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  1. Reawakening ((Town Plot))
  2. Iragua island (Town)
  3. delete this, dudes?
  4. Dancing Fox Inn LI: Surprisingly Holds no Dances
  5. Go beyond the impossible, and kick regular weddings to the curb!(Town plotish thingy)
  6. Garden of White Thorns ((Fractured Identity Week arena))
  7. Sewer
  8. Church of Life [ACRO Plot]
  9. Abigale's Afterlife. (Town. Closed)
  10. The Dread Castle of Death ((PLOT))
  11. Inside Dennis' Body
  12. Eastmoor [Town, plot, open]
  13. Metropolis OOC Chat, Rules, and Story
  14. The Hollow (Metropolis): Read OOC thread and this OP!
  15. METROPOLIS Character Registry
  16. Residence #12, Highburn Street (Metropolis): Read OP and OOC thread OP!
  17. The Underground Travel Network (Metropolis): Make Sure You've Read OOC OP!
  18. Dancing Fox Inn LII: Think fast!
  19. The House Key's Under the Doormat. (HALO Plot)
  20. Raphael's Hideout ((Town Plot))
  21. The Grimm Forest (currently owned by plot)
  22. Demon's Den (TOWN)
  23. What is YOUR Zanpaktou?
  24. To kill an icy King (Town Plot)
  25. The Butler Estate [ACRO]
  26. Dusky's Horse-Racing! [Town] (NOT OPEN YET!)
  27. HALO LXXX: Biggest and the Best!
  28. Dancing Fox Inn LIII: a dime a dozen
  29. S.P.I.R.E construction site (town plot)
  30. Outside II: Now with Menacing Crabs
  31. GLoG 21/XX1: Half of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
  32. The Land (Freeforum Game, Recruitment)
  33. The Seven Circles: Town Plot
  34. Town PLOT: The cure (No, not Robert Smith) (Closed)
  35. Streets XXXIV: Don't sleep in the gutters... trust me
  36. The Land (Game Thread, Closed)
  37. GLoG Bulletin Board (IC)
  38. Dancing Fox LIV, It's IV better than L!
  39. Time Tours Unlimited - Leave the World Behind, Today!
  40. Taverna Generica 11: Teh Acronym's Very Extraordinary Realm of Nice Alcohol
  41. Honeymoon in Texas [Acro Plot]
  42. Dreamscape [ACRO]
  43. Children's Card Game Warrior XD5! Kawaii! Ramen!: The Movie: The Game
  44. The Perimeter [TOWN]
  45. GLoG XXII: Ahhhhhh!!!! They're after us!!
  46. Delete this...
  47. Dancing Fox Inn LV: Choreographed woodland creatures never looked so good!
  48. Prometheus [ACRO]
  49. HALO LXXXI: Fighting against evil since founding!
  50. The Manson Warehouse Complex. [Town]
  51. The Glass Citadel III
  52. Richard's estate [Town]
  53. Quinsar's Tower
  54. ACRONYM OOC IV: Now with 100% more Roman Numerals!
  55. The House
  56. Vacation to the Tower of Light [Town Plot]
  57. MoveMent [Acro]
  58. The Dancing Fox Inn LVI: What's Your Poison?
  59. The Heroes Rest. (Acro)
  60. Field of the Lost [Acro PLOT]
  61. Yet Another Time Traveling Thread [Acro]
  62. GLoG XXIII: With malice towards none
  63. Taverna Generica 12: The one, and hopefully only
  64. Kuroko Headquarters
  65. Richard's Cathedral [town]
  66. The Ethereal Plane [Acro-ness]
  67. [ACRONYM] Map
  68. Saturno [Acro]
  69. Homer's Temporal Treasures (now hiring) [Open Acro-PLOT, Drama Free!]
  70. GLoG XXIV: This Ain't No House of Cards
  71. The Underworld/Creation [Acro-related Plot]
  72. Local S.P.I.R.E Bunker (why didn't I think of this earlier?) [TOWN]
  73. The Dancing Fox Inn LVII: Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!
  74. Farthing Cottage (Acronym, read OP)
  75. Masato's Demi-plane (HALO, acronym)
  76. Town OOC X! The X stands for X-TREME.
  77. GLoG XXV (that's 25!): Mapped out an' everythin'!
  78. The Weald [Acro/Town]
  79. Dancing Fox Inn LVIII: Gah! Witty titles are hard!
  80. Psychiatrist's Office (Non-Canon Area)
  81. [ACRO] HALO LXXXII: In some galaxies this is called 'loitering'
  82. Taverna Generica 13: Heartz'n'Dartz!
  83. Prima Materia [Plot]
  84. Amusement Park! [TOWN]
  85. ACRO...In...Spaaaaace! (Non-Canon Silliness)
  86. The Library of Histor [Acro Plot]
  87. Gotei 13 In the Playground
  88. [Acro] Vael's Elsewhere Thread
  89. GLoG 26: Now With 100% More Things Trying to Nom You!
  90. Prison of The Glass Prince [Town]
  91. The Paragon of Sanity [ACRO Plot]
  92. ACRONYM OOC V: Half as many as Town OOC, with all the fun.
  93. [Acro] Monument to the Efficacy of Steam I
  94. Prom in the Playground, Number 2, Scene 2, Take 2, Version 2
  95. To Save a Daughter.
  96. Espada In the Playground[BleachitP]
  97. [ACRO] GLoG 27: Pay No Attention to the Thread Behind the Curtain!
  98. Web of Gunpowder
  99. The Mortal World( Meeting ground for Espada and Shinigami)[BleachitP],
  100. BleachitP OOC I
  101. BleachitP Character Registry
  102. Richard's Empire [town-accessible]
  103. GLoG Voting Thread! (in-character) (Acronym)
  104. [TOWN] The Construction Site
  105. The Shopping Trip From Hades (ACRO Plot)
  106. BOSS I: The Brethren of Spells and Stabbities
  107. [TOWN] The Cinema (Now open for all!)
  108. Inside [Acro/Town]
  109. [ACRO] GLoG 28: The People's Republic of Magtok
  110. [Town] Dancing Fox LIX A Happy Transfusion of New and Old
  111. [Town] Town Election Thread: This Time for Real!
  112. The Cathedral of Flames III: Back and better than ever.
  113. The Coalbear Report [TOWN]
  114. Taverna Generica 14: Come'n'Enjoy our inter-species nookie!
  115. [BleachITP] Character stats
  116. Through the Portal [TOWN PLOT]
  117. [ACRO] GLoG 29: Under New Management
  118. [Town] Dancing Fox LX: Harnessing your babies' power for over 30 years!
  119. [ACRO] HALO LXXXIII: Too darn stubborn to die
  120. The Glass Citadel IV
  121. [ACRO] GLoG 30: Defying Biology Since 2008!
  122. Apoca-Con [ACRO plot]
  123. [Acro] Clearing in the Countryside
  124. [BleachITP] Ep1: "Battle for the Captaincy! Cecilia's true power?"
  125. Outside III: Beware the Non-Existant Duck
  126. BleachitP OOC II: We even have a Batman homage!
  127. Lucky Luigi's Diner (Metropolis)
  128. [BleachitP] Ep 2: Yen's Funeral; The Sadness, the Determination.
  129. Eerie warehouse (TOWN PLOT).
  130. {Acro} Forest Cottage II
  131. [Town] The Dancing Fox Inn LXI: The new one. For the LXI time.
  132. [Town] The Under-Ground I
  133. The Streets (Metropolis) : Read OOC!
  134. Random Locations of Metropolis
  135. The Subverted Garden (Acronym) (Plot)
  136. GLoG 31: To live defeated and inglorious is to die daily
  137. [Town] Random Locations around the Town and (Index)
  138. Soul Society (Home of Shinigami) [BleachitP]
  139. [BleachITP] Episode 5: The Desert Judge
  140. [BleachITP] Episode 4: Carcharadon vs Koujin; Crystalline Conflict Continues!
  141. Dungeon Raid
  142. [Acro] Monument to the Efficacy of Steam II
  143. Turning Back the Clock: Episode 1-Academy[Bleachitp]
  144. Delete this
  145. Episode: Behold the Void.
  146. [BleachITP] Ep6: "Assemble, lieutenants! Mejiri's plan"
  147. Taverna Generica 15: Pints of Bitter Make You Strong!
  148. Turning Back the Clock II - Academy, 100 Years Ago [Bleachitp]
  149. The White King's Palace
  150. [BleachITP] Episode 7: "The Master Without a Voice! Masato's Training Begins"
  151. Bleachitp III: Son of Bleachitp
  152. [BleachITP] Episode 8: Judgement of the Judge
  153. [Bleachitp] Episode: Rot in the Nest of Maggots
  154. Espada in the Playground II [BleachitP]
  155. AMEN vs Hell (invite only plot)
  156. Grinning Squirrel Industries (Pseudo-ACRO)
  157. [Bleachitp] Episode 10 - My Beloved Eyes
  158. Turn Back The Clock III - A snake charmer and a wild man! [BleachitP]
  159. [BleachitP] Episode 11:"Action of the Romantic Variety! Satoshi's Big Date"
  160. [Nexus] Sszinyon's Hideout
  161. [BleachITP] Episode 12: Helios
  162. GLoG XXXII: The Loved and the Lost
  163. [BleachitP] Episode 13: "A hungry wolf... Rampage in J-Town!"
  164. [Town] Dancing Fox Inn LXII: Where even evil people can be good! ...wait what?
  165. [Bleachitp] Episode 14: What did YOU do in the Timeskip?
  166. Orson's Tower [ACRO, Plot-ish]
  167. Turn Back The Clock IV: Seireitei, 1000 years ago. [BleachitP]
  168. [ACRO] HALO LXXXIV: Rise of The Killer Mutant Gerbilturtles!
  169. Bleachitp OOC IV: Our tentacles are strictly Platonic
  170. Of Souls and Moon Daemons. [TOWN PLOT]
  171. Episode 15: Echoes of Past Lives [BleachitP]
  172. Olympus Mons, home of the Titans [Bleach ItP]
  173. [BleachitP] Episode 16: Natsuko and Metta; a date!
  174. The Mortal World II [Bleachitp]
  175. Sereitei (Shinigami Home) [BleachitP]
  176. Bleach ItP, Episode 17; Shelter in the rain
  177. TOWN OOC XI What Kind of Lame Emote is That?
  178. GLoG XXXIII: Do you think you can handle it?
  179. [ACRO] The Queendom of Neirian, home of the Amazon Pixies.
  180. Bleach ITP: Episode 18: Fall from my Sky! The outsiders plunge into this new world!
  181. [Town] Dancing Fox Inn LXIII: Eleventy-Billion Times Better Than Hardee's!
  182. Bleachitp V: Cruise Control to Awesome
  183. Taverna Generica 16
  184. NO IV: Not too good to be bad.
  185. [ACRO] A little slice of Psychadelia
  186. ACRONYM OOC VI: Where the lost get found.
  187. [ACRO][PLOT] The Lonely Tower
  188. Seireitei III (Shinigami Home) [BleachitP]
  189. Sereitei (Shinigami Home) [BleachitP]
  190. GLoG XXXIV: It gets worse!
  191. [ACRO] HALO LXXXV: I can see my house from here!
  192. Manson Warehouse Complex II. [Town]
  193. [Acro/Town] Inside II: Now with 100% more threads!
  194. [Town] Police Station XXI: We're back in business!
  195. Episode 19: A double date! Affection in the Espada? [BleachitP]
  196. Taverna Generica 17: Sweeter than 16!
  197. Bleachitp VI: Ball and Chain Addition
  198. Episode thread (Bleach itp) The Ultimate Battle, Darkness englufs the land!
  199. [Acro][Plot-ish] Tawarthion
  200. Party with Otherworldly Superhumans! (Plot Thread, of sorts)
  201. Outside IV: The Creepy Eyed Squirrel's Domain
  202. [Acro] Monument to the Efficacy of Steam III
  203. [Town] Dancing Fox Inn LXIV: I'll have a better title later... NOT!
  204. [Town Plot] To find Serenity
  205. GLoG XXXV: There shall be happiness!!!
  206. [Bleachitp]Turn Back The Clock: Big Hand on Midnight
  207. Residence #12, Highburn II(Metropolis) - Read OOC and OP!
  208. Richard's Memorial [Town]
  209. 17 Crescent Lily Street (Metropolis)
  210. Bleachitp Episode 20: A Serpent and a Stray Wolf
  211. The Musical Plot I: [Town]
  212. Inside III: Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll
  213. Inside 3: Please Ignore the Counterfeit Threads
  214. [ACRO] HALO LXXXVI: Paladins are kredit to team!
  215. The School [Metropolis] Read OOC and OP
  216. Seireitei IV (Soul Society) [Bleachitp]
  217. Aglor, Plane of Blood(Acro/Town plot)
  218. Taverna Generica 18: Please avoid leaving blood on the bartop!
  219. PEACE III: All the pieces fit
  220. Myst Island [ACRO-Plot-Closed]
  221. GLoG XXXVI: Curse You, Dramatic Irony!
  222. Free Form Role Playing General Guide [New to this forum? Please, READ THIS!]
  223. [Town] Dancing Fox Inn LXV: Don't drink that...
  224. The Caves of Thought [PLOT]
  225. [ACRO] HALO LXXXVII: "Yes, we do have an angel. An annoying one"
  226. Turn Back the Clock: Passing of a leader [BleachitP]
  227. Zombies! Grah!
  228. Musical plot II
  229. Bleachitp VII: Who likes Short Shorts
  230. Plot. In. SPAAAACE! (V. 2.0) [Invite or Bug Only]
  231. GLoG 37: Dysfunction Junction
  232. Inside 4: Long Overdue! [ACRO]
  233. The Battledome! [ACRO] [Sort of plot-esque]
  234. Bleachitp Episode 21: The Execution Day Arrives! Does this mean Shirubaru's Death?
  235. [Town] Streets XXXV: Ignore the Soul Eating Hobos
  236. "Starlight" OoC and Characters
  237. Dancing Fox Inn XLVI: Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is the War Room!
  238. A Quest of Light (Closed)
  239. Taverna Generica 19: Read the Rules!
  240. Bleachitp Episode 22: Shirubaru vs Abishai - The Showdown
  241. Hueco Mundo [Bleachitp] III
  242. Stephen's Farm [Town]
  243. [ACRO] HALO LXXXVIII: Drama, Hugs, and Not Much Else, Really.
  244. Vulpan Keep [ACRO]
  245. The NEW Vendleichs! [Town]
  246. ACRONYM OOC VII: With Our Heads in the Clouds
  247. Otherside [ACRO][PLOT]
  248. Bleachitp VIII: Plot for the Plot God!
  249. Bleachitp OOC VIII: Is Kil-J paranoid if everyone really IS out to get him?
  250. Inside 5 [ACRO/Town]