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  1. Kardia Campaign Setting (3.5)
  2. Rich Burlew's articles
  3. Setting Description PEACH, I'd like to know if this is something I should continue
  4. Airiu: An Ongoing Project.
  5. [3.5] After a year I finally finished my deities and cosmology! Please critique it.
  6. New campaign setting, which classes to include?
  7. Castaways upon a Planar sea(world in progress, D&D 3.5)
  8. Homebrew Sci-fi setting
  9. The Dragonblood Campaign
  10. Help Me Create a Campaign Setting
  11. Sun Behind Night [Semi-Community World Building Project]
  12. Community World-Building Project: [A Placefiller Title]
  13. Fantasy Cosmology Compendium
  14. OotS campaign setting
  15. OotS campaign setting
  16. Post-Apocalyptic Homebrew Setting! PEACH
  17. People of a Lesser God [3.5 Campaign Setting]
  18. "All gods are bastards!" Homebrew setting
  19. [4E] My setting, background snippets
  20. Creative Help Needed For Campaign
  21. Heroes of Myth Homebrew Setting
  22. [L5R] "Awakening": a homebrew setting
  23. [4e] Warbreaker, Need Help with Campaign Setting
  24. Community Worldbuilding Project [Ishka: Urban and Urbane]
  25. Anyone knowledgable in Germanic/Scandinavian mythology? Need help for homebrewing.
  26. The Lost World of Tareea - Campaign Setting
  27. [3.5] Artres Campaign Setting (PEACH)
  28. [3.5 Campaign Setting] The Land of Alvia
  29. Trade Empire: A science fiction setting (PEACH)
  30. Neftsalyi'dam [3.5; Culture/Society; PEACH]
  31. elemental heart stones campagin setting
  32. Campaign Ideas (NOT FOR MY PLAYERS)
  33. Top Ten Questions for a Kingdom
  34. Looking for Ideas: Outer Planes / Afterlives [3.5]
  35. Space Age [Setting]
  36. Curst World
  37. First Attempt at Worldbuilding [PEACH]
  38. Homebrew Setting: The World of Vaxt
  39. NUtopia: A World in Ruins. A World of Hope.
  40. [3.5 Campaign Setting]Isle of Artres (PEACH)
  41. Csill Kórus - homebrew world [PEACH]
  42. Community world-building project: critical design flaw
  43. Anyone want another worldbuilding project?
  44. Yet another Community Campaign setting
  45. PEACH Homebrew world
  46. What makes a good D&D campaign setting?
  47. How to present a homebrew CS?
  48. Ancient Lands - Homebrew Setting - Today: Cosmology
  49. Naming Humans/Human Language
  50. 3.5 Campaign Setting : Kerynia [P.E.A.C.H.]
  51. Quenaria [Layer of an Outer Plane; 3.5; PEACH]
  52. Vote Up A Campaign Setting: Discussion Thread IV
  53. Creating a brand new Game System/World (serious work)
  54. The Outback Campaign Setting
  55. Kalitharsis, The Scourged sands (Setting) WIP [PEACH]
  56. [3.5] Pantheon for my campaign setting, looking for advice
  57. A Gamma World Setting
  58. Nodes - geographic strangeness
  59. Navigation: A World without Stars?
  60. Twilight of Heaven - A Game of Martial Arts and Magic in a Mournful World of Myth
  61. Anyone for some comunity world building?
  62. Homebrew setting - mostly fluffy, feedback requested
  63. Legends of Myrt Campaign setting
  64. Homebrew: Abandon in Stars (work in progress)
  65. Community World Building, The Thousand Kingdoms
  66. Community World Building, The Thousand Kingdoms
  67. Community Project: Auphyria, the World Jack Vance Forgot
  68. Declaration of Steampunk (A DND Campaign setting)
  69. DnD Worldbuilding with MtM
  70. Earthfell Campaign (4E)
  71. Need Help with a Campaign Setting
  72. Making a 3.5 campaign set in the Eragon world
  73. First attempt at homebrewing a world (PEACH)
  74. [3.5] Altered Races for my Campaign...
  75. (3.5) Inspiration and ideas for running adventures in a nightmarish wasteland
  76. Brütal Legend Campaign Setting
  77. Druidic political structure
  78. Discworld Campaign setting
  79. Please help with my afterlife (homebrew 3.5)
  80. Help me Build a Setting!
  81. A new community built setting? [3.5]
  82. New Setting dump
  83. Triad [Campaign Setting]
  84. [setting] Inside the Human Body (like Fantastic Voyage)
  85. Breakdown (A 3.5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Setting, Very WIP)
  86. The shattered lands (3.5 campaign setting)
  87. Homebrew World [3.5]
  88. Allgeris (setting, PEACH)
  89. My new campaign setting (3.5)
  90. Map builder help
  91. Got a campaign idea in the works, some class revisions I'd like looked at
  92. Renewal (3.5 Setting Fantasy/New World, still WIP)
  93. OOTS style campaign
  94. Populating a Tropical Archipelago
  95. (3.5) Medieval Setting [PEACH]
  96. Has anyone used Rich's "The New World"?
  97. Snowball world [Community Worldbuilding Project]
  98. Concerns About Posting Setting and Fair Use
  99. Aethereal Nights (D&D Setting)
  100. Unnamed [Community Worldbuilding Project]
  101. Help with a new campaign setting WIP (3.5)
  102. Fist Full of Punches. A crossover setting.
  103. I need a little campaign help please.
  104. Warclema Campaign Setting WIP [3.5]
  105. Recreation: Nexus - Fantasy World
  106. Lior, Uplighter From Tragedy
  107. [Campaign Setting] Ascension - Please PEACH!
  108. How far did "Tears of blood" get?
  109. Setting design help.
  110. Caltona, the land of many paths [3.5 campaign setting]
  111. My World Malamundus (A 3.5 Campaign Setting)
  112. Legacy of the Immortals Campaign Setting 3.x [Psuedo-Community Worldbuilding Project]
  113. Game Setting: Varahal – The Vestige City
  114. The Tattooist (story/campaign concept) PEACH
  115. Eros, The Glorious Rose
  116. Panisha, Desert of Many Jewels
  117. Welcome to Rackport (WoD Campaign I am Building)
  118. Community World-building Project: Viridia (The Green Realm)
  119. [3.5] In a world where humanity has dug it's grave, and the old races have fled......
  120. d20 Modern Setting
  121. My World Naruto Pathfinder Campaign Setting
  122. A World of Mystery: A World-Building Project
  123. Night in the Sky [World Building Project]
  124. Drolyt's Campaign Setting 1a: Purpose and Style
  125. Has anyone tried to homebrew the Kingdom of Norad from Rune Factory?
  126. The Shadowreign campaign setting
  127. Hey everyone, lets make a city!
  128. I need help Designing the game world I have in mind full of SANDBERGS and DEMONS!
  129. Needs A Name: A world in the process of creation
  130. The Land where Titans Walk (Community World Building)
  131. Working on a map, and nation.
  132. Textrona, The Bookrealm (Community World-Building Project)
  133. World-Building: The First and The Second
  134. Constructive ideas for a new campaign setting
  135. Community Worldbuilding Project- A world inside out
  136. world building help
  137. Building a Campaign: [Organizational Advice]
  138. World Building
  139. Underdark with ocean access?
  140. A Campaign for the critics [3.5] Siege of Heroes [PEACH]
  141. Share your thoughts on this semi-planar setting
  142. [3.5E] Campaign Setting - Oshtameer [PEACH]
  143. [3.5] Campaign Setting - PEACH
  144. free the isle campain
  145. Help needed for world-building project
  146. Monster Blood Tattoo campaign world (D&D 4e and 3.5)
  147. After the End (D&D 3.5 Post-apocalyptic setting)
  148. My 3.5 Campaign Setting: Arten Island
  149. NotD Expansion Project: You request, I attempt fluff
  150. Corallis, Magitech city PEACH
  151. Making A Campaign Setting, Any Advice?
  152. Heart of Terra Campaign Setting [PEACH] [Updating periodically]
  153. The Seven Heavens, remade. (PEACH)
  154. Maleventhorn
  155. New world campaign (D&D, not really edition specific)
  156. Hawk and Sun (Campaign World, PEACH)
  157. The Great Vivarium of Eon
  158. Floating Worlds (Community World Building Project 3.5)
  159. Just a little island i'm writting out, any ideas welcome.
  160. Help Me With My Epic, Multi-Edition D&D Setting!
  161. Share ideas for unusual campaign settings
  162. [4e] Question for a world-building exercise
  163. Help with new campaign setting
  164. Help with apocalypse campaign
  165. Silent Vanity (broadly d20 setting)
  166. Aelae - a campaign setting and world building project [PEACH]
  167. Invasion Campaign Setting
  168. What's your favorite homebrew campaign setting?
  169. Dead Like Me Campaign World (Group World Building)
  170. The New World Revisited
  171. A 3.5 campaign without core classes or races. Anybody up for some world-building?
  172. Homebrew Setting: Gorania. please PEACH
  173. One-Who-Is (Setting) (3.5)
  174. Etherworld [Campaign Setting, WIP]
  175. Constructive ideas for a new campaign setting 2.0
  176. Does anyone ever use space or other planets in your D&D campaigns?
  177. Duchy of Arlen [D&D Setting, Work In Progress]
  178. The land of the dead [Community world/campaign setting building]
  179. My homebrew world (4e)
  180. Walufar, a homebrew setting. (Critique welcome)
  181. Poeticus 01: Into the Dark World
  182. Cogworld campaign setting
  183. Winds of Aether [3.5 Campaign Setting PEACH]
  184. Homebrew Legend of Zelda campaign: include NPC Link or not?
  185. Creating my first 4e campaign...
  186. Homebrew 4e campaign
  187. new campaign setting: Alternity
  188. Campaign Settings from the Playground?
  189. All Legends Are True [Community Worldbuilding]
  190. Homebrew Campaign-Saltmarsh-need a little help filling out a few locations
  191. Campaign world help
  192. Empires: Campaign Setting Races (3.5/Pathfinder WIP)
  193. Races of the Three Worlds (3.X, PEACH)
  194. Empires: Campaign Setting Classes and Options (Pathfinder/3.5)
  195. New 3.5 campaign setting/adventure [PEACH]
  196. Incarcerus Campaign setting
  197. Medieval Europe... INSPACE
  198. Sueńos del Caido (3.5 Campaign Setting)
  199. Homebrew World and New Players
  200. How generic is your setting?
  201. Ferar, a worldbuilding project by Jallorn, ideas encouraged
  202. My Setting For A Story
  203. New World (WIP Campaign Setting)
  204. Islands in the sky [D&D setting]
  205. [3.5] Evil Campaign: Destroy Lorwyn! (Construction)
  206. A world without goblins
  207. Serinal -Homebrew world idea {WIP/PEACH}
  208. What do you expect in a 3.5 d&d setting?
  209. (3.5) trying to build my first campaign world (Calling all alternate history nerds)
  210. [3.5]Gamblerjoe's Campaign Setting
  211. (3.5) My first homebrew setting take two
  212. [any] Teleleli: its people, places, gods, and monsters.
  213. where should i share my homebrew world?
  214. World Building Help Needed!
  215. Community Homebrew World Advice
  216. campaign
  217. Commuinity World Building Project (World the Dragons Rule)
  218. New Campaign World Idea Needs Critique
  219. And the world burned: developing a tidally locked campaign world
  220. Critique my Campaign Plot (Be Brutal)
  221. Steampunk/Lite Space Opera setting (3.5, Psionics, E6)
  222. Maztica and Lopango
  223. [3.5E] My Magocracy style government. Critique it!
  224. 4th Edition Modified: A Dark Jewels setting.
  225. [HoZ] 4th Edition Conversion Request
  226. The Gates of Heaven: Giving Celestia the Dicefreaks Treatment
  227. The Archon High Castes [Gates of Heaven]
  228. [3.5, Campaign Setting] Traveler's Guide to Zaaman-Rul!
  229. 3.5 Campaign Setting - Need ideas
  230. Life in Hell [Community Worldbuilding Project]
  231. [3.5 Campaign Setting] Shattered Haven
  232. Vote Up A Campaign Setting: Discussion Thread V: The Final Countdown
  233. In need of a good Low Magic Variant
  234. Zombieland Future
  235. Amdusias the Abyssal Lord of Fear
  236. The Silver Heaven of Lunia [Gates of Heaven, FRUITFLAVOURED, WIP]
  237. The City of Kaster (3.5 hombrew Setting) IN DEVELOPMENT (looking for help)
  238. The Elder Scrolls Campaign Setting/Game System
  239. [D20 Modern] Campaign Setting
  240. Let's talk about your favorite homebrew kingdoms.
  241. Pathfinder Homebrew Campaign Setting: BeastWorld
  242. A World Built on Wiki
  243. The World that has no Form (A community world-building project)
  244. [Gates of Heaven] Which Hell Reigns?
  245. Fleshing Out Rich Burlew's New World
  246. Fun Down On the Farmpunk: Join in!
  247. [Hourglass of Zihaja] Chapter 0: How it All Began
  248. [Hourglass of Zihaja] Chapter 1: Zihaja & His Universe
  249. [Hourglass of Zihaja] Chapter 2: The World of Siraaj
  250. World Creation