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  1. Rules Q&A Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread 3
  2. Optimization concealment ---> CA?
  3. DM Help Creative and Fun Random Encounters
  4. Optimization Build help: Pixie charger berserker off-defender
  5. Optimization Build Help- Pixie Weaponmaster Brawler
  6. So, Shadowfell, who rules it and who lives in it?
  7. Battlerager rules
  8. How to invoke Mario in 4E?
  9. Interesting ideas from Pathfinder
  10. Optimization Warlock/Paladin multiclass?
  11. The future of 4E
  12. PEACH a very high-durability vampire
  13. Revenant Defender
  14. Is there a plant or treant race in 4e?
  15. Just started with Essentials; looking for advice
  16. Help with party classes
  17. Demogorgon Enhanced
  18. Optimization First time Rogue Striker?
  19. Most or Least Favorite Races?
  20. Player Help Insta-death query
  21. Visions of Avarice Secondary Attack, Daily?
  22. Working on an Int/Cha Eladrin Warlord/Warlock hybrid, need some help with feats
  23. Player Help 4e Character Builder Not Accounting For Proficiency
  24. Optimization Tiefling weapon choice
  25. Hero Lab
  26. Ranged Attack Bards?
  27. DM Help Enchanting items curiosity.
  28. Getting ready to run a game. What rules, fixes or other things should I look out for
  29. D&D broken/OP Psion
  30. why do you play 4e?
  31. Optimization Shardmind Seeker Help
  32. 4th player handbook cover art info
  33. Skill Challenges: What are the problems, and what are the benefits?
  34. Looking for DDi articles, Dragon and Dungeon magazines
  35. DM Help New DM with a player wanting an evil paladin
  36. So...I was just told Vampire is a class.
  37. Bumping 3 ability scores up instead of 2
  38. What is your favorite class/race and why?
  39. Optimization Hybrid Class Build Help
  40. Adding effects to crits
  41. I never built a character in 4e before. Can you help?
  42. Where the 4e community at?
  43. Rosebud the Killer
  44. Player Help Dex/Con warlock: possible?
  45. DM Help Is this really a good idea?
  46. The Trading Thief: Infinite Money at 5th-level
  47. Opinions on a current Hybrid Warlock/Warlord build I'm making
  48. Purple Worm Armor
  49. DM Help Creating a cursed item.
  50. Relatively new to 4e coming from 3.5, need some help on finding a class.
  51. Skillmonkey Build Ideas
  52. Green/Blue Dragon question
  53. Player Help Help me build a spy/infiltrator/assassin character!
  54. Tweaks to 4E
  55. Played 4e, considering going to 5e. Should I?
  56. GSL questions
  57. DM Help Wand Creation
  58. need advice for hybrid(fighter/battlemind build)
  59. DM Help Was I a bad DM?
  60. So what is everyone's personal fix to speed up combat?
  61. Random Mark Punishment idea
  62. dragonborn knight
  63. need advice about throw and stab options
  64. DM Help Your best arcane power schemes
  65. Bowvenger|Executioner
  66. DM Help How to Run a Kraken
  67. Norse Gods PCs
  68. Hobgoblin Warlord
  69. Need help with my campaign.
  70. Looking for examples of well-built Resourceful Magician builds
  71. DM Help Brainstorm with my campaign
  72. Index Your traps and puzzles
  73. Player Help I CHALLENGE THE PLAYGROUND! ... I'm only partly kidding.
  74. Creating "custom powers" to replace boring skill checks
  75. Mounted Leader Musings
  76. Rebalancing damage bonuses
  77. building a summoner protector druid.
  78. Shade, Bladesinger MCing Swordmage need help
  79. Considerations for running Dungeon Delve as boardgame
  80. DM Help Questions on 4e's borders of applicability.
  81. Help me make my hybrid character?
  82. Tips for large parties
  83. Half-elf Fighter dilettante Five Storms, any way to use a Polearm?
  84. DM Help Making more engaging encoutners
  85. Player Help Move actions that gain a bonus
  86. No magic items
  87. Rules Q&A Looking for average defense ranges for monsters (4th ed.)...
  88. Roleplaying My Campaign: Recaps and Advice
  89. Rules Q&A Question on stealth...
  90. Best themes for a Druid?
  91. Remorhaz (boss) encounter
  92. Player Help In search of... What is yours can be mine: a thief's handbook
  93. small problem with my Dm
  94. Player Help Only a basic accurate dagger?
  95. No racial skill bonuses
  96. Some clarifications on Mage Hand
  97. Themes
  98. Rules Q&A Question on attack bonuses and summonings...
  99. charge mechanic
  100. Rules Q&A Question on sliding enemies via powers...
  101. Doing almost everything...
  102. Hybrid Warlock - Elemental Pact
  103. Player Help Critical Hit on Torrent of power Sorcerer
  104. DM Help 4e Solo Gestalt ideas
  105. Rules Q&A Questions on Sorcerous Blade Channeling feat...
  106. Bonus At-Will
  107. Rules Q&A D&D Multiclass Rules questions.
  108. Hybrid Overload
  109. 4e Monster Expert: Ooze Master
  110. Favorite 5e and previous edition mechanics
  111. Best 4e adventures (especially Underdark ones)
  112. Long term project mechanics
  113. Problems with 4th Edition of D&D
  114. How effective could a multi-elemental build be?
  115. Help with Soul Of the World class choice for a Preserving Invoker?
  116. Maelbrathyr
  117. Player Help Dex-Based Staff Fighter
  118. Roleplaying Need some help when it comes to DMING and Player help.
  119. Mobile Tools to help create a campaign
  120. New Vampire Handbook
  121. Lichdom and Clone Question
  122. 4E Not having fun with my character
  123. Player Help advice for a druid
  124. That moment the build paid off.
  125. Player Help Low Speed Defender: Is it terrible to be slow?
  126. Chain (10')
  127. New player help
  128. Optimizing my Hybrid Bard | Warlord
  129. Lazylord: what to use extra loot on?
  130. D&D 4E Multiclassing (Dragon #421)
  131. Creative juices blocked
  132. Player Help Help needed
  133. Wizards
  134. Wizards
  135. DM Help Bow Ranger vs Fire Elementalist DPR
  136. Swarm Druid Were-beastie
  137. 4e Avenger Solo Play
  138. Artificer build
  139. 5 man Bard party
  140. Player Help more questions
  141. Optimization Optimising a Farmer
  142. Looking for help with a Barbarian|Sorcerer (or Striker|Sorcerer in general)
  143. Roleplaying 4e role playing
  144. Optimization PHB Only Wizard
  145. DM Help Tarp of Fondling
  146. Player Help some questions
  147. DM Help Drow Encounters?
  148. Role/Source Powers?
  149. 4e Monk - but with more clubs?
  150. Your take on 4.PF?
  151. Resourceful Magician question
  152. Optimization Character & Turn/Off-Turn Sheets AKA Easy Action Management w/ PDFs
  153. Optimization Build Showcase: the Were-lord
  154. Optimized Halfling Rogue/Sorcerer/Demonskin Adept
  155. Warlock eldritchdisciple
  156. Mul Fighter MC Monk
  157. Offline Tools (Availability and Technical Assistance)
  158. Question about spellcasters
  159. Really odd Wood Elf Sorcerer...
  160. Optimization Build Showcase: The Interdictor (Defender) and Variants
  161. Optimization Channel Divinity Optimization?
  162. Optimization PHB1, 2 & AV Only Bard/Demonskin Adept Optimization
  163. Optimization Looking for feedback for a Wizard build
  164. Class Design Theory
  165. DM Help LFR-based home campaign
  166. Build Ideas for a "Scout" with good Charisma?
  167. Build thread on enworld
  168. DM Help Beginner DMs
  169. I played 4th edition for the first time - here are my thoughts.
  170. Roleplaying Urgent rp help needed now!
  171. Optimization optimizing an Illusionist
  172. Player Help Need help with weird character design - halfling avenger
  173. Solo monsters vs. 3 character party
  174. Near Death XP ?
  175. Encounter Length Shenanigans...
  176. Bladesinger and team advice
  177. Simple Cooperative Character Sought
  178. Ranger questions. :O (PHB only)
  179. Character creation order?
  180. Player Help Psionic Stealth build
  181. Creating an Open 4e
  182. I played 4th edition for the first time.....and liked it!
  183. Optimization Brutal Barrage Battlemind|Warlock Help?
  184. Meteor Swarm underpowered? Are casters underscaling?
  185. Offline builder Essentials patch?
  186. Tier list, classes balance and tips.
  187. Character Ideas
  188. What kind of play does 4e inspire?
  189. 4e Homebrew Base Classes: Astral Construct/Eidolon Summoner
  190. Looking for: Gloomwrought and Beyond Encounter Book
  191. Rules Q&A 4e Items - Can one healing item buff another?
  192. Best way to go 1-30 using existing modules
  193. Help with a Tiefling Cavalier|Warlock
  194. Paladin for PHB1/2-Only Game?
  195. Rules Question for items from AV/AV2
  196. I've Got That: Skill Power guide
  197. Player Help 4e Character Builder Project
  198. Building a Swordmage [striker] path or aegis
  199. Rules Q&A Dwarven Armor RAW
  200. Optimization Swing and a Miss and a Poof! High Elf Kin Optimization
  201. Optimization Help multiclassing a Bugbear Rogue
  202. Optimization Tiefling Warlock|Swordmage/Wizard PP Choice Help
  203. WotC Online Character Builder thread
  204. PEACH my Weapon of Sharpness
  205. Experienced 4thers: Thoughts on 4E balance?
  206. Is then chromaric dragon dragonimicon any good?
  207. Optimization New Wizard Build
  208. Opinions - need help deciding between 2 characters for an upcoming game
  209. False Blood Amulet
  210. Corellon and encountering him from the perspective of a wizard fan
  211. Optimization Riposte strike on a defender
  212. Optimization martial style effectivness?
  213. Animated shield?
  214. Hydrologist help.
  215. General encounter advice
  216. Skill Power/Theme Power swaps
  217. Optimization Human Perseverance vs. Resilient Focus
  218. Three chapter campaigns
  219. Why the desintegrate nerf?
  220. Suggestions for essentials
  221. MM3 on a business card, improved
  222. Player Help Help me create an Avenger!
  223. Could use some advice on a high-seas module.
  224. Rules Q&A Permanent Teleportation Circles
  225. 4e Dungeon Magazine Index?
  226. Combat rule question
  227. DDI Question
  228. How bad is the Seeker class?
  229. Player Help Character Creation Help: Mounted, Whip-wielding Pixie Defender
  230. Did 4e have supplementary material explaining what became of the Blood War?
  231. Flying movement updates?
  232. Race/Class Compilation Documents & Tables
  233. 5th Edition Advice
  234. Help me 4e-ify my 13th Age game!
  235. Optimization what capabilities will add most? (4E)
  236. Build Showcase: Vanishing Knight
  237. A Neutral/Evil pc amongst Good pcs. A little help?
  238. What's your favorite bit of 4e lore?
  239. Flat Math D&D 4e
  240. 4E - Questions on what I should roll/homebrew multiclassing system!
  241. Nps vs Pc: Can a Npc roll for checks against a Pc?
  242. Cover and Blocking Terrain Discussion
  243. Any info on playing Efreets, either homebrew or official?
  244. hi
  245. Character creation help
  246. [Homebrew] Multiclassing option.
  247. Diablo in 4e
  248. Player Help LFG! I can't find me a 4e game to play.
  249. Epic destinies for specific character
  250. Racial encounter power question