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  1. Interest Check: Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path Chapter 1 Stolen Land
  2. outbreak undead
  3. Recruiting Unity
  4. Filled [5e] Warhammer (Old World) low level campaign - CLOSED TO NEW INTEREST
  5. Recruiting [PF] Spiral (Spheres)
  6. M20 Interest Check / Looking for Group
  7. Recruiting Off-Site: Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game on RPG Crossing
  8. Recruiting (M&M 3e) Frostfall [Open Recruitment]
  9. Filled High level 'evil' 5e game.
  10. Recruiting Still Seeking 1; The Fjarrstrand Sagas (Fantasy Vikings) [BoL]
  11. GM Needed Battlemage CYOA - Rules-Light System. Fight back against the Apolocypse!
  12. Recruiting Superhero Fight Night! [Online][Wild Talents][PvP]
  13. Filled Modern Marvels [5E, Discord]
  14. Starfinder or Western 5E
  15. An Exercise in RAW silliness [meta-ish]
  16. GM Needed Pathfinder 2E: Classic Fantasy Genre
  17. Adventure System Looking for 2 to 3 Players for Regular Group!
  18. Filled New GM seeking players for a Paranoia XP game
  19. Recruiting [3.5 Only] Aegis' Rapid Leveling Dungeoncrawler
  20. Recruiting [Mafia/WW] Wizards' Guild
  21. Recruiting [PF1E] Iron Gods and Techno-sorcery
  22. Recruiting [PbP] Swords & Wizardry on the Unseen Servant PbP site
  23. Dungeon World: Dreamwell Defense Force
  24. Filled Roll for shoes super hero game
  25. Recruiting [PF1] Dirge of Urazya
  26. [PF1] Shattered Star: Shards of Sin
  27. Recruiting Bellators of the Shining City [Masks, Tokusatsu-inspired]
  28. GM Needed [3.5/PF1] Looking to play a healer
  29. Filled [D&D 5e] We Be Goblins, Closed to new interest
  30. Recruiting PF Kingmaker 1 Stolen Lands Recruitment Thread
  31. GM Needed Looking for a high level PF 1.0 Game using spheres/champions and mild homebrew
  32. Recruiting Vampire the Masquerade 20th Annivesary Edition
  33. Recruiting [3.5 Variant] Looking for players, roll20, voice
  34. [PF1] Gateway to a Lovecraftian Campaing: Carrion Hill! (Players Needed!)
  35. GM Needed Looking for a He-Man inspired game (3.5)
  36. Recruiting [PF1] The Tower of Jewels: Reclamation
  37. Filled Will Kill for Pay: PF1E Mercenary Game (E6, Spheres)
  38. Filled [D&D 5e] The Plague of Tamor Town, Closed to new interest
  39. Recruiting The Tribe! (reboot) (be a goblin) (see the world) (stab it in the groin)
  40. Mystery\Detective game in Planescape setting, without system
  41. Jonah King School for Gifted and Extranormal Individuals (Teen Superhero Drama-Masks)
  42. Filled Sunless Skies, Endless Ice [Mid-Level Pathfinder]
  43. GM Needed Final Fantasy d20 or Starfinder anybody?
  44. GM Needed *Insert Inspirational Cute Phrase Here* Magical Girl Campaign
  45. Recruiting [In Nomine] The City of Pentagram
  46. Recruiting Classic Adventure(3.5)
  47. GM Needed [D&D 3.5, Pathfinder] Gestalt Eberron with Gramarie
  48. Recruiting GITP Bloodbowl Manager Exhibition Tournament
  49. GM Needed Carrion Crown: (PF1)
  50. Seeking player for an elderly deadeye female bounty hunter with good manners
  51. GM Needed [Freeform] Portal Fantasy
  52. Filled Star Wars: Mandalorian Onslaught
  53. Filled Secret of mana inspired game, D&D 3.5
  54. Interest Check, Cypher System Monstrous Heroes
  55. GM Needed Exalted 3E - Solo or Small Group Game
  56. Deleted
  57. GM Needed 5E Eberron - Looking for a DM
  58. Filled 5e - 2 UK Players Want to Establish Online Adventure Group - 2/3 Players + GM Needed
  59. Recruiting Carrion Crown: The Haunting of Harrowstone [PF1e, Recruiting]
  60. Recruiting [Pathfinder 2e] Roguelike dungeon
  61. Recruiting Starfinder: Signal of Screams, The Diaspora Strain
  62. Recruiting [FFD20] Final Fantasy: Champions of Dawn
  63. Filled Oathbreaker: New Guardians (now these games sound like a comic book) (invitational)
  64. Recruiting [Mafia/WW] Corporate WW
  65. [3.5] High level one-shot, all Divine Crusaders
  66. Recruiting (Pathfinder) Sic Semper Tyrannis [Magical Girl Themed Tyrant's Grasp]
  67. Recruiting Fallout: Miasma [Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition + Barbarians of the Aftermath]
  68. Interest Check for One Shot Holiday Season Dungeon Crawl
  69. Recruiting Three Years To Live [Misfortune]
  70. Recruiting Crestfallin' E8
  71. AD-EVA V3: Players and possibly GM needed
  72. Recruiting Big Eyes, Small Mouth Fourth Edition
  73. Filled Pan-aeons: a God Game
  74. Filled Seeking player for a powerful wizard (BoL Hack) (Ferelden)
  75. Cthulhu based race adventuring game
  76. GM Needed Looking for Dark Ages: Vampire
  77. Filled [D&D 3.P] Hunters of the World Scar - closed to new interest
  78. Filled A Pathfinder 1E game starting with 1st-level PCs
  79. GM Needed Looking for a mid to high level Game using Spheres and some light Homebrew (PF 1.0)
  80. GM Needed Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  81. Filled Sword of Heaven: The Paladin RPG (one shot, solo or more)
  82. GM Needed [3.5] Planar Travel? [GM Found]
  83. Looking for DMs for a collaborative DND server
  84. [Interest Check][PF1e] Dragonspear Depths - a megadungeon in the FR
  85. GM Needed Reincarnation Wars *GM Needed*
  86. GM Needed medium level psionics[3.5D&D]
  87. [Offsite 2E Dragonlance Sandbox] Past Glory
  88. Interest Check: Racing to Ruin [PF1]
  89. new idea
  90. Recruiting Star Trek Adventures: Federation & Empire
  91. [FFG Edge of the Empire Star Wars] Looking to play
  92. Inheritance Wars *Temporary GM Needed*
  93. Filled Total War: Rise of Kingdoms
  94. Filled Reincarnation Wars
  95. Filled Alumara: A Pathfinder-Beastlands Collaboration
  96. Filled Heroes of Jinshu [D&D 5E] [3rd Level] [Closed to New Interest]
  97. Filled Choose an Adventure (Heroes of the Two Lands) - Mythic Egypt
  98. Recruiting [PF1e] Dragonspear Depths - a megadungeon in the FR
  99. Recruiting Seeking players for Ars Magica! Mythic Earth!
  100. Will somebody run a ravnica game?
  101. [Star Wars Imperial Assault] Interest Check
  102. Recruiting Carrion Crown: (PF1 redux)
  103. Buu runs FoB
  104. Recruiting [PF1] Serpent's Skull: Racing to Ruin
  105. Recruiting WW/Mafia Red Atlantic Cruise
  106. Recruiting Move thyself! (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
  107. [LFPlayers] Davinmoor Manor Heist, A Fantasy Heist Adventure [Beta Playtest]
  108. GM Needed Total War: Rise of Kingdoms
  109. Recruiting Time to Visit other worlds (Alternity Dark Matter)
  110. warforged of the legendary beast a warforged party game
  111. Recruiting Currently Recruiting Alien RPG (by Free League)
  112. Recruiting Closed to new intrest
  113. GM Needed 3.P Low Level Gestalt
  114. Filled The Forge of Fury [D&D 3.5] [3rd Level] [Eberron]
  115. Filled Anachromerica (Risus)
  116. Filled Epithet Erased Game [Anime Campaign System]
  117. [SW Saga] Heroic Gestalt? idk
  118. Filled [5E] Anyone up for a heroic fantasy, fast- paced game? [Closed]
  119. Looking for a white wolf game
  120. Invictus [Gritty, Low Magic, Reactive World E6] [Pathfinder 1E]
  121. Filled [Masks] Halcyon Academy for the Heroically Gifted
  122. Recruiting Preliminary questions
  123. Filled [Starfinder] Rings of an Exiled Star
  124. Filled Looking for a PF 1.0 Spheres/Champions Game Mid-High level
  125. Filled A classic heroic fantasy, fast- paced game(5E D&D)
  126. Recruitment Cancelled
  127. Looking for DM and players for pathfinder game.
  128. Recruiting [PF1 with Spheres and DSP] Last Watch: Into the under-city
  129. Looking for Solo Game Swap
  130. GM Needed Requesting a high level dnd 4e game
  131. Recruiting Pathfinder 1st Edition w/ DSP's Psionics: High Psionics/Low Magic World
  132. GM Needed The Abandoned (System Pending)
  133. Recruiting MECHA using Puddle: Collaborative storytelling
  134. [FFG Star Wars or SW Saga Edition] Star Wars Version of the Avernum Games
  135. Interest Check: Gramerie Game -- PF1e Gestalt with a Metric Ton of Houserules
  136. Recruiting [pathfinder] Super Dungeon!
  137. Recruiting BESM4: SMT: Gates of Hell
  138. [PF] Recruitment closed: In medias res; a Pathfinder Story
  139. [WW/Mafia] Spongebob Squarepants Season 100
  140. The Undertides of Marcuseria: High-Powered Underwater PF1e Gestalt Gramarie Hex-Crawl
  141. GM Needed Weaverdice campaign interest check
  142. Recruiting [3.P] Ziruna Uletl - The Trumpet of Frost (lvl 30 Tristalt, Homebrew)
  143. Recruiting The Witcher
  144. The Maze of Shattered Souls [4E] [15th Level]
  145. Filled Echoes of the Past {SW Saga}
  146. Filled Come Join the Fellowship!
  147. Filled [PF1] Ruins of Azlant
  148. Recruiting Star Wars SAGA Edition: Double Trouble Military Company
  149. Filled [5e] Solo or small party game request
  150. Recruiting [5e] Goblin Mercenaries (Open Recruitment)
  151. Recruiting Elder Veils: The Grey Vanguard (City of Mist, 3-4 Players)
  152. Red Hand of Doom 3.5e - Specific Interest Check
  153. (FILLED) Leostales's Story-Heavy 5e game (OOC)
  154. Devils vs. Demons (part 2) (by invite only) CANCELLED
  155. Recruiting [M&M] Forgotten in the Deep (Open Recruitment Until 1/14)
  156. Recruiting [Recruiting players] The Epic Tristalt that Might Ever Actually Start
  157. Filled [M&M] Here There Be Dragons (Applications Closed)
  158. Recruiting [PF1e] Jade Regent
  159. Roll20 game, Masters vault
  160. Filled MonsterHearts: Summer Camp Extravaganza
  161. Filled Closed: Hell's Vengeance
  162. New Horizons In A New World (D&D5e)
  163. M&M3 Naruto
  164. GM Needed Anyone up for WFRP?
  165. Recruiting [M&M 3e] Leviathans: Heroes in the Apocalypse (Open Recruitment ends 1/20)
  166. A Mile is Not Enough: Aquisitions (Homebrew discord recruit)
  167. Recruiting Crown Jewels of Daystor (3.5e) (closed to new applicants)
  168. GM Needed Looking for a GM for a solo game.
  169. GM Needed Carrion Crown (PF 2e)
  170. Recruiting Triton E6 gestalt pathfinder server
  171. The Black Mirror 3.PF
  172. Recruiting New Order: Rise of the Villains (M&M Recruiting) [Closed to New Interest]
  173. Recruiting Gestalt Spheres of Champions Modern Day Campaign
  174. Recruiting (Ex3 Dynasts) - Students at the House of Bells
  175. Recruiting X-Men Mafia/Werewolf Game (New Players Encouraged)
  176. Recruiting LFG and DM - Talislanta
  177. Recruiting Pathfinder Horsemen of the Apocalypse take 2
  178. Recruiting Ravnican Adventures [5e, 3rd level]
  179. Filled Total War: Cut your Teeth
  180. Interest Check High Powered Mythic Earth Historical Game
  181. Recruiting Curse Of The Crimson Throne [Pahtfinder 1E]
  182. Filled Schools And Superpowers [HSHC and M&M]
  183. Recruiting LFP - You are the Hunted [Barbarians of Lemuria]
  184. GM Needed Looking to play a minionmancer
  185. Recruiting "Beyond the Rim" - A Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG Looking for Players
  186. Recruiting Red Sun Rising- GM+3 Players looking for 1-2 more players
  187. Recruiting [Online][WoD][V20] Lights Across the River Looking For Players
  188. Recruiting War of Shadows (big 16 inside)
  189. Recruiting Stop. Dragon Time.
  190. Recruiting Looking for serious role-players for a small 5e homebrew group.
  191. Recruiting Test players for new dungeon 3.5
  192. Recruiting Pathfinder 1e Classic Dungeoncrawl
  193. Recruiting You're Gonna Have A Bad Time... [5E, One-Shot Death Battle]
  195. GM Needed High Hopes (Tome of Radiance Game)
  196. Recruiting Lords of Creation: Once and Future Gods (LOC)
  197. By-Invitation Only - Savage Tides
  198. Interest Check Homebrew Campaign PF 1.0/Spheres/Champions
  199. Vampire lord game
  200. Recruiting [5e] Obsidian Ocean (Open Recruitment Ends 2/2)
  201. Interest Check for Solo stealth based game
  202. Night Below 5e Conversion (Re-Recruitment) [Closed to New Interest]
  203. Recruiting Arena: Alliance [M&M 3e] [DC Universe]
  204. Modiphius Star Trek Adventures
  205. Recruiting Hell's Rebels [Pathfinder 1E]
  206. Recruiting High School Heroes (M&M 3E)
  207. Recruiting Into the Ring - 20th level PF/3.5 Gestalt, Looking for Players
  208. KULT: Divinity Lost PbP on Unseen Servant
  209. [5e] Tales out of Arthenhal (Open Recruitment)