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  1. Multiclass Battlefront Leader Feat
  2. 4e Character Builder
  3. Help with attack roll rules please?
  4. Building a bugbear ranger
  5. Swimming/Watershaper theme
  6. Creating powers?
  7. How viable is a Bard MC Chaladin defender/off-tank?
  8. My NEW New Campaign Idea
  9. Total newb to 4e, help with class please
  10. World Maps
  11. [4E] DM seeks advices for faster combat
  12. 4E Rogue get Thief Tricks
  13. Dm's, help me, plz!
  14. Long sword vs bastard sword. Are superior weapons worth it?
  15. 4e on a hex grid?
  16. Looking for a template for a small flying creature(i.e. will-o-wisp,lantern archon)
  17. 4E pet peeve: Flying
  18. Need help with 8 PC lvl 1 boss fight - new dm!
  19. I'd like to hear your ideas on a backup PC...
  20. Determining loot.
  21. Dual-Wielding Lances
  22. Swordmage with Spiked Shield
  23. Feat Selection for a Drow Avenger
  24. What is the power of a reroll?
  25. Ranger with sneak attack
  26. Another 4e beginer
  27. Rule experts, help plz
  28. DM Writer's Block...
  29. Monster Creation Challenge: Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  30. 4e Shardmind Psion Daily Halving Damage?
  31. Hi could a skilled adventurer give a fledgling ranger some advice
  32. What can a brawler do to gap close?
  33. Higher & Lower level players in the same game
  34. Rule Queestion - Stealthed PCs?
  35. "Giant Mecha"
  36. Unusual pathfinder question
  37. Battle Meditation Class
  38. Fighter|Invoker Build, V1
  39. First Campaign
  40. How Screwed is too Screwed? D&D4e
  41. Needing help with a [4e] Paladin
  42. Class choice?
  43. Paladin: Str, Cha, or Bal?
  44. homebrew regarding the two-hit minion
  45. Fighter+Avernian Knight+Draconic Incarnation?
  46. Unseelie Agent Theme + Cold Blaster Wizard?
  47. Thoughts on my killswitch?
  48. Dragonborn Chaladin|Wrathvoker/Hospitaler or "an experiment on CharOp"
  49. Dungeon Master Folio
  50. D&D Models
  51. Designing interesting encounters
  52. Defender Opportunity Attack Combos
  53. Brütal Pixie
  54. Explaining room to a stealthy?
  55. Naval Combat 4e
  56. Advice for a new DM
  57. Figuring out a Swordmage Rogue
  58. A Dwarf Stormheart Warden that knocks enemies prone like crazy
  59. fun character ideas
  60. [DMs only]: Skill Challenge for assassination
  61. Fantasy Racial Preferences
  62. Elementalist question
  63. Potential party Split help Needed
  64. No essentials/dragon
  65. Help! My character never hits!
  66. Looking for 4th ed tier list
  67. Campaign idea (4e)
  68. Pacifist Cleric help
  69. Advice for Acane Fey
  70. Character Help
  71. I need some "god" help
  72. Defender Challenge/Punish Question
  73. Fey Step optimization
  74. Chaladin advice
  75. Giantdad in 4e Build
  76. Sorcerer-type help
  77. Half-Elf Paladin|Battlemind/Zephyr Blade/Chosen of Moradin (now level 21!)
  78. Phantom Reality spell and single-targets
  79. Power types
  80. New DM with an evil campaign YIPPEE!
  81. Please help with a kobold barbarian
  82. Rogue helping the paladin be stealthy.
  83. Quick Question: Hybrid Avenger/Executioner
  84. So now, I have no idea what I'm doing. But where do I start?
  85. Question about the Inherent Bonus system
  86. 3 Storm Sorc questions
  87. Seems too powerful
  88. Staggering Note Question around forced movement
  89. Dragonborn Fighter Advice
  90. Longtooth Shifter Fighter help
  91. New dragonborn leader needs advice
  92. Ignore this
  93. 3.5 Player Switching To 4th.
  94. 1 vs 1 PVP style arena character ideas
  95. Creating a Heroic Artifact
  96. Slayer class build 4E
  97. Warforged Warlock|Warden/Avernian Knight/Demigod or "Setting-neutral experiment"
  98. Players leaning REALLY chaotic... How do I keep order?
  99. Healing Potions
  100. [D&D 4e] Paragon Path for Human Rageblood Barbarian
  101. Which Paragon Path for my human rageblood barbarian?
  102. The Whirlwind of Darkness, a Drow Swordmage/Curseborn
  103. Theme Build - Shoulder Pixie
  104. Tiefling Paladin|Fighter/Daring Blade/Ceaseless Guardian
  105. taunt?
  106. Turning normal marks into special marks
  107. bag of holding
  108. Dazing and improving its punishment
  109. Eye of the Storm, a Polearm Knight/Gladiator Champion
  110. Marking mechanics with a Leader class?
  111. What to do with Bullywug eggs?
  112. Community Tier List Paramethers Sketch
  113. Let's OPTIMIZE together!
  114. Human Fighter|Paladin/Daring Blade/Ceaseless Guardian
  115. Unintelligent enemies and marks
  116. Class effectiveness rating - Leader
  117. Looking for help planning Swordmage build
  118. A Tiefling Battlemind/Zephyr Blade/Topaz Crusader
  119. Tabletop 4E
  120. Human Battlemind/Gladiator Champion or "Proto-Stun"
  121. Hybrid Hunter
  122. Taste of Power Alpha: Endarire's Overhaul of 3.5
  123. Organ Grinder w/ monkey!
  124. Quick Wizard Powers question-
  125. An Arcane Archer?
  126. Advice needed for rebuilding a Blackguard for Tomb of Horrors
  127. Help!!!
  128. GPuzzle's Build Compendium!
  129. Warforged Fighter|Battlemind/Gladiator Champion
  130. Longtooth Shifter Warden|Druid/Horned Champion/Reincarnate Champion
  131. Odd combination
  132. Level 8 group vs. Level 13 Brute
  133. Half-Elf Swordmage|Druid/Sigil Carver
  134. noob need help
  135. Elemental Sorc
  136. Tiles
  137. Fighter builds
  138. Defence Penalties
  139. The Invisible Hammer, Half-Elf Knight/Evermeet Warlock/Ceaseless Guardian
  140. Default Class Fluff turned on its ear
  141. Stealthy barbarian
  142. Help to material list
  143. The Lead'lock Experiment
  144. Help for a new DM
  145. Half-Elf Knight/Exorcist of the Silver Flame/Indomitable Champion, THP Generator
  146. Saint Peter, Goliath Warden|Fighter/Exorcist of the Silver Flame/Saint
  147. Sigil awakens
  148. Striker mechanics.
  149. Monk Ranger help needed
  150. I need help w/ building our 5th character (Half-Elf Dragon Sorcerer)
  151. How do I Vestigelock?
  152. Action Point while dazed?
  153. Sorcerer (Primal)
  154. Holy smite
  155. Trying to make magical items
  156. Pursuing Avenger - Did I create him well?
  157. Dragonborn Ruthless Rufian
  158. Weird character building
  159. Help with Control Wizard Build
  160. dragon and beast
  161. D&D 4e to remain in print
  162. Rate my build. Draconian frostburn hexblade
  163. Trident as Bard Implement?
  164. Bard instruments
  165. Help: Rev. Half-Elf Hexblade (White Well)
  166. wizard vs the dragon
  167. worthwhile build?
  168. Defender / Leader build suggestions?
  169. DM Help Creatures in a Paladin's Tomb
  170. Striker/leader Artificer
  171. The White Hole, reverse-sticky test: Genasi Swordmage/Sigil Carver/Ceaseless Guardian
  172. 4E Maptools
  173. DM Help Best Published Adventure?
  174. Facing Rules in 4e
  175. Optimization Why play a paladin ?
  176. DM Help A good Kingdom building system?
  177. Optimization Fine-tuning a Charge-barian
  178. DM Help NPC mentor and character learnings
  179. Optimization Dragon Knight, Dragonborn Paladin|Sorcerer/Paragon Hybrid/Indomitable Champion
  180. How to fly
  181. Cat Hengeyokai
  182. Rules Q&A 4e Acrobatics.
  183. Rules Q&A What does "Critical Hit" affect?
  184. Favorite Houserules/Homebrew
  185. DM Help Help!!! Again...
  186. Resources for Drow Race
  187. Rules Q&A Becoming an Aberation
  188. Knight Hospitalier! O_o
  189. Player Help So many strikers, what do I do
  190. What is the difference between a 4th edition druid and 3.5
  191. Roleplaying Pirinoth Appearance/ miniature
  192. DM Help Dwarves!
  193. DM Help Custom Magic Item Help
  194. DM Help Running godlike campaign, need some help
  195. Under powered player
  196. Optimization Multiclassing a Blackguard
  197. 4e as Wargaming
  198. Superior Implement Proficiency?
  199. Optimization Curseswitch, Tiefling Bard|Warlock/Flame of Hope/Destined Scion, Nova-Curse Master
  200. Player Help A Paladin multiclassing into a Platypus
  201. DMing challenge.
  202. Weapon for a Euphoric Ardent
  203. DM Help Avenger Patch
  204. Bladesinger Fix?
  205. Which Niche?
  206. Optimization Feel the Thunder - a Thunder Mafia optimization exercise
  207. Statsticks: Weapons with passive enchantments
  208. Optimization Tweaking a Ranger
  209. Could a fighter ever replace a controller?
  210. 4e tiers
  211. 4e tiers
  212. Favourite Party Compositions
  213. Optimization Want to get into D&D
  214. Best controller?
  215. Player Help Multiclassing Options
  216. Optimization Is the Blackguard worth playing? (Character Brainstorming)
  217. One-man show.
  218. Optimization Is it possible to build a Straladin primary Defender?
  219. Optimization Half-Orc Paladin/Champion of the Order/Lorekeeper, a Straladin Primary-Defender
  220. How necessary is it to have one of every role?
  221. How do I Intimidatomancer?
  222. Game of Thrones PC?
  223. Optimization Half-Elf Paladin|Battlemind/Champion of the Order/Topaz Crusader, lockdown expert
  224. DM Help Quick RAI help: Potion of Mimicry
  225. DM Help Does Furious Bolts Need to be "Fixed?"
  226. Optimization Coming back after a long break
  227. "New" DM seeking advice
  228. DM Help A PC's dead body auction
  229. Optimization Swordswitch - Watersoul Genasi Swordmage|Artificer/Flame of Hope/Destined Scion
  230. Quick PP Idea
  231. Bonuses versus OA/Preventing OA or adding [Cold) to Staggering Note
  232. Rules Q&A Dancing Longsword
  233. I am the second defender, what to do?
  234. Optimization The TheoOp Nova Experiment: Half-Elf Bard/Morninglord/Reincarnate Champion
  235. Looking for a Mod
  236. Index Pixie "Shrink" Power - Building a pixie with a fullblade? & General char creation qs
  237. Silly boss ideas.
  238. Player Help Character Creation assistance. Swordmage/defenderlock (Darth Vader build)
  239. Player Help Poison Assassin
  240. Wizard Supercharger?
  241. DM Help Tactical battle map
  242. Rules Q&A Skill Challenges?
  243. Optimization Invoking a Nova - Human Invoker/Adroit Explorer/Destined Scion
  244. 4.0 dragonborn druid guardian summoner type dude
  245. Module Recommendations?
  246. Optimization Post-Errata Arcane Slasher?
  247. Player Help Thrown Melee Weapons?
  248. Optimization The Regenerator - getting as much resist all as possible
  249. Is D&D Insider worth it?
  250. Re-statting Solos/Elites to MM3