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  1. Dice superstitions?
  2. Building a 'True' Necromancer & his minions
  3. Polearm Fighter?
  4. 2-player campaign, and getting them involved in the big picture
  5. Mouse-throwing: how to handle it?
  6. Warfare in a 4e fantasy setting
  7. Players have a lot of fun
  8. Necromancer Optimization (Not what you think)
  9. Do all defenders suck?
  10. PEACH my Pyromancer?
  11. Weaponising the Cask of Liquid Gold
  12. Bluff check: You don't hear or see me
  13. Rules Q&A Simple Q&A D&D 4e Thread II: Electric Boogaloo
  14. 4E Succubus Paladin
  15. D&D 4e Difficulty Check?
  16. 4e Hybrid Wizard/Cleric Help
  17. 4e Character Sheet App
  18. Two-Weapon Fighting
  19. Two-Weapon Fighting
  20. Melee sorceror
  21. Need Help Making Mobs
  22. Bard vs Skald MC
  23. Campaign cornerstone, need directions
  24. Want a new character?
  25. Dragonmarks
  26. 4e. What is with damage?
  27. Playing a drow
  28. A Leaderless Party: What Can I As The DM Do To Make It Work?
  29. A Divine Oracle, a Spellstorm Mage, and a Battle Mage walk into a bar...
  30. Favorite 4E Houserules
  31. Books
  32. How To Be Damned (To Baator, That Is)
  33. Help Please (Half-Elf Bard)
  34. Optional 40th level boss of my campaign, PEACH
  35. Too hard encounters?
  36. Called Shot?
  37. Hybrid Combinations That Work
  38. First time making custom monster in 4e
  39. Would anyone like to help a newbie?
  40. Killing an Ancient Dragon.
  41. Fey Step in the Feywild
  42. Using 4e for Team PvP
  43. Gnome Warlord
  44. 4th Core Team Deathmatch in the Playground
  45. What's up with the Dark Pact?
  46. The things players do for xp
  47. 4E Avengers
  48. Brainstorming: Learning From 4e Mistakes and Successes
  49. Level 'number' encounters
  50. Ideal Magic Fencer
  51. Hexbladesinger
  52. Crazy 4e concept characters?
  53. Optimization at Level 2 Challenge
  54. Seishin Bainda Campaign Log (4e Avatar)
  55. Opportunity attacks
  56. Shadow Dragon Encounter
  57. Druid sentinel build advice
  58. Character Creation Challenge
  59. Resisting Damage
  60. Fighters and Opportunity Attacks
  61. 4e and temporary flight abilities
  62. Desert Skill Challenge
  63. Linear-Guild-Style Encounters. Possible in 4e?
  64. Warlocks and Vampires
  65. Campaign "Journal"
  66. D&D Encounters
  67. Hidden Blade
  68. Campaign ideas
  69. Assassin only skype campaign
  70. Elemental Campaign Ideas
  71. Help with short but challenging combats
  72. Rotating DM Campaign: Suggestions Welcome
  73. Witchalok Uses?
  74. Can I please get some information?
  75. Avenger Tanking
  76. Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook
  77. Challenge: A level 6 Paladin to survive a sea of Bodak
  78. Wave Defense Battle
  79. Too many Chiefs...?
  80. Party for Back story
  81. Skill feats
  82. What to do about splitting up
  83. Healing Potion
  84. Stealth Revamp
  85. 4E monster cards
  86. [4E/Forgotten Realms] Fluff: Nature spirits?
  87. Moar books on CB?
  88. Iron Chef 4e?
  89. No Rogue in the party...
  90. So... Hunters!
  91. House Ruling Called Shots
  92. As many classes as possible?
  93. A is for Adventuring! RPG ABCS!
  94. 1 Book (No not to rule them all -_-)
  95. Giving 4th Ed a possible go
  96. One-Shot Help needed
  97. Need 4 Virtues for Archangels
  98. Putting together a sequel for "Winter King's Cairn"
  99. Creatng a weapon
  100. How's about some magic item advice.
  101. Brainstorming Challenges for a One-Shot
  102. Bullywugs and Kenkus as PC's
  103. moving damage
  104. Arena Fighter help.
  105. Some questions on optimizing hybrids
  106. [Essentials Scout] How do I use this character in combat?
  107. Idea for a new type of item
  108. Need some help with my secondish self-written campaign
  109. Please Review This Hybrid!
  110. Epic Combat, Round 1. 100% accurate.
  111. Setting: Arcane Space
  112. Please sell me a Defender/Controller
  113. Design a siege
  114. Kind of long question
  115. Dragonriders of Pern
  116. Fellow DMs! How do you deal with...
  117. Perception
  118. D&D school club
  119. D&D school club
  120. D&D school club
  121. Weather in combat (heroic tier)
  122. The Delta Campaign logs
  123. Rough terrian and dead bodies
  124. Power Source and Role inclination
  125. Little advice? (5th lvl Wizard)
  126. Are there rules for battle in heavy wind?
  127. Character Help: Lv 20 Defender
  128. Weapon of Summer
  129. Blackguard with Familiar? Yes, please!
  130. Need Advice: 1 player without a Theme
  131. Domination?
  132. What would be a good fifth PC in this party?
  133. Hybrid Blackguard/Ranger HELP! (Pwrease)
  134. BLACKGUARD highest possible damage dealer
  135. need ideas for a criminally insane boss
  136. Looking for a feat...
  137. No Combat Night (D&D Encounters)
  138. Need Help Balancing a Player Race
  139. Hybriding Essentials with Non-Essentials
  140. CA only for the flankers is kinda dumb.
  141. Level 11 Fighter Death Knight
  142. Sneak Attack, Assassins Strike, Power Strike question
  143. Reincarnate Champion
  144. Party Advice Needed
  145. [Build Help] Taka, the last of the Jedurai <> Swordmage|Monk Hybrid?
  146. Petrovision - Adventure Idea
  147. Print & Play Minis
  148. Swimming in combat
  149. Looting dead PCs
  150. Looking for assistance perfecting a Paladin/Warlock Defender/Striker Mounted Charger
  151. Dwarf Cleric|Invoker Build
  152. At-Wills for Executioner?
  153. Good 6th Member to this party?
  154. Pack Outcast Theme vs. Werewolf Theme
  155. Types of Campaigns for Starters
  156. 4E: Investing and Trade Goods
  157. 4e Firefly
  158. Death DMing Advice vs Optimized Characters
  159. Pixie Bola Thief Flyin' in your Windows...
  160. A drunk dwarf
  161. Trying to help a new group.
  162. What Book is the +3 Anointed Mace in?
  163. Armor + TWF?
  164. Saving throws while dying
  165. Resistance Piercing
  166. Has anyone tried the "Penny Arcade" rules for free fall?
  167. 3.xe Equipment Book to 4e?
  168. Memorable Magic Items Received/Given
  169. Alternate Skill usage (Planescape)
  170. Anyone played the Pyramid of Shadows module?
  171. List of all 4E Campaign Settings
  172. Primal Psionic character
  173. 4th Ed woes...
  174. Basic [insert element name here] Optimization.
  175. My Most Ambitious Encounter Yet
  176. Magical wards
  177. I told you to take the wizard's staff. (Staff Question)
  178. Berserker question
  179. Bloodied Skeletons?
  180. Clockwork Scorpions, Executioners, and Persistent Poisons, Oh My!
  181. Bardguard Hybrid Talent
  182. Evard's Dreadful Mist
  183. Some input on 4E encounter length?
  184. fist-throwing?
  185. debuffing defender
  186. Desert Dwarf
  187. chargecheese
  188. Need third party opinions, and fast...
  189. Optimizing Hybrids
  190. Fortune Cards Rules Broken By Treachery Set
  191. Permanently killing someone/thing?
  192. Creature Adjectives
  193. Dagger vs Handaxe for Throw and Stab
  194. PCs requesting backup, over
  195. Can I recreate this character in 4e?
  196. New to 4e need help creating a gloomblade. Please.
  197. GSL advice: Campaign setting
  198. L14 TWF Longtooth Ruthless Ranger
  199. Dream Elf - Can We Build It?
  200. Dervish Conversion
  201. Homebrew: Two-Weapon Fighting
  202. Can I have Channel Divinity?
  203. Pushme-pullyou Wizard (Heroic)
  204. Kobolds and Fleeing
  205. What makes the icons so iconic?
  206. Assistance in understanding Hybrid Wizard
  207. Looking for Input Insight and Thoughts on my Work In Progress Campaign Setting/Arc
  208. Magic Items that grant Channel Divinity
  209. Worst Hybrid Ever Game!
  210. [4e] Chandra Nalaar - character help
  211. What to Expect
  212. Monk Overpowered?
  213. Horror Movie Monster Campaign advice!
  214. Race/Class Help for a Newb?
  215. Help a rusty DM - critique my recorded session!
  216. I made a monster which I am about to throw to a bunch of level 18's can u give advice
  217. Best Class Analogues for a WoW Campaign?
  218. Custom Bladesinger Hybrid
  219. Ketass: need help making it balance, it's my departed DM custom race
  220. Is this OP/UP?
  221. Help making a LazyLord
  222. Dragon god stats
  223. Character Themes
  224. Help with a Drow Hexblade
  225. quick question - slow
  226. Good 4th Edition Introductory Module
  227. Fey Origin?
  228. Okay, you have an airship. Now what?
  229. Bladesinger questions
  230. Traps for Players
  231. Stripped naked.
  232. Do these feats interact?
  233. Crushing Despair?
  234. Wizard using a shield?
  235. Fall damage
  236. Traps and Hazards?
  237. Crit Fishing Shenanigans
  238. Metabolicjosh's Campaign Journal
  239. How do weapon feats interact with swordmage powers and each other?
  240. Interesting Uses of Thievery in an Encounter
  241. Help me Make a Paragon Path!
  242. Proving myself to be a terrible person.
  243. How Bad's My Plan?
  244. Action to pull out and stow an item?
  245. Wizard build for Spelljammer 4e
  246. A rather huge encounter
  247. Improved Tome of Readiness: Refocus
  248. Silent Image, Suggestion?
  249. Alternative Warlock Curses
  250. What would you add to this party?