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  15. Recruiting 40k Imperium Maledictum: Underhive Gangers - Looking for about 4-5 players :)
  16. Recruiting The Penitent Crusade of the Wolves of Caliban [Wrath & Glory] [Warhammer 40k]
  17. GM Needed Everyday Heroes RPG
  18. Testing the waters/Interest check: Sid Meier's Civilization, but a tabletop
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  20. [Interest Check] Power Rangers RPG - Fool's Errand & A Glutton for Punishment
  21. Redemption Redux - Real Roleplayers Required!
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  31. World of Warcraft RPG
  32. Deleted - wrong forum
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  38. Anyone up for some V5?
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  45. Would any GM be willing to run a ravnica game through weekly voice chat on roll20?
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  52. Hivemind
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  61. Total War: Seas of Change
  62. Filled Pokésona Blue Version
  63. Game Swap/Discord PbP/Systems TBD
  64. GM Needed Epic Gestalt 3.5 game (seeking dm)
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  66. Filled Empire! 8 - The Planets of Tekhum (Community Worldbuilding Game) (Waitlist available)
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  68. Recruiting Pathfinder Epic Level Game of Mortals vs th Gods themselves
  69. Recruiting SWADE - Deadlands: HoE - Atom Bomb Rally - Racing through the Wasted West
  70. Recruiting (5e) Dangerous Old Men & Women (combat testing, high level): Closes Feb 1
  71. Solo Trade
  72. Filled savage worlds Deadlands: Dead Mans Hand
  73. Filled Star Wars SAGA - Re-recruitment - Rise of the Grand Admiral
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  84. Filled WW/Mafia Fallout 3: Forecast - Rapidly Changing Conditions
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  86. The Quicksilver Hourglass EPIC adventure(Closed)
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  89. Recruiting Interest Check - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e
  90. GM Needed Looking for a WWN game
  91. (3.5e/+) End of Fate {CLOSED TO NEW INTEREST}
  92. Avatar Legends (GM Found! players needed)
  93. Begging, Pleading for a Keep on the Shadowfell Game set in the Forgotten Realms
  94. Recruiting The Runners from the Hollows (SR5e)
  95. Seeking GM for Exalted vs WOD Revised
  96. Looking for a gm for a 1 on 1 play by post game open minded to campaign/one shot idea
  97. Filled Guardians of the Bladesong Grove [5E]
  98. Recruiting High School Harem Comedy
  99. Recruiting Lords of Creation: Gods and Societies (God Game)
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  101. A Modern Supernatural Isekai (Still Recruiting)
  102. Recruiting Aurangh's Savage Tide OG CLOSED TO NEW INTEREST
  103. Filled RRAKkMA! CLOSED!
  104. Blustery Hearts
  105. Filled Keys from the Golden Vault 5e
  106. Filled Anstadon's Call [Freeform, Comic Book Style]
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  108. Filled [PF 1e/FR] Classics Megaplex, Part I – The Sunless Citadel
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  112. GM Needed Wrath And Glory-Looking To Play As An Ad Mech Person
  113. Recruiting Deathloop Mafia
  114. Recruiting Ain’t That a Kick In the Head {SR 5e}
  115. Recruiting D&D 3.5 low-power; Dungeon of Strangeness 2.0, DEADLINE, 08/APRIL/2024
  116. Canceled
  117. Lovecraftian Superheroes (Masks)
  118. GM Needed So some madlads made a 5e version of d20 Modern... (Everyday Heroes, Interest Check)
  119. GM Needed Pathfinder in the Realms: The Sunless Citadel
  120. Discord server for rules light rpgs
  121. Cypher System, anyone?
  122. Recruiting Daggerheart [Interest Check]
  123. GM Needed Seeking players and storyteller for Mixed Exalted 3E game
  124. Isekai Campaign discord dnd server wants you
  125. Recruiting Vancouver By Night [Vampire the Masquerade V5 Chronicle]
  126. Filled [Werewolf / Mafia] A Small Wager – A Practical Guide to Evil
  127. Filled [Pathfinder 2e] Abomination Vaults.
  128. Filled The Shield of the North: 5E campaign, combat
  129. Recruiting The Shackles [PF2e Remaster]
  130. Recruiting [PF1 Altered - Low Level Gestalt] Isekai Adventures
  131. strange idea for a PF game {{Looking for DM and Players]]
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  134. Filled The Black Dahlias [closed 3.5]
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  137. Chat/IRC [Discord, 3.5, Roll20] Death, Terror, and Madness in Freeport. Sunday Nights
  138. GM Needed 5E gestalt request yet again
  139. Recruiting W20/V20: Under A Blood Red Moon (Recruiting)
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  142. Filled [D&D 5] Fight for your Right to Die
  143. Filled [PF1] Perils of the Ashenwood
  144. Solo Trade Request
  145. Filled Dnd 3.5 - The Hunt for the Holy Grail.
  146. Filled [Werewolf/Mafia] Graduates of Hope's Peak - Danganronpa Mafia
  147. PbtA (and Adjacent) Interest Check
  148. Recruiting The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Stories (3.5, Discord)
  149. Recruiting Marvel 2099 FF Interest Check
  150. Witcher, TTRPG. GM needed
  151. Recruiting Adventurers of the Dornslend Marches [Old School Essentials]
  152. Recruiting The Indigo Syndicate [Pathfinder 1e]
  153. Filled The Noctuary (D&D 3.5e, Level 20+ Adventure)
  154. Recruiting [Deciding System] Bruce Wayne's X-Men - Cross-over/Mash-up Supers
  155. Filled Re-Recruiting for The Shield of the North [5E]
  156. Recruiting Torchwood [Freeform]
  157. Recruiting NISHAWK Sunday1pm to 5pm PST. Homebrew Campaign
  158. Recruiting Outlaws of the Sea (Exalted 3e)
  159. Recruiting Campaign hub for nsfw now open. All editions needed.
  160. GM Needed Looking for 5e PbP Game
  161. GM Needed Wrath And Glory-Looking To Play As An Ad Mech Person
  162. GM Needed Need a GM for a PF2e Campaign. Plenty of players interested!
  163. Filled [5e] [Big 16] Medieval warfare themed adventure
  164. Recruiting Cataclysm of Kang [Marvels Multiverse RPG, seeking players]
  165. Recruiting Injustice: Dark Knight Of Fate (Interest Check/Recruiting)
  166. IC: A Brand New World
  167. GM Needed Any GM's up for running a game of The Curse of The Crimson Throne AP? PF 1 ed
  168. Recruiting Dungeon Punk mix of IdleRPG (mechanics) and Play-by-post RPG (roleplay)
  169. Searching For a DM to Run a High Level Dungeon Magazine Adventure.
  170. Dark Heresy Game [DM needed!]
  171. Filled Curse of the Crimson Throne [PF1]
  172. Recruiting A kingdom overrun.
  173. Filled Breakfast Cereal Mascots Werewolf!
  174. Recruiting Neophytes of the Argent Dawn (WoW 2E)
  175. Recruiting Star Trek Adventures 2E Quickstart Adventure - The Celestial Algorithm
  176. Root: The Tabletop RPG
  177. Recruiting Guardians of Tomorrowville (Superhero game, custom system)
  178. Lords of Creation - The Divine Compact
  179. Filled Pathfinder 1e Spelljammer+Psionics, 6th Level Gestalt
  180. Recruiting Feast of Dust re-recruitment PF1E mid level game
  181. Sandbox Hexcrawl world we create together
  182. Filled Eat the monsters. Dungeon Meshi inspired game [PF 1e + Spheres]
  183. Recruiting The Good, The Bad and The Eerie
  184. 1970s Road Trip RPG Interest check
  185. Filled Vecna: Eve of Ruin [5E]
  186. Recruiting [DH1] Hereticus Tenebrae (Re-recruitment, LF 1 Player)
  187. Blustery Hearts {HSHC}
  188. Battle Royale 13: (The Spirit of) Xihirli Murders Everyone
  189. Recruiting Saviors of the Tenebris Valerianus System [Imperium Maledictum]
  190. 4e game on discord
  191. Recruiting [PF1e] A Song of Silver
  192. Interest Check; AD&D 2nd Edition ZERO LEVEL
  193. Exalted Essence, House of Bells interest check
  194. Recruiting (Re)Recruiting for Star Wars 5e PBP (5e Variant, Custom Setting, Homebrew Galore)
  195. Recruiting Witcher RPG
  196. Recruiting Archetypical Adventures [5E, Yu-Gi-Oh Inspirations]
  197. Filled Necessary Evil by Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition
  198. [Cypher System] Ptolus
  199. Filled Inquisitors of the Scale (D&D 3.5)
  200. Filled The Savage Tide - A 3.5 campaign from levels 1-20
  201. Filled The Search for the Helm of Domination: A 5e Hex Crawl
  202. GM Needed Looking to play gestalt... 3.x
  203. Filled Mummy's Mask PF1e 1st level AP (Closed)
  204. Recruiting Grand Strategy Roleplay - Rise of the Lich-Lord Kemmler (or will you stop him?)
  205. Recruiting Crazy Idea IV
  206. Recruiting Call of C'thulhu PbP
  207. Filled Past, Present, Future, And Beyond [Mutants and Masterminds 3rd]
  208. Recruiting The Lich Queen's Beloved (3.5 high level game)
  209. Barbarians of Lemuria? [CLOSED]
  210. The Endless Winter {d20 Modern /Past with a twist.}
  211. GM Needed So..... I have an Idea (Gestalt/Epic) (3.0/3.5e)
  212. Filled Barbarians of Lemuria 1shot
  213. Recruiting 'Tyranny of Dragons' in a Weird Science/Ancient Astronauts Setting
  214. Recruiting Original Edition Dungeons & Dragons on Myth-Weavers
  215. Recruiting [PF 1, Spheres, Lvl 1] Ire of the Storm
  216. GM Needed PF2e Players Looking For A Game Master.
  217. craziest game idea of mine yet! {{Looking for DM as well as players}} (PF/3.5)
  218. Epic-level Solo Trade
  219. GM Needed [CofD/NWOD] Seeking ST and Players for Changeling the Lost 2e
  220. Recruiting Dnd 3.5 epic Gestalt
  221. Recruiting The Cradle of Divinity (God Game, Empire Building Game, Roleplaying Game)
  222. Recruiting Necessary Evil by Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition [ReRecruitment]