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  1. How could you make magic a fundamental part of religion?
  2. World Help A cantina of alien races (Sci-Fi)
  3. My World Welcome to Primera, a 5e Campaign Setting
  4. My World D&D 5e - Deserts Of Haradrim, Homebrew Setting. Would love some comments on it.
  5. Quote Based Worldbuilding: Third Time's the Charm
  6. My World Critique my climate
  7. My World The Evarian Pantheon
  8. My World The Shattered Isles
  9. Weird Races and Strange Places
  10. My World Nessia the pierced planet
  11. how can a theocratic magocracy develop when everyone has access to magic?
  12. My World Teon - Kaltamorn Region
  13. Moons cycle
  14. Questions about semi-realistic sci-fi worlds
  15. My World Mythopoeia Pantheon - PEACH
  16. Brainstorming Creating new gods for Pyria - all ideas and suggestions welcome.
  17. A clockwork solar system
  18. Where do my demons come from?
  19. Ro; Dinosaurs and Dragons! My next game
  20. Project The Call of Constellations: a Community Worldbuilding Project.
  21. Synchronizing menstrual cycles with the moon
  22. My World Thaum (was Anima) E6. In a magical world, everyone has Narrativium (PEACH)
  23. My World Ruins of Earth
  24. What are good resources for figuring out climates?
  25. using magic to determine the sex of a child before being born
  26. Legends: The Origin Of Adamantine
  27. My World Tellus
  28. Brainstorming The Origin Of Asmodeus (Pathfinder OR D&D)
  29. My World A World (WIP)
  30. A unified religion existing across a supercontinent
  31. My World The Pridelands of Alumara: A Pathfinder Beastlands Campaign
  32. My World Reign of the Corven: (Very) WIP
  33. World Help Animal Categorization
  34. How society deals with victims of demonic possession
  35. Letís make a early Modern fantasy setting (early 1900s to late 1950s sorta deal)
  36. My World [WIP] Ishtarra
  37. Brainstorming Cultures -- Multiple Pan-Asian sources in a WELL DONE "mashup"
  38. why would magic make carrying a girl to term more difficult for an elven mother?
  39. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Sindaria, the crowdsourced world
  40. Interesting or strange starting points for building a setting
  41. Brainstorming Just spitball a few ideas
  42. Vampire the Masquerade in 5e?
  43. what would make males valuable in a world run by witch covens?
  44. World Help Effects of a population bottleneck on human appearance
  45. World Help What economic pieces am I missing (imports/exports)
  46. Brainstorming Reincarnation Wars - Shin Megami Tensei Inspiration
  47. Brainstorming Ecology of Souls
  48. World Help Rise and Fall of a Dwarven Dawn Age Empire (was History of Thaum (E6)
  49. [WIP, PEACH] The World of Venaria
  50. My World Fantasy Cold War
  51. The Screeching Caves
  52. Percy jackson campain
  53. Brainstorming Let's Build a Setting (Cityscape Edition!): Shale of the Underdark
  54. My World Kurgal: The First Age
  55. World Help Help with references
  56. How can you protect the soul of a human who can't be buried after death
  57. Twin care: How should it be done?
  58. Brainstorming The Arks of Night= & The Bones of Ishtar
  59. add cool stuff to my cool stuff, please!
  60. World Help Religious Symbols--how complex should they be?
  61. Low Combat Adventure: Bazaar Murders
  62. World Help Naming the Elemental Planes
  63. Brainstorming Low-Level Magic System using existing D20 rules (anyone can be a sorcerer!) 3.5 D&D
  64. World Help Cuspinque: A world of Five Elements
  65. My World Dream of Hope--Astronomy and Cosmology
  66. Settling a Magical Valley
  67. New World for Campaign
  68. My World The World
  69. World Help Are good Gods of Undeath a thing?
  70. Alternate Overland Transportation
  71. Building the land of the dead.
  72. World Help The Arching Society
  73. What would my bronze age setting use as money?
  74. Letís Build A World
  75. World Help Working on Building a World - Looking for Suggestions
  76. Let's build a setting (sword & planet): Bright Moon
  77. Let's build Generica (standard fantasy product)
  78. How would the world be affected if only men carried the "magic" gene?
  79. how can society regulate the use of an unethical form of love potion?
  80. how can a communal civilization become technologically advanced?
  81. World Help City under a city
  82. On Behalf of Sharad9: What would change if only men passed on the casting ability
  83. Let's build YOUR setting! Idea smorgasbord
  84. Reinventing the Wheel: A Discussion on Cosmology
  85. World Help Magic and Technology
  86. should sexual contact between gods and mortals be considered unethical?
  87. World Help How do you decide how long ago to set important events?
  88. World Help Urban Fantasy & Horror/D&D & Shadowrun
  89. My World "Sensitivity" Issues
  90. Help building trumanshow or hidden camera game plot.
  91. how do you get parents to engage in ritualistic child sacrifice in a magical world?
  92. World Help Soulfinder: The World of Nemelreth (Based on Pathfinder)
  93. Brainstorming Does your setting have resurrection?
  94. Madlibs Country Creation
  95. World Help Classless World of Kaantasu
  96. Index [Soulfinders] Index
  97. [Pathfinder] Scratch-Building a Long-Term Setting
  98. A race for my world, called the Witch Hunter
  99. Brainstorming [Soulfinders] Cast Size
  100. Tales of Eyria: World building proofreading and review
  101. My World Consequences of making souls magic.
  102. Ever done anything interesting with Giants? (besides putting them in playgrounds!)
  103. World Help Proof-read and help me flesh out my religion descriptions
  104. Project [Soulfinder] Prologue: Fate of a pirate lord
  105. World Help Brainstorming population counts for stranded survivors (Star Trek)
  106. Do you have an issue? I have a god for that! Developing Deities in a Complex World
  107. World Help [soulfinder] protagonists
  108. World Help [soulfinder] antagonists
  109. World Help [soulfinder] high command characters
  110. Exiles and Forbidden Magics
  111. Is Creating 1 Character With A Split Personality 2 Characters
  112. Any amateur or professional astronomers or geologists who can help me?
  113. How much justification do I need for a very low density city?
  114. Ramifications of a world with static population?
  115. Fast and Loose Firearms
  116. World Help Alternate terms for Races
  117. World Help Where do you get good names for fantasy cities, countries, etc?
  118. Brainstorming Map Design-Mini Planets
  119. 5e Caribbean Pantheon
  120. World Help Gods of Illnora
  121. IRL Magic Reactions
  122. Languages of the world
  123. Forsaken Valley [WIP]
  124. World Help How many people is too few?
  125. My World Theperfect25's gods - Before the First Age
  126. what if sleep was a controlled process for humans?
  127. World Help Naming the Changelings
  128. My World Truly en"chant"ing--communal magic
  129. Gnomes, the Fey, and a low-magic world with no planes.
  130. Brainstorming Help me design a library-dungeon!
  131. My World Pathfinder: What domains might a Chaotic Good sun god have?
  132. World Help Leyline concepts and corresponding fey locations
  133. can there be civil rights for humans in a world where supernatural entities exist?
  134. World Help Help me fix a world.
  135. My World Masner's magnificient Menagerie - help
  136. Another Group Worldbuilding Game
  137. what would be the consequences of replacing sleep with reverie in humans?
  138. Looking for Real World pantheons and cultures to build a setting...
  139. World Help Who the Hell?
  140. I might draw your map (for free!)
  141. The Scorching Sea
  142. World Help Familiar or Alien Languages
  143. Arkipelagos
  144. Star Wars: Shadows of the Sith Empire - alternate KotOR timeline
  145. Frustrated...
  146. My World Dreams of Hope: What are the "spirits of nature" and how are they related to the fey?
  147. So what happened here ?
  148. Deities and Legends for Everyone
  149. Brainstorming Epic-World: Creating a silly campaign
  150. Ho do you involve your players in world creation?
  151. Where are the great wars?
  152. World Help Who where my elves?
  153. My World Dreams of Hope: Theories on the Afterlife and the Eternal Fate of the Soul
  154. why would a familiar need to be born into the physical world?
  155. My World The Twelve Deities and their Domains
  156. World Help Need help naming a Wizard Organization (Illnora Worldbuilding)
  157. The religion of Baphomet
  158. Project New DM: need help with wild idea to tie two campaigns
  159. Systems of Elements
  160. Thinking about clothing
  161. World Help Brainstorming dark/inverted/mockery/twisted/undead elementals
  162. World Help The Solstone Islands - WIP
  163. Can using zombies for labor be more cost effective for an employer than the living?
  164. Gems as "tears of the gods" how best to implement this?
  165. I need help salvaging my plot twist
  166. Brainstorming If demons ruled the land...
  167. Different government systems?
  168. Collaborative Worldbuilding: Kingdoms of Legend
  169. A good, solid, town
  170. Does Your Campaign Start At An Inn?
  171. How can world governments regulate the use of super beasts?
  172. World Help What role would "Knights" play in a strict magocracy?
  173. World Help Fleshing out the Fair Folk
  174. How do you make a pantheon?
  175. Project Bottom-Up Pantheon & Setting Game
  176. World Help Need some help creating divine beings
  177. Aerial cities
  178. Festivals and Holidays
  179. My World STaRS Sample Setting-- Cowboys in Fairyland
  180. Brainstorming Worldbuilding Resources
  181. My World The Hithamun Necropolis
  182. Project Creating a conspiracy; need some help
  183. My World How feasible is a planet with an AGT of 13C degrees and 3 major continents?
  184. Why can't my golems be human sized?
  185. Replacing Alignment
  186. how can a pantheon of gods play "The Game of Thrones"?
  187. Underwater Spellcasting
  188. World Help Darksun Inspired 5e tropical island setting (5e)
  189. Project DnD 5e: based around Discworld
  190. Superheroes Setting (Heroes PEACH)
  191. The Five Isles of Worldsea
  192. World Help Which FR god would do an invasion of this world?
  193. My World The Origin of Species--Fantasy Genetics
  194. Would sacrificing fertility be a good cost for summoning magic?
  195. I need help coming up with a price for revival.
  196. World Help Weird Grammatical Gender Questions
  197. The Demon Seed PEACH
  198. World Help A Temperate Deciduous Monster--Too Big?
  199. How can society develop if death in childbirth was more common?
  200. My World Fallen City States of the Coastal Forests of Kaendor
  201. Red Sun Redux: DC in D&D 5e version 2.0
  202. My World The City at World's Edge
  203. How can males be made essential to a gender-specific magic system?
  204. My World Phaunia and the Twilit Between
  205. World Help Help me flesh out a society of nested slave-ownership
  206. Dnd post apocalyptic setting
  207. how can you introduce transsexualism in a gender specific magic system?
  208. Fabian: Devil on Parole -- Or, how to make an infernal warlock without going to hell
  209. how can i convince my loyal customers to worship an eldritch abomination?
  210. Help me name some Continents please
  211. Bloodline -those who are lost?
  212. World Help A D&D 3.5 Heroes of Horror-inspired setting - with input from other sources
  213. A sense of history in a frontier
  214. Help me develop a city
  215. Brainstorming Galactic Empathy
  216. Brainstorming Bring forth the Weird Warped Wilderness
  217. Wood Giants
  218. Letís Build a Dungeon Ė One Scrawl at a Time
  219. A better GM
  220. In Pathfinder, what might be a nice affordable (but reasonable) price for...
  221. Randomly generated gods
  222. Worldbuilding: How To Start
  223. My World My pantheon presents... The goddess of suffering
  224. My World Sayoghal, a WIP setting based on incorporating Lovecraftian mythology into D&D 5e.
  225. My World Glorious Dawn - Current Major Political Powers in Primaterra
  226. how could a wartime tribunal have maintained power during the french revolution?
  227. What's an interesting and unethical energy source?
  228. Cosmic Building
  229. My World Sundered World: Rise of Vecna
  230. Name my metal!
  231. Modern Urban Fantasy Game. (PEACH)
  232. Color-Coded Magic?
  233. Creating a Moba plot.
  234. how could a nation of amazons avoid being invaded by their neighbors?
  235. Brainstorming Using Magic Cards for Collaborative World Building?
  236. Looking for a good title for an apocalypse
  237. Star Names
  238. why would witches create warlocks more powerful than themselves?
  239. Ideas on Magic
  240. Ideas on Magic
  241. World Help "Undiscovered Continent" Sandbox Style
  242. Project The Tome of The Last God [W.I.P]
  243. Evocation vs Invocation: What types of spells would belong to which?
  244. Card colors & taxonomic kingdoms
  245. Ascendancy: a developing Gameworld
  246. Project Collaborative Wordbuilding Game with Magic The Gathering
  247. Magical drugs
  248. My World [Pathfinder 1st Ed.] Kerebra, The Sapient Land
  249. Brainstorming Yucca Mountain Lookalikes
  250. Lovecraft World - Less Horror