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  1. Neverwinter Nights - RP-enhanced server seeking new players!
  2. [Interest check] super hero game based partially on infamous/prototype
  3. Recruiting Return Of The Empyreans
  4. Recruiting Shin Megami Tense (mostly Persona) based game, title pending
  5. Filled [Interest / Recruitment] Planet Fall - Legacy 2E
  6. GM Needed Uranium Chef (Fate Accelerated)
  7. GM Needed Rise of the Six Armed Empress [PF Gestalt Solo Marilith]
  8. Filled Interest Check on a [5e] concept
  9. Filled Monster of the Week: A PbtA Game
  10. GM Needed L5R 4e Interest Check
  11. Recruiting Attack of the Dead (re recruitment) [5e]
  12. Storm Kings Thunder 5e
  13. Recruiting Play-by-chat, free-roaming campaign.(Pathfinder) (Discord)
  14. Filled Homebrewed 5e DnD Setting - Deserts of Haradrim
  15. Reincarnation Wars : The Wise And The Wicked (On-Going, Still Recruiting)
  16. The forgotten ones
  17. Recruiting [PF] Looking for players and DM for an outcasts style game [PF]
  18. New beginnings in a scarred world. [3.5]
  19. Filled D&D5E, Roll20 Sundays Noon-4:30 CST
  20. Semi free-form Discord game? (3.5 ish)
  21. yo ho ho and bottle of rum (PF/3.5e)
  22. Filled Escape from Multiverse (Finished)
  23. Possible M&M 3e Game Ideas [Interest Check]
  24. Recruiting [Fields of Blood Lite] Children of Destiny
  25. interest check - newbie anthro campaign
  26. Filled [Pathfinder] Eberron, using SoP and SoM
  27. Recruiting D&D 3.5 - Recruiting Replacements for Long Term Campaign - The Black Shingle Fiasco
  28. GM Needed Monsterhearts?
  29. Recruiting Lords of Creation - A Perfect Sphere in Nothing
  30. GM Needed Looking to play a WoD: Mage game.
  31. Recruiting Oustomia: A Pathfinder Living World
  32. [PF] DM FOUND - Red Hand of Doom
  33. Filled Shadows of the Blood War (D&D 3.5e, Planescape, Levels 12+)
  34. GM Needed Looking for a 3.5 game to playtest homebrew
  35. Recruiting [StarFinder]-Looking for players and GM for a starfinder game.
  36. Filled The Hemenly Boys (Dungeon Crawl Classics Quickstart)
  37. Chat/IRC [GM Needed] Dragonlance - War of the Lance [Text][Roll20/Discord/Skype][GMT]
  38. Recruiting high level game (Recruiting)
  39. 3.5 Custom Campaign Setting - for DMs to come and be players!
  40. looking for a co-dm
  41. Recruiting [Looking for Players] Conspiracy X v2.0 - Twinned Fates: Shadow War
  42. GM Needed The Forests Of Suhntath [5E]
  43. Filled [M&M 3e] Heroes After the Fall (Pre-game Setup) [Closed to New Interest]
  44. Filled The Wellspring Under the Hills [5e] [Norse Themed] [Closed to New Interest]
  45. Recruiting oWoD Mage (with some houserules)
  46. Masks: A New Generation (The Worst Generation)
  47. [Interest] Camp Half Blood Chronicles - System TBT
  48. Recruiting Biometals and Bosses [Cortex+ Hack]
  49. Inheritors (Pathfinder 2nd level)
  50. Looking for players Wrath of The Righteous
  51. Looking for a Wednesday game
  52. Recruiting Recruiting For A Simple 5E Game
  53. Filled Thornwood Academy for the Eldritch Arts [Monsterhearts]
  54. Recruiting Interest check: 200 Word RPG Challenge, looking for some play-testers.
  55. Filled Kingmaker ... in the Forgotten Realms! [D&D 3.5] - closed, thanks to all!
  56. Filled The End of Days (5e) {recruitment closed}
  57. GM Needed Marshal Testing [5E, Homebrew Test]
  58. (Ex3) Legacy of the Five Glorious Dragons
  59. Recruiting Looking for Healer
  60. Recruiting [D&D 3.5] Monsters only! Level 5 with repaired LA.
  61. GM Needed 3.5 - Looking for a game/group
  62. Filled Illistera - The Great Divide [5E - Guided Sandbox]
  63. Recruiting Lords of Creation — Opposites Attract
  64. Recruiting [PF] Hell's Rebels
  65. Recruiting Godless, D&D 5E, 3-4 Players, Cleric Gestalt 6th Level, Magipunk
  66. [5e] A Journey to remember (Currently recruiting!)
  67. Filled The Red Hand of Doom (5E) )
  68. Interest Check: Half Gestalt - Extraordinary only//Half whatever - DM would be needed
  69. Filled Tools of the Trade - Evil 3.5 Planescape, Mid-High Level
  70. Gestalt, Iron Gods and maybe a little deicide.
  71. Recruiting Blades in the Dark Cult Crew (Duplicate thread please delete)
  72. Filled Blades in the Dark Cult Crew
  73. The Pale Legion (PF, kingdom building, evil)
  74. Recruiting Looking for players and a GM for a play by post Pendragon campaign!
  75. Recruiting Genesys- Breath of Fire RPG
  76. intrest check A battletech Rpg would palyers be intersted
  77. Tuesday night Mummys Mask on Maptool/Discord starting soon!
  78. Recruiting [PF] Stars of Mingyun
  79. GM Needed (M&M 3e) After the End
  80. Recruiting Spies In Gulonde [5E]
  81. Recruiting [Pathfinder] Heroes of Midgard
  82. GM Needed [Exalted 2] Evil Infernals?
  83. Recruiting [EX3] Looking for ST and Players for a Sidereal Game
  84. Recruiting [5e][Adventurers League] A City on the Edge
  85. Starfinder “Dead Suns” Adventure Path - Recruiting
  86. Recruiting The Cops of Fallout (the exodus with the copy right filled off) Checking interest
  87. Recruiting Pathfinder - Masque of the Red Death: 2018 - Modern Horror Campaign
  88. [Interest Check] Mech Game
  89. Recruiting Interest Check: Anthem based M&M3e
  90. Recruiting Re-recruiting for Lysindra's Legions
  91. GM Needed A mystery of sorts. 5e
  92. Interest Check: Four Game Ideas (Atomic Highway, Dragon Age, Top Secret NWO)
  93. GM Needed [And Players] High level game, moderate OP, D&D 3.5e
  94. GM Needed Practical Guide to Evil (seeking players)
  95. Filled A Game for Pixies in the Playground - D&D 5e
  96. WFRP2E - Player Wanted for The Bloody Crown
  97. Filled [D&D 4th] Keep on the Shadowfell
  98. GM Needed Epic E6
  99. Recruiting [PF] Shallow Grave: A Carrion Crown Game, Recruiting for ONE [1]
  100. Filled Dungeon Blitz! [D&D 3.5e, 15th Level Gestalt. Closed to New Interest]
  101. Filled The Sapphire Sun, Re-recruitment (looking for 1-2 players)
  102. Recruiting Anyone up for some Dark Heresy 2e?
  103. Random ideas for multiple charcater systems vs. movie ideas or funny ideas
  104. Filled Masks, anyone?
  105. Recruiting Starting Fresh With Elder Scrolls
  106. Recruiting [Pathfinder] Interesting New Take on Kingmaker
  107. The Ivory tree coven of witches and wizards - A simple D20 with frefrom elements game
  108. Filled Detectives and Deeds (D&D 5e)
  109. Recruiting 1v1 PVP Pathfinder Tournament: The Arena of Lost Souls!
  110. Recruiting [d20 Modern/Future] The Outriders (Recruiting 3-5 Players)
  111. GM Needed Looking for 3.5 High Level Game (Players and GM needed)
  112. GM Needed Interest check: Fire Emblem
  113. GM Needed Interest check: CofD/Nwod Mortals game
  114. Filled Sphere's one shot
  115. Marvel TSR Game from the 1980s-1990s/Any interest?
  116. Filled MtG Planeswalkers (2 games, 5e and 3.5e)
  117. GM Needed Looking for a DM to run an E6 Familia Myth solo game / trade
  118. GM Needed Solar Exalted 3E - Interest Found! Storyteller Needed!
  119. GM Needed Seeking Experienced DM to Run a Pathfinder Game
  120. DND 5E In the Space!? [DM and players wanted/needed]
  121. Recruiting Reincarnation Wars: Shadow of Death.
  122. Filled PF: Second Darkness
  123. Recruiting [PF] Wilderlands of High Fantasy
  124. Recruiting players3.5
  125. GM Needed Memory Gap - SF Solo Gestalt Game
  126. GM Needed Psionic Campaign, anyone?
  127. [WHRP] Warhammer: The Border Princes (Sandbox, seeking interest/players)
  128. Recruiting Conquest of Avalon Re-recruitment [PF, Gestalt] - Closed to new inerest
  129. Filled [5e, Closed] The Sunless Citadel
  130. GM Needed High Concept - All Kineticist Party
  131. Recruiting [M20] Los Angeles, USA
  132. Recruiting Fight Like Hell [5E, Overpowered As Hell]
  133. Recruiting Ragnarok comes! (D&D 3.5)
  134. Ignore this please.
  135. GM Needed Let's try again! 100ECL Pentastalt Homebrew Heavy
  136. GM Needed The UnChosen Many
  137. GM Needed [5e, seeking DM] Looking for long running game.
  138. Hanrui Fantasy Total War
  139. Filled [GM Found] Dresden Files RPG
  140. [M&M 3E Interest Check] Game of Villains
  141. Recruiting The Hemenly Boys (Dungeon Crawl Classics Quickstart)
  142. One player for long running E6 game
  143. Pokémon Journeys Interest Check
  144. [M&M 3e] The City of Grimborough (Closed to New Interest)
  145. Filled Pathfinder: Gangs of Freeport (1st Level, Urban)
  146. Filled Three Pitches (Delta Green, Numenera, or bust...)
  147. Filled [3.5] Mid-level City Game
  148. GM Needed [WFRP] Kislev campaign?
  149. Lords of Gossamer game
  150. Filled Heresies of the Karridean Verge (Dark Heresy)
  151. Recruiting Pathfinder - Kineticist Gestalt Game - A New Age in Hansai
  152. Filled Chaos Theory 5e game
  153. Filled Henchmen! [5e D&D]
  154. War for the Crown AP or Dead Suns AP
  155. Filled Rise of the Runelords [Duo, Gestalt, 3.5]
  156. GM Needed Looking for Pokémon Game
  157. GM Needed Looking for some Monsterhearts
  158. The sorcerers. And Sorceresses. And also goblins, and kobolds. OH no! (3.5)
  159. GM Needed [Modified M&M 3E] RWBY Game or Wild World Concept
  160. GM Needed Jade Regent adventure path
  161. Recruiting Ashes of the Empire [Pathfinder, E6]
  162. Barbarians of Lemuria
  163. GM Needed Looking for a campaign to play a magister (Pathfinder)
  164. Filled Starting a Pathfinder campaign at 1st level.
  165. want to play a NEW sci-fi / fantasy RPG called Gaia?
  166. GM Needed Shadowrun 4e/5e
  167. Recruiting Looking for Players for remote pathfinder game (iron fang)
  168. GM Needed [EX3] Need ST and Players for Underworld/Abyssals Homebrew Game
  169. Filled Stronghold: Heritage of Kings (PF-Spheres of Power))
  170. Filled Expansionist Greed: A Family Affair (5e)
  171. Recruiting Curse of the Crimson Throne; Renaissance Era
  172. Recruiting Pathfinder - Realm of Embers
  173. GM Needed Adeptus Evangelion Borderline Discord Text-only
  174. Filled Curse of Strahd (5E)
  175. Pitch me your themed game; 3.5
  176. Interest Check - Continuum: Roleyplaying in the Yet
  177. Looking to Play in a PF Gestalt Game
  178. Recruiting Anyone for Themed Pathfinder Games? Looking for Players and GM
  179. Filled Pathfinder Carrion Crown Adventure Path
  180. Filled Magic Academy-Take 83 [5E]
  181. Recruiting Quest for Starlight (PF, Homebrew Setting, SoP/SoM)
  182. Recruiting Wh40k Inquisition (Fudge)
  183. Recruiting ICONS: First Issue Spectacular: Danger World!!! (4/8 spaces)
  184. GM Needed Glorantha!
  185. [Star Trek Adventures] Game Request
  186. GM Needed Wizard Academy [PF Preferred]
  187. GM Needed 3rd party pathfinder game?
  188. Recruiting How the Other Half Lives: Reverse Dungeon!
  189. Recruiting Durnholm Is Dying [Modern 5E]
  190. Filled Cloven Couriers; 3.5
  191. GM Needed Fire Emblem Spheres Game
  192. Discord PF City Of Heroes
  193. Filled Final Fantasy Inspired Game
  194. [Mongoose Traveller] The Expanse-themed Game Request
  195. Filled A "quick" Pathfinder kingdom building game
  196. Recruiting [5e] Chronicles of the Nentir Vale (Recruiting Extended Until 6/8)
  197. GM Needed Star Wars
  198. 3.p Game Request
  199. Recruiting (PF) Berkshire Academy: Thread Two
  200. The Uluru Chronicles (PTU 1.05)
  201. Recruiting [PF] One Player Wanted
  202. Recruiting Thematically Focused Druid Game
  203. GM Needed I want to play a Blades in the Dark Cult Game
  204. GM Needed Wrath of the Righteous
  205. Recruiting [5e] The Tenth Era Of War
  206. Recruiting Section 13 [Starfinder with Kineticist Gestalt, lv10]
  207. Gurps supers campaign in boston
  208. GM Needed M&M Game
  209. Filled In Nomine: Los Angeles (Re-Recruiting Thread)
  210. DnD 3.5 Space Opera
  211. New idea for a forum game?
  212. [5E][Discord] Storm King's Thunder
  213. Recruiting Looking to play Pathfinder
  214. Recruiting Bastion Vale [new system West Marches Sandbox] (3/6 spots open!)
  215. Recruiting socal 2291 (Vaporpunk with modified pathfinder ruleset)
  216. [3.5/PF][Discord] Gestalt High-Level High(ish)-Op Game
  217. Filled True Steel: The Arena (5e)
  218. Filled The Unclean Machine (Rogue Trader, Discord)
  219. Recruiting (DnD 5e) Guardians: Pyschogrot
  220. Masks Game looking for one more.
  221. Filled Players wanted (2) for 5e Dragonlance PbP
  222. GM Needed [M&M 3E] League of Villians
  223. Filled Want to play D&D 5e
  224. Filled Hoping to find a Shadowrun game
  225. Recruiting Hunger Games-esque Thunderdome (PF)
  226. [M&M 3e] D-List Supervillains (Closed to New Interest)
  227. GM Needed Mutants and Masterminds game- See Thread for Options (Interest)
  228. Filled Echoes of the Past, A Star Wars Story.
  229. GM Needed Interest Check - Psionics: The Next Stage of Human Evolution
  230. GM Needed Epic Tome of Battle Homebrew Bonza
  231. Peril at King's Landing (Interest Check)
  232. Filled [5e] Adventures In Faerűn - Discord using Avrae, recruiting til 6/12/18.
  233. GM Needed AD&D 2e / D&D 3.5 Greyhawk sandbox?
  234. Westbound Wednesdays: Weekly Westbound One-shots (6pm MST)
  235. Recruiting Pathfinder Adventure: Jade Reagent (Discord)
  236. Looking for DM and Player! 5e d&d Game!
  237. Recruiting Gods' Fall. [PF, E6, Gestalt]
  238. EMPIRE4! Community World-Building Game - Recruitment Thread II
  239. Thinking about a pathfinder one shot...[Pathfinder][Interest Check]
  240. Recruiting Giants In The Playground (Gods Role Play)
  241. Insane Wilderness Survival
  242. Filled Star Trek Adventures! Lasers! Feelings! Tachyons!
  243. Recruiting School's Out! For! Summer! ROAD TRIP!!! (3.5/pf/5e)
  244. Filled Delta Verna: Building the Battle Frontier [PTU 1.05]
  245. Planeshifter Game (Order & Chaos Chronicles)
  246. Recruiting Rats.( D20ish)
  247. Recruiting [3.5] Zirúna Ülétl, Masters and the Throne (Level 30 ToB Gestalt)
  248. Recruiting Recruiting Players And DM To Play Dragon Fair Adventure (D&D 3.5)
  249. Recruiting The Holy Alliance Vs the Giants. closed to new interest other than gnome giant slayer
  250. [Interest Check] Frostpunk Kingmaker