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  1. Brainstorming Future Mecha-based Game
  2. My World First Homebrew, would appreciate feedback.
  3. My World Orcs: The Horse Lords (PEACH)
  4. Brainstorming Wizard houses of Aon
  5. World Help Fantasy Nation With Multiple Branches of Government
  6. My World A World in Hiding
  7. How do you come up with a setting name?
  8. This is my first homebrew world
  9. My World Building a Broken World (Setting, WIP, Blog-style) (Open for input)
  10. EMPIRE! The Hurosha Empire
  11. Brainstorming New Year, New Campaign - Build a World Together?
  12. The life cycle and breeding habits of one of my races. Dryad. What do you think?
  13. My World Bitter Wounds- A Dark Fantasy
  14. World Help Mage Acadamy Help
  15. My World Children of Horun
  16. World Help What are the implications of not having any landowners?
  17. Introducing a Tolkien-Inspired Campaign Setting for Pathfinder
  18. Need reactions to revelation
  19. Project EMPIRE! CWBG XII: GOTY, now with optionally free Cthulhu and Pony DLC!
  20. What's a good free software for making Hex Grid Maps?
  21. Brainstorming Taking Standard Fantasy Into the Space Age
  22. World Help Navigation without a fixed Northern point
  23. Project Kaya Salina [Nation] [Crossroads]
  24. Why is all high-fantasy medieval?
  25. My World My Victorian Magitech Campaign Setting - Now Updated
  26. Brainstorming Space Opera Races
  27. My World A World for 5e
  28. My World Dusk Raven's Spaceverse (needs a better name)
  29. World Help World Economics 101
  30. Brainstorming Rise of the Yuan-Ti - Fall of Humanity
  31. My World One Nation at a Time
  32. Homebrew Campaign Setting, is it worth it?
  33. My World Need help fleshing out my new world
  34. My World Crafting a World One Step at a Time
  35. Thematic Inspiration from Existing Works or Settings
  36. Project Belis: Magic in Spaaaaaaace!
  37. Making a world with your gaming group
  38. Making a map. (unnamed setting worldbuilding thread)
  39. EMPIRE! Venture Character Thread
  40. My World [WIP] West Khazra
  41. Harpies and Avian Creatures?
  42. Project How to destroy Common in a smooth way?
  43. Points of Light homebrew
  44. Reflavouring Dwarves
  45. Project A New Sub-Sector, and Beyond (Warhammer 40k RPGs)
  46. Brainstorming The Inheritance Project
  47. Project Hey people! I updated the old adventure The Eternal Boundary to run on 5th edition!
  48. Brainstorming Reverse Truenaming
  49. Brainstorming If You Could Wish Upon A Throne...
  50. Name my metal!
  51. Deception scenario
  52. My World More Planes in my Multiverse
  53. Arctic Over-culture [Crossroads]
  54. Project EMPIRE! CWBG XIII: F5: Document Spirits F10: Summon Balepig, Keeper of Oaths
  55. Brainstorming dunnj inn keeper!
  56. World Help Help! Ll÷thlor, Don't Ask Me How It's Pronounced (Campaign Setting)
  57. My World Omnigalaxia: So Kitchen Sink, Its An Ocean
  58. World Help Dawnshade (name's still in the works), a Fifth Edition Campaign Setting
  59. World Help The Dwarven Imperium
  60. Project European Culture [Crossroads]
  61. Brainstorming Splatboard Campaign - Let's see what sticks
  62. Brainstorming Skybreak - A Mutants and Masterminds Fantasy Setting
  63. EMPIRE! Tyranny of New Crima Game of Death patients, year 511cc
  64. Searching for Sources for City/Worldbuilding Help
  65. Raenin, The Infinite Waterfall
  66. War in a fantasy setting
  67. My World Unnamed WIP World - Taking critique and suggestions
  68. Project Cycle of Rebirth - The Tree-World of Ydris
  69. Brainstorming Star Wars: The Principles of Rajivari
  70. Goblin Run!
  71. Brainstorming The Devour-er Saga
  72. My World MMCL AUC - A familiar, yet different world
  73. Brainstorming Customizing settings with non-generic Magic Items
  74. My World Mori
  75. My World Ymmiv
  76. My World Dusk Raven's Pathfinder World - Arcadia
  77. Brainstorming What would Pericles/Cyrus/Augustus/Imhotep do with 1000 Wizard 1's
  78. Project I'd like to share the system of governance for a fictional country.
  79. World Help Sci-Fi Game: How Much Worldbuilding Is Too Much?
  80. A question on maps...
  81. The Empire of Oracles
  82. Bootstrapping a D&D World
  83. World Help Mercenary campaign setting construction
  84. Ivalice conversion (5e)
  85. Magic-centric Campaign World!
  86. World from a Quote: Quote Based Worldbuilding
  87. The world of Haven: expanding on an idea.
  88. World Help Pantheon building help?
  89. A New Set of Gods
  90. Brainstorming Fantastical Wild West for my Murder Hobo Players (WIP) (PEACH)
  91. 20 quick questions for your campaign settings
  92. World Help First major attempt at world building.
  93. Brainstorming Exalted - Harborhead - Need ideas/NPCs/Whatever for upcoming game
  94. Pantheon-based calendar
  95. Race creation
  96. My World Seeking suggestions/critique on my alternate history setting in the American South
  97. World Help Trying to design a variety of kingdoms
  98. My World The World of Interra
  99. World Help Kingdom Ideas - Looking for Feeback
  100. Opinions about an Orc-ruled world!
  101. Questions About God Making
  102. Project The World of Vasana - A World Building Project by Stormthroe.
  103. My World Describing my setting in broader terms.
  104. Pantheon Size
  105. Brainstorming Comunty world building for a beta test of a new system
  106. The Red Sands of the Pharaoh [WIP]
  107. Brainstorming Dungeons as ancient sites of magic powers
  108. Monster population specifik dragons in DnD
  109. World Help Pantheon [Asking for Critique!]
  110. Brainstorming My Attempt to Create A World (DnD/PF)
  111. Brainstorming Ideas for anything goes setting
  112. Project Phantasy Star setting for 5e
  113. Spheres: The Community World-Building Where YOU Are The Planets (Sound Familiar?)
  114. The Veil [PEACH; contribute ideas]
  115. A new world for 5e
  116. Dwarven Calendar advice [D&D]
  117. Questions on a planet with no external heat source
  118. How the World and Man came into being
  119. World Help The Four Moons of Tyr: What is on these worlds?
  120. Blank Nerath Map?
  121. Brainstorming Help me nail down my psionic setting
  122. Organization (and Failures of) an Adventuring Party based military
  123. World Help Density and size of settlements? (D&D 3.5)
  124. My World Ăl-Ceald, the Eternal Cold updated!
  125. Homebrew World/Campaign Setting
  126. My World [Aesca] Industrial Animistic Ameripunk
  127. World Help Complex Tiers of Divinity in my setting
  128. EMPIRE! CWBG XIV: To Heir is Human - To Faith 10, Divine
  129. Rethinking Alignment (Again)
  130. Brainstorming Building an India-themed setting
  131. Brainstorming Ăther Winds-A Steampunk Setting
  132. First Post - Brief look at my world's countries and timelines - Advice appreciated!
  133. World Help Cerulean Seas: How does a Merfolk society actually work?
  134. Project EMPIRE! Rules, Tables, & Administration
  135. My World Logically Consistent Weather on a Mars-inspired World
  136. World Help Homebrew Setting, pt. 1: Defining the Deities
  137. Planet Nakti - A Community built anthro universe
  138. How over done is elemental aspects?
  139. World Help The Plane of Innistrad (A Gothic horror setting based on MtG)
  140. World Help I need a World Map.
  141. Weird Idea
  142. [Pathfinder] An echo of reality
  143. Campaign Map
  144. World Help Eres
  145. World Help The Fated Lands
  146. World Help Creating Stories: Strange Discovery
  147. EMPIRE! Alzeroth Information
  148. Just a Project.
  149. Fantasy coinage and other random fantasy counterpart culture ideas; take what you wan
  150. Random campaign setting
  151. Skype d&d 3.5 list
  152. Icons and Ego, worlds based on characters
  153. Livestock of fantasy
  154. Precognition in a society
  155. Need someone to poke holes in this culture I created
  156. World Help Night Sky Software-Anybody know of any?
  157. Rome the Great and Non-Existent Empire
  158. Project (DnD 3.5) Suggestions for building a Survival Horror world
  159. Undead pseudoscience
  160. World Help Races
  161. God apocalypse
  162. Brainstorming The 667 Planets of the Abyss
  163. My World A currently-WIP world with ~twice as many magical elements as standard (+other stuff)
  164. Cities for the Burrwood setting.
  165. Project Alleria: 4-Years in the Making and Seeking Help
  166. World Help An world of intellectual supremecy:Need ideas and advice
  167. Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions
  168. World Help How viable is this campaign setting idea really?
  169. Rahim Khan, The Desert Juncture
  170. Brainstorming Building an Open ended [PATHFINDER] campaign
  171. Magocracy City-State Structure
  172. World Help got away from my core concept.
  173. World Help What makes hill-men stand apart?
  174. Brainstorming Fallout: Southeast Campaign & World Building
  175. Project Shadow Spire - A dark fantasy campaign setting [Now with PDF optional!]
  176. Brainstorming Ideas for 'Realms/Planes'
  177. Setting Timeline Advice?
  178. What might this fantasy culture look like?
  179. Keeping Technology Stagnant
  180. World Help How Much Info is Too Much Info?
  181. Has anyone ever done Arran'ak (The Millennial King) as a Campaign Setting?
  182. Brainstorming War Game of the Gods
  183. Brainstorming On an island not so far away...
  184. Brainstorming Falling through the Cracks (WIP, PEACH)
  185. Project The Scrolls of Akasha: A High Magic Setting ( WIP, PEACH)
  186. My World Dolrath - An Infant Plane
  187. World Help Megaman NT Warrior/ Battle Network-esque setting.
  188. World Help Ll÷thlor, Don't Ask Me How It's Pronounced (WIP Help)
  189. Underground hydrology question
  190. The lay of the land. designing the land masses
  191. Pantheon
  192. World Help Arcadia
  193. World Help Dichotomy Divided WIP
  194. World Help What are some strategies for changing the names of established deities?
  195. Poke'mon-like game that is more mature, your thoughts?
  196. World Help Greek/Theros-Inspired World
  197. Mana World: Help Me Make a Magic System
  198. What to do with Dragonborn?
  199. Raelago - Bridge World
  200. World Help The World of the Half/Half Sphere (sort of new system)
  201. World Help Island of Ruins, Adventure, and Pirates
  202. Vaguely inspired by Morrowind - Collaboration project
  203. Brainstorming Looking to refine my world's magitech and associated social systems.
  204. World Cartography Software
  205. Ideas for an all-Underdark campaign?
  206. Just another world
  207. World Help Need Help With Church Structure and Causes/Repercussions of Recent Change
  208. Vaas. Land of the dragon gods!
  209. Amerhikan Wasteland version 2.0
  210. Brainstorming Campaign designing
  211. A dm ide
  212. Realistic Temporal Density of Conflict
  213. My World Arhosa
  214. Brainstorming Binary Earthlike Pair of Planets
  215. Project Ashilleon: A World for Tome of Battle, Path of War, Psionics, and Spheres of Power
  216. Brainstorming Culture creation stats idea.
  217. The Circus Tent (setting/cosmology)
  218. Project The Little World [D&D 3.5]
  219. Project Setting Race Palette #1 - Man Against Nature
  220. Brainstorming Rise of the Goblin
  221. World of Fluxx (3.5)
  222. World Help Need help for a plot in a low-but-growing magic setting
  223. My World Resvier: A P6 Setting
  224. World Help Godless (A high arcane low divine world with tons o' ToB)
  225. My Little Pantheon (PEACH)
  226. Fleshing out a mining town.
  227. World Help Trying to figure out dwarf-human relations in campaign setting.
  228. Salvage and metalworking
  229. Brainstorming A World Premise
  230. A Sailing Campaign Approaches! Mysterious Heroes of the Seas Arrive!
  231. World Help The 24 Colors of Magic; Qualeland, a magical world in need of ideas.
  232. Searching for a name for a liquid metal
  233. Riding Animals for Turkic Gnomes?
  234. Mydnar, the World Doomed to Die (NOT!Vikings)
  235. 3.5 homebrew setting
  236. EMPIRE 2! Rules, Tables, & Administration
  237. Empire! Lands of Arandi
  238. EMPIRE2!-CWBG-I-Begin-Again [Applications Open!]
  239. World Help Lavernia-Help me/lets build a world.
  240. My World Once in a Blue Moon - A setting premise (WIP)
  241. "inverted dungeon" setting / idea
  242. My World Byjordern (Cyberpunk/Transhumanism/Fantasy)
  243. My World Astyra v2. A world of Reformation and Revolution [5e Campaign World]
  244. Will Write Campaign for Food
  245. Brainstorming A Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader Xenos faction
  246. My World My pantheon's take on Nerull
  247. Index World From A Quote: Catalog
  248. Psitech and Incartech(For some fun)
  249. World from a Question: Formerly Quote Based, now Q&A Based Worldbuilding
  250. My World Two monsters for consideration