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  1. Dungeon Master [DM/GM] Registry
  2. Player Registry
  3. Recruiting Currently Recruiting Players
  4. Guide to Play by Post Games
  5. Zombie Apocalypse (3.5, E8) - Re-recruiting
  6. Non-RPG Total War Central III (Semi-freeform nation games)
  7. a song of ice and fire rpg gm+ player needed
  8. Total War: Ages of Dust
  9. 40k black crusade (GM + players)
  10. GM Needed Seeking a DM
  11. D&D 3.5 PbP Game, not picky. (Closed to new interest)
  12. 4th Edition Shadowrun Skype Game (Edit: We're using Steam voice chat now!)
  13. Anime Fightan Magick (Playtest): Enter the Arena
  14. Looking for a IRL Pathfinder group in Austin TX
  15. 7th sea anyone? (Gaguing general interest)
  16. Seeking a black crusade group who will take a (new player)
  17. Freeform adventure of a lifetime.
  18. [D&D 3.5] The Forbidden Land of Sundara: Insurgency (CLOSED TO NEW INTEREST)
  19. Planning a DnD 5e game - Rise of the Dragonarmies
  20. The City of Foam [AFG] or [OSH]
  21. [DnD, 4e] The Nentir Vale. [Full]
  22. D&D 4E game, skype/maptools
  23. [D&D 3.5] REOPENED TO NEW INTEREST A Very Savage Species
  24. Fall of Heroes (3.5, Players desired)
  25. [OG Game Interest] RIFTs, anyone?
  26. [Star Wars EotE] Kingdoms in the Shadows
  27. [Toypocalypse] Toy Story With A Twist... (Closed to new interest for now)
  28. Re: [3.5 Homebrew] Heroes, Monsters and Kaiju - Take 2 (closed to new interest)
  29. Mutants and Masterminds Tutorial Game Request!
  30. 3.5 core game
  31. Persona in the playgroud-Recruiting new players
  32. [New] Trying to start playing D&D
  33. [3.5 Eberron] The Chamber Rises (Dragons, recruiting)
  34. Battle of the realms [D&D 3.5, Strategy, Sandbox, Divine and a ton of other stuff!]
  35. Bring out your dead(3.5)
  36. Pitch Black Persona
  37. Magic School Horror (WoD, Second Sight)
  38. Paladins vs Necromancers 2.0 [D&D Epic 30th level High Op PvP]
  39. Forge of Monsters [3.5 + Homebrew]
  40. [SW Saga] GM Needed
  41. Echoes of the Past Redux {SW Saga Edition}{Accepting Players}
  42. Lords of Creation:The Primeval Steeple
  43. [DnD 4e] Replacement DM Needed for X-Com 4e Game
  44. Hunger Games [PF]-Recruiting
  45. LFG Pathfinder
  46. [3.5, E6, Little World] Spoiling for Religion (Not recruiting)
  47. [3.5, PbP]Nine Swords...and Countless More(ToB Heavy Game)
  48. Stuck Between Worlds [4E] [recruiting players]
  49. Reaching the wall (Freeform game)
  50. X-Crawl: The Pit of Glory [D&D 3.5] (Recruiting)
  51. Battle of the Realms - Halfling Nation Recruitment [E6 3.5 FoB Sanbox huge game]
  52. [3.P] Rise of Tamend (Kingdom Building, Gestalt)
  53. [Interest] Wanting to play a superhero (M&M 2nd ed/looking for DM/Players)
  54. Nations game (looking for players)
  55. Under The Sea [E6 Little World Champion Recruitment]
  56. Writers Unite! - Game 3 (Light Fantasy/Political)
  57. Ironclaw Interest Check
  58. Ripples in the Void, re-recruitment (looking for 2-3 players)
  59. [D&D 4e] Evil Players Wanted (Recruitment Open)
  60. Need GM have players Serenity/Firefly RPG
  61. [SWSE] The Mandalorian Wars (recruiting until 1/1)
  62. Legend of Zelda RP, anyone? (Much interest, REALLY NEEDS A GM)
  63. Planescape!
  64. [PF] Game Recruiting Players
  65. O.o.s.T. Spin-Off Game 2 [PC's needed, sceond party full apply for third]
  66. Evil-Esque 3.5e Gestalt (Closed to New Interest)
  67. Interest Check - [3.5] Lv.12 Mid-OP Arena
  68. First World: Metagaming Shall Not Avail You! [Epic 3.p, interest]
  69. Raise a God to Live (Sandbox 3.5 and FoB)
  70. The Clouds Gather - Only War
  71. On Swift Wings-Rogue Trader, Players Needed
  72. [3.P] RECRUITING- Path of War and Tome of Battle Crossover
  73. (Interest Closed): Shipwrecked on a deserted island. [3.PF 4th lvl gestalt]
  74. Changeling: the Lost [Seeking ST]
  75. A Tale Untold - Prelude to Destruction's End
  76. Elder Scrolls, anyone?
  77. Valuable Merchandise [4E Paragon]
  78. Fate/Okeanos [GM seeking players]
  79. [Forgotten Realms] The Time of Troubles
  80. LF Players Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th AE (closed to new interest)
  81. Planescar - Descent into Madness [Epic Level God-play]
  82. Class capstones are useful? A Mythic game proposal. [CLOSED]
  83. V:tM (Players needed)
  84. [D&D 4e FR] The New Company
  85. Lost Girl-Extremely simplified ST system
  86. High Level Gestalt 3.5 game [Looking for GM and players, again]
  87. Seeking Emergency Resuscitation-Wild West Gestalt [DM needed]
  88. Small Party PTU (Seeking GM and Players)
  89. 3.5 Underwater--Choosing players
  90. A Tale Untold - The Tie That Binds
  91. Bleach in the Playground: Renewed Resolution - Hiring Again!
  92. Trying to get into PbP RP
  93. [WAITLIST] To the Tower ?
  94. Council of Wyrms-ish 3.5 game (closed to new interest)
  95. (WH40K deathwatch, closed to new interest) Xenos menageriel
  96. [PF] Recruiting for Wrath of the Righteous
  97. Anyone up for Blood and Smoke? [nWoD Vampire, looking for Players]
  98. In The Works : Modern Gothic *Finding Players*
  99. A Big Ball of Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey .... Stuff
  100. DM For Dragonlance 3.5?
  101. Marvel/DCU crossover: The Rift (3e Recruiting over)
  102. Seeking gm and players for a fast PbP game.
  103. Shinisei (Generating...)
  104. [3.5/Pathfinder, 15th level] Viva la vida: the resurrection of an ancient empire
  105. [D&D 4e] To The Dungeon! (Recruitment Closed)
  106. [D&D 4E] Messing with the system
  107. Death's End: 3.5, 8th level [RECRUITMENT CLOSED]
  108. Black Crusade(GM Found)
  109. [PF] 15th Gestalt lower OP sandboxish.
  110. Gurps: Magic the Gathering PbP
  111. [PF] Hollow's Last Hope (Recruiting over)
  112. [M&M 3E] Aeon City (Recruitment Ended)
  113. Sburbia (systemless Homestuck game: closed for now)
  114. [Seeking DM] Two adventurers looking for a new campaign
  115. Southern Comfort seeks new blood. 2 players wanted. 3.5 D&D, 4th level start.
  116. The Crowd Calls for Blood! [D&D 3.5 lvl 6 PvP arena]
  117. [3.5] Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - Play as Undead! (Closed to new interest!)
  118. Two Players Looking For Game (3.5e, PF, or SWSE)
  119. Dragon Quest : (JRPG Adaptation) Recruiting Players)
  120. Its a cold norse frostfell... (D&D 3.5 recruiting players)
  121. Common Gladiators, 3.5 E6 Variant Gestalt
  122. Digimon DM Desperately Desired (Freeform)
  123. [Playtest] VeloCITY: Closed
  124. Anyone for Skype?
  125. Carrion Crown Run Recruiting (Pathfinder)
  126. Dark Sun meets Reign of Fire (D&D level 16 - need players)
  127. Dawn of History game [Recruitment closed]
  128. [The One Ring] An Unexpected Party [Recruitment closed]
  129. [SWSE] Tyranny of the Jedi (KotOR AU) [CLOSED]
  130. The road winds ever on. [freeform, I think] CLOSED.
  131. Deepth of Korimir Restart Recruitment
  132. [PF, Maptools, VOIP] Sky Ocean
  133. Delving Deeper
  134. Lamentations of the Flame Princess - 4 players, Skype + Roll20
  135. A Lords Of Creation Variant: Request Game's Mechanics Input
  136. Chicago Werewolf the Apocalyse LARP Game
  137. Shipwreck, Survive! [PF](DM Found! Looking for players)
  138. The Change [Pathfinder/RIFTS Hybrid - Looking for 3-8 players]
  139. Deathwatch - The Space Hulk (Recruitment Closed)
  140. [Halo d20] Project Freelancer Recruitment
  141. [PFModern] Halo Wars
  142. Recruiting for Dark Heresy, the Redux!
  143. An Open World (3.5, Points of Light)
  144. Devastation of the Mosswood Tribe (3.P Sandbox, Recruitment Closes 18th)
  145. My Life With Master [2/3 players wanted]
  146. All Dms/Gms/St come here.
  147. PBP LF GM & 1-4 More Players for Naruto D20
  148. Gods Of Destruction (GOD): The Rule Of Three
  149. Looking for DM and players for Skype Bleach game
  150. Rebuild Equestria! (MLPFEMTORPG v1.3)
  151. [3.5] Crestfallin' - The Land of Adventure [Closed To New Interest]
  152. delete
  153. (Seeking 3-9 players) Doom Boardgame
  154. 3.P Hunger Games - Seeking co-DMs
  155. 3.5 (core only) Frozen Fate (Closing)
  156. Looking for a DM for a 2-person 3.5e game.
  157. Delete Please
  158. 3.5 campaign "Dragon Hunting" looking for PC's
  159. Last hope's last hope [PF] - players in need of a DM.
  160. 4e Team Deathmatch Live Games
  161. The Burning Horizon [Code Geass] COMPLETED
  162. Hero's game, seeking DM (MM3)
  163. Heros of Jesnitia [Lv. 1, 3.5e, homebrew world, sandbox]
  164. Game Request: Xcom D20 modern
  165. Crusading the Cluster (Reenlistment Drive)
  166. [3.P] Seeking co-DMs for Battle Royal/Hunger Games PvP
  167. [Interest] Princess: The Hopeful (Seeking Players. DM FOUND!)
  168. oWoD : Hunter the Reckoning
  169. Need a DM....
  170. PbP Naruto d20 group Looking For GM
  171. dnd 3.5 urban sandbox closed to new interest
  172. Looking for DM/Players (3.5, High-level, roleplay.)
  173. 3.5 or Pathfinder PC's +GM
  174. [3.5] Planescape (Recruitment Closed)
  175. MLP Roleplaying is Magic S3E, Young Slice of Life (Closed)
  176. The Dead Have Come To Rule(looking for players)
  177. [SFRPG] Street Fighter? (Looking For ST & Players)
  178. CthulhuTech interest?
  179. Delete, please.
  180. First Time DMing: Bleach d20 Classless
  181. Black Sun: The land of Fire and Ice
  182. Fallout 3 Role Play? -Recruiting closed.
  183. [7th Sea] For Whom the Bell Tolls (Closed to new interest)
  184. Mid-High Level Dungeon Crawl
  185. 4e Roleplay Campaign: DM found. Players needed
  186. [Street Fighter] Legacy (Recruiting)
  187. Homebrew Test Game? [3.5, preferably Skype or roll20, looking for DM and players]
  188. [3.5 - 8th level] Solace, War is brewing.[Closed to new Interest]
  189. Fire Emblem: Interest check for assistance, world-building, and maybe even a game
  190. Mass Effect: Scars[Closed to new interest]
  191. Seeking DM for nWoD!
  192. [nd20] The Dark Mirror Re-Recruitment (LF 1 player, deadline 19 Jan)
  193. System Interest Check, PbP Burning Wheel Gold.
  194. Deathwatch (looking for Players and GM)
  195. Seeking DM and playesr for 3.5 Evil Campaign
  196. [Toypocalypse] Toy Story With A Twist... (Closed to new interest... for now!)
  197. The War for Peace (Star Wars SE-Looking for Players)
  198. The Voyage of the Republic[SW Saga Exploration Game]
  199. Two Worlds Collide (Exalted 2.5, Looking for Players)
  200. closed
  201. [3.5] Real Adventuring [Needs DM & Players]
  202. Warhammer Fantasy (2e), The Legend Unfolds (No Longer Recruiting)
  203. Hackmaster 5e Seeking players in Calgary, AB
  204. inFAMOUS freeform RP (recruiting)
  205. Looking for a low level 3.5e pbp game
  206. Forgotten Realms low OP 3.5? [need DM and players]
  207. Looking for Players and GM [PF]
  208. [3.5] [5th Level] The Dale'tal Terror
  209. Demons, Serve Your Queen! [FoB Nations Game]
  210. Looking for Steampunk [PF, Need Players]
  211. [PF] Rise of the Runelords: Interest Check
  212. Underdark PF gestalt starting level 5 (looking for players and DM)
  213. Delete.
  214. [Swords&Wizardry] The Lost City (re-recruiting; seeking one new player!)
  215. Looking for a core 3.5 game
  216. Skye the Vampire Slayer(Recruitment Closed)
  217. I need a life story from someone please.
  218. 3.5e Survival Horror [DM Found]
  219. Interest check: Star Wars- Age of Rebelion
  220. [dnd 3.5] A Begining [closed to new interest]
  221. [PF] Rise of the Runelords (Closed to New Interest)
  222. Somebody care to run/teach a tired Gm a few games?
  223. [3.5] Being Evil is Too Mainstream - Re-Recruitment closed
  224. Suikoden in the playground 10/12 spots filled
  225. D&D 3.5 Hunger Games (Recruiting Again)
  226. Let's play the craziest goddamn game we can think of. [TEST]
  227. Billings, MT Game Group Recruiting
  228. 7th Sea? (Looking for Players and GM)
  229. Interest check: Exalted - Anathema Hunter Robin
  230. Please delete this mods.
  231. Journey of discovery (3.5) (Trapfinder wanted)
  232. Call of Cthulhu: Red and White and Dead All Over.
  233. Aquatic D&D 3.5 Game (DM FOUND, Looking for Players)
  234. [Recruitment] GM needs players for Maid in SPAAAACE
  235. [E6 Pathfinder] [MapTool] The Northern Frontier - Always Recruiting
  236. PF looking for DM and players
  237. 3.5 game DM and players join(3-4)
  238. Replacement Arcanister for Age of Worms
  239. NWoD: Blood and Smoke game?
  240. [3.5] Game Request 2: Requesting Boogaloo
  241. Heroes Unlimited, Palladium! (Closed)
  242. [M&M 3e] Welcome to Cascadia
  243. Pathfinder Anyone? [Looking for DM and Players]
  244. {G.U.R.P.S} ISO [Interest Check]
  245. Trials of Tokuisei (Level 12, Low Magic Setting)
  246. Central Maine Pen and Paper Game
  247. Legend of the Five Rings (3E, Seeking GM and Players)
  248. [3.5] Aldhaven: The Problems With "Protection" (No new interest)
  249. [D&D 4e] Ascension of Darkness
  250. Re-recruiting for Crown Jewels