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  1. Player Help Hybrid Characters and Paragon Paths
  2. Operation Valkyrie: Hybrid Cleric/Barbarian
  3. DM Help Water on maps
  4. Player Help Rogue Paragon path
  5. Rules Q&A How to judicate resistance when an attack has two damage types.
  6. Would like some help with party setup
  7. 4E Neverwinter Question
  8. Player Help Time Scale help?
  9. level 22 utilities question - Avenger
  10. DM Help Miniatures on a regular sheet of graph paper?
  11. The 4e community seems a bit dead.
  12. Player Help Cavalier Stickiness
  13. A step towards 4e: What it does it have to offer, And what should I expect?
  14. Mighty Crusader Expertise and Wizard Powers
  15. DM Help Ever-burning torches
  16. DM Help Question on a houserule
  17. Rules Q&A Ire Strike and Punishing eye, and quite likely other Ardent questions.
  18. Non-magical offhand items.
  19. Setting question
  20. DM Help looking for low level aquatic monster that threatens lvl3 party
  21. Teddy Bear Factory
  22. Optimization Owain - Revenant Half-Elf Avenger/Resurgent Wilder/Master of Moments
  23. Hello there, looking for players
  24. DM Help Reighning in twinstrike and multiple attacks.
  25. Optimization Pixie AoE caster level 5 build
  26. Rules Q&A understanding surprise
  27. Rules Q&A Attacks of Oppertunity
  28. Pack of Pixies
  29. Melee Sorcerer Build, CrossBlooded Abyssal + Draconic. A dragon Disciple!
  30. DM Help House rules for paladins falling
  31. DM Help If I set up the basic outline can I world build as the party explores?
  32. 4th Edition Red Box Starter Set Characters
  33. Optimization Fey Charger
  34. Player Help Short time frame Warlorck at-will retraining question.
  35. Optimization Evocation better than Pyromancy
  36. Earning Milestones
  37. The Seeker and other "forgotten" classes: How to help them?
  38. Have I missed anything since I left 4e?
  39. How fast does PC damage rise relative to monster hit points?
  40. DM Help Steal from the rich, give to the poor- a Robin Hood oneshot
  41. Is there any way to gain implement proficiency without multiclassing?
  42. marked by summoned creature
  43. melee basic attack through a summoned creature??
  44. feelings on alternative rewards
  45. Cult Presence in Eberron
  46. Would you allow a player to play a non-traditional cleric?
  47. Player wants to houserule "Extra Turning" style feat into 4E for his Paladin?
  48. Help with a Cleric/Wizard Hybrid
  49. DM Help Fixing Knowledge Checks?
  50. Rules Q&A How on Earth are monster stats calculated?
  51. Converting 4E classes to 5E
  52. Quaggoth 4e PC stats
  53. Optimization Swordmage Heroic/Paragon Help
  54. Optimization Dead rat deserter hybrid bite.
  55. Hexblade: Had a funny thought.
  56. Rules Q&A Weapon Bonus Confusion
  57. Optimization Pursuit Avenger Help
  58. "double weapon" optimization
  59. Heal-bot DM PC
  60. Help me build a non-divine stealthy ranged leader (paragon) ?
  61. How much damage is fair for this solo's reaction?
  62. Best Low Level Monsters/Encounters?
  63. Wizard / Sorcerer Hybrid
  64. Creating a Points of Light Setting
  65. Level 0
  66. Is 4e a skirmish simulator.
  67. Balanced Party Thoughts
  68. Mass Combat in 4e
  69. Rogue At Will Attacks
  70. Optimization question about "slow"
  71. Rules Q&A Question about the "Lasting Frost" feat
  72. Thinking way too far ahead—movement-focused Bard PPs?
  73. From my DM
  74. Corellon's Boon?
  75. Glaive vs Greatspear
  76. Optimization I died, and he made me a Revenant
  77. Quick survey
  78. Stat a Fallen Paladin
  79. Picking Rituals
  80. Rules Q&A Question regarding fey beast companions
  81. Player Help Bad blood with DM
  82. GM using older knowledge check rules in 4e game
  83. Making it more MMO like
  84. Alternative Rewards
  85. Stacking spells
  86. Wand of Wonder
  87. Monster power keyword: Heart-seeker
  88. Caustic soul Genasi physics
  89. DM Help Oops...3.5 Magic in a 4E Game...
  90. Player Help Trying to make a Tough, Melee paladin
  91. Evening the score.
  92. Optimization Picking items
  93. DM Help looking for interesting monsters
  94. Resistances -- a challenge
  95. Unarmed Combatant who isn't a Monk?
  96. Help finding an article
  97. Barrier Peaks 4e Conversion
  98. Optimization The Stickiest Fighter
  99. DM Help What items do shops stock?
  100. Optimization Goliath Barbarian Optimization
  101. DM Help New Campaign
  102. Optimization Barbarian Help
  103. Swordmage not using a sword
  104. 4E Remix - "4finder"?
  105. Making a 4E adventure
  106. help building a solo golem
  107. Simple question does Guardian of Faith provide flanking?
  108. DM Help How do I get an overview on magic item's rarity?
  109. Player Help The warlock and the druid
  110. Arcane dragons
  111. Delay Potion Feat Question
  112. Things That Are Missing II
  113. DM Help Player-controlled "NPCs"?
  114. How do you feel about the Dhampyrs (Vampire Bloodline)?
  115. Dungeon Mag Issues
  116. DM Help 4Eberron?
  117. 4e w/ 5e Core Math
  118. DM Help GMing 4E
  119. Daily resource economy
  120. Dungeons & Dragons 4E RetroClone
  121. Optimization Primal Defender/Striker
  122. Optimization Light blade vs Heavy blade
  123. Help! My minotaur warden has to use an urgrosh!
  124. Player Help My Warlock needs help
  125. non fighthing encounters
  126. Player Help Rate my inventory
  127. Building a Vampire Adversary
  128. raven queen favored weapon?
  129. Puzzle enocounters
  130. Boosting Dishearten
  131. Need help with Executioner Assassin?
  132. DM Help Building Two More Vampire Adversaries
  133. GiTP regulars as Paragon Paths and Epic Desitines
  134. Player Help Opinions on Dwarf Pally/KoC/D. Scion build
  135. Encounter Design
  136. Pro-sport Dungeon Delving
  137. DM Help Environmental hazards and encounter difficulty
  138. Optimization Wizard tweaking
  139. 4e Initiative
  140. Optimization Spartacus - Human Battlemind that starts mass lockdown at level 8
  141. Sorceror/Paladin Striker Hybrid... can it work?
  142. builder problems?
  143. DM Help House rules for wagons and carts, and for mounting/dismounting
  144. Lfm/lfp
  145. Hybrid homebrews
  146. Bank Hiest encounter
  147. Adding Damage
  148. Optimization [Noob][Fighter]A little help about Weapons and Stats
  149. Psionics and Psionic Homebrew
  150. Blackguard Striking power
  151. "Constricting" 4E
  152. Divine Striker Homebrew
  153. Benchmarks
  154. Player Help Holy Roller - Pal|Barb [optimization advice]
  155. Flight in Heavy Armor
  156. "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" - How to build a tornado as a solo monster?
  157. DM Help Making Me Evil
  158. What's up with the Zhents this edition?
  159. Optimization Answered
  160. Optimization Optimize This Party: The Bard
  161. Optimization Optimize This Party: The Scout
  162. Optimization Optimize This Party: The Mage
  163. Silly Concept Thread: The Skaldefender
  164. Ardent Vow Sucks - how to fix?
  165. Writing down Points of Light fully?
  166. Class that broke your heart
  167. Imbalance in a party...
  168. Optimization Making an optimal Orb Cleric.
  169. The Rock - Goliath Warden|Battlemind/Stoneblessed with Range 3 Punishment at level 12
  170. Would removing classes break the game?
  171. Good Weapon Ability Choices
  172. DM Help So... I'm going to DM again.
  173. DM looking for players
  174. Does anyone play 4e as a role playing game, as opposed to roll play?
  175. How to make multiclassing better?
  176. DM Help Need help with a boss encounter design
  177. Are there options for playing draconic characters?
  178. 4e Plotline Help - FR
  179. Optimization PEACH Tiefling Warlock|Bard/Flame of Hope/Chosen of Ioun
  180. DM Help Best Pre-Constructed PC options
  181. Psionics and races
  182. What are all the different things that saves can do in 4e
  183. 3.5 class features conversion?
  184. Rules Q&A I don't get the rules for vehicles crashing (AV1)
  185. "Abyssal portals to the Barrens of Doom and Despair"
  186. Optimization The Lightbringer - Drow Avenger|Warlord/Divine Oracle/Warmaster
  187. Rules Q&A Line of Effect always necessary?
  188. Unspellscarred
  189. DM Help Building a boss for one single PC to duel
  190. Optimization Monk Barbarian hybrid
  191. 4th ed character builder
  192. At-Will Immediate Actions - homebrew?
  193. How to handle Encounter Powers out of combat
  194. Invulnerability
  195. Can you take an immediate action on your turn?
  196. Soooo... Halp?
  197. how does "save ends" work?
  198. Flailmage!
  199. [For Fun] The Yo Dawg Thread - Same Name, Different Thing, Can Get Both
  200. DM Help PC souls are trapped, need help with roleplay/gameplay effect
  201. [PEACH] This Swordmage|Cleric defender/sub-leader.
  202. Spending a healing surge
  203. Optimization Cursed Cunning Walk
  204. Shaman (Watcher Spirit)
  205. [PEACH] Sorcadin Striker
  206. DM Help Need help with sources
  207. If you could have 1 encounter or daily power, or racial trait, in real life...
  208. Rules Q&A The Rules of Hidden Club: I Think I Failed A Spot Check
  209. Optimization Chains of Draji - one-shotting an Elite at level 1
  210. Revenant Swordmage|Warlock
  211. Help me understand the possum amulet
  212. Player Help i'm getting bored as a rogue
  213. Fumble's so easy when you're evil
  214. Ignoring/Losing Immunities
  215. DM Help Newbie DM, Would Like Suggestions for Monsters to Pit Against BIG Level 12 party?
  216. Optimization He Thinks He's Divine: A Paladin|Battlemind/Wizard/Blackstone Guardian/Topaz Cruader
  217. Optimization Will defence - what is optimal on level 30?
  218. DM Help Built the First Encounter For My Level 12 Adventure and Would Like Feedback?
  219. Optimization Saved from Wizards: Dirty Deeds ... Done Dirt Cheap: The Rogue's Handbook
  220. Minimum bonus to hit for a striker
  221. Cleric/Barbarian Seeking Feat Advice
  222. Optimization Storm Soul Sorcerer Op
  223. Homebrew necromancer face off.
  224. Armor as damage mitigation?
  225. Defender suggestions
  226. Is it possible to pull your punches in 4e?
  227. Optimization Rescued from WotC - Chasing Glory: The Warlord Handbook
  228. How to make challenging fights
  229. Cheap Tile Sets
  230. Is DDI still worth it?
  231. DM Help A young DM in need of advice
  232. Character Help (Making King Bradley from FMA Brotherhood)
  233. Gnoll Warlord: worth it?
  234. Roleplaying The Story of Sercere
  235. Best Powers for Each Role?
  236. Graz'zt & Kyuss?
  237. What's the difference between "Melee 1" and "Melee Touch"
  238. Optimization Ranger BM vs Archer
  239. DnD/MTG/Drinking Game Mashup EXTRAVAGANZA
  240. Player Help New to 4e
  241. DM dealing with climber's rope
  242. DM Help The Use of PC Classes as Antagonists
  243. Cleric Powers?
  244. DDi Tools Relocation
  245. Demon Princes & Primordials
  246. Player Help The wizard's staff
  247. DM Help Fixing a probelm with a PC player leader
  248. Rules Q&A Understanding Class abilities
  249. Abberant Final Boss?
  250. [PEACH] Hybrid multi class paragon path