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  1. [4E] Pirate Themed Ranger Powers
  2. Simple Q&A (by RAW) 4e/Other Systems I
  3. [4E] Max Damage a Barbarian can do in one round?
  4. [4e] What house rules do you have?
  5. 4e: Help building my Dwarven Plate Warlock
  6. Which Monster Manuel to buy? [D&D 4e]
  7. 4e Favorite Hybrid
  8. [4e] purchasing advice, and why warlords?
  9. (4e) Do you roll up your own characters or use DDI?
  10. A new idea for a Rogue Build (4e)
  11. No smarts in the front line? (4e)
  12. [4e] should the Polymorph be a familiar?
  13. 4th ed pnp dnd Rogue build questions.
  14. Warlord Help (4e)
  15. [4e] Is Minotaur really that bad a choice for a bear shaman?
  16. (4e) Power advancement question
  17. [4e] One-handed polearm?
  18. (4e) Dual Crossbow fighter
  19. [4e] Barbarian and a ???
  20. 4e- New Class Acts: Ranger Article
  21. Take down that sentry! (4E)
  22. 4e Item usage
  23. (4e) Paladin, very confused
  24. (4e) Dumbing down skills
  25. [4e] Spiked Chain?
  26. [DnD 4E] All Gods are not created equal
  27. 4ed Inherent bonuses for magic-low campaign
  28. [4E] Heroes needed!
  29. Ptolus in 4E
  30. D&D Character Builder Question
  31. What the FRICK is the Ardent [4e]
  32. [4e] Anything similar to a scout?
  33. Converting Expedition to Castle Ravenloft [4e]
  34. (4e) Who has run Kobold Hall?
  35. A kobolds guide to 4e
  36. wielding two items [4E]
  37. lay on hands (4E)
  38. Return to the 4th edition.
  39. [4E] DPR/Striker Paladin Build Advice
  40. [4e] Recycled Art
  41. Death as a Character Hook (4e)
  42. [4E] Assassin Class Question
  43. I need to get into Vecna's mindset.(4E)
  44. New DM, Newer Players, Odd Woes
  45. 4e build question: how bad is "prone"?
  46. 4E - How many dice are needed for weapon damage at level 21+?
  47. 4e. Hey guys! Help me figure out my next character!
  48. 4e - Ranged Basic Attack powers
  49. DMing love, lust, betrayal and opposing ideals
  50. Tucker's Kobolds (4e)
  51. Online Character Builder Gripe
  52. [4e] You're going to do WHAT to the statue?
  53. [D&D 4e] Essentials Monsters to Standard 4e
  54. [4e] Hybrid Fighter/Ranger - possible 2d10 [W] dice?
  55. Making Travel Interesting [4E]
  56. Monsters Using Second Wind (4e)
  57. [4.0] New campaign, new format, new everything
  58. "You traitor!" [4e]
  59. [4.0] Short rest abuse
  60. [4E Essentials] SRD?
  61. [D&D 4E] Create a party!
  62. Moving up to 4th Ed from 3.5
  63. D&D 4e, Rules for extreme Heat/Cold exposure?
  64. [4E] The Most Powerful Undead Villians
  65. 4E - You *really* want to eat the troll?
  66. Mix and Match 4e and Essentials?
  67. [4e] Player Background Options
  68. Deathwatch RPG
  69. [4.0] Is GW Box better than the Red Box?
  70. [D&D 4e] Class Dipping
  71. '11 Western Marches Advice.
  72. Dark Heresy Flavour
  73. [4e] Gnomes, invisibility and combat advantage
  74. Help Me With Building a Human Paladin (4.0)
  75. Is This Too Cheesy?
  76. My Girlfriend's First Character [4e]
  77. [4e] Running an Episodic Campaign
  78. Need ideas for turning a random encounter into a plot hook!
  79. [4e] Quick Help on Storage
  80. List of the Esentials line
  81. 4E - Multiple Concurrent Skill Challenges
  82. [4e] Quick Skills Errata Question
  83. [4E] Help with Ancient Greek pregens
  84. Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4E)
  85. 4e Ranger help
  86. Gamma World and pbp
  87. [4E] Teleporting up?
  88. [4E] Advice on Polearm Fighter build
  89. 4E - Shifting as a Free Action
  90. 4e Encounter Design- Is this normal
  91. [4e] Help me write....wedding vows.
  92. [4e] Searching for Paragon Path for a bard
  93. [4e] Quick character build suggestions
  94. 4e DMPC Stat array and Race assist
  95. [4e] Adding a Craft skill
  96. [4e] What do you like about being a 4E player?
  97. How Would You Rule? {4E}
  98. [4e] Gnome Ranger Build (warning: newbish)
  99. [4e] Angry about the 15 minute workday?
  100. How to make 4e DnD more diverse like 3.5?
  101. 4e Halfling Knight
  102. Far Realms monsters
  103. 4e PEACH: Skillmonkey
  104. Plot ideas for Eberron Detective Noir set in Sharn
  105. Knocking people over the horizon [4e rules lawyering required, ney DEMANDED!]
  106. I have no idea what to play
  107. 4E - Cavalier help
  108. 4E Setting-Hopping Evil Epic Campaign - Defender Ideas
  109. The charging "blind spot" [4e]
  110. [4e] Looking for a resource - power cards
  111. [4e] Shield issues
  112. Brawling Fighter [4e]
  113. Tomb of Horrors [4e]
  114. 4e Druid Advice (Dark Sun)
  115. [4e] Artful Dodger Rogue
  116. The upcoming Heroes of Shadow book
  117. [4ed] Barbarian|Rogue hybrid. Help with optimization?
  118. Tomb of Horrors (4e)
  119. [4e] very otherworldly
  120. DnD Core Rulebooks, or new Essentials?
  121. [4e] Mud Genesai, Clumsy fighter build, build help
  122. [4e] Pacifist Cleric seeking to make use of a Paladin Multiclass
  123. Making a chaos wizard (4e)
  124. Newby needs help building a Halfling Rogue
  125. [4e] House Rule for Races
  126. 4th ed - Shieldmage help: final deadline. samurai/jedi
  127. Avengers question in 4e
  128. Gama World adventure creation help
  129. [4e] Alternate Uses for Action Points
  130. [4e] Speaking while Stunned
  131. [4e] Battlerager Vigor Temporary Hitpoints
  132. Paladin vs Warlord (Take 2)
  133. [4.0] DM question- am I too hard on my players?
  134. [4e] dual unarmed strikes and stacking bonuses
  135. [4E] Essential House Rules
  136. D&D 4.0 Character Builder (Is there anywhere I can still legally dl the old program?)
  137. [4E] Templates and level buffs
  138. [4e] Improving magic items
  139. [4e] Flexible ability scores for the missing races
  140. Summon Houserule
  141. Impact of free powers from Themes
  142. Rituals - Potential house rules
  143. Seeking well done low level heroic modules
  144. For those who DM
  145. Become a Star
  146. Masterwork Weapons instead of Expertise
  147. How many levels up is too many levels up for an encounter?
  148. How much would the power level raise...
  149. Question on Magic Item + Other Player Interaction
  150. Regenerating lost body parts
  151. [4e] Free Adventure - The Citadel of Storms
  152. Playstyle differences between 3.5e and 4th?
  153. I Need a Defender
  154. How would you rate this build?
  155. 4e Combat made Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
  156. Hybrid Leaders and their BLANK Word
  157. Gamma World VS Tomb of Horrors
  158. More about races...DnD 4E
  159. A Higher Level Hybrid Swordmage
  160. Added a new 4E sheet to the PifRO profiler
  161. A little Paladin help?
  162. Value of the mastery (AKA improved critical) feats
  163. List of Character Races?
  164. When Players Go Off The Map
  165. Online Adventure Tools/Monster Builder Up
  166. Does Parry Gauntlets +2 Stack with Second Wind
  167. Going mapless
  168. What should I reskin?
  169. Campaign Starting Points
  170. Need a ranged combatant
  171. Forced movement and the Spirit Shaman
  172. Damage Immunity for Constructs
  173. Is it just me...
  174. Changes...
  175. Just Killed The Tarrasque
  176. Fey or Infernal Hexblade
  177. What would happen if you redefined rests?
  178. 4E: Your Favorites
  179. Gamma World: Famine in Far-Go
  180. Gantz
  181. Help me make a paladin
  182. Dragon Magazine Question (Star Pact Warlock)
  183. 4E Radiant Monk Question
  184. Hardest Monster you've ever faced?
  185. Prone + Teleport
  186. Residuum?
  187. Infravision? Darkvision? Meatvision?
  188. [hybrid help] the Brutal | Brawler > a rogue|fighter
  189. PvP in 4th E
  190. Teleporting Acrobat
  191. No superior weapons...
  192. Standard Action Bonuses Through Tiers
  193. Combat Advantage Question
  194. All about Drow
  195. How many kobolds...
  196. [Metaphysics] Distilling Residuum
  197. Rules Question: Save penalties and more than one effect to a save
  198. Fair rules for forum-based PVP
  199. Most intimidating intro
  200. DMing 4e PbP Games: A Guide
  201. How to handle ability score imbalances within the party.
  202. Mounted charger?
  203. New DM looking for plot help.
  204. The Marshal - Am I missing something?
  205. Target: One or two creatures (Twin-strike and the likes)
  206. Changes to D&D
  207. Damage Tricks
  208. Crit-fishing in 4E
  209. Much MUCH help needed! [4e]
  210. best. session. ever!
  211. Please help with a psion build
  212. Tomb of Horrors (DM Rewards version) Death Plans
  213. Favorite Demon lord in 4e?
  214. Monsters?
  215. Psionic Powers
  216. Twin Strike houserule.
  217. How much Terrain is too much?
  218. New character: Druid or Monk?
  219. Gamma World Characters
  220. 4e Encounter design-Meteor Shower
  221. Stormheart Push question
  222. Fun Fact
  223. Changing implements
  224. 1 / 2
  225. Whips and Vampires: CastleVania 4e
  226. A Little Help with the alternate route to an adventure?
  227. Super Hero 4th?
  228. Beast Mastery Ranger question
  229. Interview with a vampire-designer
  230. Little help for a newbie?
  231. 4e Custom Creature String: Voidspawn
  232. got an urgosh question
  233. Tiefling Fighter Help?
  234. Suggestions for solo monster for level 3 party
  235. Question for DMs
  236. Switching Edition Preference
  237. New Whirling Barbarian Help.
  238. Barbarian-Warden Fluff requested
  239. Rules for off the wall things players may try.
  240. Advice to people posting 'What class should I pick?'/'Help me build this character'
  241. Should the DM necessarily be the best player?
  242. Rituals and Alchemy question
  243. Shamen and Healing
  244. Fast forwarding past encounters
  245. Rituals
  246. 1st level feat question
  247. monk stuff
  248. Skill Challenge Bonus/Penalties
  249. Limit on daily powers (from items)
  250. The Tarrasque and 4e