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  1. Ki Leader/Defender/Controller?
  2. Official D&D Podcast: Episode 21 (March 2008)
  3. Some cleric powers questions
  4. Blindsight or equivalent?
  5. Sailing a ship.
  6. DM Help Mystery Game, discover your sheet as you play.
  7. Walter C Dornez as a 4e
  8. List of book from MM3 era?
  9. Rules Q&A Swarm Dispersal - So...am I in Beast Form now?
  10. Ignore
  11. First Game of 4E, question for my character
  12. Optimization Hybrid Paladin attacks and warlock curse
  13. Item's daily limitation
  14. Bouncing Back From Character Death
  15. Advice for returning player: Dwarf Avenger/invoker hybrid
  16. Best books for Nentir Vale fluff?
  17. Where to find a dedicated 4e community?
  18. Player Help Fleshwarper Refluffing
  19. Taking 5th Edition D&D Spells into 4th Edition D&D
  20. Looking to make a blaster/striker wizard/invoker mix
  21. Making the best of Mark of Passage
  22. Advantage in 4e
  23. Anyone here ever play around with 13th age?
  24. D&D Encounters Season Kits
  25. Converting Characters from 3.5 - need suggestions
  26. 4E. Ways to Increase Fey Beast Size
  27. Optimization Faking Telekinetic leap
  28. Rate my homebrew power
  29. How will this break things?
  30. Trying to find an item.
  31. Looking for group!(new player)
  32. Optimization Epic Swordmage looking for some advice on improving damage
  33. Ways of Increasing Player Character Size
  34. Character Viewer App
  35. Rules Q&A Companion Characters as PCs
  36. Level 5 character ideas
  37. Homebrew Ritual Casting
  38. Epic 4E D&D Game Winding Down
  39. one question
  40. 4e rewrite
  41. avatar of io and breath feats
  42. Group returning to 4e
  43. RAW question
  44. Pelor's Sun Blessing
  45. DM ADVICE PLEASE! Running 4e ToH, Dieffenbach version. Is 10 players too many?
  46. What exactly do you reveal to players about traps?
  47. Talid
  48. Optimization Interested in feedback on this character.
  49. Advice on player's use of Umbral Leap into other rooms
  50. Sources of Ranger Goodness
  51. Pixie Trickster Wizard's Familiar question
  52. Ive never played 4e and would like to.
  53. Player Help Advice for a Trickster Wizard
  54. Sorcerous Blade Channeling + Acid Orb
  55. domain feats for runepriest
  56. Evil campaign skill challenge
  57. Xanathor's Guide: Questions
  58. Rules Q&A Armor of Shared Valor
  59. Player Help Solar enemy?
  60. New character
  61. Need help building against a killer DM who sorta cheats
  62. What are you playing?
  63. Ages-old question: a Leader in cloth?
  64. Tools you wish existed
  65. Help with front-line leader
  66. Some assistance/tips/critique of my 4E character (homebrew multiclassing)
  67. Offline Character Builder and CB Loader
  68. Tome Info?
  69. Modifications for faster combat
  70. Fighting high level Enemies
  71. offline 4e character builder stopped working, please help!
  72. What one thing would you take from 4E into a different game?
  73. Ki Focus
  74. I want to make a kick-butt high-damage summoning wizard.
  75. The advantage die - anyone else tried this ?
  76. Expertise Feats
  77. Shaman vs Sentinel
  78. Player Help Background and Character Theme for a Gnome Swarm Druid (non-negotiable combination!)
  79. Drow Bard Archer?
  80. Esoteric Rituals: Ritual Fix Thread
  81. Eye of the Deep
  82. Rules Q&A Two sources of temporary HP with same trigger
  83. Masterwork - what's worth it?
  84. My 4E Workflow (digital tools I use for my game)
  85. By how much do I break the game by...
  86. Halfling Rogue Optimization
  87. Is summoning wizard fun?
  88. Player Help Fun Feat Selection Help
  89. boring +numbers feats
  90. Best Mount for a Fighter
  91. Status Effects
  92. 4e cranium rats
  93. Building a 1-30 Campaign
  94. Sentinel vs pre-Essentials Druid
  95. DM Help Looking for tips on Weapon Creation (Bloodborne Style)
  96. Converting a 3.5 Favored Soul to 4E
  97. 4E Offline Tools
  98. Do you rule that water breaks line of effect for Mage Hand?
  99. Need 20th level Monk
  100. DM Help Wrote an adventure, need feedback!
  101. DM Help [DND 4E] Wrote an adventure, need feedback!
  102. Player Help Building a flavorful Cleric of Sehanine
  103. Runepriest's at-will powers in epic tier?
  104. Rules Q&A Forced Movement Combo Question
  105. E3 Fate's Palace map?
  106. DM Help Gear Treadmill?
  107. Complicated Final Boss Fight
  108. Ranger/Blood Hunter Multiclass in CoS?
  109. Optimization Goring OA
  110. Hourserules and Homebrew?
  111. Power cards
  112. 4E Megadungeon
  113. advice for building an ardent.
  114. 4e -Warlock Elemental Pact - Accursed Affinity Pact Boon Question
  115. Dilettante Warlock power suggestions
  116. 4e Gothic Horror? (Ravenloft)
  117. Help in understanding D&DV4 in solving a geocaching puzzle
  118. Deva and Supernal
  119. Roleplaying Fun with backstories - Homebrewing additional backstory ties for your players.
  120. Double resistance/Sorcerer
  121. DM Help Need help with DMing
  122. A 4e Retroclone
  123. Guaranteeing CA off turn in heroic?
  124. Warlock/Paladin Multiclass question (Curse, Pact Boon and Divine Challenge)
  125. Concerning vrylokas, the Red Witch, and the Raven Queen.
  126. Is there a way to edit the offline character builder tool
  127. How to handle a weirdly unoptimized character?
  128. Did something behind the scenes happen to Zehir during 4E Faerūn development?
  129. 4e saving throw debuffs
  130. DM Help CTHULLU/ILSENSIE Boss Fight
  131. Advice on making a scholarly and innovative mage?
  132. Help clarify Trap perception. Disadvantage to thievery if not perceived?
  133. DM Help 4E Altering a Magic Item: Shroud of Ravens
  134. Dissecting Skill Challenges: Revisions, errata, and supposed mechanical failures?
  135. DM Help Houserule: Adopting/Adapting Blades in the Dark's Engagement Roll
  136. DM Help Fixed Enhancement Bonuses and Magic Item Interaction
  137. Unfamiliar with 4e and trying to convert module to 3.5e challenge ratings.
  138. What party of 4 (Edit: 6) would most showcase what 4e is?
  139. Making my Solo Campaign Work.
  140. What would be a good name for 1/4 hp ?
  141. 4 ed combat without movement
  142. What builds do you wish you'd played?
  143. Thinking of trying 4e coming from 5e
  144. Options to fit in this party? (Barb, Sorc, Fighter, Wizard)
  145. Rules Q&A Hidden and forced movement
  146. Protector Druid Feat Advice Request
  147. Help finding website of list of 4e diseases?
  148. Items with great daily powers?
  149. How to deprive a hexblade from gaining arcane powers?
  150. Problem with Masterplan
  151. Clarification on Immediate Action usage
  152. Brainstorming: 3 PC Dark Sun party
  153. Not a whole lot of activity going on...?
  154. Tip for runninig Revenge of the Giants for 3 players
  155. Non-Standard 4e Play
  156. Player Help Dark Sun Mul Warden
  157. DM Help 4e Oriental Adventures?
  158. DM Help Zeitgeist and cb loader
  159. Brainstorming: RDJ's Sherlock Holmes in 4E
  160. help rate a racial ability?
  161. Misplaced an undead owlbear.
  162. OA when enemy enters reach
  163. Player Help Which Dilettante power for a battlemind?
  164. Potential Horde Elite template
  165. Classic 4e Feats
  166. No martial controller?
  167. Warblade (4e) Class discussion thread
  168. Player Help Trying out 4e
  169. Leveling and skill divergence
  170. Elven Weapon Training
  171. Helping focus on Lion's Den
  172. Flat power curve D&D 4e
  173. Player Help Tips for playing a Shaman?
  174. How to Valor Bard?
  175. Optimization What Item or Feat gives the following:
  176. DM Help Battle: Characters that haven't acted yet - what can they do?
  177. D&D 4e encounters
  178. Returning to 4e
  179. Player Help Fun Learning 4e
  180. Optimization exploit Cutthroat Novice?
  181. 4e and Pathfinder 2e
  182. 4th Edition DnD
  183. 4e Essentials
  184. building a warlord
  185. Optimization random attributes thief
  186. Errata?
  187. Bloodied and Effects That Use It
  188. Help, I need a module!
  189. Help with L15 Wizard Blaster/Controller Build for a small group.
  190. The Demonomicon Tome might be what's needed to give summoning a new lease on life.
  191. Gauntlets of Brutality don't exist?
  192. Is it worth it building a character around Servitude in Death, or is that too cheesy?
  193. Player Help Making a Bugbear Cleric, basically a first timer
  194. Favorite House Rule
  195. Fun Monsters
  196. Forgotten Nostalgia
  197. Finding Embarrassing Old Homebrews
  198. Uphill battle
  199. Looking for Content (modules)
  200. DM Help D&D 4e Hombrew Races: The Dark Crystal (Part 1)
  201. Which Classes Would You Find Most Interesting to Read About? 4e Version
  202. Is a swarm druid supposed to be able to...
  203. Convert 4e monsters/encounters to 5e
  204. DMing for the first time, and for newbs. What do I need to know?
  205. Ranged Fighter?
  206. Player Help Wondering how classes stack up in playstyle and out of combat utility
  207. Optimization Building a lvl 20 Githyanki Warlock...
  208. I Keep Tinkering with 4e merge 5e
  209. DDI to be shut off at the end of 2019
  210. The D&D RPG Starter Set "Quickstart" (4e) was updated today on DriveThruRPG
  211. Lightspeed Elves
  212. Newb to Virtual Gaming: Require Assistance
  213. Changing 4e's initiative system
  214. looking for maps of loudwater
  215. Dealing with high AC
  216. Getting Back Into 4E
  217. Eberron lore incongruencies!
  218. Substituting Actions?
  220. Is there an Illusionary Fireball setup for 4th edition?
  221. Help with errata AND drow poison knockout.
  222. Question about Deva Fallen Star Power
  223. What's the best book to understand 4E's monster building philosophies
  224. Are these keywords needed?
  225. Optimization Revenant Rebreather
  226. Optimization How to make combat a little bit faster.
  227. DM Help Reworking bonuses...
  228. 4th edition PvP (WIP)
  229. What do the Primordial represent in your game
  230. Player Help Retraining...
  231. Treating XP like GP.
  232. Optimization Multiclassing...
  233. Player Help I need help creating a mid-campaign character switch (hilarity ensues)
  234. Artificer: Artillerist (Feat advice)
  235. Roleplaying Casting Rituals in a single turn...
  236. Tricks 4th Ed missed (mostly relating to PCs)
  237. DM Help Minotaur and Maze encounter(s) and/or skill challenges?
  238. Vampire leaders and controllers
  239. Martial Controller
  240. Dual Wielding Dex Base Battle master LV (5)
  241. Introducing Orcus: a Fourth Edition retro-clone
  242. Characters who felt awesome
  243. Please help me to balance disease, that turns you into butterflies
  244. Sorted Creatures by Keyword/Interesting Aberrations?
  245. First Time Running 4th Edition
  246. How well does 4e handle minions/ followers?
  247. Expanding Tribal Feats?
  248. What breaks if you remove half-level scaling?
  249. Tips for Heroic/Paragon Wizards wanting to focus on control -- beyond the 4E Guide?
  250. Player Help Paying Your (Feat) Taxes: In what order?