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  1. [Acro] GLoG 51
  2. Musical plot 1 and a half [Town]
  3. [ACRO] HALO CXVII: Finish the Fight...Eventually
  4. [HALO][PLOT] The HALO Timeskip [Semi-private]
  5. [NarutoitP] Episode 6: The Sandaime Raikage's final fight!
  6. Wendi's! (Acro or Town)
  7. [Acro]Kundalin Keep (Semi-Private)
  8. Checking interest - EberronITP
  9. [HALO-PLOT]The HALO Timeskip II[Semi-private]
  10. The Dancing Fox Inn LIX: Carpe Beerum
  11. [Acro] HALO CXVIII: Get the reference or get out
  12. Trog's Tavern CCVII
  13. [ACRO/TOWN] La Restaurante
  14. Seireitei IX [BleachitP]
  15. Seireitei IX (Soul Society) [BleachitP]
  16. NarutoITP OOC IV: Exam Time! Shouldn't Hurt a Bit!
  17. [A/T]Inside 15 (Read First Post)
  18. Remnant I : City of Memories [A/T]
  19. Open-World Adventure I
  20. [HALO-PLOT]The HALO Timeskip III[Semi-private]
  21. [ACRO]HALO CXIX: Now in the future too!
  22. [ACRO] The Celestial Embassy/Palace of Doors
  23. NarutoITP Episode 7: Beach Fun! No Sharks Allowed!
  24. The Planar's House
  25. The Amethyst B&B [A/T Semi-Private]
  26. [ACRO] HALO CXX Thread by Pally, awesome by others.
  27. [HALO-PLOT]The HALO Timeskip IV[Semi-private]
  28. The Dancing Fox Inn 60: Now with more Arabics
  29. BleachITP OOC XVII: Kch
  30. Team Hayabusa (Public)
  31. Team Hayabusa Character Registry
  32. (Vortex) Personnel Registry
  33. (Vortex) Station 5
  34. (Vortex) OOC Com Link
  35. HALO CXXI: I don't suppose the word "dweeb" means anything to you guys
  36. [HALO-PLOT]The HALO Timeskip V[Semi-private]
  37. NO VI: Disconnect Imminent
  38. ACRONYM OOC XIII: Now back to our regularly scheduled numerals.
  39. Outside XIII: Spores of Corruption Dance in the Wind
  40. The Inauguration of the New Death [Acro Plot, Private]
  41. [A/T]Inside 16 (Read First Post)
  42. GLoG LII: Home of the Next Generation
  43. [HALO-Plot] Timeskip VI [Semi-Private]
  44. HALO CXXII: Tobias Couldn't Stand Us Any More! Can You?
  45. [Town] DFI Upstairs III
  46. RASS Mortsol [Plot- Open]
  47. [ACRO] Vulpan Keep II
  48. [ACRO] The Temple of Iames I
  49. Trog's Tavern CCVIII
  50. BleachITP OOC XVIII: Now with More Rocket Fists
  51. [HALO-Plot] Timeskip VII [Semi-Private]
  52. [ACRO] HALO CXXIII: The last time I was this bored, I took hostages!
  53. [ACRO] Moro Mansion (HALO-ish, invite only)
  54. [TOWN] Random Locations Thread IV
  55. Survivor: FFRP (no new applications, please)
  56. [Bleachitp] Episode 34: March of Empty Souls
  57. [HALO-Plot] The HALO Timeskip VIII [Semi-Private]
  58. Underdark [Plot]
  59. [ACRO-HALO] The Rising Fall of Carrion [PLOT, PRIVATE]
  60. BleachITP Episode 35:Sake Sojourn of the Single Soul Vampires! Respite for the Bount?
  61. NarutoITP Episode 8: Swamp of Misery! The Second Exam Begins!
  62. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup
  63. [TOWN] The Dancing Fox Inn LXI: Where people find strange things every day
  64. Castle Von Irony---Welcome to Wulfen's Domain
  65. Camp Half-Blood
  66. Drifter's Construction Site
  67. Trog's Tavern CCIV
  68. [HALO-Plot] The HALO Timeskip IX: We'll break you yet timestream! [Semi-Private]
  69. Assorted Missle Base of Doom: Part 1
  70. Roldethbecor, a Dwarf Fortress
  71. Camp Half-Blood OOC: Seaweed Brain...
  72. Taverna Generica 29
  73. [Acro]The Ferrier Bros. Carnival[For a plot, but open to all for non plot]
  74. X-Men: The School
  75. X-Men: The School/ OOC
  76. [Inter-Dimensional Zone] Ultimate Battle Tournament (UBT)
  77. [Camp Half-Blood] Character Registry
  78. BleachITP Reborn Character Registry
  79. X-Men The School/ Character Thread
  80. [ACRO, Plot] Denandsor and Environs
  81. New Yiridian army base camp
  82. Camp Half-Blood II (Now with 100% more capture the flag!)
  83. [ARCO-HALO] HALO timeskip X:10Threads of timeskiping![Semi private-Plot]
  84. [ACRO] HALO CXXIII: Dance for your life!
  85. Redone. Please delete.
  86. Quinsar's Tower V
  87. Abandoned train station. (Town plot)
  88. Eragon II: Youngest OOC
  89. GLoG LIII: These are the Days of our Lives.
  90. Twilight IV: No More Heroes!
  91. Twilight IV
  92. BleachITP OOC XIX: Arrancars and Humans and Arcs, Oh My!
  93. Camp Half-Blood III: And You Thought Your Family Reunions Were Crazy.
  94. Camp Half-Blood OOC II: Awkwardness is in the Family
  95. NarutoITP OOC V: F Dosn't mean Fail, it Just Means Try Again!
  96. Nexus News Network (Acro/Town)
  97. The East of Creation [ACRO- plot]
  98. What did YOU do during the Timeskip? III [BleachitP]
  99. Eragon the Lynching II: The First Age
  100. Vacation in the middle east! (town plot)
  101. Camp Half-Blood IV (Curtain donations appreciated!)
  102. [A/T]Inside 17 (Read First Post)
  103. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup Thread 2
  104. HALO timeskip XI: this ones an MMO! [Semi private]
  105. [ACRO] The Heinous Association of Twisted Scoundrels
  106. Aliens vs Predator: Spirit of the Hunt
  107. HALO CXXIV: What Insanity?
  108. Pokemon- The very best
  109. Pokemon - The Very Best (OOC THREAD)
  110. Camp Half-Blood V: Rick Riordan cries himself to sleep!
  111. HALO Timeskip XII: Everyone ascends to godhood and has babies. End of story.
  112. Seireitei X [BleachitP]
  113. Pokémon Character Registry
  114. Outside XIV: More animals than you can shake a stick at. Yes the PCs.
  115. Creation Character Registry
  116. Dusklands [ACRO Plot]
  117. Camp Half-Blood VI: Any more love triangle participants will be shot
  118. Delete This Thread Please!!!!!
  119. Orbit #82 [Plot-private]
  120. Mortal World VII [BleachITP]
  121. Camp Half-Blood OoC III: Everyone hates Prometheus!
  122. [ACRO/Town] Trog's Tavern 205 (CCV for Citzens of Rome)
  123. [ACRO] Crazy Ol Magtok's Battle Arena of Terror! (COMBAT! I)
  124. ACRONYM OOC XIV: Can we talk?
  126. Krezantio's Flying Laboratory
  127. Piracy in the Playground: OOC Thread
  128. FMAITP OOC: Who're you callin' tiny!?
  129. Camp Half Blood VII: Even Star Wars hasn't made it this far!
  130. Camp Half Blood: Children of the Nile
  131. Camp Half Blood: Children of the Nile Character Registry
  132. Camp Half Blood: Children of the Nile OOC
  133. [Acro/Town] Home 2: Home is where the cabinet is
  134. Drained of all Colors (Musical Plot, Private)
  135. [NarutoITP] Episode 9: A Flower Blooming Amidst Cedars
  136. {ACRO?} HALO CXXV: In from the Outside
  137. Bleach Reborn OOC 3: Discussion
  138. [A/T] Acro-Imperial Territory
  139. {ACRO} Looking for Trouble: Marilith Cove
  140. Camp Half-Blood VIII: And we still use roman numerals!
  141. [Acro/Town] Inside 18
  142. [Pitp] Caribbean Thread: Off Our Hinges
  143. {ACRO!!} Good League of Good LIV: Sleeping with the Lights On
  144. Camp Half Blood: Children of the Nile II (Boy, this title's getting long!)
  145. Camp Half-Blood IX: Mike Finally Snapped
  146. [FMAITP] Character Registry
  147. Camp Half-Blood OoC IV: THIS! IS! CAMP-HALF BLOOD!!!!!
  148. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup Thread 4
  149. SRWitP: OOC - Chicks dig Giant Robots
  150. Camp Half-Blood: Ragnarök Now
  151. FMAITP IC - Amestris
  152. In quest of Rico!(Private plot)
  153. Camp half-blood: those who cannot be.
  154. Camp Half-Blood X: To curtain or not to curtain.
  155. HALO Timeskip XIV: 100% More Crazy
  156. [Acro/Town] Trog's Tavern 206 (formerly Magtok's Tavern - now under old management)
  157. Super Robot Wars ITP: Character Registry
  158. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup Thread 5
  159. (ARCO) EDENcorp, complex , headquaters, and R'n'D
  160. 1X-5 space station (Town Plot)
  161. Camp Half-Blood XI: Maturity is for suckers
  162. (ARCO) HALO CXXVI is sponsored by: EDENcorp. for your convenience
  163. [Nexus] WATCHTOWER 3: Big Brother is WATCHing You.
  164. (Vortex Rebirth ) Station 5
  165. [ACRO/Town] VA : Lost Temple
  166. SupersITP - Set-Up And Discussion, Issue #1
  167. Camp Half-Blood XII: Immortality FTW!
  168. [BleachitP Reborn] Episode 1: "Prologue! A new tale, a new Shinigami!"
  169. Camp Half Blood XIII: Want a cookie?
  170. SupersITP - IC, Issue #1
  171. Camp Half-Blood XIV: *sniff* The thread grows up so fast!
  172. (ARCO) HALO CXXVII: Can YOU find the difference?
  173. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup Thread 6
  174. Land of Fire III[NarutoITP]
  175. [BleachITP Reborn] Episode 2: Hannibal's Past: Flashback to the Old!
  176. Supers In The Playground Register Here! (Civil War optional)
  177. Camp Half-Blood XV: What, 15 Threads Already?
  178. [OCitp] Organized Crime ITP: Setup and Discussion
  179. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup Thread 7
  180. Organized Crime ITP Character Registry
  181. Delete This
  182. The Liberated Kingdom of the Seven Sphere's [Neighboring Nation, Nexus, Open to all]
  183. CHB XVI: (Insert Witty Phrase Here)
  184. Organized Crime ITP IC
  185. [BleachITP] Episode 35: Cold Reunion on Bloody Sands
  186. [Town] Dancing Fox Inn LXII: Do foxes really dance?
  187. BleachITP OOC XX: The Sun Sets on the Old World
  188. Zombiepocalypse!!! -A Zombie Apocalypse RP
  189. Camp Half-Blood XVII: Immortal Kombat
  190. [Nexus] OoC 1: The Shape of Things to Come
  191. [Nexus] The Town
  192. [Nexus] Inside 19
  193. The Planar House II
  194. Nexus Nexus Character Directory
  195. Camp Half-Blood ιηʹ: It's Lolwutcraftian
  196. [Nexus] HALO CXXVIII: Your planet's weird...
  197. GONE ITP Setup and Discussion
  198. Dead Plains Drifters OOC: Death Rides a Pale Horse
  199. [Nexus] Good League of Good LV: Witty Title And/Or Song Reference
  200. [Nexus][Closed Plot] An Empire So Cold
  201. [FFitP] Final Fantasy in the Playground: Discussion & Setup
  202. Requiem for Time[Nexus][Invite only plot]
  203. BleachITP Reborn: Discussion & Setup Thread 8
  204. CHB XVII: Why does the ferret have a mohawk?
  205. Final Fantasy In The Playground: Character Registry
  206. CHB XVII: We dont take kindly to Biebers around here
  207. (NEXUS) MagTalk I-The Best Thing Since [InsertAwesomeThingHere]
  208. [BitP:R] Soul Society
  209. [BitP:R] Mortal World
  210. [Bitp:R] Hueco Mundo
  211. [GONE] I: The Future Is Deadly
  212. [Nexus] And Make Me Your Empire [Closed plot]
  213. [Nexus] Trog's Tavern #207: The Trog of Trogs
  214. Wheel of Time itP Set up & Discussion
  215. [Nexus] Outside 15-There used to be a silly pun here, but it wouldn't fit
  216. [RvB] Red vs. Blue Chronicles: Chapter 1
  217. [Nex] HALO CXXIX: We Have Beach Access
  218. (Redone, please delete))
  219. [WoR] War of the Ring Crossover Freeform - Interest?
  220. Wild West FFRP Discussion Setup and Interest
  221. [CHB] XIX: More bisexuals then ever!
  222. [BitP:R] BleachITP Reborn: OOC Thread 9
  223. [BiblioITP]Chapter 1: Tiltstone's Finest
  224. [Twi] Twilight IV: No More Heroes! (Now also lynching Sword of Truth!)
  225. [BiblioITP] OoC Discussion I: Annotations
  226. [GONE] Registration Thread
  227. [WoR] The Fellowship of the Ring
  228. [BiblioITP] Bibliography ITP Character Registry
  229. [Nexus] HALO CXXX: We sponsor Paladins!
  230. [GONE] II: Old Habits Die Hard. Young People Die Screaming.
  231. [SWitp] Star Wars: Setup and discussion #1
  232. Super Robot Wars Itp 1: Mazin Go! [SRW ITP]
  233. [Ritp] Resistance ITP: The Fall of Man
  234. [Ritp] Ooc
  235. [CHB] XX: Hannibal Lecter has NOTHING on Kronos
  236. [Nexus] Good League of Good LVI: I had a joke but I forgot it
  237. [Nexus]EDENcorp Citadel
  239. Quinsar's Tower VI
  240. [BiblioITP]Chapter 2: Jacob's Past
  241. [CHB] XXI: the next person to say "This happened" dies
  242. [Nexus] HALO CXXXII I see one more numeral!
  243. [Nexus]Trog's Tavern 208
  244. [Twi] Twilight IV II
  245. [BiblioITP] Chapter Three: Is Ken Compensating For Something?
  246. Velorotian Theater II (Nexus) (Semi-Plot)
  247. [BitP:R] BleachITP Reborn: OOC Thread 10
  248. [Closed Musical Plot. NEX] And Then There Was Murder.
  249. [RvB] Red vs. Blue Chronicles: Chapter 2 (Let's try to do better with posting?)
  250. [Nexus]HALO-CXXXIII:Catgirls ,Emo's and lesbians 'R' us!