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  1. World Help Brainstorming! What could you do with the blood of a Death god?
  2. Cosmology
  3. Brainstorming The World of Rhüms
  4. Black Forest Setting
  5. World Help Help me polish my descriptions of religious life (Dreams of Hope)
  6. World Help 6 Unique, interesting faces for a cube shaped world.
  7. Project World of Scaeries - in progress
  8. Alternate Creature Interpretations (Feel free to add your own additions)
  9. What could the properties of a clay in the far future be?
  10. Defending the Empire!
  11. What if... the planes were great old ones?
  12. My World RuneRealms: First World-build
  13. Project The Fenrisian Heresy
  14. Brainstorming Mirror Universe - Specifics
  15. Four Setting Sketches
  16. Brainstorming Radiopunk?
  17. World Help Theology Help Please
  18. My World Guiding a Sandbox Adventure
  19. Brainstorming Spell-less magic system for summoning
  20. Our humans are different.
  21. Brainstorming The World and the Long-Life races
  22. Brainstorming Coming up with unusual "gender" dynamics
  23. Lets Build an Implied Setting
  24. Cultural and linguistic isolate in my setting
  25. World Help Broken Worlds (Very Early Stages)
  26. Randomly Generated Campaign Setting
  27. Project Setting Hook: Dungeon Fungus
  28. Name help
  29. Project The D&D planes modification (Great wheel model). Or something like that
  30. Griphons in Society
  31. My World Allogaia
  32. World Help Competing ideas for a city
  33. World Help Need an Event name
  34. Welcome back to Ishka Prime.
  35. Let's Build a Setting: The Yggdrasil Solar-System
  36. Dwarven Rune-Gods
  37. Help me develop my setting.
  38. What do you do do with kobolds?
  39. Brainstorming What Kind of Pirates Roam My Seas? [D&D 3.5]
  40. world building in other languages
  41. Let's build a continent!
  42. The Shattered World. Earthsea inspired experiment.
  43. Great Lakes Earth Map--And the Questions that Come With It
  44. The Hybrid Game
  45. Avenhale - World Building Ideas
  46. Brainstorming i was thinking if we could make a folder with all world building stuff on it
  47. World Help D&D/Pathfinder - what does a Law dominant prime plane look like?
  48. NaturalCrit login button no longer working?
  49. What's your fantasy city?
  50. Eldeņor
  51. Mundane Flora and Fauna
  52. My World Contemplating the Dark Elves
  53. Whats in the Tiefling Quarter of the city?
  54. My World People of Auguros (5e race lore)
  55. Transfering darkest dungeon stress system into tabletop.
  56. Can things be too weird?
  57. FATE: Tesla Fission
  58. My World Speaking in Tongues: languages
  59. My Pantheon Presents the God of Family, Home, and Nation
  60. World Help need help for a newbie
  61. My World Nihil, Remnants of the End- A 5e Setting
  62. My World Dawn of Hope: On Dragons
  63. Democratic World-building
  64. How can the devil reincarnate himself in the modern world without being noticed?
  65. GreekPunk - or night of the living automata
  66. More specific chaos (Limbo 1st layer) PEACH
  67. The rapture has occurred on humanity multiple times before
  68. World Help A setting built around the gods... that needs gods
  69. My World Caellum: Cosmology and Creation
  70. World Building Idea Pool
  71. how can I encourage responsible business practices among necromancers?
  72. Creative block! Help please!
  73. Troll Thread (no, not that kind)
  74. Low magic D&D worlds
  75. World Help Ancient and mysterious evil (baernoloths)
  76. can Olympic-style games ending in human sacrifice help nations avoid war?
  77. Project [Rekindling] Timeline of events leading up to the Rekindling
  78. The god of knowledge, the god of secrets and the god of lies.
  79. Brainstorming Designing Ancient Civilizations
  80. World Help Candy Themed Martial Arts - Tummy Bears world design help.
  81. how can you design an effective form of communication across a ringworld?
  82. My World The World of Grund
  83. Help naming the "main" continent
  84. Hill Giants
  85. Looking for Advice on Presenting a Custom Setting
  86. could a land of the dead based on ancient Egypt be sustainable?
  87. An introduction to Dwarvish and Davek (synthesized)
  88. My World Dreams of Hope: The Shadows (one of the planes)
  89. 5e Campaign Planning - Advice wanted for newbie.
  90. Quote Based Worldbuilding 4: One More Time
  91. how can an angel involved in a perverse affair with a mortal avoid a sex scandal?
  92. Project Community World Building Project, looking for world builders (USBP)
  93. Pantheon for a modern superhero setting
  94. Urban Dungeon Delving On An Abandoned Continent
  95. The City of Vast - A Setting for 5E
  96. Evolution of your creatures
  97. The world of Ambis
  98. World Help How Does an Immobilized Ancient Dragon Feed Itself in 5E?
  99. (A)D&D Without Humans
  100. Project This World They Left Us (A 3.5 E6 world)
  101. D&D 3.5 Senient Magic Weapon Campaign Help
  102. World Help 1920s D&D
  103. World Help Writing Block -- World of Khevros
  104. Fey Market
  105. post-apocalyptic, vaguely BOTW inspired setting
  106. Building an evil town
  107. How would you make RWBY's worldbuilding better?
  108. Project Elves, Lovecraft, and magical girls - let's make a world of magic!
  109. My World The Enchanted Lands of Thruleria
  110. My World Under the Moons of Kaendor - A Wilderness of 90s Sword & Sorcery (D&D 5th Ed./E6)
  111. World Help Building decadent civilizations
  112. Brainstorming What Setting Elements Do You Enjoy In A "Fanstasy" World?
  113. Mandate (5E)
  114. World Help Mythos Building: Gods, Creation Stories, Etc...
  115. My World Achys: The World That Hell Conquered
  116. What changes in a fantasy world would occur with good communications and transport?
  117. Thought experiment - best way for this sorcerer to help a city? [Exalted]
  118. Creating A World With Hands-Off Deities?
  119. My World Races of the Cradle
  120. How long would you expect it to take for people to master magic?
  121. A magic system built on coding, symbols, and math
  122. My World Dreams of Hope: Portal Networks, theory and practice.
  123. World Help What would happen if the length of a day was inconsistent in a small area?
  124. Brainstorming Fantasy Ecosystems
  125. World Help Creating a system of warfare for dispersed port cities
  126. Brainstorming The Old Keep (Take Two)
  127. Our world and dimensional travel
  128. World Help Pure metals for Alchemy
  129. Adding Cambian as PC in 5e
  130. Economics
  131. Brainstorming Open World Concept: Starstone
  132. Fantasy Singapore/ Venice - is this plausible?
  133. Project 1d12 Fantasy Setting Generator
  134. Replacing Steel?
  135. Relationship between Fey, Demons, and Divines
  136. Random Lore Ideas
  137. Brainstorming Flora Facts for Fantasy Survival Guide
  138. Civilized Centaurs: How would you make them different?
  139. Project Eye of the Sea God - 1st level Limited Sandbox Region
  140. Rough Notes - 5e Town
  141. Modern fantasy esq setting
  142. Various metals in folklore/fantasy? (E.g. silver, cold iron, etc.)
  143. World Help How might a nation react to the end of a generations-long war of survival?
  144. Low Magic World
  145. World of Nibiru: help fleshing world out
  146. Chainsaws & Sorcery
  147. Project Bright Souls: WIP
  148. A living world
  149. I need help detailing my world that uses the 4 elements as seasons
  150. A Poetic Introduction
  151. Making a setting - A specific case
  152. Mystical properties of wood in folklore/fantasy?
  153. World Help World in the Playground!
  154. Making a setting - a specific case
  155. Book of Heavy Metal
  156. World Help I need help coming up with a some nations, and their reasons for taking part in a war
  157. Bizarre Encounters Needed
  158. Cultural Mashups
  159. Project Kamuril, TheShattered Stars
  160. Encounter Tables Needed
  161. World Help I need help with elemental-associated races from previous D&D editions.
  162. My World My pantheon presents the god of victory and ambition
  163. A Kingdom of Stories: Custom Setting
  164. One World Cosmology
  165. Idea to Explain Hands-Off Gods & Goddesses
  166. Designing a Sky World
  167. My World Hamar'Zam - The Stolen Earth
  168. Dreams of Hope: Example Warlock Patrons
  169. World Help Non-humans races: tighter characterization or not?
  170. Categories of Witches
  171. Brainstorming Using "Microscope" as Inspiration for a Nonlinear Play-by-Post World Creation Game
  172. World Help [Game of Thrones] [3.5] Post TV series campaign: suggestions, PEACH, thoughts...
  173. EMPIRE5! Worlds of Axiom
  174. Brainstorming Ways to design factions, great powers and their interconnections
  175. Project Halflight (An Alternate History Dieselpunk Arcana Setting)
  176. Project Reinventing the Wheel Yet Again
  177. Project After the Fall of the Khyrian Dominion: Custom Campaign Setting
  178. Group World Building: By Cardgame?
  179. A non-planar cosmology
  180. World Help Suggest Elemental Emotional/Psychological Aspects
  181. Sci-Fi Worldbuilding Dump
  182. Brainstorming What's a good motivation for a high-powered space sandbox?
  183. 3x3x3 quick culture generation method
  184. Brainstorming world building: Life finds a way
  185. Brainstorming To the 9th (Plots)
  186. Brainstorming a fantastic world with modern technologies
  187. 101 adventures using Abyssal Chickens
  188. Help me flesh out my world's mythology
  189. My World Setting Concept: "The Veil"
  190. My World Ancient Realms
  191. Elves of Arton
  192. Brainstorming Pranks Committed By An Evil God
  193. Need help brainstorming monsters
  194. Plane Of Light
  195. Dread in Feywild
  196. A world ruled by monsters
  197. Brainstorming Gods That Embody Opposing Forces
  198. What alignment is concubinage?
  199. World Help How okay is it to use characters based off of video game RPGs for a story?
  200. Spelljammer Earth's Solar System 3.5
  201. World Help Rogue/ Rebel City economy
  202. World Help How far could refugees reasonably move without roads/transport?
  203. My World Space Opera: Culture, not nationality
  204. Brainstorming How have you worked multiple races into a single location in world with Evolution?
  205. What if Generic Medieval European Fantasy was brave enough to commit to it?
  206. World Help But what IS a Dragon?
  207. Brainstorming Demographics
  208. Need help linking all known D&D settings
  209. The Simulationist Village: A 100% Statted and Written Up D&D Village
  210. Worldbuilding Ideas
  211. Communications
  212. My World But what IS a Universe?
  213. Traveller Solar System
  214. Life cycles
  215. Brainstorming If Halflings were Half-Lings - what would the Lings be?
  216. My World Magic System
  217. Setting Design Naming the Gods
  218. World Help Yuguloths/Daemons
  219. French Vampire community
  220. Human race
  221. Alternate Names for Devils
  222. Suggestion for contestants of a super human tv show
  223. Giving personality to a Big City - Designing Donlon
  224. Quote-Based Worldbuilding 5: Return of Xarridan...?
  225. Deity to Human?
  226. Blood & Steel Campaign Setting
  227. World Building Roulette
  228. Brainstorming A magic system for GURPS Lite
  229. World Help New Campaign (Japanese inspired)
  230. Tribes, factions, groups of savagery and different worldviews - On an Island
  231. Help with copyright: what constitutes a 'setting'?
  232. Blank Slate Earth D&D setting: Non-historical
  233. The elemental planes have dumb names.
  234. A More Interesting Boccob?
  235. Brainstorming How would a world with heavy colonization work?
  236. Elemental Based Races of Humans, mostly cosmetic, not overtly supernatural
  237. Naming my campaign setting..drawing a blank!
  238. Project Non-linear community world building
  239. giants vs dragons dnd ww2
  240. Project The Warpwoods [WIP] [PEACH]
  241. GURPS Fantasy Homebrew
  242. My World Near Stars Traveller setting
  243. Project jobs for dragons integrated in humanoid society
  244. An undead civilization, how does each type of undead fit in?
  245. 18th Century Dungeons & Dragons
  246. World Help Need help fleshing out a world
  247. Brainstorming Music for my Cursed and chaotic OC.
  248. Naming Conventions for Places in Your Setting
  249. Brainstorming Twelve Colonies of Kobol: The Early Years
  250. Project Romulus Maximus