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  1. The Infinite Lighthouse (BioShock for Tabletop Roleplaying)
  2. The World of Thrace - Infodump
  3. The World of Thrace - Discussion
  4. Super Setting: The Occidental Ultrapolis
  5. Creating a drow house for Menzoberranzan
  6. Sparta vs. Pacific Islanders
  7. Where does one start?
  8. A world torn apart by two very different empires
  9. The Fantastical Land of Gil (wip) (PEACH)
  10. Advice on Magicless World
  11. Magic System Idea
  12. A low magic world
  13. And Now for Another Community World-Building Project
  14. The Isitu Archipelago: A setting sketch
  15. The Shroud (Mods, Please Delete)
  16. Homebrew Steampunk World
  17. Help me put the finishing Touches on a race and nation
  18. The Manekean Dawn Discussion
  19. Frigates and Flintlocks: Age of Colonialism
  20. DC Inspired Fantasy
  21. Need some help with the physics behind my world
  22. What's a good way to plan out a world?
  23. Country with alot of lakes
  24. A new Cosmology (PEACH)
  25. new campign setting!
  26. Magic in the Gilded City
  27. heaven and hell
  28. evil and neutral celestials
  29. The Eight Territories: A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World (Pathfinder)
  30. Blades Of Despair
  31. adepts and magewrights
  32. religion
  34. yet another religion question...
  35. Afterlives : Hell, an insane asylum?
  36. low magic vs high magic
  37. Noctus: It's Like One Giant City!
  38. Making a homebrew setting, how could i do cosmology?
  39. 12-13 Realms of Change
  40. Necromancer's faction
  41. [modern/techno-thriller] Tech branches needed
  42. Legends of 1894 (Collaborators needed!)
  43. Yurians
  44. gods that arent gods
  45. [M&M 3e, WIP] World of Aranth
  46. Halfing Mafia
  47. adepts and magewrights after 20th.
  48. The Naming Assistance Thread
  49. Fallout-Inspired Hard Sci-Fi Setting
  50. Real life examples of male priests serving female deities?
  51. Racial language based on ancient China?
  52. A Goddess of Law and her Aspects
  53. The strange world - A world building project
  54. I'm creating a world inspired by the 1800s
  55. Feedback: A Mage and his Solace
  56. Larry's Luxurious Luminaries (E6)
  57. CSS- Cybertar?
  58. Sling some ideas around with me?
  59. Twitter World Challenge
  60. Pathfinder Organisation idea: Knightly Order of the Good Death
  61. Ddaear and the many Dominions
  62. Fallout, the Great SE: What's in Your Wasteland?
  63. Tweaking races for Balance
  64. [PF] The Torn Realms WIP
  65. Steampunk Worldbuilding Project
  66. The Games of Divinity
  67. Artifacts of Vaha
  68. The Three Swords of the Sky (also: The Void-Blade Redeemers)[PEACH]
  69. Tired of Community World Building Yet?
  70. The Empire of Kivish: Steampunk procedurally generated by Dwarf Fortress
  71. Help Me Build This RP *PEACH*
  72. Marruspawn Abomination or Kythons?
  73. I seriously need help with this setting (D&D 3.5)
  74. Designing a Dynamic World
  75. Lets get mythical!
  76. Help Me Flesh Out a Setting
  77. Blades of despair subsetting: Endless maze
  78. Creating organizations
  79. People from the horizon:Winds of Eolia- The Campaign Setting [WIP]
  80. How to Place Forests on a Continent?
  81. a community world building where you are the gods
  82. Creating a Sub-Saharan African culture - your opinions?
  83. Verisimilia (Community Project)
  84. Community World
  85. World Help Would love some feedback and ideas for a post apocalyptic setting
  86. D&D blades of despair: orcish culture
  87. The Unit
  88. Creating an interesting fictional religion?
  89. Interesting Godly Portfolios
  90. Working on a D&D setting, advice welcome
  91. Anyone see Pacific Rim?...Retorical question.
  92. I need some help
  93. Fractured Horizons - Magitech Setting [WIP]
  94. Thunderfist12's Community World-Building Thing
  95. Advice on Refluffing Summoning Spells for a New Cosmology
  96. Creating Hex Maps?
  97. The world of Reanven - a setting in proggress
  98. Could use some suggestions on Various Planes to use (Need 5)
  99. Looking for advice with post-apocalypse and underground themes.
  100. a community world building where you are the gods 2
  101. Map for campaign setting - please criticise
  102. Descent into Madness [WiP, Help welcome]
  103. Shadowlight, The Remaking
  104. World-building Sinchronicity
  105. Untangling cosmology/divinity-D&D (or Pathfinder)
  106. Need help with several concepts
  107. And now for something "completely" different.
  108. Creating a universal agricultural model/ making sense of agriculture
  109. Looking for world building crew
  110. Aquis worldbuild
  111. Metal-Less Search to Ideas
  112. [PF][WIP/PEACH] Madara, the World of the Terra Tekton.
  113. Byene: The City of Mercenaries - looking for ideas for mercenary companies
  114. The Verge (3.5 PEACH)
  115. (yet another) Community Worldbuilding!
  116. Maintaining the Masquerade [Question]
  117. Chosing scale for hex maps?
  118. community world building where you are the gods 2.5: compiling everything, rules ect.
  119. Asteron's Setting
  120. Asteron's Setting Comments
  121. Ragnos
  122. Help and suggestions for my worldbuild?
  123. The Big Questions
  124. Fabula Argentei | Thoughts on History | Please comment
  125. Races of Muald-Tune
  126. Daurrun
  127. Kanto
  128. Gods gone Mad - looking for collaborators
  129. Thoughts on Common, and the Elimination Thereof
  130. Tyternus: Where Revolutions Collide
  131. A different Community World Building Project 1[Religions]
  132. Community World Building : Modern Edition
  133. Ye Olde Apocalypse
  134. feedback wanted: the Hold of Barrakistan
  135. A Whole New World...Sorta
  136. Building my pantheons - all input welcome!
  137. Megalyth. (P.E.A.C.H and ideas are welcome!)
  138. The Octobellum- Work In Progress, Please Comment
  139. Fearun 999DR, What are the major differences?
  140. Map making for the artistically challenged
  141. Sector 141
  142. Doing something different with Dwarves (and Gnomes)
  143. Land Under Heaven: The Mad Avatar (WIP, PEACH)
  144. Land Under Heaven: Races (moved to main)
  145. Land Under Heaven: Geography (World Map)
  146. Concerning ogres
  147. A Dying world (3.5 WiP Horror)
  148. Brainstorming Worldbuilding Talk Thread
  149. Bronze Age Campaign:
  150. Detritus, Shards of Darkness (PF WIP Horror)
  151. We Tangle: Neighborhood Setting
  152. Historical Fantasy - Real-world mythologies & religion? Stuck.
  153. Faerun 999DR. What are the major differences?
  154. Sector 12,47: worlds apart, wolrds made by the communnity wanted.
  155. Complete and utter D&D noob with a world idea.
  156. Worldbuilding with Steamtech (WIP)(PEACH)
  157. Elf Wilds
  158. The Seaworld of Adyss [Trailblazer 3.5 Setting]
  159. By the Gods (3.5 world building help)
  160. [M&M] Spellcraft skill replacing Technology [PEACH]
  161. Anglo-Saxon religion?
  162. After the fall design help needed
  163. A world i'm building
  164. Terraforming with augmented reality
  165. Triple Entente
  166. Welcome to Aurelia
  167. Fey Times
  168. Xitharak, the Cannibal City
  169. [WIP, PEACH] Thyressa - A Land Without Kings
  170. Sigeor - 19th century magic & political world
  171. Apocalyptic Space Opera [D20 Modern- Future + Apocalypse][WIP+PEACH]
  172. Adversarial Nations & Factions (IE Cheliax, Karrnath, etc.)
  173. Nisstren
  174. Forsaken lands.
  175. I don't know what I want from my setting.
  176. Help picking non magic armor.
  177. Skies over Atlantis (E6 Setting)
  178. Lecture on the Scholarly History of Halding and Azulda
  179. Idea for balancing low-level casters and high-level casters
  180. Stargate Eberron Pulp
  181. [Please Critique](WiP)Kurathas: The Land where Dragons Rule
  182. A question, tears of blood
  183. New World campaign
  184. The World of Sanitari (3.5, Community World-Building)
  185. an idea that I would like help on.
  186. Fading Echo: A World Between Worlds
  187. Community world building where you are the gods 3: the third age
  188. Developing Quests with Organized Crime (D&D 3.0/3.5)
  189. Ideas for Fleshing out my Small Corrupt City
  190. Using Surroundings to Make an Encounter Memorable
  191. The Specter of Racism
  192. Codependence of the Ruler and the Criminal Organization
  193. Caladara - brainstorming
  194. A stable distopia.
  195. Looking for input on the world I am, and have been working on building...
  196. The Vast and the Restless
  197. [PF, PEACH] The Guardian Campaign Setting - My Take on a Magical Earth
  198. The World of 3.5
  199. Nothing more to take away
  200. Making a gas torus setting make sense
  201. Post-Nuclear Fungal Forest?
  202. Back from Hell!
  203. island-hopping setting
  204. Alignment deity names:
  205. the land of stereo types
  206. Greek/Roman/German Themed World
  207. Kalunon: The Magical Frontier
  208. Re-visiting ISHKA
  209. The Five Worlds (working title)
  210. Tough humans: social implications?
  211. It's All in the Family
  212. Celena - Muskets, Magic and Machiavellia
  213. New Pathfinder World
  214. Brainstorm with me: World-Building Resources
  215. [Historical Fantasy / Alt-History] Should I bother changing names?
  216. Naming stuff [PEACH]
  217. Vale: Campaign Setting (Comments and Criticism Appreciated)
  218. Fabula Argentei | Signature Thread
  219. Map maker
  220. Torus 3.5 (WIP)
  221. A Galactic Civilization
  222. [PF] The Fortnight: A Halloween Horror Siege
  223. Project Let's Vote up a World! [Pathfinder]
  224. The Dawn Lands
  225. [d20 Modern] Rise of the Warforged
  226. The city of Minöst - Campaign Setting take 2
  227. World Building Resource
  228. Untitled Damaged Divine Magic Setting (WIP) (Working Title)
  229. Story layout: War of the Factions
  230. Isles of Atlan (A world in progress, PF)
  231. A Fairytale Setting--Recommendations/Advice?
  232. Dynamic Player Created World, 800bc to 2112ad, Political/Civil Management Advice
  233. Autocracy: The Game
  234. [GURPS] Modern Fantasy Setting [WIP]
  235. jabberwok wanted
  236. Artaeria--A Fairytale Setting (WIP, PEACH)
  237. Techcronomicon: The Mythos War
  238. What vegetables grow where?
  239. Vote Up Another World?
  240. It's been done, but I like it.
  241. Looking for advice on a "bronze age" setting
  242. What would the Elemental Border Planes be named? (D&D Next)
  243. Advice appreciated!
  244. Cultural quirks of an anthropomorphic species
  245. Conquest [PF]: A Land Between Kingdoms
  246. Anyone good at making maps?
  247. Arc City - Setting Needs Some Help! [PEACH]
  248. Glemmerzar, a planer setting
  249. A world of Robots, vote-building
  250. Decem: the law of 10