem
  62. [Twi] Twilight VI; Sanity's Requim
  63. [Twi] Twilight VI; Sanity's Requim OOC
  64. [NEXUS] The Cat's Guild
  65. (GDU) The Global Defense Unit (we have a wikia!)
  66. [Nexus] ISF HQ
  67. [NEXUS] HALO CXXXVII: Blankity blankity blank!
  68. [NEXUS] The Wall
  69. [Nexus] Memorial Hospital
  70. [NEXUS] Home III: Third Time's the Charm
  71. [BleachITP Reborn] Episode 3: Gotei Joint-Ops! What could ever go wrong?
  72. [Naruto ITP] Episode 10: Songs
  73. [Rail IC] Academy City
  74. [Nexus](Private Plot) In search of a mother
  75. [BitP:R] Episode 4: A Heritage Revealed! Awaken, Ayase!
  76. [SC] Starcraftitp: Terrans (unfinished)
  77. [KH] Kingdom Hearts chracter registry
  78. [Nexus] [Plot] Ambush on Zephyr Island
  79. [Nexus] Inside 21
  80. [Twi] Twilight VII: The dog bites back (OoC)
  81. [Twi] Twilight VII: The Dog bites Back!
  82. [Nexus] Moro Mansion II: Destroy all humans! (Semi-private, PM me)
  83. [KH] World: Traverse Town
  84. CHB XXVI: Cousin Jerome!
  85. Ace Combat FFRP (Interest?)
  86. [NEXUS] HALO 138: Oh fer cryin' out loud!
  87. [ACRO] The Writer's Realm
  88. [MAITP] Middle Ages in the Playground OOC
  89. Guild
  90. CHB 15 years later: No more babies!
  91. [Nexus] The Black Dragon's Den
  92. Horror ITP: OoC and Signup/recruitment
  93. [NEXUS]Hyuga Demi-Plane III: TOTALLY not related to Wolf's Rain...
  94. [Nexus] PACK: The Perfectly Appropriate College for Kids!
  95. FFRP Central: All players start here!
  96. [Nexus] Good League of Good LVIII: Shaken, but not baked
  97. [NEXUS] HALO CXXXIX: Just 11 more threads and we get a free one!
  98. [Horror ITP] Letters From the Mist
  99. [NEXUS] The Defenders I: One, Uno, Alpha
  100. [NEXUS] Trog's Tavern CCX
  101. [Nexus] Quinsar's Tower IX
  102. [Nexus Plot] The Prodigal Son Returns
  103. [Nexus] OoC III: May Contain Nuts
  104. [Nexus] The Spectre
  105. AMEN 33: Civil War [Nexus]
  106. [MAITP] Blood & Steel
  107. [Nexus] [Minor Plot] The Trains Run on Time
  108. [NP] Northport OOC
  109. [Twi] Twilight the lynching: The Gathering Storm
  110. [KH] Radiant Garden
  111. [NEXUS] WATCHTOWER 5: 100 Rooms of DOOOM!
  112. [Nexus] Fort Diomedes
  113. [NP] Northport
  114. CHB XXVII: Beans iz back!
  115. [TWI]Twilight VII: OOC Thread, Mark II
  116. [BitP:R] BleachitP: Reborn: OOC Thread 12
  117. [BitP:R] Soul Society 2
  118. [BitP:R] Mortal World 2
  119. [Nexus] Outside XVII
  120. [Nexus Plot] Dark Search of the Sea
  121. [NEXUS]HALO CXCI: Yeah,we totally counted 135 twice
  122. [Nex Plot] A NewBorn End to Our Times [Closed Musical]
  123. {Nexus} NO VIII: The season of what was to be.
  124. [Nexus] White Walls
  125. [DNITP] DeathnoteITP? Discussion and Recruitment
  126. AMEN 34 A Dark Begining [Nexus]
  127. [RvB] Red vs. Blue Chronicles: We're Moving!
  128. [Nexus] Quinsar's Tower: Number ten!
  129. [Nexus] NexusStock (Open Plot)
  130. [Nexus] Inside 22
  131. [Nexus] Trog's Tavern CCXI
  132. [Twi]Vampyr Assassin!!!: A Lynching Spin-off
  133. [Twi] Vampyr Assassin!!! Ooc
  134. Nexus OoC IV: We're All Mad Here
  135. [NEXUS]HALO CXL: Nice Place you Got Here!
  136. [BitP:R] Episode 5 - Drunken Brawl! No actual drunks included!
  137. [Bitp:R] Hueco Mundo 2
  138. [Nexus] Good League of Good LIX: Now With Trees!
  139. [Middle of Everywhere] The Dungeon
  140. [DNITP] And the case begins....
  141. [Nexus] The Black Dragon's Den II
  142. [Nexus][Musical Plot]When in Verenoth...
  143. [AitP] Avatar itP: Discussion and Setup
  144. [twi] Twilight VII: III The Dark Tower
  145. [Narutoitp] Episode 11: Of Stripes and Swords
  146. [SE] Soul Eater In The Playground: Discussion & Setup
  147. Skulduggery ITP? Gauging interest
  148. [Nexus] AMEN XXXV: The Becky Horror Posting Show
  149. [NEXUS] HALO CXLI: Red Fish/Blue Fish
  150. [Nexus] PACK II: The Perfectly Appropriate College for Kids!
  151. [Nexus] GLoG 60
  152. [CG] Camp Gladius I: The Roman Numerals Are So Apt
  153. The Blight of the Forest
  154. [Nexus] Trog's Tavern CCXII
  155. [CG] Camp Gladius Character Registry
  156. [CG] Camp Gladius OOC Thread
  157. [Nexus] The Glass Citadel VI
  158. [Nexus Musical Plot] Neurophobic/Imperfect
  159. [Nexus][Plot] Domine's clearing
  160. [Nexus] SAINT - The Assassin's Guild
  161. [DC] Duncton's Children: OOC
  162. [Nex] XX, XY, Either way someone will die. (Private plot)
  163. Nexus OoC V: Suxen Eht Nioj!
  164. The New Era of Planets (NEPitp) Interest/OOC Thread.
  165. [NEXUS][Plot] The Party
  166. [NeXus]HALO CXLII: Everybody is dead Dave
  167. [CHB] XXIX: The Deadly Hydra Assasination Squad
  168. [Twi] Twilight Ooc thread. We're building up momentum now.
  169. Bibliography FFRP - Characters + Discussion
  170. [HALO-Plot] The HALO Timeskip (it's back!) [Semi-Private]
  171. Bibliography FFRP - IC I - "Here there be Pages"
  172. [OOC] Time Management
  173. [BitP:R] BleachitP: Reborn: OOC Thread 13
  174. [Nexus] NTV!
  175. [Nexus] GLoG 61: Now with 100% More Goblins
  176. [NEPitp] New Era of Planets ITP IC.
  177. [Nexus] Inside 23
  178. [NEX/Plot] HALO Timeskip-Reboot II
  179. [Nexus-PLOT] Harborhead
  180. [NEXUS] HALO CLXIII: It all comes down to this...no! No! Not that!
  181. [Nexus] Rings of Power
  182. Bibliography FFRP - Where Evil Resides (Forbidden Codex Thread)
  183. [Nexus]Quinsar's Tower XI
  184. [FL] Fantasy Lynching Out of Character: Blood alone turns the Wheels of History
  185. [WoR] War of the Ring Revival?
  186. [Nexus] The Treasure (and candy) Quest
  187. [Nexus] Outside XVIII
  188. [Nexus] AMEN XXXVI
  189. [Nexus] Trog's Tavern CCXXIII: Where we (sometimes) don't spit in customer's cups
  190. Pokemon In The Playground [Poktip]
  191. [Nexus] The Black Dragon's Den III
  192. Star Wars Redux: Interest?
  193. [FL] Fantasy Lynching: Blood alone turns the Wheels of History
  194. [Nex] To Make A Goddess [Private Musical Plot]
  195. [Nexus] Ba'al's Museum of Destruction
  196. [NEXUS] HALO CIXXIV: Where homicidal embodiments of evil dust our vases
  197. [NEXUS] OoC VI: Do You Think You Can Handle It?
  198. [Nexus] WATCHTOWER 6: Like Justice League, but ON LAAAND!
  199. [Nexus] LANTERN I: No yellow parasites allowed!
  200. [NEXUS] The Carpenter's
  201. [Nexus] Random Places and Plots (meta thread)
  202. [NEXUS]Hyuga Demi-Plane IV: Welcome to the Jungle
  203. [Nex][Now it's a musical] To Her Perfect Place in the Sun and in the Dirt
  204. [Nexus] GLoG 62: Come for the paddleboats. Stay for the hawt shirtless catboy!
  205. [Nexus] Trog's Tavern CCXXIV:
  206. [NEXUS] HALO CIXXV: Glub glub. Fugu!
  207. [LYNCH] Twilight VIII: Future Imperfect
  208. [LYNCH] Twilight VIII OOC
  209. [Nexus] Inside 24
  210. [Nexus][Plot] Grey Blood
  211. [WOR] The War of The Ring
  212. [Nexus] Nexus Battle Royale
  213. [Nexus] Nexus Health Club
  214. Star Wars Redux: IC
  215. [ALL] Happy Thanksmasnewyearskwanzaakkah 2010! [canon optional]
  216. [Nexus] NO IX: We Don't Accept Seashells As Payment
  217. [Nexus]-Serious Plots{Meta thread}
  218. [NEXUS] OOC VII: Where sniper cats greet you at the entrance
  219. [Nexus] HALO CIXXVI: That number keeps getting bigger
  220. [Nexus]The Nightclub Salvation I: If the Health Club doesn't use demon ducks, we will
  221. [Nexus] Last Moon Medical Center I
  222. [Nexus] AMEN XXXVII: Vampy Rotter and the Undeathly Hallows
  223. {Nexus} Outside XIX
  224. [Nexus] Inside 25
  225. [ACitP]-Assassin's Creed ITP OOC
  226. [Nexus] Nexus OOC VIII: Portable Atrocities
  227. [Nexus] LANTERN II: That's right, Magtok LIED!
  228. [Nexus] War Island I: It's back!
  229. [CS] OOC: Dreaming of a Scarlet Christmas (Touhou)
  230. [CS] Dreaming of a Scarlet Christmas (Touhou)
  231. [Nexus] GLoG LXIII: Roman Numerals are back!
  232. [Nexus] Trog's Tavern CCXXV
  233. [Nexus] Citizens Press
  234. [Nexus] Home IV: Plenty of Space
  235. [Nexus] The Nexus Herald/Insider Headquarters
  236. [Nexus] PACK 3: We Don't Need No Education...
  237. [Nexus] Inside 26
  238. [Vid] Video game collision: OOC
  239. [Metro] Metropolis OOC
  240. [NEXUS] Hyuga Demi-Plane V: More unoriginal names than you can count
  241. [Rail] Academy City OOC II : ONEESAMA!!!!
  242. [Metro] Metropolis Character Registry
  243. [Metro] Residence #12, Highburn Street
  244. [Metro] The Hollow
  245. [Metro] Travel Network
  246. [NEXUS] HALO CIXXVII: Right! I forgot to say, I told you so!
  247. [Metro] Random Locations/Streets
  248. [VID] Netopolis
  249. [Nexus] Nexus OOC IX: Its Why They Pay Us The Big Bucks
  250. [NEXUS] Trog's Second Floor X