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  1. Brainstorming Making a World [D&D 5e]
  2. Brainstorming World of Multiple Timelines
  3. Help needed - Fleshing out Fragments
  4. The old gods know your name
  5. World Help Kobolds run the Mafia
  6. Brainstorming Elves vs. Iron
  7. My World Ferkathas (a place to reposit info about my setting)
  8. Brainstorming First kingdom campaign (world building
  9. Hollow Earth
  10. Brainstorming Myconids
  11. Titan
  12. World Help Prophecies are hard
  13. My World's Creation Myth (Will update periodically)
  14. Root [5E]
  15. Designing a sea faring Naga/Yuanti/Snake Person civilization
  16. What to call elite warlock-knights?
  17. Project The Planet of Dread: Traveller T20
  18. How do you name the Gods?
  19. My World The Use of Wiki-Structure to Plan and Execute Worldbuilding (Exalted)
  20. Villain examples of world altering
  21. Low Combat Adventure: Children in the Night (Ready To P.E.A.C.H.)
  22. World Help Kairdew, The City of Gods. Need help with fine details.
  23. The Broken Cosmology - Designing a Lovecraftian-ish Pantheon
  24. Brainstorming Demon Lords as Dwarven Deities
  25. Lords of Hell as Elven Deities
  26. The Elves and Fey of my Setting
  27. Please Critique and help me with my Sci-FI races.
  28. The Riverhammer, The Hammer That Forged Itself
  29. The Celestial Courts - Psychologically Realistic RAW Societies
  30. My World Holidays and Holy Days in my setting?
  31. World Help Critique my campaign
  32. Is this creature plausible on Mars?
  33. Evil Queens- Need help with good antagonists in evil game 5E
  34. Brainstorming What if Antarctica Stayed Green? (Fantasy Antarctica)
  35. Opinions on my Magic Item Shops
  36. Endless Trenches of an Unending War (Setting and Game Idea)
  37. Opinions on types of goblin
  38. Examples of High Magic Settings
  39. How do you make items seem magical and supernatural?
  40. Project Design for an adventure for Starfinder
  41. Project Collection of my Write-Ups
  42. [Dragon Fist/Flying Swordsman] OA Campaign Building Help
  43. Brainstorming Fantasy Antarctica II
  44. Kobolds v. Orcs
  45. Piracy Prices
  46. Wanting to create a campaign setting but need advice
  47. Brainstorming Monster Nation
  48. Brainstorming McKendree cylinder
  49. Open world Isekai RPG looking for worldbuilding imput. And ideas for improvement.
  50. A template for space habitats.
  51. My World UnintensifiedFailure's Setting. Journal Entry One: Overall Concept.
  52. [Northern Crown/7th] Attempted timeline
  53. My World Misei: Grass at the Center
  54. World Help Which direction to take?
  55. Ideas for world name
  56. Low Combat Adventure: The Highest Bidder
  57. The Complete History of Salderin
  58. Bardic Songspeak - music as a language
  59. Project Nine Divines - Collected Lore Writings
  60. Brainstorming Building a Starter Village with Tortle Monastery
  61. My World A loose collection of notes, comments and meditations on my current campaign setting.
  62. Brainstorming Life and Dark as a cosmic conflict
  63. World Help Looking for ideas for a darker, gritter campaign.
  64. Project Ascendancy: the Far West (a Developing Setting for a Narrative Game)
  65. World Help Help with Gods!
  66. World Help What's in my City?
  67. World Help What to name my amphibious reptilian
  68. Project Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos
  69. The Earth 100,000 years ago
  70. World Help How do I make ogres interesting.
  71. World Help Fey/Shire setting
  72. Chaondic Races
  73. Help me avoid Racist tropes in my setting!
  74. Brainstorming What are the cultural effects of the availability of magic?
  75. Developing a Coherent Undersea Setting
  76. Ringworld
  77. How would you reinvent classic monstrous races
  78. World Help Air Pirates and Ogres oh My!
  79. Setting for undead kingdom, adventuring hub city
  80. My World [Pathfinder] Pantheon Expansion and Lore Deepening
  81. Super Mega Kaiju World (World building project)
  82. World Help Suggestions to fill out a Pantheon?
  83. Under the Sea
  84. Brainstorming Trench: Bishops & Banditos (21 pilots' world)
  85. My World Last Haven: A setting formed on a titan's corpse
  86. My World Greco-Western Setting for 5e
  87. Traveller T20 Subsector
  88. Feedback on my Elevator Pitch for my world
  89. Brainstorming Bronze Scavengers in Fallen Kingdoms and Eldritch Forests
  90. Cult of the Fanged Lamb
  91. Lore reasons for Pokemon Battling rather than War? Also name my Not Pokemon race
  92. My World Making sense of Kaiju, Behemoths and Spawn of Divine Destruction
  93. Help me build an Urban Fantasy
  94. World threatening plots please
  95. Brainstorming DM looking for ideas
  96. My World Athalian Pantheons
  97. Enlightenment, a city of great good and great evil.
  98. Fantasy vs technology concept
  99. World Help How to shape the church and religion in a 19th century Gothic horror setting?
  100. Sorcerer Noble Houses, determining inheritance. I painted myself into a corner
  101. The Continental Archipelago (what I have so far). Opinions please.
  102. Dropping Maztica into a Traveller T20 setting
  103. Brainstorming how would monsters adapt in a high power society?
  104. Where did Rich's worldbuilding articles go?
  105. Southeast Asian Pirate Campaign
  106. Brainstorming Additional Creatures for outside the Materiel Plane
  107. Is your world Scientific or Mythic?
  108. Creating a language
  109. Need a name for this setting element (spontaneously gaining power)
  110. World Help The Ring of Inflation (Ring of Nibelung)
  111. Advice for Map Building?
  112. Is a world primarily focused on intrigue and politics widely sustainable?
  113. Lost Citadel Campaign
  114. What happens when you have infinite energy?
  115. My World The Myraid Torn Realms
  116. World Help Trying to get feedback on the nations of a world
  117. Brainstorming Tell me about the gods...
  118. any suggestion for good and free mapmaking tool?
  119. My World Inixon: The Isle of Dread sandbox in the Kaendor Setting
  120. Legendary Ships
  121. Dragondusk
  122. I'm Making My Own Solo D&D 3.5 Campaign
  123. World Help Ringwaldt or Ringwaltz
  124. Dragonriders of 5e pern
  125. Colonies of receding empires?
  126. Brainstorming Creating a starting village ...
  127. World Help What would the weather be? Help needed
  128. My World Shadows of Eternity [OPEN] [WIP]
  129. My World Ruins & Raiders Universe (WIP)
  130. The Sacrificed Faith (A dark monotheist fantasy religion)
  131. Brainstorming Apocalypse World: The Jutland Archipelago
  132. Brainstorming The stupid, the evil and the ugly (WIP)
  133. Higher tech boats in space?!?!?!
  134. Help me Name Deities
  135. My world is built on competing priesthoods, I'm not 100% that's a good idea.
  136. Monster City: Welcome to Silverline!
  137. Decorate a Bronze Dragon's Lair
  138. Project Utopias: a cyberpunk-ish, urban degraded, modern day, real Earth setting
  139. American Gods inspired D&D
  140. Where oh Where has the Old Thread Gone
  141. World Help Ethic systems in fantasy
  142. Creating a war torn map using ghosts of saltmarsh (think peloponnesian war)
  143. [Meta] An Old New World
  144. My World Empire that rules the world.
  145. Empire 6 - The Lands of the Embers
  146. Dneri Kettleblack - A Forest Gnome
  147. Looking to commission a world map
  148. Gazetteer of Seraf
  149. Brainstorming The Cursed Campaign
  150. The Village of Pilster
  151. Operation Chaos
  152. My World Gaialin: a SLOW Work in Progress
  153. Impact of Teleportation Circles on post-apocalyptic rebuilding?
  154. Help me rationalize magic and its history
  155. The Slabs of Prowess
  156. Pageturners, a Literary Setting for Fate Accelerated
  157. Questions on life without (most) animals
  158. My World Gods that gain power from being envied, not worshiped.
  159. My World The Blasphemous Rites of Vampire Clerics
  160. World Help Seeking better names for nature spirits and entropic, "anti-nature" spirits.
  161. What's the difference between fey and demons?
  162. The World Of The Plume
  163. World Help Social Consequences of Undead naturally occurring
  164. How should sacrifices to the gods and goddesses work?
  165. Gods to be Placated - Help me Develop This
  166. Help Fleshing out a Pantheon
  167. My World The Castian Seas: Sailing, Psionics, and Biomancy (PDF) (Comments Appreciated)
  168. World Help Askavos: The Kingdoms of the Scale
  169. How many people could an immortal warrior kill in a thousand years?
  170. My World Demons and Angels with no gods or planes
  171. Is there a good story purpose for giant fruit and vegetables in serious fantasy?
  172. A theological clash...
  173. World Help AMA about Noefra so I can get inspired to write more details
  174. My Dark Continent Campaign (Monsters)
  175. [Empire 6] The Dream Speakers' Menagerie
  176. Need some Gluum pantheon ideas..
  177. An idea for how gods could meaningfully benefit from worship outside of eating it
  178. World Help Advice on creating a cosmology?
  179. World Help How do you figure out what to set the calendar year as in high fantasy?
  180. My World Solving the "elf superiority problem"
  181. Project Creating a 1st level "Starter" Dungeonfor D&D 5e together
  182. My World Planet Kaendor (Sorcerers, Ruins, and Dinosaurs)
  183. World Help Making post-apocalypse high tech city believable?
  184. Scale and Scope Issues for a New Campaign Setting (Open Discussion)
  185. World Help Horror Apartment building worldbuilding
  186. Project Many Worlds: A SciFiFantasy Campaign Setting (now working on History, PEACH)
  187. Monotheistic Religions
  188. What would you find in a goblin quarter of a city?
  189. The Ferryman
  190. My World Primary playable race descriptions for world in progress
  191. A setting presented in the form of short in character stories
  192. An idea of collaboration and if any would be intersted
  193. My World What can I do with this area in my setting?
  194. My World Expanded Dvati Culture and the Endless Sands Oasis
  195. World Help So it Begins - a whole new world one mining town at a time.
  196. Home base allies
  197. Dogs in medieval fantasy worlds
  198. Bayonets vs. Dedicated Melee Weapons
  199. My World Yirda
  200. Flat/Diskworld. What happens when you fall off the edge?
  201. Project The World of the Succession Wars
  202. Modern Dwarven Kingdom
  203. World Help Ways to encourage high levels of conformity without mind control?