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  1. My World Fiorga
  2. My World The Coinage of Freehold
  3. Brainstorming Campaign Setting Events! [EMPIRE!, but not specifically so]
  4. Have some seeds for a campaign, but don't know where to go from here
  5. Armaleon, the capital of Deaegg
  6. My World Stopping magic dominating a setting
  7. My World Enti'inor, an Oasis of Land in the Endless Ocean
  8. World Help Ara: Realm of Dreams (PEACH)
  9. World Help The Jagged Coast (Work in Progress)
  10. Create an NPC, Building, Country, or Guild!
  11. Brainstorming Pathfinder in a world without humans?
  12. A worldbuilding sketch blog
  13. The plothole checking thread
  14. World Help Creating a Japanese-inspired culture
  15. My World A World of Spirits: A Reflavoring of the Force (Work in Progress)
  16. My World Talliente and Altruim, the places and ways of describing them.
  17. World Help Inhuman Perspectives by a Human
  18. World Help How Much Detail For World Map?
  19. My World Raeus- The Slience of the Gods
  20. Good map-making program?
  21. DMS ONLY Legend of Hyrule total war.
  22. My World The City of Freehold
  23. Brainstorming Commodity Price Variation
  24. Project EMPIRE! CWBG VII: Dancing With Headless Princesses! (Fish, Saffron & Ginger Edition)
  25. Mapping Quandary
  26. Cyrolixia
  27. World Help Armadillo Rabbit People: A Sensible Design
  28. Project Let's build an adventure path!
  29. My World The Elements war
  30. World Help Converting 4E Cosmology and Gods to Pathfinder
  31. Deity Help- The Creator of the Planes
  32. World Help EFGT Organisation and Equipment
  33. World Help Help me design a steampunk country
  34. Project Artifexian - a worldbuilding guide
  35. help me re invision hobgoblins
  36. Pain: The World Forged by Them
  37. My World Technology Division Question [Pathfinder]
  38. 'Special Agents' in fantasy
  39. World Help (Pathfinder) Time Travel Flashback Campaign. (Work in Progress.)
  40. World Help [PF] The Barrier World - Take 2
  41. Brainstorming Odlania - Dinosaur Based Setting (Work in Progress)
  42. Brainstorming First step to my continent [WIP]
  43. Brainstorming "Oriental" Flavor For The Drow
  44. Some other worldbuilding sites?
  45. World Help More worldbuilding - Ireland, Scotland, and New England
  46. Need a good telegraphy system for scouts
  47. Redout: The Random Time Travel Game
  48. World-building Attention Deficit Problems?
  49. The Old Imperium -- Timeline, Myths, Culture, etc.
  50. Brainstorming Post-Apocalyptic: "Dimensional Collision"
  51. Problems with crossing Changeling the Lost over with other fantasy 'verses
  52. Brainstorming Amerhikan Wasteland (an Exodus Setting)
  53. Brainstorming Commodities - Table Top Strategy
  54. Closed
  55. Racial Appearance
  56. Brainstorming Duumgarten
  57. Seven Deadly Sins Demons (See Inside)
  58. World Help Fleshing out a Fantasy Setting recovering from the apocalypse
  59. Basic 3.5 campaign for my wife (updated)
  60. World Help Ask your geography, geology, meteorology, anthropology, and related questions here!
  61. Help creating a planet
  62. Building a game world from scratch, posting ideas here for feedback
  63. horror without clichs.
  64. Legend of Zelda Homebrew Campaign: Suggestions needed.
  65. World Help What's the right worldbuilding approach for me to take?
  66. Ancient Civilizations: Mythology idea
  67. World Help Looking for Another set of Eyes/An artist
  68. World Help (Pathfinder) Low-Magic Development Suggestions
  69. [Project] Help build a Canal City heavily Commerce based.
  70. Project [PF] Barboraii - A 'Super-sized' Campaign Setting
  71. World Help Pretenders of Olympos
  72. mechanics help wanted for a gelatinous creature setting.
  73. World Help Amnesia Campaign in Pathfinder. Suggestions for it would be nice.
  74. My World Eord (and the rest of its world)
  75. My World Narses the Emboldened World
  76. Project How Big/Detailed Should A Randomly Generated World Be Anyway?
  77. Worlds without Humans
  78. Why have armies?
  79. Campaign that gets into mindflayer origins
  80. My World World of Madarra - Rise of Empires [5e][WIP]
  81. Underground Ecology and Implications of an Underworld
  82. World Help Critique my setting map?
  83. World Help Mapping this world I've made up? Some confusion...
  84. [PF] sandbox setting
  85. World Help Help with corruption effects for the abuse of magic
  86. My World Hunters of Meng Xiang - Main Thread
  87. Project Earth 2096 Setting Thread
  88. Brainstorming Hunters of Meng Xiang - Discussion
  89. Project Migration campaign setting thread (work in progress)
  90. My World The World of Enlil
  91. Project Advice on occult world-war 2 game with some slightly wacky elements?
  92. Project Alternate History/Future for GURPS intrigue campaign
  93. A world of Islands
  94. Brainstorming Cyberpunk (Near Future) - A Realistic Look at the Future
  95. Project EMPIRE! CWBG VIII: It's Not An Event Without A Few Corpses
  96. My World (PF/3.5, PEACH) Thyressa - The Golden Age - A More Modern Setting
  97. Let's build a mythology
  98. Project The Haliburn Galaxy: D&D (3.5) as Sci-Fi [WIP]
  99. Project The Haliburn Galaxy: Discussion Thread
  100. World Help Goblin alignment
  101. Halfling Empire?
  102. Telvaria: A World in Progress (Feedback strongly desired)
  103. Indians, Cowboys, and... too much world for my purposes
  104. Aquatic Societies and How to Make Them Interesting (please tell me!)
  105. Universal Deities
  106. World Help Worldbuilding Help (Iroquois and Southeast Asia)
  107. World Help Worldshards: A Factionalized Setting
  108. Lets vote up a pantheon!
  109. Project The Extreme Far Future (Numenera Campaign Design)
  110. My World [Pathfinder] Ilarion
  111. World Help Need help fleshing out a Culture
  112. My World The World of Noduniya (3.5)
  113. Design some Flora and Fauna!
  114. My World Another Campaign
  115. Draslei, a low magic world
  116. Proposal Icemen/Ayoo Tun'I from Rich's The New World articles (Use this how you like)
  117. The Modern League of Extraordinary Persons
  118. Brainstorming Creating a fantasy technology level based off of anime/JRPGs.
  119. EMPIRE! The Scrolls of Ashmar
  120. Forging a World
  121. Random words worldbuilding game!
  122. My World Godori: Steppes and Dragons, a Fifth Edition Setting (PEACH!)
  123. World without good deities
  124. Bottoms Up! World Building Project
  125. Brainstorming Lashmir - A Cursed Land (worldbuilding exercise)
  126. My World (Pathfinder) Belladonis, the Poisoned World
  127. World Help Building a Conlang (Vek'ta)
  128. My World Created a Water Dungeon with... a bit of a twist
  129. World Help Fleshing Out a Setting for my Group--Advice?
  130. Project [5e] Brave New World - The Two Paths (My first campaign setting)
  131. Brainstorming Ideas for a Refreshing Evil Religious Faction
  132. World Help Waysterra: It has always been this way. (PEACH)
  133. Brainstorming [3.X] Worldview and Priesthood Composition if the Gods are Children
  134. Bottom-Up Pantheon & Setting Game II
  135. Writing a campaign setting...
  136. Legend of Zelda lore rewrite (WIP)
  137. My World The Kingdom of Rah [Open for Comments]
  138. A New Take on Celestia's Ruling Powers
  139. Brainstorming Coming up with a world for the Burrwood Institute.
  140. Ponyfinder Campaign with some Homebrewing (Advise and Aid Appreciated)
  141. World Help Cartography for the artistically stunted?
  142. Brainstorming Third gender
  143. Barter system for pre-currency world
  144. World Help A new quote-based effort
  145. My World l-Ceald, the Endless Cold - Check out the other thread!
  146. My World Kythea (comments welcome)
  147. Brainstorming Dwarves in historical folklore
  148. Visualizing the politcal situation in my campaign setting, predictions?
  149. Worldbuilding Stack Exchange
  150. Project Letting the Player's Do the Work via Backstory
  151. Project My Weatherlight Saga Campaign
  152. World Help A Dilemma of Class and the Vancian Writings.
  153. My World My Oz: A world based on a bunch of things
  154. Interesting Geographies - Worlds that are not planets
  155. My World l-Ceald: The Endless Cold. Updated, improved and extended!
  156. My World Developing a Hierarchy.
  157. My World The Bronze Age of Basetra (AKA; Basetra)
  158. My World The Seven Cities of Syraxia [3.5]
  159. World Help Some high fantasy deities I've been working on, feedback would be nice
  160. Project EMPIRE! Rules and Administration
  161. Project EMPIRE! CWBG IX: We Keep Score With Bragging Rights! Many Prowess, Such Revolution
  162. GURPS Fantasy - Aclodoc, a world of compounded bad decisions
  163. Brainstorming [Pathfinder] Help me string these thoughts together into something coherent.
  164. Project Terra Chronos
  165. Thaeriria - my first fantasy world compilation - a work in progress
  166. My World The Minds Of Almantha (Remodeling for D&D Next!)
  167. My World On the origin of tieflings.
  168. Brainstorming Snippets of Creativity
  169. Project Pokemon Tabletop United Region Valkara (complete with new pokemon)
  170. World Help Ancient world technology.
  171. Redoing The Monster Races
  172. My World Korlen (D&D setting)
  173. My World Thyressa - American Magitech
  174. Setting based on the human body
  175. My World [5e] Vision - The World of Thayne
  176. Brainstorming Dragon Territories as Fiefs?
  177. My World The World of Aram
  178. World Help Weather patterns in a tidally-locked world
  179. [3.5] NPC Vault!
  180. My World [3.N] A Return to Exile (Help me finish an ambitious Campaign Setting Project)
  181. Unique quote based world to build.
  182. My World Tollaria: Where Gods Walk Among Men
  183. Brainstorming Making my elves interesting.
  184. Brainstorming I have some ideas and was wondering if anyone would mind helping me flesh them out!
  185. Project {Empire!} 13 Swords of the 'True' Jaaku Na
  186. Project EMPIRE! CWBG X: For Obscure Cultural Reasons, We Have Huuuuuuge Tracts Of Land
  187. My World The Runegate Chronicles
  188. World Help The Runegate Chronicles (Discussion Thread)
  189. Of Darkness and Light - The Morality of Shades of Brightness
  190. My World Dark Roads - A world of twilight
  191. Brainstorming Sketching Out Preliminary Setting Ideas
  192. Fruits and Vegetables Native to South America
  193. My World World of Magic
  194. Shattered World Societies
  195. The Shattered World
  196. Brainstorming What if the Primordials had won the Dawn War? (4e)
  197. Help me make mind-flayers scary agan
  198. Measuring time in a world without a Moving Sun/Moon?
  199. Brainstorming Filling in the balance gaps
  200. Ramble Out Some Worlds!
  201. Design some (More) Flora and Fauna!
  202. Racial Trinities
  203. Making a Way for a D&D World to be Plausible
  204. My World The Jewel: A 3.5 Setting [PEACH]
  205. My World Red Sun: A D&D 5e Setting based on DC comics
  206. Brainstorming Fantasy Dystopia
  207. World Help How to make 'Elder Evils' sympathetic.
  208. World Help Would like a critique and feedback on the basics of two empires
  209. Project Looking for creative minds to join the Project!
  210. Feedback/Ideas for a Low Fantasy Ghost City
  211. World Help Menira, Northern Campaign Ideas
  212. Burrwood Institute: School of War
  213. World Help Calling All Worldbuilders: How Do I Make The Planar 'Good' Faction Interesting?
  214. Tarmidd Reborn - an extensive reworking of Tarth Moorda
  215. Brainstorming Getting That Sword-and-Sorcery Feel
  216. My World Paramyth Campaign Setting [PEACH]
  217. Project The Caribbean [Region] [Crossroads]
  218. World Help Herbs, drugs, medicines, and so on
  219. Brainstorming Help me with ideas for my world
  220. My World Ancient Lands - Savage Heroes and Mythical Beasts
  221. Brainstorming needing some help with my world: some done
  222. Brainstorming Greenpeace terrorist organization
  223. World Help Help me name a race
  224. Brainstorming Magitech + Western help needed
  225. Brainstorming Epidemics, why aren't they featured more prominently?
  226. Brainstorming So I had an idea for a campaign about the PCs escaping an inescapable prison...
  227. Zombies and Headshots
  228. Light Coins, just a bit of Fluff
  229. Project EMPIRE! CWBG XI: We Finally Have Nomads
  230. New Setting Idea. Feedback greatly appreciated.
  231. Project Looking for staff!
  232. Raise Dead and Royal Succession
  233. My World [Pathfinder] Curse of the Red Planet
  234. Working on my humaniod moth race, suggestions welcome
  235. I have a world outline - what to do next?
  236. Brainstorming Hacking settings for fun (and possibly profit)
  237. World Help Building a Campaign Setting: Azi'ri, Land of Arcane Remnants
  238. Advice for a High fantasy modern setting?
  239. Project Fur and Freedom (Dungeons and Dragons 3.5)
  240. Brainstorming Create a World through Races
  241. sorry
  242. World Help Magic for a Novel Setting
  243. Campaign setting in ancient era
  244. Brainstorming Remixing my Campaign world, unsure of direction to go.
  245. Avafor - pathfinder magetech postwar setting
  246. Making maps
  247. My World Demon Touched Elven Kingdom(Suggestions Appreciated)
  248. Brainstorming The Board (A Xorvintaal World)
  249. Process of Elimination: Collaborative World-Building
  250. Dark Sun Future: A Project