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  1. Recruiting Looking for an Infernals Game
  2. Recruiting WH40K Only War- The God Emperor Wants You!
  3. GM Needed Let's be a Tad Random (3.P) [Also recruiting, want more GMs]
  4. Filled Shifted Axis (3.5)
  5. Filled [Dungeon World] The Archipelago
  6. Filled Another Game of Xorintaal... I mean, Thrones?
  7. Recruiting Dairy Days - Post Apocalyptic Sandbox
  8. Filled Classic Dungeon Crawl 3.5
  9. Filled Rise of the Runelords:GM Found (Closed to new interest)
  10. Recruiting Iron Kingdoms 3.5 (Recruiting 5 players)
  11. Filled Looking for GM for 3.5e game
  12. HeroQuest-ish [Re-Recruitment Closed]
  13. GM Needed Checking interest on TWO concepts. (GM only needed for ONE of them)
  14. GM Needed Star Wars Saga Solo or Duo game
  15. GM Needed [L4GM] Skype/Roll20 Pathfinder Campaign (Evil Party; Kingmaker Adventure Path)
  16. Filled Rogue Trader - Entry Closed
  17. Filled [Fate Core] Animorphs Reboot
  18. GM Needed FRIEND COMPUTER Wants You! (Paranoia XP)
  19. Recruiting Red Hand of Doom 3.5
  20. Filled [3.5] Summertime Dungeoncrawling Adventures (Closes the 3rd)
  21. Filled Fallen London. Welcome. Delicious Gamer.
  22. Recruiting D20 modern Hellish Apocolypse
  23. Comedy Role Play - The O-Cult (Recruiting and Interest Check)
  24. Recruiting Fear Not the Darkness: Chosen of the Fated, Children of the Fall
  25. Recruiting Dark Isles: Airships, Pirates and Alchemy (Legend d20)
  26. Recruiting Expedition to the Lands of Night[Structured FreeForm]
  27. GM Needed [3.5/Pathfinder] Two players looking for a challenge
  28. GM Needed [PF/3.5] New Player Needs a DM
  29. GM Needed Star Wars Saga [SEEKING A DM]
  30. Recruiting [Pathfinder] Colonialism game--DM FOUND!
  31. Recruiting One and Many (3.5/PF, concept)
  32. Recruiting late night online game group wanted
  33. Recruiting [3.5] Sentai gestalt game
  34. GM Needed Star Wars Saga: Mid Rebellion Era game.
  35. Recruiting Who watches the watchmen?
  36. Recruiting Recruiting for 1st Level SW Saga Game
  37. Interest check for Sons of Anarchy
  38. Exalted in NWoD (interest thread)
  39. Recruiting Devil Survivor
  40. Recruiting Draslei Remembers [low-magic DnD 3.5]
  41. Recruiting Project Ghost Hunter d20 modern
  42. Recruiting Alt-itis Galore! [3.5e, GM Found - Need Players!]
  43. Recruiting Fear Not The Darkness - Chosen of the Fated, Children of the Fall [Black Crusade]
  44. Recruiting [3.5] Skype Game?
  45. Filled Looking for Game D&D 4e
  46. Recruiting Looking to play a lunar (2.5 Exalted)(Recruiting, ST found)
  47. Gamers In Kansas?
  48. Filled (D&D3.5) Looking for players and DM for a gestalt game
  49. Filled [Pokemon Tabletop United] Player looking for a game.
  50. Recruiting Lords of Creation: Ancients of the Void
  51. Epic tier 4e game (Closed to new interest. Next stop: Ragnarok)
  52. Recruiting Solo Game (Open to all systems/ideas)
  53. Recruiting Judgement is Coming.
  54. Recruiting The Quick and the Dead - WH40k Arena - Always Recruiting for a PvP Arena Game
  55. Recruiting 3.5 high level campaign, DM looking for players.
  56. Recruiting Adventure Awaits! [Homebrew/Castles and Crusades]
  57. GM Needed [Interest check]Anyone for a Bigtop adventure?
  58. Filled Rogue Trader Sandbox: Intrest Check
  59. Recruiting Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green
  60. Long live the Empire! / Republic!
  61. GM Needed [PF] Good guys working in bad places (GM and Players Wanted)
  62. Filled Mass Effect(Temp second IC)
  63. Deathwatch - To Tread the Paths of Gods
  64. Recruiting Only War Recruitment [Players and GM]
  65. GM Needed (3.5/PF) Comedy game?
  66. Filled Ravenloft Awaits... (3.5)
  67. Filled Star Wars: brothers in arms, an empire game (Saga Edition)
  68. Filled [CoC] The Art of Madness
  69. Recruiting [Black Crusade/Only War Solo] Blink of an Eye
  70. Recruiting Interest: FATE
  71. Recruiting [FATE]Let's Be Heroes!
  72. Chat/IRC Atlantis: The Second Age
  73. Newbie LFG
  74. [Pathfinder] Carrion Crown: The Haunting of Harrowstone (Closed to New Interest)
  75. New game that is long term not short term
  76. Recruiting A Mystery [Window - Solo Campaign]
  77. GM Needed [Pathfinder] Faces in the Crowd
  78. Recruiting Exploring the Reaches [Exalted 2.5e]
  79. Recruiting Mage the Awakening (Looking for Players/ST)
  80. Core ArM 5ed Game over Skype/IM for newbie?
  81. Interest Check: Cthulhu Invictus!
  82. Recruiting Inception anyone? (freeform/ rules light)
  83. Filled PGBC: The Great Quest to Play-Test
  84. GM Needed Iron Heroes/3.5 game/players wanted.
  85. Recruiting The Children Of Madness dnd 3.5
  86. E6 Interest Check - In the halls of Arak
  87. [CLOSED/LOCKED]Looking for a DM willing to run a "semi" Gestalt Type game. [3.5 DnD]
  88. GM Needed Dragonlance D&D 3.5 - GM Found
  89. Derp. I messed up.
  90. Filled You Win or You Die (Pathfinder, Closed to New Interest)
  91. Recruiting Seeking a game for the end of the world. [roleplay heavy survival horror]
  92. GM Needed Looking for a 3.5, homebrew friendly anthropomorhic animal game
  93. GM Needed [PF] Trials of Academia (Looking For GM & Players)
  94. Recruiting [3.5 gestalt] [Players needed] The blood of oblivion
  95. GenCrawl Gaiden Interest?
  96. OneSheet Interest check/recruiting.
  97. New to 4E, anyone planning a game?
  98. Filled Adeptus Evangelion: All Hope Is (Not) Lost
  99. Recruiting Dark Souls : The Future Of Humanity *Warning, Wall Of Text*
  100. GM Needed Magical Girl
  101. Recruiting [3.5] Uplift the World - Recruitment Closed
  102. Filled oWoD, Vampire the Masquerade, interest check (FILLED)
  103. Recruiting Legend of the Five Rings Bushi Arena
  104. GM Needed GM Needed for D&D 3.5 Skype Game.
  105. Recruiting Rogue Trader, A Wander in the Grim Dark
  106. Recruiting Looking for a classic game of 3.5 (CLOSED)
  107. Filled The 8 Guilds of Xil
  108. Filled [PF] Nobody Expects the Inquisition! RE-RECRUITMENT!!! Closed to New Interest
  109. Recruiting Ladies and Gents! Freaks and Fiends! Come one, come all!
  110. Recruiting League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
  111. GM Needed Gestalt Silliness [PF]
  112. Recruiting Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed: Freedom City; Closed to New Interest
  113. Recruiting [One Piece d20] The New Pirate King
  114. Recruiting Roll20 - 3.5e/Fields of Blood PvP Adventure: Dragonshard
  115. Checking Interest In A Shadowrun 3e Game
  116. Recruiting Moldrake Rerecruitment
  117. Filled Pre-gen characters, no rolling?
  118. Recruiting Dark Heresy-Horreurs Mécaniques
  119. 3.5 low to mid level campaign
  120. Recruiting My Little Pony RPG
  121. GM Needed Mid-high level Gestalt spellshaper game
  122. Recruiting [SW] Recruiting players and DM for Star Wars Saga game (1st timer here.)
  123. To Ascend to Infinity (3.5, Looking for DM and Players, Monstrous)
  124. Recruiting Rogue Trader-Once More Unto the Maw!
  125. Recruiting Ancient Blood, Chosen Heroes (Epic Gestalt)
  126. [pathfinder] 1st level CORE ONLY adventure, who's up?
  127. Recruiting Rizban E6
  128. Recruiting Saviors of the Multi-Verse [Gurps 4th Ed]
  129. Recruiting From where the Future Stems (Nation playing)
  130. Filled [PF]Looking for players for a classic adventuring party
  131. Filled Soviet Russia Sci-fi spy RPG! Adventure, Science, Communism!
  132. Filled Sword Art Online game, anyone?
  133. Dregs of humanity (Mutants and Masterminds 3.0)
  134. Recruiting Shadowrun 4e game - details TBC - Closed to new interest.
  135. GM Needed 3.5 Underdark
  136. Recruiting [3.5] Monstrous Gestalt
  137. WH40K rpg wanted
  138. Two Siblings (D&D 3.5 Gestalt)
  139. Recruiting [3.5] gestalt chedder
  140. Recruiting looking for players for an ongoing real life game in buncombe county, nc
  141. [Interest Check D&D 3.5] Something Simple
  142. GM Needed [WFRPG 2e] Vampire Campaign [GM NEEDED]
  143. Looking for D20 Modern game. Xcom or zombie apocalypse based.
  144. Recruiting Pokemon Tabletop United: Azureflame
  145. Filled [D&D 4.0] Back to basic, good ol' adventure!
  146. Numenera? [Interest Check]
  147. Recruiting (Interest Check) Amalgam Verse - A Multi-verse Role Play - Recruiting
  148. L5R anyone?
  149. Star Wars - Edge of the Empire
  150. Recruiting Heroes For Hire Reboot(3.5 E10 Varient) 1-2 Players Needed
  151. EXPLOSIONS, and TIGERS, and NINJAS, OH MY! BADASS: the game [looking for GM, Players]
  152. Filled Dungeon World Gestalt X-Crawl, Anyone? [Closed to New Interest]
  153. Filled [3.5] You Just Got Schooled
  154. GM Needed Heroes of Legacy (3.5)
  155. GM Needed Eclipse Phase? [GM + Players needed]
  156. Chat/IRC Looking for GM for L5R 4e IRC game
  157. [Interest Check] Avatar d20
  158. Recruiting Star Wars: Dark Star (recruiting)
  159. Recruiting Dark Heresy - The Danse Macabre
  160. Would Anybody Like to Do a Homestuck Game?
  161. Recruiting Fiasco IRL- Come play with The Weekly London Fiasco group
  162. King (or queen) of the Ebonmarsh - Interest check
  163. GM Needed 3.5 low-mid level Tristalt (yes, you read correctly) Looking for DM and players.
  164. Recruiting [WHRP, Skype, BST] Tuesday Evening Only War
  165. Recruiting [D20 One Piece] Two Piece: MUUUUTINYYY!
  166. Recruiting Black Crusade - In search of Damnation
  167. Recruiting [FATE] Elemental Battle School (Seeking Players/DM)
  168. GM Needed Looking for Rogue Trader GM and players for a fairly specific campaign
  169. [PF] Harsh environment (seeking GM)
  170. Recruiting Looking for Pathfinder Society players in South East Missouri
  171. Recruiting League of Extraordinary Gentlemen & Ladies [Fate Core]
  172. Filled Avatar d20: Shadows of Kyoshi
  173. Filled The World of Kor'Domon, The Chaos Wars 3.5
  174. Justice League: The Animated Series! (M&M 3e)
  175. Recruiting One Player for a One Shot Memorial Day Weekend, DnD 3.5 Eberron, level 15
  176. Recruiting seeking players
  177. GM Needed Looking for Edge of Empire or Age of Rebelion game
  178. Therapy game.
  179. D&d 3.5 please come :d
  180. Recruiting Blood Bowl [Black Crusade, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, Only War]
  181. Deathwatch, For the glory of the chapter (Roll 20/skype)
  182. Seeking DM for Tactics 5e.
  183. Chat/IRC FILLED - The Danger of a Single Story - Crossover nWoD
  184. Recruiting [Star Wars Saga Edition] An Empire United
  185. Interest/Is the Idea feasible: Lords of Waterdeep style RPG
  186. The Scourge of Buccion Dunes (African [like] Adventures D&D 3.5 homebrew)
  187. Interest check, Space or 3.5 Fantasy Total War
  188. Filled [D&D 3.5e] Ninth Company (Deadly, Roleplaying)
  189. Vampire the Requim: Original, No God Machine/Strix Chronicles (GM & Players Needed)
  190. Recruiting Level 19 Heroes needed.... DND 3.5
  191. Looking for Skype DnD 3.5
  192. Filled [Pathfinder] How about a new classic, fast, structured game? (DM found!)
  193. Recruiting [M&M 3E] Miracle Men - Phase Two
  194. Song of Ice and Fire?
  195. Filled [D&D 3.5] A thieves campaign in an unconventional setting
  196. WH40k(BC, RT, or DW) Experiment for One
  197. Filled Dawn of Worlds
  198. Recruiting Hunter: The Reckoning/Vigil (Looking for players and a GM)
  199. Filled [DnD 3.5 Core]Need GM and Players for Core Game!
  200. GM Needed [Pokemon Tabletop United] Looking for Gm!
  201. Recruiting Lords of Nations: LOC Based Nation Building Game, Always Recruiting
  202. GM Needed [Pathfinder; Skull & Shackles] Recruiting GM for live game with experienced group
  203. Filled Rizban E6: Rise of the Kitka
  204. Recruiting War Everywhere! -Magic Against Science- (Interest Check)
  205. Recruiting SoIaF: Something Wicked...
  206. Recruiting The Pathfinder Hunger Games [Players needed]
  207. The Playground: Guns and Demons
  208. Recruiting Homebrew Testing: The Sinister Spire (Players wanted; 3.5)
  209. Recruiting Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Out on the Rim
  210. GM Needed Need players and GM for gritty/ dark fantasy game
  211. Filled Eberron (Invite-only, organization)
  212. GM Needed Crazy Cultist Game, 3.5 or Pathfinder
  213. Filled Rebirth (Re-recruiting)
  214. Recruiting [D&D 3.5] Diablo (Dungeoncrawl), open for the Slaying
  215. Filled pre-epic gestalt planescape request closed to new interest
  216. Exalted 2.5e, potential players seek ST
  217. Recruiting Rogue Trader game
  218. [4.0] Need a new player for existing game
  219. Looking for a game :) 3.5 D&D
  220. Recruiting [4.0] Horror Story
  221. Filled Another Attempt at a RWBY Game?
  222. Looking for a 4e Campaign from lvl 1... DM Found
  223. OWoD Vampire: N4tS Hard Rain Re-Recruitment
  224. GM Needed I am looking to join a Pathfinder game on roll 20?
  225. GM Needed Monsterhearts
  226. [PF] Bumbling idiots in Ustalav[DM FOUND]
  227. GM Needed Looking for IRL group
  228. (D&D 3.5) Low-Level Classic Fantasy Game
  229. Way of the Wicked (Forgotten Realms PF)
  230. D&D 3.5 Skype game. Recriting.
  231. AD&D and D&D 3.5 DM and player recruitment
  232. Join an ongoing game in the Blackwood! Fairy Tales meet Kung Fu!
  233. Recruiting Interest Check: Braving the Lonely Coast [Pathfinder]
  234. Recruiting Maptools, DM and Players Wanted 3.5
  235. Something Like .hack
  236. GM Needed [Pokemon Tabletop Adventures:PTU] Ikyou,The Ancient World.
  237. Recruiting [Pathfinder] Kaiju Game: A Long Winter's Night
  238. Filled Basic 3.5 game please.
  239. Recruiting [Playtesting, 3.5e] Omnibus' Armory
  240. Filled The Legend of the Outcasts [PF]
  241. GM Needed M&M 3e [GM & Players needed]
  242. Recruiting Make your destiny [E6, Gritty, Homebrew, Solo]
  243. Filled Call of Cthulhu (1990s): two episodes and a campaign.
  244. Recruiting WOD - Mummy: The Curse
  245. GM Needed Werewolf the Apocolypse game interest check.
  246. Recruiting Let's try me at GMing, shall we? [freeform RP]
  247. GM Needed Cormyr - The Tearing of the Weave:Replacement DM needed
  248. Filled Watchtower Recruiting (3.5 Lvl 12 Gestalt)––no new applications as of 6/10/14, night
  249. DND 3.5 Swarmlord game (Solo, maybe Duo?)(NEED DM)
  250. D&D 3.5 DM and players needed