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  1. Newbie needs a (Pathfinder) game!
  2. Recruiting Before the New Dawn: Recruiting for a solo game (3.0/3.5)
  3. GM Needed Freeform/3.5/Pathfinder/Whatever: Political merchant princess looking for game
  4. Recruiting The Modern Life : Extra Touch Of The Supernatural (Interest Check
  5. Filled PF Bandit Game
  6. Recruiting Dragons Gate Campaign [A persistent world pathfinder game played on Roll20]
  7. Filled Discord (5e)
  8. Filled Pitch Me Your Solo/Duo M&M3e Superhero Games
  9. Star Wars - Saga Edition (Knights of the Old Republic); Need DM & Players
  10. GM Needed Psionics friendly game, Players and Gm wanted [3.5]
  11. Alien Recon Commando's (d20 Modern/ an Xcomish adventure)
  12. Filled Looking for GM:s for BC
  13. GM Needed Demon: The Descent
  14. The Protectorate Ascendant, Take II - Skype-based Marvel Heroic RPG
  15. The Citadel Of The Deserters
  16. GM Needed Paragon Tier 4E
  17. Recruiting Recruiting The Body Theologick - New Type Of Deity RP - (Meaningfully Spelled)
  18. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Solo Fighter//Rogue Game
  19. GM Needed Seeking Players/GM for a 40K-RPG Mechanicum themed game!
  20. Filled PTU: Now or Never
  21. Filled Dragons of the Chamber [Eberron, 3.5, Interest check & preliminary recruiting]
  22. Total War: Sixth Nexus (Recruitment Closed)
  23. Recruiting Goblins: the Exodus (iteration=7) (RERECRUITING)
  24. Filled Steampunk Victoriana {Risus} [Full (of Hot Air)]
  25. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Solo Game Request Using Path of War
  26. Pathfinder Warcraft?
  27. Recruiting Total War: Spire City II
  28. Recruiting Hokey religions and ancient weapons: a Star Wars Legacy Era campaign
  29. Filled [13th Age] A story of scarlet
  30. DM Wanted for Solo/Due game (Other player melee protector)
  31. Recruiting 5e Lost Mine of Phandelver Roll20
  32. Filled Omniversal Showdown (Recruiting Closed)
  33. GM Needed Mid-level 5e Game (Players and GM Welcome!)
  34. Recruiting A New RP (Recruiting) Modern Fantasy Genre
  35. GM Needed [Star Wars Saga Edition] Hoth: Off the Rails (Interest Check)
  36. Recruiting Quest to Seal Away the Abyss!
  37. Filled [4th Edition] The Coils of the Serpent
  38. Filled [3.5] The Western Realms
  39. The Resistance: Avalon (tactical forum game)
  40. Recruiting (M&M 3E) St Ambrose School for the Extraordinary Re-Recruiting
  41. Shadow Hearts-Interest Check
  42. Recruiting The Will (Call of Cthulhu)
  43. Recruiting The Halls of Destiny - Sidereal Exalted
  44. Wrath of the Righteous [Closed]
  45. GM Needed [3.5] Low-to-none magic/psionics game?
  46. [Exalted one-shot] Under the Rose
  47. Filled Steampunk Pathfinder Tristalt (Skype Based) [Closed]
  48. (Planning) Underdark horror campaign. (3.P)
  49. Recruiting The Court of Lord Ho (Still Recruiting)
  50. Filled OWOD Vampire the masquerade
  51. Filled WH40k ONLY WAR Mechanized Campaign
  52. Filled Fate/rebirth: the Grail Must Be Destroyed
  53. Recruiting M&M 3e Villain game (take two)
  54. Recruiting Numenera-Monte Cook's sci-fi fantasy game (re-recruiting, no-shows)
  55. GM Needed Corpse Playtest [3.5]
  56. 5e steampunk game (Invite only)
  57. [invite only] The Secret Lives of Cats
  58. The Prowess of the Sun (OOC)
  59. GM Needed Real Simple Game Idea 3.5 Eberron
  60. Recruiting Changeling the Lost Demo
  61. DnD 5E The Keep on the Borderlands
  62. Recruiting [nWoD 2e] A wild demon chat game has appeared!
  63. Recruiting [3.P] An Eberron Campaign: The Fury of Siberys
  64. Recruiting [M&M 3E] Solo or Duo Supervillain Games
  65. GM Needed Way of the Wicked Anyone? (Pathfinder, GM/Players Needed)
  66. Filled 5E Pirates with a Twist!!!!
  67. Filled [3.5e] Low-Level Game, Hopefully a Long One
  68. Dnd 5e Homebrew Playtest Campaign on Roll20.
  69. Exalted Modern (Interest Check, looking for ST)
  70. Filled In Service of House Bohorov [Pathfinder E6]
  71. GM Needed Request: Cthulhu Modern
  72. GM Needed [LFA] Pathfinder Game
  73. Recruiting Dragon Age Pathfinder?
  74. A pathfinder game longer than a couple of weeks
  75. Filled [PF] 2-3 Player Campaign? (Filled)
  76. GM Needed Looking for a grand GM to lead a Villainous Duo [3.5, Mid-Level preferred]
  77. Recruiting Rogue Trader - GM found
  78. Filled Firefly RPG: Take the sky.
  79. GM Needed [PF] Need a GM for a unique request
  80. Recruiting GoT Nations game D&D3.5
  81. Filled Looking for PTU game (preferably solo/duo)
  82. Recruiting Final Fantasy setting for Pathfinder?
  83. Quest-Givers [Freeform Pathfinder..... sorta...]
  84. Recruiting Labyrinthia: Lightly modified 3.5 campaign, max 4 players.
  85. Filled D&D5E : Need Two Replacements - Lost Mine of Phandelver
  86. Recruiting Roleplaying Game on Skype
  87. Filled [Dark Hereys] Shadows of Retribution
  88. GM Needed A small party combat-centered game ? (PF, DnD 4e, 5e ? )
  89. [d20 Modern/Apocalypse] The Walking Dead
  90. GM Needed Looking for Star Wars Saga Game [GM/Players Needed]
  91. Filled [3.5] [Low-magic/houserules] The Nature of Reality
  92. Filled [PF] Kingmaker with a Dreamscarred Twist
  93. Recruiting 3.pf gestalt
  94. The rise of a hero (Seeking player for Solo Superhero origin game - D20 modern)
  95. GM Needed I Wanna Be A Knight! (GM Needed, 3.5 and/or Pathfinder Solo Game)
  96. Recruiting AD&D Game
  97. Recruiting Lords of Creation Abridged
  98. Recruiting [Pathfinder] A Jungle Temple Exploration Campaign
  99. GM Needed Request: 3.5 Dragonlance (War of the Lance Era)
  100. [3.5, E6 NON-gestalt] Request: LF a GM and players for an E6 game
  101. [Pathfinder, DM Found!] Pathfinder, family style!
  102. Recruiting [PF] Killer Dungeon (GM found)
  103. Filled Avatar/Legend of Korra d20 Game (CLOSED)
  104. Recruiting Invasion of Kutan 3.5e Core Campaign Recruiting Thread II
  105. GM Needed Avatar: The Era Without Balance [M&M3] [interest check]
  106. GM Needed Pathfinder Game Idea
  107. [Dnd 3.5] Saving Commander Christmas
  108. Iron Gods Adventure Path [Houserule Playtest]
  109. GM Needed [Pathfinder] A tale of romantic heroics
  110. Recruiting Looking for one serious player for low level 3.5 game
  111. GM Needed [PF/3.5] The overtaking
  112. Recruiting [M&M 3E] Fate/Nirvana Unbound
  113. Filled Long Lost Magic [PF Low magic Gestalt]
  114. Recruiting for pf skype game
  115. Recruiting Skype D&D 3.5 (Beginners) Would appreciate a DM
  116. Recruiting Exalted Real Genius (2.5, ST Found)
  117. [Shadowrun 4A] Let's get some Shadowrun going!
  118. Filled [M&M 3e] Second Chances
  119. Filled (CLOSED) Shattered Star (PF)
  120. Filled The Coming Storm 3.PF Gestalt
  121. Filled The Scourgebow Legacy 3.PF Gestalt
  122. Looking for DM 5.0
  123. Escape!
  124. Recruiting Very Enterprising Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Game
  125. Recruiting [D&D 5e] Looking for Horror Dungeon Crawling Game (DM Found)
  126. GM Needed Build-a-Dungeon, Overlord Style (Solo Villain 3.5 or Pathfinder, GM Needed)
  127. Recruiting Recruiting players for a Saga Edition game
  128. Recruiting Rules-Light Freeform WP looking for some more players
  129. GM Needed [PTU, Solo/Small?] Wayward Soul
  130. Recruiting Dragon Age Pathfinder E6
  131. Recruiting Aeroste: An Unexplored Land
  132. Filled Re-recruiting for Jade Regent [PF]
  133. GM Needed Let's Just Kill Some Zombies! (5E Beginner Game)
  134. [Eclipse Phase] [Invite Only] Be glad you have infinite respawns.
  135. Filled A Song of Shadow & Light - Game of Thrones
  136. Filled The Snows of Enninsvale: A Wintertime 3.5 Adventure
  137. Against the 5th Crusade [rerecruiting, demons, PF]
  138. [Interest] Alternate Reality Timey-Wimey People with Powers!
  139. Recruiting [3.X] Interest Check in World's Largest Dungeon anyone?
  140. Recruiting The world's Largest dungeon dnd 3.5
  141. The Children Of Madness Revived
  142. Vampire game, 'loose' rules.
  143. Filled Looking for players interested in a PBP 5e game
  144. Filled The Golden Archipelago, world of adventures, treasure, fame and pirates - filled
  145. Recruiting DrK's Shackled City Adventure Path 3.5
  146. Looking for something Epic and Evil
  147. Shattered Star Adventure Path Recruiting players and DM
  148. GM Needed [Exalted 2.5e] Dragon-Blooded Sandbox Game
  149. The Necromancer! (3.5, E6, solo, story focus)
  150. Filled [FILLED] [D&D 5E] The Search for Count Sigurdr (Homebrew Campaign Setting)
  151. GM Needed Pathfinder Game
  152. Nobilis 3E
  153. GM Needed [Shadowrun 5E] Into the Shadows (Recruiting Players)
  154. Filled [WFRP 2e] (now full)
  155. GM Needed D&D with a Darker Feel
  156. D&D 3.5 or 3.P
  157. Recruiting [PF] Skulls and Shackles AP
  158. Recruiting The Final Game : (Divine And Political Intrigue|Plotting)*Recruiting
  159. Star Trek (any system/free form?)
  160. Interest Check - Jurassic Park {Modified Risus}
  161. GM Needed Smoke, Steel, and Secrets (GURPS 4e pulp-noir urban mystery, possibly w/ low fantasy)
  162. Dark Sun|Cleansing wars: LF players. Psionic and TOB friendly
  163. Recruiting (GM Found)Forgotten Realms 4th edition Request
  164. Filled [5E D&D] Sailing the Broken Sea
  165. Filled [M&M3e] Breakthrough
  166. Recruiting [GM found] Pathfinder Gestalt (applications closed)
  167. GM Needed Star Trek, anyone? (FATE Core, DM/Players needed)
  168. Recruiting (Pathfinder)Underdark horror campaign
  169. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Lords of Night game
  170. [Shadowrun 5E] Ex Luce et Umbra (Closed to New Interest)
  171. Recruiting DrK's re-recruitment for Runelords (lvl 5 Pathfinder)
  172. Recruiting [M&M3] The 5th Reich![Closed]
  173. Chat/IRC [DFRPG] Seeking an awesome, long-running Dresden game?
  174. Recruiting 3.pf eberron/dark sun style spellblade gestalt game
  175. Filled [D&D 4e] Combat-oriented game recruiting players
  176. Filled [HC SVNT DRACONES] Who would like to run a new rpg system? Sci-fi space adventure!
  177. GM Needed M&M [2 or 3e] Metroid game
  178. Filled PTU: A Grand Adventure
  179. Recruiting Age of Monsters 3.5 recruiting
  180. Filled [Pathfinder] Skull and Shackles - GM needed for premade group!
  181. Recruiting Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Plox
  182. Recruiting [PF] GM Versus Optimizers! (LVL 20 Tristalt)
  183. Upon the Red Planet - D20 Modern
  184. GM Needed Lost Kathodos Player looking for a home [DnD 3.5 or Pathfinder]
  185. Recruiting - 3.5 d & d - No magic warzone
  186. Recruiting Persona: Shadow of Amala
  187. GM Needed Solo Alternative Superhero
  188. Homestuck Fate Accelerated Play-by-Post Interest Check
  189. Fate of a Galaxy Far, Far Away
  190. Something Something Catgirl RPG X3
  191. Recruiting [Recruitment] Adeptus Evangelion: A Cruel God's Thesis
  192. Filled A Nautical Jaunt [D&D 5e]
  193. GM Needed [PF] Half party needs a DM and one or two more players!
  194. Filled Looking for a game of the strange and unusual (D&D 3.5)
  195. Dedicated Carrion Crown Party Needs a DM
  196. Recruiting The War of the Raggeds (3.5, lv 1, 4-6)
  197. Recruiting *Accepting One more player* The Well Of Souls : Reincarnation Wars
  198. World's End: Plague - Zombie Apocalypse game LFP
  199. Recruiting New to PbP Games, Looking for a group and DM
  200. [PF/Eberron] Eyes of Lich Queen ( Closed to new Interest)
  201. GM Needed [PF] Reign of Winter New DM needed!
  202. GM Needed Request: Dragon Age RPG
  203. GM Needed Looking for Group for 'High School Harem Comedy' Game
  204. Recruiting All the Time in the World (Low Epic, 3.5)
  205. Player Looking for a Skype game.
  206. GM Needed Five players need DM for D&D 3.5 game (I totally know what I'm doing)
  207. One-shot gestalt game. (Looking for DM/Players)
  208. GM Needed Looking for beginner Shadowrun game!
  209. Filled PF only looking for DM/Players
  210. Recruiting [SR4A] The Trouble With Runners... (Recruiting til 23rd)
  211. Filled [Houseruled M&M3e] Barbara Gordon's X-Men - DC/Marvel Mashup
  212. GM Needed [PF] Reign of Winter Looking for Replacement GM and Player (or two)
  213. Recruiting Middle-Earth AD&D
  214. GM Needed Recruiting for a 3.5 game [Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil]
  215. Filled [3.5] Undermountain! [FRCS]
  216. Recruiting Space Fantasy Mashup Game?
  217. Filled [CoC] Delta Green - Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays
  218. Filled Looking for a DnD 5e game! (Full)
  219. The FATE of the universe: recruiting closed
  220. Filled An Old Fashioned Dungeon Crawl 3.5. GM Needed
  221. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Spheres of Power game
  222. Recruiting Pathfinder Murder Mystery Needing Players
  223. Recruiting [PF] Curse of the Crimson Throne Recruitment
  224. Filled Immortals in the Playground [FATE, Big Hero 6 inspired] - Recruitment Closed
  225. delete
  226. Dwarf Fortress?
  227. GM Needed Dragon Age RPG Request
  228. GM Needed Wanting 3.5 game set in harsh world
  229. Death is only a Transition [interest check]
  230. Filled [D&D 3.5] The Tower of Abraxis
  231. Requesting a character focused, single class Gestalt game.
  232. GM Needed Pathfinder: The Wrath of the Witch Queen
  233. Dark Wings, Kind Words
  234. Recruiting Welcome to the Ninth World - Numenera
  235. [AD3VA Beta] Adeptus Evangelion: Another Day (Closed to New Interest)
  236. GM Needed [DnD 5e] Short-Term/Fast-Paced Game... Let me be your Guinea Pig!
  237. Recruiting [3.5 FR] Realms & Rocs
  238. Recruiting The Uttermost Frontier [Exalted 2.5 Dragonblooded game]
  239. Filled [3.5] The Sunless Citadel and beyond (lvls 1 - ?)
  240. Recruiting Looking for a newbie friendly game.
  241. Filled [PF] The Darkest Corners
  242. GM Needed Looking for Worm-verse game
  243. Recruiting [Star Wars Saga] Seeking Players for Clone Wars Game
  244. GM Needed Pokemon Tabletop Request (Solo/Independant Game, GM Needed)
  245. Recruiting Ru'vanus: The Fallen House D&D 4e (Canceled due to lack of player interest)
  246. The Courtier family
  247. Filled Friendly group looking for a DM (Pathfinder)!
  248. GM Needed 2nd Edition D&D Forgotten Realms Request
  249. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Looking to try an AP
  250. PF: Re Recruiting for The Council of Mythos (Need at least 2 Players)