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  1. Recruiting *closed*Bugs Of Mythology : Deity game As Bugs
  2. GM Needed Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Hero High
  3. Filled Delve [PTU]
  4. D&D Game Ideas Interest Check
  5. Filled [3.5] The Kingdoms of Amadar - Full
  6. Filled [D&D 3.5, Eberron] The Forgotten Forge and beyond
  7. Looking to play in the East Thresholds (ST Found, Recruitment Closed)
  8. Recruiting GitP Blood Bowl Manager Cup Season 6 (of 7) : Now Recruiting (Tentatively Full)
  9. Filled Re-recruitment - Rogue Trader Lost In The Void
  10. Filled [D&D 4e] Keep on The Shadowfell
  11. Recruiting (3.5) Play the Grid
  12. Shadowrun 4a {GM needed}
  13. Journey to the Center of the Earth (Continuous Dungeon Crawl 3.5 D&D)
  14. Recruiting The Diet Coke Of Evil [3.5 All-Succubi Gestalt+, DM get!, Rather silly]
  15. Invite only heaven's reach game
  16. Recruiting A New Council of Wyrms (D&D 4e) [Recruiting open until Jan 31st]
  17. Recruiting The Tearing of the Weave (PF, FR, Recruiting)
  18. Recruiting [3.5, Kingdoms of Kalamar] Adventuring in the Young Kingdoms!
  19. GM Needed 4th Edition Modules Request
  20. GM Needed [M&M 3rd Ed.] Looking for a heroic game
  21. Filled [D&D 5E] Eberron Espionage (Closed To New Interest)
  22. Filled [M&M3E] Emerald City Knights (Closed To New Interest)
  23. Filled Life is Short: a high fantasy RP, 3.5
  24. Recruiting [Exalted 2.5] Here There Be Dragons!
  25. [SWSE] Dark Acolyte Game (Invitation-Only)
  26. GM Needed Looking For an Only War game
  27. GM Needed [PF] Gestalt solo party dungeon crawl
  28. GM Needed Seeking GM and group: Changeling the Lost
  29. [Request] Warhammer 40k Only War Game - Urban Setting (Need DM and Players)
  30. "Real life" game in Valencia?
  31. Filled [3.5 low level tristalt] Insert Clever Title
  32. Recruiting Around the Great Wheel (3.5)
  33. PF - Hunting a gold mine (GM Found)
  34. Vampre: The Requiem (ST needed)
  35. Recruiting Final Flight (Call of Cthulhu)
  36. Filled [Pathfinder] Pirates of Ever-Changing Islands [Recruiting Ends Jan 25th]
  37. GM Needed All Bard Gestalt 3.5/PF/3.P game, looking for GM
  38. Filled [M&M 3e] In Dreams to Come Re-recruitment
  39. Recruiting Pathfinder: Apprentices of the Craft
  40. GM Needed I want to use my Old level 8 again [3.5 or PF convert]
  41. Filled The Eagle's Promise [Only War, Sandbox]
  42. Filled I'm wanting to give DMing a try. 5e
  43. Recruiting Heroes of Arkhosia (D&D 4e) [Recruiting Open]
  44. Recruiting Pathfinder Gestalt
  45. Filled 3.5 old school game closed to new intrest
  46. GM Needed Low Level 3.5 No/Low Magic
  47. New guy looking to join a game.
  48. Filled [SW Saga] Old Republic Adventures [Recruiting Full]
  49. Recruiting [Pathfinder] Interested in playing one of the newer pathfinder APs? (DM & Players)
  50. 3.5 Looking for DM: One big happy family (with lots of closet skeletons)
  51. Filled The Unraveling (Pathfinder) - Closed To New Interest
  52. Filled Mlp: Rim s4e?
  53. GM Needed Vampire: the Masquerade (oWoD)
  54. GM Needed [Online][D&D 3.5][CST] 2 players LF DM for evening campaign (Non Wed/Thr)
  55. GM Needed Exalted Without Exalted?
  56. Recruiting Game of Skaven- An Idea I Will Probably Regret Having In The Near Future
  57. Filled Warhammer 40k - Space Marine Initiates (Deathwatch, without Deathwatch... for now)
  58. Recruiting Slightly Comedic Game!
  59. GM Needed Looking to play a Higher Level 5th Edition Game
  60. Recruiting Brave New World[PF, Mythic, CLOSED]
  61. Filled [Pathfinder] The Conquered [Low Magic]
  62. GM Needed Taltasqua vs the Tippyverse
  63. GM Needed Sword Art Online Game, Plz? [Pathfinder]
  64. GM Needed [PF]Shattered Star AP anyone?
  65. Occult Adventure Game
  66. Recruiting Pathfinder 3rd lvl start (Age Worms) with Mythic rules!
  67. GM Needed [M&M] Fast and the Furious themed 'villains'. Either Solo or small group.
  68. Filled [M&M 3e] Heroes by Gaslight
  69. Recruiting *3.5* looking for mighty adventurers, 10th lvl 3.5 adventure.
  70. Dragon's end (D&D 3.5) (Re-re-recruitment.)
  71. GM Needed Noob looking for his first campaign. Via digital medium (Skype Google ... )
  72. GM Needed Good old core-only D&D low level (3.5 or 5e)
  73. GM Needed LF Pathfinder APs
  74. Recruiting [3.5, IRL] DM looking for group in Manhattan/Long Island City
  75. Recruiting [3.5, Sandbox] Return to Aldhaven: Vicious Betrayals
  76. LF Only War Game
  77. Recruiting The Court of Lord Ho (Freeform, recruiting players) - 3 spaces left
  78. Recruiting [ADnD FR] Lost Realms
  79. Filled The Riding of the Four [PF, Level 4, homebrew world]
  80. RE: Throes of Darkness' Demise (Final Fantasy d20 campaign)
  81. One Dreary Night (CoC)
  82. Recruiting [3.5, Level 1] Dark Souls - Lordran
  83. Recruiting Gauging Interest: There Will Be TPK (5e)
  84. GM Needed Fantasy Craft
  85. Victorian London - The Tarot Murders - rules-light, RP-heavy homebrew
  86. GM Needed [PF] Gestalt solo game
  87. Bronze Faction Game Interest (DBs and Sidereals)
  88. Recruiting [Eberron, 3.5] Past Graywall, Lvl 10 [Closes Feb 10]
  89. Filled Higher level 5e anyone?
  90. Recruiting [5e] Lost Mines of Phandelver
  91. Lords of Creation in the Playground (Always Recruiting)
  92. Filled The Oblivion Train [Monster of the Week (Revised), IC recruitment]
  93. GM Needed [Seeking GM replacement] Pathfinder - Circus adventure
  94. Interest check: Renasaunce Historical Fantasy using Ironclaw.
  95. Reincarnation Wars (Again)
  96. Filled [M&M 3e] Mutagenic Breakthrough (Reboot)
  97. Recruiting Wyld Exalted Game
  98. player for 4e
  99. [Interest Check] Castaways (Freeform)
  100. PTU - Ransei Mercenaries
  101. Recruiting Lords of Darkness Campaign [PF]
  102. Recruiting Superhero game! [GM found and players wanted]
  103. GM Needed Looking for a Naruto D20 game
  104. [Interest Check] Shadow Grate; Freeform puzzle based RP
  105. VASSAL 40k Potica edition league, any interest?
  106. GM Needed High-level (PL 15) MnM 3e Games. Plenty of Players: Now seeking GMs!!!
  107. GM Needed Looking for Solo Gestalt Pathfiner game
  108. Recruiting [PF] Godling game
  109. Closed: Saldora, 4E DnD recruitment thread.
  110. Recruiting The Resistance / Avalon Recruitment [Don Eskridge's tabletop game]
  111. Filled [Pathfinder Gestalt] Capitalism, Ho! (Players Announced)
  112. Filled Looking for a 5E DM for me and my friends
  113. Filled 3.5 Red Hand of Doom Re-Recruiting
  114. Recruiting 5th Edition: Sandbox
  115. In search of D&D 5 players on roll20
  116. GM Needed D&D Rules Cyclopedia [GM & Players wanted]
  117. Chat/IRC Blood and Smoke at Story Sanctum.
  118. GM Needed [3.75/PF] Unbreakable Swords & Blood-stained Spells
  119. Filled D&D 3.5 No-Background-Game
  120. Recruiting Pathfinder: Serpent's Skull - CLOSED to new interest
  121. [Pathfinder] An Eternity of Evil
  122. Recruiting [PF] Face Smashing Fun!
  123. Recruiting D20 mod Resident Evil BSAA Files
  124. Filled [M&M 3e] Taskforce Victory!
  125. Filled PF: Feast of the Ravenmoor
  126. GM Needed D&D 5e campaign, looking for a creative DM!
  127. Eclipse Phase?
  128. PF A Short Trip to Madness
  129. Aeroste: The New Prisoners
  130. Fiefdom Reprised (Economics Game) Recruitment Closed
  131. Recruiting Pahana's Return [NWOD - WW:TF]
  132. Recruiting Monster Mash 5e
  133. GM Needed d6 Star Wars (West End Games)
  134. Recruiting [3.5e] The Howling Arena: Sand & Glory
  135. GM Needed nWoD:VtR: Bloodlines, Bloodlines, Bloodlines.
  136. Filled "Slaying Dream-Infiltrating Shadows." [Persona ]
  137. Recruiting DM looking for players to play Hoard of the Dragon Queen. (Recruitment ends 09/02/15)
  138. Mutants & Masterminds meets Pacific Rim [M&M3e, interest check]
  139. Filled 3.5 Liberation of Geoff
  140. LFG for Final Fantasy RPG
  141. Filled A City of Struggle
  142. Marvel Super Heroes Game: Nightmares of Futures Past Module(s) [GM requested]
  143. GM Needed Three players looking for a DM for a 3.5 gestalt game
  144. [PTU] Secrets of the Vardamir - Medieval Pokemon Game
  145. Filled [Star Wars D6] The Last-Chancers (Closed to New Interest)
  146. Looking for an AMAZING GM !! :D
  147. Moldrake's School of Wizardry, chapter 2, looking for 1
  148. GM Needed New Beginnings(BC, DW, or RT)(GM decides!)
  149. Recruiting [5e, Roll20] The Grand Tournament - Monday Afternoon PST
  150. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Looking for Game
  151. Recruiting Reclamation of the Interrogator - SAGA Edition STILL RECRUITING!
  152. GM Needed Pathfinder all-religious evil fighting evil game!
  153. Xenos Scum! [Only War - ST looking for 3-5 Guardsmen]
  154. Filled Interest in Star Wars FFG RPG (Edge of Empire, Force & Destiny)
  155. GM Needed Changling: The Lost? (Newbie Looking for Storyteller/Players)
  156. Filled Avatar: Resuming the Legend
  157. GM Needed Magic VS Might [PF]
  158. GM Needed PF: 4 players looking for GM willing to run an AP
  159. [PF] The Strongwood League of Adventurers - closed
  160. GM Needed Delete Please
  161. LF Ad3va Game
  162. Recruiting (d20 Modern) Beneath a Hostile World [Recruiting 5 Slots]
  163. Recruiting Warlands - 3.5 D&D Play-by-Post Forum
  164. Filled D&D 3.5 Seven Planets in the Sky
  165. Filled Lost Mine of Phandelver (5e)
  166. Filled (PF) Lost on Dark Waters [Recruiting Full]
  167. GM Needed Call of Cthulhu (6e/7e)
  168. Recruiting London Fog - Victoriana Steampunk [Risus]
  169. Filled Dawn of the New World (DnD 5th Edition Game, Level 5)
  170. GM Needed The Shiniest Crap(sack World), Skype/IM/R20/whateverworks 3.5 (maybe E6...?)
  171. Recruiting LARP Of Ages - Recruiting *Eight Players Max*
  172. GM Needed [M&M2 or 3] "Days of Future Past"
  173. GM Needed Freeform: Supers or Fantasy
  174. GM Needed Pathfinder Ap looking for players and a DM
  175. Battling for the balancing. A 3.5 world spanning epic. Need a champion of death.
  176. Any AD&D 2nd ed games out there taking in refugees?
  177. GM Needed Numenera for Newbies - No, Seriously, We Really Could Use A GM
  178. Filled [PF] Interest Check for Giantslayer AP
  179. Recruiting The Next Project: a lite, D&D-inspired game [Playtest]
  180. Recruiting Anyone want to play/run a kingmaker-esqu game? (4-8 players currently, GM needed)
  181. D&D 3.5- Level 11 recruiting
  182. Player seeking DM 3.5.
  183. Recruiting Fantasy FAE game
  184. GM Needed PF or Legend Game, RHoD, AP, or other. DM & players needed.
  185. Filled Secrets of Xen'drik [3.5]
  186. GM Needed [PF] Solo Gestalt Game
  187. GM Needed Avatar d20 with a Twist
  188. GM Needed Pathfinder: Dragon Riders!
  189. Recruiting Looking for new player/s for dnd3.5 homebrew campaign.
  190. Recruiting War of Raggeds (still recruiting); lv 1, 3.5 d&d game. Recharge spell variant.
  191. Recruiting Do you want to be a Dragonrider? [PF, Mythic, CLOSED]
  192. Recruiting Zombie Apocalypse
  193. Please delete this thread.
  194. GM Needed 5E Playtest Playground (GM Rotation)
  195. GM Needed Relatively High Powered Game? [PF w/ 3/5 maybe, Mythic hopefully]
  196. Recruiting [Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green] Pray in the Dark
  197. [Pathfinder, DM Found, Recruiting] Pathfinder, Psionics Friendly
  198. Kingmaker (Have a GM, but could use more due to many players)
  199. Hoping for a monster game (3.5) (Players needed.)
  200. Recruiting D&D 3.5 Seven Planets in the Sky (Re-recruitment.)
  201. Jack is dead! a 3.5e mystery game on skype
  202. Recruiting First Ever Pathfinder game!
  203. GM Needed Request: Eberron 3.5 one-shot
  204. GM Needed 3.5/Pathfinder Dragonrider game, looking for players and DM
  205. PF game
  206. GM Needed Seeking GM for Pathfinder 3-player gestalt
  207. Recruiting 5e/PF MLP game? Humanized MLP fantasy adventurers!!!
  208. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Kingmaker (with DSP), all paladin-esques, still need GM
  209. DM seeking players for The Awakening, Pathfinder, sierra vista arizona
  210. DM seeking players for The Awakening, Pathfinder, Sierra Vista arizona
  211. Recruiting [3.5][Eberron]Voyage of the Golden Dragon
  212. 3.5, high level gestalt/tristalt, storming the gates of hell?
  213. Recruiting [3.5, Eberron] Private Detective Agency--DECISION COMING SOON, FINISH YOUR SHEETS
  214. Recruiting Shadowrun 5: Ghost Cartels
  215. Filled Johta, The Crystal City [PF, Psionics, High Magic] [Players Decided]
  216. Fallout, anyone?
  217. 3.5 PbP Quest for an Artifact (GM and players wanted)
  218. Recruiting [5e]Hoard of the Dragon Queen
  219. Filled [Aberrant d10] Feels like the first time!
  220. Recruiting Casters v.s everything (Re-re-re recruitment) (3.5)
  221. Recruiting [D&D 3.5] Low-Magic, High-Incarnum Game
  222. GM Needed Adopt-a-thread (freeform sci-fi)
  223. The Devil is in the details. recruitment
  224. GM Needed [PF] Game of Inequality
  225. GM Needed Hero High Team looking for replacement GM. (M&M 2e)
  226. Filled (3.5 E14) Redemption is a Lifelong Journey; Interest Closed, Sheets Due Monday
  227. Filled [Closed to new interest] Princess, anyone?
  228. Filled (3.5) Flight from Below (looking for players)
  229. Recruiting [3.5, Forgotten Realms/Underdark] - The Darkness Below
  230. Texicon 2015 - Looking for GMs
  231. [Posting Interest] Kingdom Hearts, M&M 2e
  232. Filled Exalted: Ascending
  233. Filled Black Crusade - Looking for dedicated GM
  234. Chat/IRC [Skype] [GMT evening] [d20] Kobold camp
  235. Seeking DM for 3.5 Monsters Game
  236. Curse of the Crimson Throne: 7 Days to the Grave [IC]
  237. Recruiting Post Apocalypse Faction RP *Recruiting*
  238. Recruiting The World Ends With Everyone [M&M 3e] (Recruitment Reopened)
  239. Filled There's a Crisis at Crusader Citadel! [M&M3e]
  240. Filled [M&M 3e] Supervillain Game
  241. Recruiting (D&D 3e) The Crimson Empire [Recruiting 5 slots]
  242. GM Needed Pathfinder/3.5 solo gestalt: three exiles on a quest for wealth and power
  243. GM Needed Pathfinder (Looking for Adventure!)
  244. Light of the Moon (Fantasy FAE game)
  245. Recruiting [PF] The new Giantslayer AP
  246. Filled 3.5 Game. Recruiting Players
  247. Mafia, Coven And Zealots
  248. GM Needed [3.5 e6 possible] Victorian-esque game (GM needed)
  249. Filled Adventures in the Orient (3.5)
  250. GM Needed [3.5/PF] Looking for a GM mentor-game.