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  1. Question About Minions
  2. Optimization The Unexpected - Longtooth Shifter Warlord|Cleric/Divine Oracle/Warmaster
  3. 4e-derived homebrew system
  4. Optimization Cantrips!
  5. Optimization Protector of the Order, v2 - Half-Elf Battlemind|Paladin
  6. DM Help Recent problem with one player.
  7. Best monsters rarely used?
  8. Optimization Arena-Fighting Assassin (maximized single-target burst damage)
  9. Beginner Tips
  10. Optimization Fighting Flail - a Human Fighter/Adroit Explorer that's extremely sticky
  11. Do beastmaster archers still have the archery OA trick?
  12. Optimization Tiefling Infernal Warlock Build
  13. A question about warsmiths
  14. DM Help WoW Warlock using existing materials?
  15. Gaining the Dragon Magic class feature
  16. Optimization Nova Attempts - a Longtooth Shifter Barbarian|Ranger/Moonstalker/Eternal Seeker
  17. Optimization Half-Elf Battlemind/Blackstone Guardian/Topaz Crusader - Taking Mind Spike to its max
  18. DM Help Enemy HP
  19. Question about ki-focuses
  20. Player Help In a daze: How do I deal with friendly fire perma-daze?
  21. Hybrid Fighter/Rogue
  22. DM Help Homeruling Small and Tiny bonuses to AC
  23. DM Help Running Epic Tier for the First Time in a Long Time
  24. Heart of Fury Mode
  25. Best parts of 4E that should be kept for 5E
  26. DM Help New DM, long time assistance on various matters
  27. Optimization Ranged Defender - Half-Elf Fighter MC Ranger/Sharpshooter/Ceaseless Guardian
  28. Skill Challege: Prove your worth as a scholar
  29. Optimization The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Team - Roll initiative, burn everything
  30. Help on alignment
  31. So I asked for a pocket Barbarian...
  32. Mage's Weapon
  33. Optimization Paragon Githzerai Shielding Swordmage build ?
  34. How many rules in 4e are directly from 3e?
  35. Optimization Paladin/Rogue Hybrid Build
  36. Player Help Starting 4E - Drow Sorcerer - help needed
  37. Optimization The THP Battery: Mul Swordmage|Battlemind/Sigil Carver/Ceaseless Guardian
  38. Attack on AC or Fortitude
  39. Dark Gift of the Undying gone wrong
  40. Player Help Invoker Build Help
  41. DM Help Dreams of a Vengeful Lich
  42. Need a theme for a Starblade.
  43. Optimization Uncle Tungsten - a Mul Warden/Gladiator Champion/Ceaseless Guardian
  44. DM Help Need a 4e 3rd level rogue, quick!
  45. Player Help Samurai cleric
  46. DM Help Campaign help
  47. Optimization Smoking Snake - Dragonborn Paladin|Warlord/Paragon Hybrid with a nasty catch-22
  48. Player Help Help me with my Bard...er Warlord, please.
  49. Paragon Paths for Heroic Tier
  50. Player Help Just played a little encounter for the first time
  51. DM Help The Fighter is Out Damaging the Avenger!
  52. Optimization To Fix This Cavalier
  53. Pixie Wizard build help
  54. Encounter Playtest
  55. Critique a recurring solo:
  56. Charisma Warlocks: What's your favorite Daily 1?
  57. Built a 3-Stage Boss
  58. DM Help Tips for making my own game setting
  59. Adventuring Day
  60. Optimization The Inquisitor - Half Orc Ranger|Cleric/Divine Oracle/Eternal Seeker
  61. Sexy Shoeless God of War - Human Ranger|Fighter/Adroit Explorer/Eternal Seeker
  62. Optimization Quicksilver - a Revenant Monk|Sorcerer/Lightning Fury/Destined Scion
  63. Deliverance of Faith/healing surges
  64. movement
  65. Surviving the angry god
  66. DM Help Reducing the Christmas Tree Effect
  67. Rules Q&A A Warforged limit
  68. Explain 4th Edition's Cosmology to me please
  69. 4th edition-Pros and cons
  70. Settings with no DM?
  71. DM Help How to handle the rogue during encounters?
  72. Optimization Warforged Barbarian|Battlemind/Winter Fury - infinite damage available at level 15
  73. Player Help Fighting styles+attack bonuses
  74. Player Help 1[W]?
  75. Player Help Bloodied?
  76. DM Help I need some reassurance.
  77. Player Help Dwarf fighter build
  78. Player Help Fighter, ranger, or rogue?
  79. Do they get surprise?
  80. Optimization Eladrin Swordmage|Battlemind/Coronal Guard/Topaz Crusader - Catch-22 Eladrin Tank
  81. Player Help Requesting ideas for a 4E Human Fighter, lv 10, using a Mace.
  82. Getting in hits
  83. DM Help The Party vs. ... Another Party
  84. Player Help Help with rogue ranged attacks
  85. Optimization Swapping Racial Traits
  86. Good Orcus, the Demonlord (Alignment Troubles, Help!)
  87. Two New Players Looking For Online 4e Game
  88. DM Help Damage Typing - Added Damage Types, Rolls, and Resistances/Vulnerabilities
  89. DM Help Writing a 4e Adventure
  90. 4e Horror
  91. *Lore* 4e Players Handbook vs Forgotten Realms
  92. Player Help Looking for advice on Roleplaying a warlord without coming on as a control freak
  93. DM Help PCs missing an opportunity
  94. Optimization Sigil Paladin: Tiefling Paladin|Swordmage/Sigil Carver/Heir to the Empire
  95. Roleplaying I adore my new character.
  96. One shot modules for new players
  97. Questions about the Builder, and AC
  98. Ashardalon themed games
  99. Bard At-Wills?
  100. inherent bonuses??
  101. Best Immediate Interrupts/Reactions in the game?
  102. Player Help Barbarian
  103. Templates
  104. Player Help Heavy blade feats
  105. DM Help I need an outside opinion.
  106. Optimization Fastest speed available or "The Spark Form Experiment"
  107. High-damage monk
  108. Player Help 4e Cleric Help
  109. Player Help Optimisation 101
  110. Player Help Weapons to use for a fighter
  111. 4e mod -- Presumed Competence
  112. Best racial powers?
  113. Optimization Herr Doktor 2.0 - Half-Elf Battlemind|Swordmage/Sigil Carver/Destined Scion
  114. How to use Dominate
  115. Refluffing, what would you do here?
  116. i need help in building a strange rogue
  117. Player Help gnome illusionist
  118. Optimization The Morthwylion Cleddyfau
  119. 4th Edition STRaladin
  120. So, Wizard
  121. Optimization Wizard Question - Damage Type Focus
  122. Monster stats.
  123. Rules Q&A Let's see if I understand this correctly.
  124. Player Help 4e Weapons of mass destruction?
  125. Optimization "Dark" druid
  126. Rules Q&A Can you help me with the Wizard's Spellbook?
  127. Horror adventure modules
  128. Player Help Building a PHB1 Rogue
  129. DM Help a hippogriff in every garage?
  130. DM Help Need a rhyme that's kind of like a riddle
  131. Character Feedback: Ranged/Melee Jack of All Trades
  132. That insect race (Not Thri-Kreen)
  133. DM Help How to justify this?
  134. Player Help Elf Weapon Feat
  135. In what ways, from an optimization standpoint, does 4e differ from 3.5
  136. 4e Custom Power Card Template
  137. Player Help Any suggestions for a Paragon path? (Fighter/Paladin)
  138. Optimization The Great Race Optimization Challenge Number I
  139. Rules Q&A Ballistae Questions
  140. Player Help Build advice for a Level 2 Leader
  141. Player Help Sorceror / Rogue Build?
  142. Optimization Tips for a Low-Level Fighter (Defender)
  143. DM Help Setting up a PbP game: Advice?
  144. DM Help Looking For Ebberon Character Themes
  145. Classes that like shields
  146. DM Help Looking for 2nd opinion on racial modifier house rule.
  147. Interesting build options for fluff/crunch?
  148. Optimization The Thunder Mafia - 4 Pixies Sorcerers with 160 DPR for 4 rounds in a burst 3
  149. Treasure: Help!
  150. Chrono Trigger 4e
  151. WotC's 4E resources are now "archived". :(
  152. Heavy Blade or Axe for a ranger?
  153. Optimization power point maximum
  154. Roleplaying Raise Land Ritual
  155. what's so good about backstabber?
  156. Intelligence, the new Charisma?
  157. D&D 4e Elemental Resistance question...
  158. Player Help Fighter/Sorcerer
  159. Roleplaying Concept Help - Deva Invoker of Fate
  160. "docent" for a warforged?
  161. Player Help Which class helps a Ranger or a fighter the most?
  162. What is the best class?
  163. Infinite Dragon Breath?
  164. What is the best Summoning class?
  165. Good stuff for a dex melee ranger
  166. DM Help Kingdom of the Ghouls [E2]
  167. Rules Q&A Seeking a quick answer to a question about monk powers
  168. Player Help How could I make an Eladrin Runepriest work?
  169. DM Help Lifestyle spending
  170. What class pairs up well with ranger?
  171. Looking for a wilderness based class that is fun to play.
  172. DM Help Playing with body parts
  173. Optimization Paragon path - avenger
  174. Bandit 4e - A D&D 4e Character Management App for iPhone
  175. Optimization Fire + Melee for ATK bonues?
  176. Dropping everything turn 1
  177. Classes that have to do with memories or dreams?
  178. Optimization Lt. Shield + Grab?
  179. Optimization Goliath Paladin|Warden/Champion of the Order - an interesting Defender
  180. Could a Dragonborn's lightning breath help make an electromagnet?
  181. Making a melee Cleric/Artificer hybrid
  182. Puppetmaster class good idea?(Shaman reflavoring)
  183. Custom monster feedback
  184. Optimization Decisions, Decisions... Need advice from experienced players...
  185. Optimization Playing a Rogue... Looking for in-combat tips...
  186. Tiefling Reach Fighter concept... Does it look good enough to use?
  187. Player Help The Fugitive Prince-Class help
  188. How to see the future
  189. Moving through another character's square.
  190. Naruto ninja class?
  191. Can 4e be munchkinned?
  192. Optimization Proning Fighter build concept... Looking for advice on fixing/improving
  193. DND 4e meets LoL, Meet Swain
  194. Optimization Dual Wield Handcrossbow Ranger Advice
  195. Player Help Builds that use two handed and manticores strike
  196. Looking to make a Runepriest
  197. Player Help Useful Rituals?
  198. Rules Q&A Shields, Fighters and Capt. America... Attacking with shield questions...
  199. Rules Q&A Battlefist proficiency?
  200. DM Help "Immediately" in a power
  201. Running a large group game.
  202. So... Anyone still have Wizards' official 4th Edition stats on Blackrazor?
  203. Diplomacy modifiers
  204. Player Help Augment/Power Point (and Monk as well) classes worth playing?
  205. Optimization Looking for adverage Stat and bonus ranges to aim for...Need advice
  206. Player Help Playing 4E for the first time, any advice?
  207. Player Help New friends invited me to join their 4E group. (only ever played 3.5)
  208. Level 3 Optimized Controller with Stealth.
  209. Optimization Invoker At-Will + Feats question...
  210. DM Help Going to run Keep on the Shadowfell as a dungeon crawl - any tips?
  211. [Homebrew] Simple, Customize-able Wild Shape
  212. Best roles for a two-person party
  213. DM Help [answered]
  214. Optimization Questions on a Low-Level Wizard
  215. Optimization Maximizing Brutal Barrage damage for 'Striker' level damage... Did I do it right?
  216. Rate my Invoker!
  217. Player Help lvl 6 monk, need help in picking feats and items
  218. DM Help Let's Not Be Heroes
  219. Rules Q&A Climbing question
  220. DM Help Offturn actions in PBP games
  221. Optimization Looking for examples of how a 90 damage At-Will works...
  222. Berserker and multiclass Paladin
  223. Recommendations for a party of X.
  224. DM Help 4e resource determination
  225. Playing 4e for the first time
  226. DM Help Players and Knowledge
  227. DM Help How to make 2 players as strong as a 4-5 player party
  228. Item bonuses for summoned creatures?
  229. Optimization Level 18 implement
  230. DM Help Do you announce roll results?
  231. Monk optimization
  232. DM Help Player wants to play a Geomancer
  233. History skill help
  234. DM Help Handing out treasure: DM choice or random?
  235. Optimization Cruel Cut style, cleave and morninglord/Lasting frost
  236. Player Help Invoker Build advice
  237. Naval combat.
  238. DM Help Are Multiclass Power Feats necessary?
  239. DM Help Adjustments for a 3 person party
  240. Optimization Hybrid Wizard/Taclord review
  241. Best/favorite Homebrew
  242. Best of Dragon/Dungeon
  243. Optimization Sorcerer Help
  244. DM Help Map Grid size?
  245. Rules Q&A Polearm and shifting help
  246. Elementalist/Arena Champion
  247. Temporary HP Barbarian Build?
  248. Player Help Not quite understanding magic items for a new character...
  249. Making superior weapons more fun
  250. We have an airship!