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  1. GURPS 4e Wizard Build Advice Please
  2. 1e AD&D: Bonus Attack stacking?
  3. Suggestions for a pregenerated Traveller 2300 game
  4. Paranoia After Action Report.
  5. Fixing oWoD Combat
  6. WoD Werewolf question, PLEASE HELP
  7. 2nd Ed AD&D: Casting spells and moving
  8. Converting Demon - the fallen to nWoD
  9. [nWoD] Mirrors and Minis
  10. The 3,872 Orcs?
  11. Help Me Break Exalted (2nd)
  12. [Shadowrun 4e] drone that can hack?
  13. Starwars - Edge of the Empire - New player
  14. Star Wars - Saga and FFG - Pros and Cons
  15. First looks at Fate Core
  16. OWoD vs NWoD
  17. AFMBE - Need a little help.
  18. Grimtooth-Style Magic Items
  19. [VtM] NPC Help
  20. Running an L5R 4e Courtier Campaign
  21. [Looking for System] Shin Megami Tensei-Inspired Game
  22. Converting 2ed AD&D stuff to Sword and Wizardry
  23. [SWSE] Felucian Force Wizard
  24. [SR4] Need advice for injector arrows
  25. Star Wars Saga - abuse of the force
  26. Shadowrun II: Best powers for a Physical Adept? (and other questions)
  27. V:tM Character Creation Question
  28. Ignore
  29. Relativism, Nihilism, and D&D
  30. Exalted: The Locust Crusade
  31. (SWSE) build help
  32. AD&D 1E posession question
  33. Star Wars Saga: greatest talent ever for dark jedi?
  34. [nWoD - HtV] Is Melee a Terrible Idea?
  35. Most Deadly Adventure:Rate Them
  36. Anima - general thoughts and advice for dealing with a stubborn player
  37. Shadowrun II: Bone Lacing, Barrier Ratings, and you!
  38. [M&M 2nd ed] Big Battlesuit?
  39. NWoD Promethean Perfected Bezoar
  40. (SWSE) Droid Build Questions
  41. [oWOD] Mist form / Talons of the Beast question
  42. SWSE interesting use of lightsabers
  43. Starcraft - What system would be best for a conversion?
  44. Interesting Feat idea for 2E; want commentary
  45. oWoD Mage: Gun Slinger
  46. [M&M] Talk to me of first edition!
  47. GURPS 4th Edition - Question about undead.
  48. Legends(Runequest) help please!
  49. SWSE Kaleesh optimization
  50. Story Heavy Rules Light?
  51. BESM 3rd edition: How would I represent this?
  52. Age of Rebellion Beginner Box Set Announced
  53. RuneQuest 6?
  54. Multiclass
  55. AD&D 2nd Looking for a spell that create a weapon
  56. SWSE Crime Lord
  57. Tell me about- Demon: the Fallen
  58. Mekton Zeta
  59. Firefly game
  60. Conversion Character
  61. green ronin a song of ice and fire - destryoing/conquering a rival house
  62. New to Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, any tips?
  63. M&M 3e Can anyone help me with arrays?
  64. Using [Mutantas & Masterminds 3E] to run a Guardians of the Galaxy game.
  65. AD&D 2e house rules?
  66. First Time in a 1e/2e game. I could use some advice
  67. Savage Worlds Arcane System Overhaul (mostly)
  68. [M&M1e] Critique my PL8 character
  69. Obtaining illegal drugs in Shadowrun II
  70. [V:tM] I think I made a big mistake...
  71. WoD [Mage:Ascension] Question about crafting Charms
  72. [SWSE] Teräs Käsi build advice.
  73. A few questions about Star Wars Saga edition
  74. Jadeclaw Setting
  75. A Song of Fire and Ice CharGen
  76. Advice on a custom WOD Vampire setting
  77. Exalted 3rd Edition?
  78. {Exalted} Moonsilver Tattoos on Non-Lunars
  79. Shadowrun II: Re-using Spell Locks?
  80. parry and tumbling
  81. How (un)cinematic are the stock combat rules in Basic RolePlaying d100?
  82. Need Help With Armour
  83. Gurps 4e - Advice for a complete newbie
  84. Play the Middle-Age with NWod?
  85. [Vampire the Masquerade] Abraham Lincoln gets on a train...
  86. A Game idea needs discussion
  87. AD&D - 10 rounds in 1 turn
  88. Hunter the Vigil Profession question
  89. Advice for a new Deathwatch GM
  90. Rules Cyclopedia: Accepting the Awesome
  91. World of Darkness and the present day
  92. SWSE power build idea
  93. Weapons with spikes and saws and little prongy bits (DND 2E)
  94. Gygax's Necropolis
  95. Force Sensitive at Level 1
  96. [VTM][LARP] Filling out character Backstory
  97. Superhero Help Understanding M&M
  98. Teach Me Savage Worlds
  99. [Mutants and Masterminds] Heal from Energy Damage (Help Please)
  100. E6 d20 Modern capstones
  101. Shadowrun 5 Is It Worth It?
  102. [VtM] Derangment and Malkavians
  103. Rolemaster houserules
  104. Pathfinder: Void Stick Zombie?
  105. [V;tM] Dealing with the "Haunted" flaw.
  106. V:tM - reworked mechanics for bloodlines
  107. Need Help making a Party of Kobolds (Pathfinder)
  108. AD&D 2nd Ed AD&D Armor/Kit question
  109. Old School How are dungeons even possible at low levels?
  110. [nMage] Imbue Item questions
  111. Deadlands Revised Classic: Advice on using all the secret societies.
  112. Could I get some input for playing a Paladin? (system not specific)
  113. WoD NWoD Ghostbusters
  114. New Age Druid in Hunter the Vigil
  115. [SW/CoC] Comparing SWRPG, CoCthulhu and 3.5e.
  116. AD&D 2nd Ed Carrion Crown Adventure Conversion
  117. [SAGA] Cyborg and Torture Droid.
  118. WoD (OWOD) Enemy stat blocks
  119. Superhero HEROS- Good or Bad?
  120. Discussing a potential horror game idea
  121. WoD Going to be playing in a oWoD game for the first time ever. Anything I should know?
  122. Looking for thoughts on Unknown Armies
  123. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds: Learning the Ropes
  124. 7th Sea Glamour Mage Assistance
  125. Making a MERP spell caster, and could use feedback
  126. Superhero M&M 3e chargen questions
  127. Mecha Carrying Mecha? [Mekton Zeta]
  128. Dresden Files RPG, Recovery powers, and Beast Shape
  129. AD&D 2nd Ed AD&D 2nd Rules Question
  130. WoD The Potential for Bad Gm : How too help this guy
  131. Dragon Age RPG Set 3 almost there
  132. Exalted [Exalted] Infernal King
  133. WoD Is the Storyteller System Disassociated?
  134. Star Wars Star Wars d20 Revised: Guardian optimization
  135. WoD Looking for NWoD Statblocks/templates
  136. First time running Unknown Armies Game: general help please
  137. WoD Mage the Ascension questions
  138. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds: a few questions.
  139. Fuzion RPG: Artesia Summoner Modules?
  140. Good Systems For Sword & Sorcery
  141. AD&D 1st Ed Ad&d Hp
  142. Star Wars Star wars saga edition new character help
  143. Getting a handle on FATE
  144. (LL Basic) Dwarf, Elf, Halfling Cleric?
  145. AD&D 2nd Ed 2nd edition?
  146. WoD Vampire the Masquerade : When you disagree with the system.
  147. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 2E Character Help - Hazard
  148. Sci-Fi A sci-fi game...underwater?
  149. AD&D 2nd Ed How much magic for low levels?
  150. Good well rounded non-combat orientated rpgs
  151. AD&D 2nd Ed 2nd edition Mage.
  152. WoD Fun/interesting flaws to roleplay (VTM oWoD)
  153. Superhero [Mutants & Masterminds] Where to start?
  154. WoD Opinions on Vampire Dark Ages
  155. Looking for input into the growth rate of herbs
  156. Star Wars Star Wars d6 (1st Ed) Newbie Help
  157. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds 3e: How to Build This Hero?
  158. Superhero Heroes Unlimited - Chemical Secretion
  159. AD&D 2nd Ed Drow fighter class?
  160. Star Wars Star Wars Saga: Dawn of Defiance
  161. Shadowrun Maybe i could GM a shadowrun session or two...
  162. Old School Three Cheers for Mazes & Minotaurs!
  163. Star Wars Saga Edition character creation help
  164. WoD VTM issues
  165. PTA & PTU(Pokemon Tabletop Adventues/United) Differences
  166. Old School Castles & Crusades and Expanded Psionic Handbook
  167. Monsterhearts
  168. AD&D 2nd Ed Awesome Martial Arts Rules from Complete Ninja
  169. Trying to remember the name of an RPG
  170. Old School [Older D&D] Which D&D are you playing?
  171. Shadowrun Shadowrun 4th ed LMG drone recoil question
  172. WoD Old World of Darkness question
  173. Sci-Fi Paranoia- feels?
  174. Shadowrun Gamer’s Tavern Actual Play: Shadowrun
  175. Exalted [Exalted] What Do I Got?
  176. WoD [nWoD] God-Machine Update
  177. AD&D 1st Ed Why is the 1st edition bard considered so strong?
  178. AD&D 2nd Ed Attacking Psionically an "Intelligent sword" in AD&D 2nd edition
  179. [L5R]Character Build Advice?
  180. Help with Plot Hooks
  181. Exalted Exalted: What Exactly Can They Do?
  182. WoD Help With Changeling: The Lost
  183. Numenera: General Discussion.
  184. Star Wars SW Saga Edition Build Advice: Spy
  185. Old School [B/X D&D, ACKS] Creating the Party
  186. WoD [nWOD] Newbie Character Design Help!
  187. hi arcana and arcanum of wod
  188. Exalted [1e Exalted] Where's My Scythe?
  189. AD&D 1st Ed Help, we're *kinda* screwed!
  190. AD&D 2nd Ed "Warbler" Bard Kit
  191. Potion naming with humor; suggestions welcome!
  192. R.G.G. Presents...Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Live Stream Game
  193. WoD [V;tM3rd] Which Path of Necromancy would you take?
  194. Superhero Poorly worded rules
  195. Exalted [Exalted] Finding some good stunt examples.
  196. Ideas for Star Wars Pump Station/Waterworks encounter
  197. Star Wars Ideas for Star Wars Pump Station/Waterworks encounter
  198. WoD nWoD and Shadowrun: Buy in costs and what is needed?
  199. Old School Special Ablities for Humans
  200. WoD oWoD Character Optimization
  201. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Simple Q&A
  202. How robust is FATE?
  203. Sci-Fi Writing a campaign for my younger siblings.
  204. [Fate Core] Hacking Fate: Aspects vs. straight situational modifiers?
  205. WoD VtM 20th edition knowledge finance/ resources question
  206. Old School Favorite D&D modules
  207. Sci-Fi "From the Dark heart of space" anyone?
  208. Mutants & Masterminds: Damage doesn't do much damage
  209. 2nd Ed AD&D: Limited Wish
  210. Rhennee
  211. Old School What's your favorite D&D retroclone?
  212. Scion-Fixes and Ideas for new players?
  213. WW1 rpg
  214. Is BareBones Fantasy as nifty as it looks to be?
  215. AD&D 2nd Ed AD&D2E Homebrewing problems
  216. Call of Cthulhu 5.6
  217. Sci-Fi Savage Worlds: Mass Effect
  218. The One Ring
  219. Superhero Rotted Capes: Whats your experience and impressions about it?
  220. Anyone ever play CAT (john wick presents)
  221. About to run the Tomb of Horrors
  222. Old School Fine-tuning custom monsters
  223. What madness is this?
  224. Were the 2012 reprints of AD&D censored?
  225. AD&D 2nd Ed Question Regarding Multiclassing
  226. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, 2nd Edition Questions
  227. More trouble with Medieval? Politics.
  228. Shadowrun (4E) Adept Powers????
  229. AD&D 2nd Ed Avoid being detected (AD&D 2nd edition)
  230. running heroes unlimited for the first time.
  231. Law and Chaos only Alignment
  232. werewolf or vamp?
  233. [nWoD Mage] Balancing Minor Bonus for Players
  234. AD&D 2nd Ed Brainstorming for killing an army
  235. WoD New group trying to start into nWoD, some questions
  236. Exalted First time Exalted storyteller questions
  237. Star Wars Using Stun Weaponry on tough opponents
  238. blah
  239. Looking for an Adventure
  240. AD&D 2nd Ed Fisherman Themed Fighter Help
  241. Savage Worlds: Shields
  242. AD&D 2nd Ed 2 questions reguarding my ideas for my new campaign
  243. Is This Concept for an Ars Magica 5ed Maga Workable?
  244. Sci-Fi Horror RPG
  245. [Anima] Could you give your opinion on my assassin please?
  246. Sci-Fi Dark Heresy Advancements
  247. Best weapon ever?
  248. Please explain 1st & 2nd edition D&D Attack of Opportunity to me
  249. SW D20. A few questions
  250. WoD HtV: Taking on a Werewolf pack