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  1. How to best start with a group of rookies
  2. An Epic question for an Epic Monster!
  3. Advice for a new player.
  4. Question(s)
  5. Gamma World ---> D&D adaptation
  6. A Monkey Familiar!
  7. 4e Vehicular Feats
  8. "Hymn of Resurgence"
  9. To Write an Adventure...
  10. Simon Belmont, Defender
  11. Help
  12. Living in Sin: Shadow Powers Discussion
  13. Wild Talents
  14. 3rd Party 4e if anyone's interested...
  15. Don't Split The Party?
  16. Fastest way to defeat Orcus in E3: Prince of Undeath?
  17. Wizard's Tower Design
  18. By This Oath I Swear (Help Needed)
  19. Beast master Ranger questions
  20. Use "Stonebreaker" utility as "Sunder"?
  21. How to use battle grids in PbP.
  22. [Gamma World] creating a random monster generator (need advice)
  23. Need help with a dragon
  24. Help me balance some homebrew monster powers
  25. Using a simple card game as an encounter
  26. Lessons Learned from the Fortune Cards
  27. Building the Best Warlock
  28. Character concept help: The Weaponfuser
  29. Drunkenness rules?
  30. Songblade Side Quest!
  31. Level Up Magazine?
  32. Fun builds you came up with.
  33. Psychic Lock dilemma
  34. Less-Discrete Encounters
  35. Making a Certain Baddie
  36. New Legend & Lore Article
  37. First time 4e DMing advice
  38. Tome Expertise [PEACH]
  39. Bards in Dark Sun
  40. Spellsword/Mage Question
  41. Mini size
  42. Aide on a One-Shot
  43. Tiefling Hunter Catch-22
  44. A Monk, A Move, and An Opportunity
  45. The Executioner's Garrote (Essentials)
  46. "I shoot magic missile at the darkness" "It shoots back"
  47. Brand new tp 4th ed
  48. Arcane Familiars; How do they work?!
  49. Non-dragon solos in low Heroic Tier?
  50. Bluffing Constructs
  51. Class Names
  52. 4 people, 2 leaders. Do I need to be more strikery?
  53. Looks like we are getting the Elemental Power Source after all
  54. So, I played my first session recently...
  55. New to 4e, character selection help
  56. A couple of newbie questions.
  57. A question after reading Heroes of Shadow...why dose everybody say Necromancy sucks?
  58. 4th Edition Group Makeup
  59. First Time: Cleric
  60. Could I Make a Viable Character if...?
  61. Playing a Bard, need some songs
  62. Noob DM seeking help with system things
  63. Weightless/Small Items in BULK
  64. Question about two weapon rangers
  65. Scaling the Heal Skill
  66. Low Level Equipment, what to get?
  67. Cooking
  68. Help with a new campaign
  69. BBEG Ritual Assistance
  70. Crafting in 4th Ed?
  71. Worried about a TPK
  72. Alternative Battle Grids
  73. Need help finishing and fixing a character build I found..
  74. (probable) stupid NPC question
  75. It is FINALLY possible to play a Werewolf in 4th Edition
  76. Interesting Encounters / Terrain
  77. 1st time DM Tips, tricks, etc?
  78. Hybrids
  79. Psions: Is pursuing Shaper worth it?
  80. Better 4th edition skill system?
  81. DDE Mage
  82. Garrote me!!
  83. A character I'd like to play later.
  84. Idea for a plot hook.
  85. Essentials DPR Striker
  86. Shadow Rush as an Archer
  87. Wizard: Ranged minion clearage
  88. starting gold
  89. Neverwinter Campaign Setting, and other news
  90. Anointed Knight in 4E
  91. Bladesinger
  92. "WoTC admitted they got the defenses/attack of PCs wrong."
  93. Sword Dancer in 4E?
  94. Complete list of official Paragon Paths (non-DDI)
  95. Factotum in 4E
  96. Looking for game
  97. BBEG: Help me develop please!
  98. 4th ed Falcon Punch?
  99. what to buy
  100. Is 4e becoming too hard?
  101. Inconspicuous Character
  102. 4th Ed Game + Forgotten Realms? (Need a DM)
  103. I Dream of Cheese
  104. Healing Surges- Yea or Nay?
  105. Taking over a campaign and need some advice.
  106. Press Release - Altered Earth 4E
  107. Pirate Character?
  108. Adept Dilettante
  109. When Monster Defenses Don't Match Level or Ability Scores
  110. Vehicle HP
  111. Need a little help understanding the 'maths fix' or 'feat tax'
  112. Do you need to have an 18 in your most important stat?
  113. Is anyone else peeved about Wizards' naming conventions?
  114. Skill Challenges, How do you use them and need ideas.
  115. Quick question about the Warforged.
  116. Statting a god to be killed: Tharizdun
  117. Fixing the Zombie
  118. An Artifact in Pieces
  119. Need a little help
  120. Endgame
  121. The problem with 4e
  122. Large Parties
  123. Skillful and sneaky bard help please...
  124. 3.5 to 4e help
  125. Athletics, the Free Action, and Forced Movement
  126. 4e + video game
  127. How do you decide some things?
  128. Building a BBEG Solo for my group, help needed.
  129. Our First Keep
  130. Survivability
  131. Wilden Mythology?
  132. Wonder Twin character design
  133. So, I wanna convert the classes in Pathfinder: Ultimate Combat to 4e
  134. Token Paper?
  135. adventure time question
  136. Telepresence
  137. Heavily modifying 4E for game idea
  138. Online battlemap tool
  139. Wanting to Run an Idea By Ya'll
  140. Wild Shape Druids... Help?
  141. Ancient Library Fight
  142. Idea for a Paragon Spear fighter
  143. Some 4e Essentials help wanted
  144. Quest Help: The Tomb of Zedril the Dark
  145. what is in a name?
  146. Free Feats?
  147. Running out of steam on dungeon design, help!
  148. Undead can cast healing spells?
  149. Second Invoker At-Will
  150. New to 4E question
  151. Three men party, and I don't know what to play.
  152. Feats/Powers question
  153. Hybrid Leaders
  154. Low-magic Item's
  155. Ravenkin and Familiar Feats
  156. essentials mage
  157. is it too good to be true.
  158. Swordmage Offtank Help
  159. DND Encounters Availability
  160. Upgrading monsters to elite/solo status?
  161. low-level solo or elite undead
  162. essentials compatability
  163. Balancing swarms
  164. Centaur as a PC?
  165. Huh, that's funny . . . (obvious abuse)
  166. Help my group Roleplay, not Rollplay
  167. ema's 4e character sheets
  168. Favorite puzzle you made/encountered- bragging + ideas?
  169. Skill Challenge
  170. at will lightning damage- How to
  171. Question concerning battles
  172. Minor concerns with my minor actions
  173. New DM solicits opinions on "H1 Keep on the Shadowfell"
  174. How many X per level?
  175. Multiclassing
  176. Brand New DM
  177. New DM, wants opinion on his dungeon's 'Boss Fight'.
  178. How balanced are the Corgi?
  179. Custom Dungeon Delve
  180. Villains!
  181. rules lawyerz helpme optimize my FoB
  182. essentials only mage class feats
  183. Pregnant PC advice?
  184. Teleporting Eladrin [Build Help]
  185. Main Villains: What classes should I use?
  186. HoS & Char Builder
  187. Pc Pvp
  188. help I need roleplaying tools!
  189. Stats changing for MM1 and MM2?
  190. Minion Design
  191. Changing Player Count
  192. WBL and Items
  193. Needing Dinosaur Ideas
  194. Non-combat encounter dos don'ts and bragging rights
  195. Ending Adventure Puzzles?
  196. Why play a rogue?
  197. Low Magic
  198. First time 4e (Essentials)
  199. Hybrid Warlock At-Wills
  200. Chainbinder PP
  201. [Encounters] Please Help me Find fun in Low-Level Defending!
  202. Vampire Class
  203. 4e dragonborn cleric
  204. Elf Beastmaster Shaman MC query.
  205. Stalker's Armor errata?
  206. drow bardlock
  207. How well do the D&D Boardgames work as an introduction?
  208. Thoughts on this evil swarm druid back story?
  209. Advice for a 1st level Wizard
  210. Help with a "play instrument" skill check?
  211. Errata'd
  212. would like join to join maptools D&D 4e session.
  213. Weapon comparison question.
  214. Most frequently used skills.
  215. How effective is this Idea?
  216. Adding some control
  217. NPC design?
  218. Dark Sun - Surviving Athas
  219. Trying to make an Archivist/archer
  220. Ardent MC
  221. oh no, my traps! [4E help]
  222. so which spells/feats would YOU take?
  223. I need a tactical map for the internet
  224. Tentacle Fan Club: Tell me about the Far Realm
  225. First Game Advice!
  226. How to fight a Lurker.
  227. The Far Realm versus the Old West
  228. Design Flaws: Fire Elementals
  229. resistance stacking
  230. Why the hate? (Edition discussion)
  231. Role Discussion
  232. Plane of Mirrors
  233. Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium
  234. Vicious mockery: Help me with a quote list.
  235. okay internet....i need a favor
  236. Homebrewing in 4e?
  237. Shadowfell vs Feywild!
  238. Mechanical reflavoring.
  239. My Thief is Unbelievable!
  240. Gods Help Me, A Fetch Quest (Brainstorming)
  241. new 4th ed character builder questions
  242. DM question, please help!
  243. ALWAYS ANGRY! Commissar Warlord!!
  244. old habits from 3.5?
  245. How do YOU balance optimization with roleplaying?
  246. Warlord Roleplay Advice?
  247. favorite wonderous item
  248. Forging Artifacts of Power
  249. Holding a Tournament
  250. Random Encounter Tables?