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  1. Teamwork Awesomeness
  2. Holy water?
  3. Am I a bad healer?
  4. What makes a controller power...
  5. How OP is frostcheese(especially in this specific situation)?
  6. Wanting to get into 4E (advice needed)
  7. Continuing Things: Help Needed
  8. Epic Level Solos
  9. punishing my dice
  10. Spell Puncher - the magical monk
  11. To the Fields of Justice!
  12. Help!!!!
  13. Where to start?
  14. Invulnerable Objects
  15. how to handle an amputation (spoilers for 4e ToH)
  16. Encounters- Two questions
  17. Odd exploit in character builder.
  18. X Primary/Necromancy secondary wizard help?
  19. Homebrew FireBat
  20. Link to modifying stats for epic/paragon solos?
  21. =( accused of a horrible crime
  22. If you could ban a power or feat...
  23. Is Dark Sun Worth It?
  24. Helping a Friend Get Insubstantial
  25. Monster Building Tips
  26. Psion anti-saves?
  27. Favorite Campaign Setting?
  28. Help with unoptimized hybrid/multiclass PC?
  29. What major story archs have you done?
  30. Monk Feat Question
  31. The perfect party?
  32. Why the Essentials hate?
  33. Design Questions for Heroic Solo/Elite
  34. If you could port a power, feat, or class feature to 4e from 3.5
  35. Effects triggered on shift?
  36. Homebrew "Redirect" Feat.
  37. Where is the 4e Summonable Armor?
  38. Designing a Shadow of the Colossus style fight
  39. Help Me Make Thunderspire Labyrinth More Difficult
  40. Optimization Question: Going the distance
  41. Forced movement, what happens?
  42. Warlord- How difficult is it compaired to other leaders?
  43. Epic Optional Boss Ideas
  44. Water walking in Lair Assault?
  45. Mini-Adventure Ideas
  46. Creating Nenlast [Point of Light setting]
  47. [Rumors?] D&D 4th edition fans will become the new grognards
  48. Bard Controller
  49. Avenger Idea
  50. Essentials Hybrids
  51. Cha/Wis Ardent...help him survive!
  52. My new class
  53. "The Slaying Stone" and skill challenges
  54. warpriest
  55. [Tweak] Monster Knowledge Checks
  56. Question: Scales of War plot
  57. Masterplan help
  58. Masterwork Armor?
  59. Wizard Q: Acid Arrow + Destructive Wizardry Feat?
  60. Malevolent Mischief: I'm STILL Stunned!
  61. Versatility of Mage Hand?
  62. Trying to figure out my Level 25 Daily...
  63. if you had to choose...
  64. How my players blew my mind: Or, A Keep on the Shadowfell Tale
  65. Taking Over a 4.0 Campaign
  66. monster conversion
  67. [4th] Stop missing dammit!
  68. Any play past lvl 30?
  69. Shaman Help
  70. Help me build up my invoker
  71. Deadly traps and Whatnot
  72. Silly Build Idea
  73. Gishy Eladrin Builds
  74. What classes might work for changes to an existing party?
  75. Masterful Dilettante?
  76. Can adapt power be taken before level 10?(An Online build sparked question)
  77. Cleric Encounter and/or Utility powers that grant temporary HP?
  78. PHB only DM help.
  79. Making a great Invoker
  80. Dwarf + First Aid: Second Wind = Minor?
  81. Extreme 4e Noob Alert: Looking for Advice
  82. Wizard Noob Q: Preparing spells
  83. Is this encounter too hard?
  84. The Unforgivable Sin Of 4th Edition *Spoilers*
  85. Greatsword Fighter/Storm Sorcerer hybrid help
  86. Stats on Douven Staul
  87. Swordmage/Fighter Ping-Pong
  88. Mini Optimization Challenge (lvl 3)
  89. Advice on DM'ing a small group
  90. quick question
  91. Int/Con bloodmage
  92. Suggestions for Monsters? (Heroic Tier)
  93. Defender?
  94. [DM Journal] Undermountain: Halaster's Lost Apprentice
  95. Your Best Character in 4 e
  96. Encounter Help: Sense of big scale battle
  97. Prank-Related Items
  98. Ranger Paladin build help.
  99. Chaos 101: How to kill a minion on a missed attack roll
  100. 4e need some dm help
  101. Building a Boss Encounter for Level 7/8 Party
  102. Taking 20??
  103. The Rod of Ruins....
  104. Give me your cursed items!
  105. Advice for 4th ed
  106. Heroes of the Feywild previews
  107. Brew Potion... what's going on here, WoTC?!
  108. DM Journal: Pirates off Copper Tide Coast
  109. Dragon Sovereigns
  110. custom weapon - thoughts, advice, experiences?
  111. Make my Artificer Awesome
  112. Jobs/Specific Trained Skills
  113. where to put lvl 4 stat boost?
  114. [FR] Neverwinter: The Newest "Campaign Setting"
  115. DM looking for help to understand a PC's Character Sheet
  116. DM looking for help to understand a PC's Character Sheet
  117. dble post
  118. Playing DnD online
  119. Playing DnD online
  120. Battle Royale
  121. The way to a DMs heart is thru his
  122. Left 4e Dead
  123. value of an extra at-will
  124. Very stupid Dark Sun question
  125. New to 4e
  126. 4e Cleric Optimization (some homebrew)
  127. [4e] Why does barehanded Monk seem....suboptimal?
  128. Stats on a whip
  129. Level 5 Tiamat encounter
  130. Variant Ritual Books
  131. Passive Perception
  132. Whelhoon
  133. Character Starting Gold/Items Scale
  134. Feat location questions.
  135. Who is the best "Damage Canceller"?
  136. More Proof that the Runepriest Should Be Called the Rune Aimer
  137. How many Powers?
  138. Broken Action Points?
  139. Another Question
  140. Ive been playing too much 4e
  141. 4e Age of Worms: Dealing with the Spawn of Kyuss
  142. 4e Artificer Help...
  143. List of 4e Essentials feats?
  144. The Gambit
  145. Spoilers for the new Heroes of Fey Book
  146. Sourcebooks for these items?
  147. Pacifist lvl 4 Help
  148. Pastafarian cleric rules
  149. Level 30 Encounter Advice
  150. I want a striker with a single-strike focus
  151. Seeking magical alcohol
  152. Sourcebook for Mindiron weapons?
  153. Is the Blade Bravo a good paragon path for a Scout?
  154. More Rules Questions
  155. Tough, Heroic Tier Defender
  156. New DM needs Red Box adaptation advice
  157. Wizard power/skill check query
  158. Confused by a modifier in 4e character builder
  159. Way too much? (I'm new to 4th Edition, in dire need guidance)
  160. Rollplay to help roleplay.
  161. Vknight Help With the Setting
  162. Roleplaying a Bard
  163. Largest Area power in 4e?
  164. Bizarre non-D&D Minis
  165. Fighter Combat Challenge Q
  166. Delete please, i moved it
  167. Help with Fighter/Barbarian
  168. The Dirty Dozen
  169. Question re: Dispossessed Champion
  170. Expertise Feats- Are They Really So Important?
  171. Is there a "Werewolf Class"?
  172. Dark Sun Arcane classes.
  173. 4th Ed. Eberron in Dragon/Dungeon
  174. Level 3 = Astral Diamond
  175. Help I think I'm underoptimized! - shaman help
  176. A monster that doesn't seem to work
  177. Dm's Journal Animus: War
  178. Is Storm Speaker (Druid path) really that bad?
  179. Starting 4th edition.
  180. I've sold the world (again) (Help)
  181. Skillmonkey Leaders that aren't party faces?
  182. Poisoning That Which Does Not Live
  183. Tough Battles
  184. Dungeons and Dragons: Morrowind (4e - WIP)
  185. New Weapon Balance?
  186. Access to all the power sources in one character.
  187. Horror One-shot
  188. Skill-Based 4E?
  189. charger build question
  190. Racial variant stat bonuses?
  191. Your opinion: Best Classes
  192. The Fighter: PHB 1 or D&D Essentials Version?
  193. Demon/Dark Souls & 4e
  194. Campaign Loop-Hole Check (4.0)
  195. Amethyst: Foundations/Evolution or Altered Earth?
  196. Martial Controllers and Conjurations to Attack -- Good Ideas? Have They Been Done?
  197. Grappler help. please aid me.
  198. Leveling up a solo monster?
  199. Modules... but which one?
  200. Needing Help Again. Same Issue
  201. The illusionist
  202. Build a team around Monster Types.
  203. Mimicking Archetypical Undead
  204. 4e Fochlucan Lyrist
  205. It's Been Done Before
  206. Best PC race and class to take dmg
  207. Druids in the MM?
  208. Returning after two years away...do I need to change anything?
  209. Newbies guide to 4e?
  210. Encounter Manager for DnD4E
  211. Advice for a (very) short scenario
  212. What goes in the 5th spot?
  213. NPC/PC stat hybrid as NPC?
  214. D&D 4th Ranger Beastmaster combat question
  215. Scion of Arkhosia -- Good for a Sorcerer? Suggestions Welcome!
  216. 4e character builder
  217. 4e Class Construction Engine
  218. Hunter Builds
  219. Looting Systems
  220. Advice for a new player
  221. Encounters Material Questions
  222. [4E/Essentials] This is my Scout
  223. Quick Draw question...
  224. Multiclass Monk + Crack the Mountain + Dazing Fist
  225. Hero's First Steps - Level 0 Rules
  226. Cantrips
  227. Judging interest in a program that I wrote
  228. Please review my BBEG, new to monster design!
  229. DM Needing Help - Ally hit by blast, now susceptible to triggered secondary attack?
  230. Yet Another Rules Question
  231. Looking for Advice on my Fighter
  232. Review and Unboxing of Dungeon Tiles DN3: Shadowghast Manor
  233. Darius, the Satyr Skald
  234. Combat Advantage
  235. Essentials Strikers, Need Help Choosing
  236. Themes? I need to get back into this game.
  237. How important is optimisation in your group?
  238. 4E Campaign Idea - requesting feedback
  239. Is This 4E Charatcer Eligable
  240. DM looking for opinions
  241. Hero Incentive for Wayward PCs
  242. Skill Challenge: Obsidian Variant: Diminishing Returns - Comments appreciated
  243. How about this for a reward?...
  244. Prone vs Supine
  245. Suggestion
  246. Playground Ranking system.
  247. Exploding Minions (Or Should I Really Kill That Minion?)
  248. I need help [silly]
  249. Houseruled Paragon Paths
  250. So My Roommate is Starting Neverwinter