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  1. - The War of Existence - 3.5 Campaign World
  2. Lina Yula, Is This Our Fortress Or Our Prison? (temporarily canceled)
  3. Community Leader-Building (Pathfinder)
  4. Jaunting the Material Plane into the Void (Homebrew World)
  5. There's only 8 trees in Nyxas
  6. A World of Magic, Technology and Demons
  7. Trace Italienne in a world without gunpowder?
  8. NPC levels by job title: Most leveled NPCs are not adventurers.
  9. High Fantasy Setting: Zinaster
  10. Project Alleria: A Brave New World. An Endeavor 3 Years in the Making.
  11. [PF] Dark Planet
  12. Shaba: High Fantasy in Bronze Age Africa
  13. Telben [WIP]
  14. Traveling by horse
  15. [D&D 3.5] Cosmos - WIP, any advice?
  16. Need help creating two opposing organizations for a campaign
  17. Anyone Up For Mutants And Masterminds World-Building?
  18. Lumière: the city on the positive plane
  19. "New" World, "Strange" Magics
  20. Story Telling; World Building, not so different
  21. Looking for advice on size of a continent.
  22. Dice-Ify That: Guild Wars 2 - Campaign Setting
  23. Exordium (WIP)
  24. (Moved to another forum. Delete this please)
  25. Mythological Physics - Share your cosmologies
  26. [PF.5] Algol: A Post-Apocalyptic Samurai Wuxia Western Roleplaying Experience
  27. Korhal
  28. My New (Mostly) Homebrew Campaign Journal
  29. Equipment for the New World [Crossroads][Pathfinder]
  30. A Fresh Start: The Game of Civilizations
  31. How do you keep track of your realm?
  32. A Modern Ancient Greece
  33. Ageon; A Shattered world
  34. Loros: The Land of a Thousand Nations
  35. [3.5] Low Caster/ Oppressed Magic Setting (Talros)
  36. MtG New Setting Help!!!
  37. Trenches and Trebuchets
  38. Conquest [PF]: The Community World-Building Where YOU Are the Nations!
  39. Mttrpg- sorry double post
  40. Mttrpg
  41. PF E6 - Five Days from Rhomaipolis
  42. Give me some critique for "The Hierarchy," a fantasy religion with historical influen
  43. Making an Interesting Pantheon
  44. Where do I go from here?
  45. Dragon Crusade setting.
  46. Guns in The Outlaw [RPG Setting]
  47. In need of some help
  48. Daratresk: the Playing Field of the Great Game[WIP][PEACH]
  49. 3.5 Island Ecology
  50. Question; Would this make for an interesting campain? (Opinions and thoughts please)
  51. [3.5e] Fonts of Magic
  52. Another shaman homebrew!
  53. Project Build a setting workshop
  54. Collaborative Space Opera!
  55. Gods/cosmology...
  56. Nevermorph: Mites in an eldritch abomination from before time [WIP; PEACH]
  57. A Very Quick Project
  58. An "Alien" Race: The Kalnikans
  59. World Help Evil Gods
  60. Avithale, Cast your votes for this Arcanepunk/Steampunk setting!
  61. Dawn of Civilization
  62. Brainstorming Those that cross the barrier of the 4th wall, travelers from other material planes
  63. Götterdämmerung: Heat Death of the Multiverse (post-singularity magitek)
  64. Need suggestions for building a pantheon.
  65. Brainstorming Dwarves are boring.
  66. Emergence: A New Game (Worldbuilding)
  67. Game setting help
  68. Monsters of the Multiverse [PEACH]
  69. Xiov Reborn (4E)
  70. The Southerly lands of Tolarus and Tonarath, tales of a world
  71. Another Co-operative Setting
  72. Mage Tower?
  73. Expand My 1800s/Final Fantasy VII setting
  74. The Races of Second Genesis
  75. Fun in the Feywild - looking for feedback/suggestions
  76. Kanto: A Region Re-Imagined
  77. "Worlds of Isana" Campaign Setting
  78. Some help wanted with speculative ecology
  79. D20 Modern Post Apocalyptia Setting
  80. Sky Ocean: An Adventurous Campaign Setting
  81. World Help Names for sci fi earth government
  82. New Setting PEACH
  83. New setting, need help
  84. Fast-paced Worldbuilding
  85. Magic Across the Worlds: Consolidating Magic for a Omniversal Setting
  86. Re-Visiting My Homebrew World, "Mirror, Mirror" Style
  87. Army of the damned
  88. "Maybe This World is Another Planet's Hell!"
  89. Project EMPIRE! A Community World-Building Tale of People & Discovery
  90. Project Recruiting for Community Worldbuilding: Fantasy Sandbox
  91. Caldera City Mini-Setting
  92. Campaign Setting [PEACH]
  93. My World [PF] The Barrier World - a world in progress
  94. Magic System Idea (PEACH)
  95. 3.5 City Idea Help
  96. The Road to Casey's Crossing
  97. Coup at the Bone Palace -- Frigates and Flintlocks Fluff Piece
  98. Urdonia - A Parallel Earth (High Fantasy Style)
  99. Noob DM, Eberron/Eldeen Reaches campaign intro
  100. Project Standard races redone/ community project
  101. World Help no idea what i'm doing
  102. roleplaying time/ creating a dynasty
  103. A city I would like input on to fill out.
  104. My World Races of Essafos (Including LA+0 Undead!)
  105. Project Vote Up A Language! (A community language-construction project)
  106. Dynamic geography
  107. Brainstorming Space Ark
  108. Project Dyson World (Community-"World" Building Project)
  109. My World Change: Explaining an unusual setting.
  110. Quote-based worldbuilding. Original? Perhaps!
  111. Did Giant ever finish 'The New World' posts?
  112. My World Steam and Shadows (A 3.5 Setting)
  113. World Help Fictional sport, fictional teams
  114. World Help The Witherlands Campaign (advice desired)
  115. World Help World help need ideas
  116. World Help Symbol for a god of Slaughter.
  117. How to make a world based on FireFireFire manga
  118. Project EMPIRE! A Community World-Building Game II: 2 Quest, 2 Curious
  119. My World The Last Days of Petrafar: Mini-Setting Concept
  120. Mu stupid world idea(PF)
  121. My World Thaumra (The E6 Gestalt Post-Tippyverse with some homebrew)
  122. Brainstorming Creating a fictional cryptocurrency
  123. Lycanthropy, a different take. Philosophical and gaming discussion.
  124. My World I've been developing this world for some time, and I'm looking for some feedback.
  125. World Help Cold Iron, Silver and...?
  126. Project Bottom-Up Pantheon & Setting Game
  127. Brainstorming Names for Player Races
  128. World Help Requesting help writing a religious text
  129. Brainstorming Names for cities.
  130. My World Campaign: The Legacy Wastes [PF]
  131. error - wrong forum
  132. Ignore Or delete
  133. Brainstorming Concept for a Setting
  134. My World F&F: Obbittia (PEACH)
  135. Mapmaking in Inkscape
  136. godly powers for humans
  137. World Help Advice needed: low maintenance, non-vanilla setting. With spirits.
  138. Industries for a Sword and Sorcery/Magic Punk game?
  139. Social titles in a magogracy
  140. World Help Unusual nation setups
  141. My World A Game of Opposition
  142. My World First Worldbuild for Campaign, PEACH
  143. Reimagining races: Gnolls
  144. My World Rise of Korvalus
  145. Signa Stellarum Nigrarum: Techronomicon II
  146. My World The World of Molig-Or( my attempt at a low tech setting)
  147. Watch Not Really a Spambot Online Now
  148. Brainstorming Old style setting building
  149. My World Magepunk Multiverse (3.5)
  150. World Help Gray vs. Gray
  151. World Help so, in this world, souls are physical things...
  152. World Help [PEACH] Guardian Campaign Setting, .V2
  153. World Help Calanders and Lunur cycles
  154. Project EMPIRE! Community World-Building Game III: Prepare Your Inbox! (Messages Are Coming)
  155. World Help Survival Setting: What All I Need?
  156. [CONAN] GM's Closet for the Conan RPG
  157. Reptilian Humanoids & Breeding
  158. World Help The Distribution of Gods Across the Alignment Spectrum
  159. My World WIP setting: The Void
  160. World Help Aubiras, land of <Insert Adjective Here>
  161. Brainstorming World Building: The Ancient Seas
  162. Making a Pantheon of deities [PF]
  163. Project Quote based worldbuilding 2: the deciphering.
  164. My World Gemini! Treasure Hunting Across Both Sky & Sea!
  165. Brainstorming Building a world with no "classical" D&D races
  166. My World The World of Tutus
  167. This war's gone on forever.
  168. World Help Nosgoth: Legacy of Kane [3.5]
  169. My World .
  170. World Help Golem Tech: Mechs and Magic magitek setting!
  171. Rondovania
  172. Playing Up the Law-Chaos Conflict?
  173. Project EMPIRE! Community W-B Game IV: **** Is Getting Real... It's Always Getting Real!
  174. Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
  175. Project What would YOU do if the end was nigh?
  176. World Help Special buildings in medieval fantasy setting
  177. World Help Pathfinder: Floating Islands and Airships
  178. Brainstorming World builders: What will your players never see?
  179. Brainstorming On making an adventurer academy hub thread.
  180. Brainstorming The Two Page Tabletop
  181. Brainstorming EMPIRE! Pre-history Thread
  182. My World Ravghol the Untamed Wild. PF
  183. Top Down or Bottom Up?
  184. An exercise in world mythology
  185. Crowded Worlds
  186. World Help A people of strictly carnivorous lifestyle...
  187. Help With Government/Politics of My First Setting?
  188. Help with some world regions
  189. World Help Calling all orbital mechanics specialists in the playground!
  190. Brainstorming The barbarians are invading!
  191. Project Crowdsourced World Building Project
  192. Brainstorming Thirty Years War, low-fantasy historical fiction
  193. Project My First Campaign, PEACH, and need some help/ideas
  194. My World The Thirty Years War (30YW)
  195. On the meaning of the word "plane".
  196. My World Vesper: A Low-Magic, Gothic Horror Pathfinder Setting (Feedback Requested)
  197. Brainstorming What came first, the gods or the people? OR...?!
  198. World Help The Seasonal Kingdoms Require Your Assistance
  199. Spike's Offshoot Quote Based World
  200. Project EMPIRE! Community W-B Game V: Unless You Are The Mongols
  201. Empire! Regional Maps
  202. EMPIRE! North Hemisphere Star Map
  203. World Help Myth-building and tips
  204. Technology/Pseudo-Science = Evocation
  205. My World Diguo, The Empire. One of the four worlds of my upcoming Worlds Collide campaign.
  206. The world unmade (WIP)
  207. My World Suda - A world of light and darkness
  208. My World The Great War of the Outsiders
  209. Project Crossroads II: I'm on a Mammoth.
  210. Dark Sun Homebrewed
  211. World Help Setting Government and Class System: Reasonable?
  212. Project Evolution tampering
  213. Project Developing interesting groups?
  214. Predominant Races
  215. Spike's Quote-Based World II: The Thrashing.
  216. A World of Rock: suggestions?
  217. Project Bad Company: Villlainous Sandbox Campaign [Pathfinder]
  218. A world in a painting [worldbuilding exercise]
  219. Spike's Color Wheel World [Excersice/Game?]
  220. Building a Pre-Medieval World
  221. Brainstorming Gangs of New York and Pathfinder
  222. World Help Gods, Myths, and Diversity of Faith
  223. New Campaign World
  224. Project EMPIRE! Community W-B Game VI: Salt, Spies and Everything Dyes!
  225. World Help Godly Domains
  226. Brainstorming Let's make a campaign
  227. Warhammer 40k to a D&D campaign
  228. My World Looking for critiques, advice, and ideas for "Shadow-Punk" fantasy world
  229. Spike's Bottom Up Pantheon Offshoot
  230. World Help A World Without Magic (Pathfinder)
  231. My World Campaign World: Alternate Early Modern Earth
  232. Project Steampunk Fantasy (damn it, need help with Hobbits!)
  233. World Help Indian-Themed campaign
  234. My World Need Help - World Building (Multiverse)
  235. My World "The Cradle" - Mythology PEACH
  236. Index Empire! The Lands of Telluris (the fluff beyond the crunch)
  237. World Help A setting like a box of dynamites
  238. My World Shadow Plane section - wondering how good a job I did
  239. Brainstorming Adventurer academy: More staff and maybe even more positions.
  240. Extended Calenders and Aging
  241. Blades of despair Revisited
  242. Project Bryn's World Building Challenge
  243. Technology designation format
  244. Build a campaign with me. Fun, laughter and thrills await.
  245. Brainstorming The Years of Rice & Salt D&D Campaign
  246. Climate Variance Based on Latitude
  247. Help me with this City
  248. Brainstorming What the blooming hell is a Wylk?
  249. World Help First time DM: It's a big world, but I can't find a place for the party
  250. Need help making D&D Campaign Timeline?