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  1. The Endless Caverns (WIP)
  2. Wuhtu - A Pokemon Region
  3. MyWorld1-appreciate feedback
  4. Worldbuilding with Tropes: Faustian Bargan, Gone Horribly Right.
  5. Strangers From a Strange Land
  6. The lands of many arrows
  7. Help with country names?
  8. Dark Souls meets Sword Art. A blending of Difficulty and Desperation?
  9. Eressëa, A D&D 3.5/Pathfinder Settin (WIP, help wanted!)
  10. Aether from the Ashes: Etherworld Second Edition
  11. The Ethereal Sands
  12. Ghost in the Shell setting for Shadowrun 4e?
  13. Advice for My World
  14. World Building help (D&D 3.5)
  15. PF: Hunted Sorcerers - Swapping Wis for Cha for Marvel Mutant Madness!
  16. Requesting help with campaign world geography
  17. Sauric World.
  18. The "Zahhak needs a life" thread
  19. The Manekaen Dawn (3.5/E6)
  20. Super Hero
  21. Shadelight--My First Setting (PEACH)
  22. Help creating a calendar
  23. Topography Resources
  24. Replacement 'demihuman' races? (D&D/AD&D)
  25. High technology in a fantasy setting?
  26. Concept - Classical Era Campaign Setting - P.E.A.C.H.
  27. The custom of ash-kerampf: requesting commentary
  28. Zephire A whole new world PEACH
  29. Cogs of Earth (watch me grow!)
  30. Zahhak's Space BS thing
  31. Let's build a setting!
  32. Lereth: a try at a dark /heroic-fantasy setting (PEACH)
  33. My setting: seinen anime, martial arts, cyberpunk, supernatural (PEACH)
  34. D&D Fantasy version of 1938
  35. Only 10 types of monsters
  36. Fantasy world with social issues... help needed
  37. Avatar: The Last Airbender Campaign Setting
  38. How to organize your world
  39. Levelling magic down in a DnD world
  40. Feedback Wanted - The Framework of My Campaign World (D&D)
  41. Let's Build a post-apocalyptic setting!
  42. Land Of Dragons and Dungeons
  43. Fantasy sports?
  44. Demihuman gods and adapting them for humans (D&D)
  45. Help me fluff the Iron Hell of Dis
  46. Azure Darkness [WIP, PEACH]
  47. Spicing up Core Races
  48. Yamazawa Style (WIP, Mutants & Masterminds 2e)
  49. Let's Make Another Setting!
  50. Shanghai Royale
  51. Concentric circles (WIP PEACH)
  52. The Empire of the Horde
  53. World 1 (D&D 3.5 Setting)
  54. The World of Aldain - Immersive! Inspiring! In...need of your help!
  55. World of Dark Steampunk Fantasy [WoD Mirrors]
  56. Building Religions
  57. Commuinity World Building Project: World of Fire and Death
  58. Laying foundations for a new D&D world ("Ethros")
  59. The Stars are Puppeteers
  60. An Unlikely Stew: New Campaign Setting
  61. Building Campaign World. Parallel universes and a bit of time travel.
  62. The Origin of the Gods
  63. How much variability do you give your setting's sophonts?
  64. [D&D 3.5] Fey Equivalent of Arch Devils in Blue/Orange Morality setting+Gods & Giants
  65. First real build / Modern Fantasy
  66. Gods get power from worshippers?
  67. Arcadia (D&D 3.5 Setting WIP DNP Yet)
  68. How do you handle (pre)history/technological development?
  69. Spirit of the Twelve Tribes [3.5 Campaign Setting]
  70. Creating a New Planar Cosmology
  71. Checklist?
  72. (Hopefully) new idea on making a community worldbuilding!
  73. Let's build a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Setting
  74. Eternus (A WIP 3.5 Community Project)
  75. Old West-style setting [PF]
  76. Tome of Battle Balance and Stances
  77. Gemini! A Campaign Setting of Action, Adventure, and Armchair Astronomy
  78. Let's build a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Setting (Vol. 2)
  79. The Blades of Keran [Setting]
  80. Total War Campaign Setting[WIP]
  81. Blades of Keran Discussion
  82. Brainstorming: D&D with demi-humans as antagonists
  83. Sundered Realms [e6,WIP]
  84. Brain-storming
  85. Salomia
  86. Building a truly unique setting?
  87. Trollund
  88. Australia turned up to 11!
  89. First world build - anyone got tips on mapmaking/fleshing out the setting?
  90. Laying down the foundations for a new world
  91. Ecology of the Gray Render
  92. Inmerisas bellum, An Epic Campaign Setting (3.5, WIP)
  93. Building Mirrodin in D&D
  94. infoLife--Let's Build a Sci-fi Setting!
  95. Two war gods: How to differentiate?
  96. First attempt at a homebrew Role-Playing
  97. Let's build an Urban Fantasy setting, set in 1800s Europe
  98. Bring out Your Dead... Gods!
  99. Good Organisations?
  100. Races alternatives?
  101. Hopefully Posting in the Right Place. PEACH
  102. Shattered Lands, A post apocalyptic campaign setting for Legend
  103. [PF] Everfire: The Labyrinth of Life.
  104. Looking for some steampunk advice and ideas
  105. Cosmologies more 'epic' than the Great Wheel?
  106. Mythos in Narridia
  107. d20 - Permanent Injury rules
  108. Sourcebook Help
  109. The City States of the Ainliatic - A Desert Setting
  110. Dinosaur Train (Setting Idea, Ideas Welcome)
  111. Let's build an Oriental Campaign Setting!
  112. My World Crossroads: The New World
  113. Tech-Use in a non-Tech-dominated world
  114. Origin story I just wrote
  115. Good names for unsettling science departments?
  116. Creating Monster NPCs
  117. First World-Build [PF] (PEACH)
  118. [Insert Campaign Setting Name Here]
  119. Eras and Empires - Campaign Setting [PF]
  120. Dungeonopolis
  121. How exactly does one go about creating a setting?
  122. Whiteleaf - A World of Fragile Perfection
  123. Elements! Get yer element systems here!
  124. Planets of Magic - Races -WIP/PEACH
  125. What if...? (Mental Exercise)
  126. Planets of Magic - "Other" Races - WIP/PEACH
  127. Campaign setting – Three worlds – The Pretender Wars
  128. Campaign Setting Shadow Chronicles (Homebrew)
  129. Planets of Magic - Dajerbyjul - WIP/PEACH
  130. Not Homebrew but Need Help With World-Building
  131. Planets of Magic (Spelljammer, PEACH) - Now with 50% More Lycanthropy!
  132. Untitled (West Marches World)
  133. Pokemon Aatos
  134. What makes a good rpg fantasy setting?
  135. How Would YOU Run a High-Magic World
  136. Galamar - Now with groups!
  137. My Setting: advice needed
  138. Pokemon: Kansai Region Creation
  139. Ephasion - PF Campaign Setting (Working Title)
  140. A new take on transitive planes (an early stage d&d 3.5 setting)
  141. Shattered Worlds- The Old World (Campaign Setting)
  142. Earth, 2150 (Help Wanted!)
  143. The Half-Time World
  144. Let's Make a Setting--With a Twist!
  145. Victorian Style Setting (3.5)
  146. The Shattered Lands (3.5, PEACH)
  147. Doruset: Strange Rabbit-People Society
  148. Technology Based Superpowers
  149. [3.5/4e] Penumbra
  150. nine year campaign just ended, creating an original setting for a replacement
  151. A Post-Apocalpytic Tippyverse
  152. A new kind of community worldbuilding
  153. [Delete]
  154. Combat and hunting without killing?
  155. Malgoyne, the Wizard's Journey [3.5 Game]
  156. Belladonis, Poisoned World (3.5 Setting)
  157. Prospera, my original homebrew world
  158. Bizeros, 3.5 Setting, PEACH
  159. Bypassing light speed
  160. Agarest Campaign Setting
  161. A World for a Druid and Paladin
  162. Tooth and Claw
  163. A question for those who helped work on the Ishka setting.
  164. Suggestions for Map-Making Programs?
  165. Need some *specific* help fleshing out a setting
  166. Reign of the Betrayers, the Fourth Age [3.5]
  167. How big is your material plane?
  168. Spellpoints for arcane casters
  169. Name Scavenging
  170. A World of Hazard and Possibility: Let's build a Setting !
  171. Beginning with a Novel?
  172. Nestrian - An italian working
  173. How do I world build?
  174. Community World Building
  175. Naming the Sections of a World
  176. The World of Darkness, Destroyed (Post Apocalyptic nWoD Setting)
  177. The World Of Teravid (homebrew campaign setting)
  178. Titan idea-based community worldbuild
  179. Vampire Ice Age
  180. Vampire Folklore?
  181. Looking for co-operation... (dnd3.5)
  182. [3.P] Low Magic Concept, sound viable?
  183. Goblins rule the world
  184. Magical Language
  185. Ancient Lands - Creature Compendium
  186. In Regards to Dark Elves & the Underground
  187. Making Animism work with Abrahamic demons?
  188. Flagged for Deletion
  189. Community worldbuilding project
  190. Societal reflections of post-apocalypse and decadence
  191. Dunra: A World of Harmony
  192. PEACH my setting(system independant)
  193. The Unlimited Tapestry
  194. Help Me Name Languages
  195. Worldbuilding Resources
  196. NWoD - Union City - The failed utopia. (W.I.P.) (P.E.A.C.H.)
  197. A Multipul seting world
  198. Let's Build a Mecha Setting
  199. Homebrewed Campaign Setting (World Build Help)
  200. An Infernal Afterlife - Post Apocalypse 4e
  201. Community help: fleshing a goblinoid army
  202. Using volcanoes?
  203. Making Magic Special - without going "Low Magic"
  204. My first campaign setting [World Building help]
  205. Separating Divine and Arcane Magic - And the consequences therein
  206. True 20 for world building?
  207. Dark Fantasy Setting Tips
  208. Fragmented World
  209. Logistics of Isolation: Help me Build a City
  210. Help for a first time world-builder?
  211. Take this idea and run with it! (Community Worldbuilding)
  212. Let's Build a Different Kind of Mecha Setting
  213. "How will my nations interact?" The Project.
  214. Vikings vs. Colonial British
  215. Rule of Three: A Strange Concept
  216. Castle Darkrook
  217. some fun comunity world building
  218. Ancient Egypt vs. Age of Discovery Iberia
  219. Building significant NPCs
  220. The Manifold (All comments appreciated!)
  221. Naruto(Pure Pathfinder)
  222. Cooking Sacred Steak: Mold Forests
  223. darkened races in a dark age.
  224. Alabastra [D&D 3.5]
  225. Nomads
  226. Elemental magic system
  227. Let's Build an Indian Mythology-Style Setting
  228. Secret society in the campaign
  229. Aberration themed campaign world
  230. Cambodia vs. Amazon River Tribes
  231. Red Iron
  232. [P6] [Psionics-only] The Girdwood
  233. Low Magic User setting
  234. A World Under Water
  235. So I'm building a superweapon...
  236. Building a Steampunk World
  237. The great old ones will rise...a lovecraftian setting
  238. The Manekaen Dawn (d20/E6)
  239. Feudal Fairytale, Inuyasha
  240. Steampunk on ice (community campaign settings)
  241. Lets Vote Up a Campaign Setting(Onto Primary Races!)
  242. Oil-based steampunk? (Not dieselpunk)
  243. Designing unique architectures
  244. World idea thread
  245. Can an Angelic/Demonic Magic System Still Be Fresh and Interesting?
  246. Ruined Planet [World Building Help Requested]
  247. A Song of Ice and Wi-fi: Westeros + 1000 yrs
  248. Nation controlled by an intelligent item(s)
  249. why would one keep building warforged?
  250. Imperial China vs. The Wild West