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  8. [Black Crusade] Sorcerer optimization
  9. Sci-Fi Need a tecnological development table
  10. AD&D 2nd Ed Exceptional Strength
  11. Rhennee
  12. 1st Ed AD&D Gish
  13. Sci-Fi Rift what happened to califorina
  14. AD&D 2nd Ed Crafting magic weapons/armor
  15. Superhero Question about a NPC ability for M&M 2ed
  16. Star Wars So i cannot be a droideka?
  17. (BESM) What superpower to take?
  18. AD&D 2nd Ed Looking for an Online PC Generator
  19. Superhero Squadron Uk Query
  20. [Fate (Dresden Files)] Action Economy? Relevant? Even a thing?
  21. WoD Friday Night Bites (W:tA AU of the cracked-out variety)
  22. AD&D 2nd Ed Experienced Swords
  23. Shadowrun 4ed drowning in options
  24. WoD Innocents Help
  25. Shadowrun charactor sheets
  26. Basic Roleplaying: Language question
  27. Dragon Age RPG - General Discussion
  28. Feng Shui 2 Playtest
  29. WoD looking for city themes
  30. AD&D 2nd Ed Master Spell List/Index?
  31. Shadowrun SR5 Lemur Shaman practicalities
  32. Shadowrun 4th magic mechanics
  33. I don't like Legend of the Wulin mechanics
  34. AD&D 1st Ed Assaulting a Tower
  35. WoD Trying to get into Vampire the Masquerade. Have the books, but no experience. Help.
  36. AD&D 2nd Ed Paladin bond weapon
  37. Star Wars [Edge of the Empire] Making a force user
  38. WoD Killing an Earthbound
  39. Superhero Having trouble figuring out the math on a build
  40. Trying to figure out the Fate system
  41. Superhero M&M 3E (building oracle, with a remote controlled droid)
  42. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds III: How to build some powers?
  43. WoD [nWoD] Sin Eater's Bizzare Adventure
  44. Warriors of Heaven
  45. Sci-Fi Looking for a Mecha System
  46. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds - Could someone explain how Shapeshifting works?
  47. WoD Gilguled mage to hunter?
  48. Prysm - Let's Talk About It
  49. Old School Grappling and Nonlethal Combat
  50. WoD NecroticAgenda's nWoD House rules
  51. Flaming Deathpits of the Minotaur Mage: Descent Into Doomfire!
  52. AD&D 2nd Ed Gate v Rift to Astral Plane?: Portable Hole in Bag of Holding
  53. AD&D 2nd Ed Animated Armor
  54. Superhero M&M 3E: Threat Report question
  55. AD&D 2nd Ed Two Weapon Fighting, Natural Weapons and Specialisation
  56. Fate Reprogramming - An Example and a Discussion
  57. 5E Shadowrunners out there? Need help to build a Assasiny Sniper with Rigger splash -
  58. AD&D 1st Ed Minimum/Maximum Spells Per Level
  59. [Don't Rest Your Head] Combat and Madness Talents
  60. Exalted Character Creation
  61. AD&D 1st Ed Disbelieving Illusions
  62. 5th age Dragonlance
  63. AD&D 2nd Ed Rules for playing a Vampire/Lich?
  64. [CoC 6th] Guidelines for homebrewing creatures?
  65. Building a Character from My Favorite Books - HALP!
  66. Superhero Zombified New 52 Dc Vs Zombies!
  67. Star Wars Newbie GM needs advice
  68. Shadowrun 5th Ed Questions
  69. WoD Vampires and Werewolf Sleepers [nWoD]
  70. WoD Changeling - Fae-Touched and Freeholds?
  71. Das Schwarze Auge Third Edition
  72. DC 2029: Justice Legacy
  73. Pokemon D20
  74. Sci-Fi Star Trek Adventure
  75. AD&D 1st Ed Starting XP amount?
  76. Superhero Help me make a Superhero
  77. Star Wars Opinions on this SWD20 Martial Artist toon.
  78. Sci-Fi A Game idea that I need help with
  79. Old School Full Metal Plate Mail
  80. Superhero M&M 3e: How does Multi-Attack work?
  81. AD&D 2nd Ed A few little rule changes (2e AD&D)
  82. Shadowrun Shadowrun 5E Build Advice: To Cyberarm or not to cyberarm
  83. SR4 adept power question
  84. Shadowrun 4th Edition Character Help!
  85. Exalted General Exalted Discussion XVI: Chej Kejak, Pokegod Trainer!
  86. Star Wars [Star Wars Saga Edition] Cortosis Shield help
  87. TCG RPGs & A System to Bind Them...Anyone have one?
  88. Converting Deadlands Noir to Classic rules
  89. Shadowrun [4A] Mage build
  90. Heart of Darkness (Updated)
  91. Sci-Fi Traveller 2300 meets Mass Effect sort of idea
  92. Superhero Any Advice for Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition?
  93. Superhero New Player Building his First Superhero
  94. Rules-Light Heist System?
  95. Sci-Fi Recommend a system for a modern action/heist game?
  96. AD&D 1st Ed Origin of Comeliness Attribute?
  97. WoD Hunter: the Debuffer
  98. Could Twilight 2000 be run PbP?
  99. Earthdawn 3e
  100. Shadowrun 4/4A Character tweaking.
  101. AD&D 2nd Ed "Elven Archer" = any Elf with a bow?
  102. M&M 3e do attribute ranks cap at PL when powers don't?
  103. Labyrinth Future! (Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future crossover)
  104. AD&D 2nd Ed How many magical items can you wear?
  105. Savage Worlds: General Discussion.
  106. Superhero [Marvel Heroic Roleplaying] Event Milestone presentation?
  107. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition: Ranged Affliction question
  108. Old School Identifying items without identify spell?
  109. L5R, 4E: The Servant
  110. WoD Easy way to learn/teach nWoD, and other setting questions
  111. Paranoia questions (ULTRAVIOLET CLEARANCE ONLY)
  112. Help with character design in VtM.
  113. What's Dragon Age like?
  114. Dual Wield in VtM..... How Does it Work?
  115. AD&D 2nd Ed Random noob question
  116. second edition half orc question
  117. WoD Converting Apocalypse Gifts to Forsaken
  118. Old School Grim/gritty RPG system for Hexcrawls?
  119. Has Anyone tried the Wheel of Time RPG?
  120. Star Wars [Star Wars Saga] Campaign ideas
  121. M&M 2e Mimic idea/help
  122. All Flesh Must Be Eaten Confusion
  123. WoD VtM: Playing with Celerity
  124. Cthulhutech - Can someone explain cascades?
  125. New Firefly RPG; comparison to 3.5 and Dresden Files FATE
  126. WoD [nWoD] Fox Folk, The Kitsune
  127. AD&D 2nd Ed Dimensional Anchor / Lock
  128. AD&D 2nd Ed Question regarding paladins
  129. Sci-Fi FOR THE EMPEROR!! I need help building a Regiment for Only War
  130. Shadowrun SR5 Possession Optimization
  131. Dragon Magazine 116
  132. M & M 2e character help
  133. Star Wars Saga Edition Alteration, Opinions?
  134. Into The Aevum Character: Hayden Travers
  135. VtM stun rules?
  136. Has anyone played Outbreak Undead?
  137. Into the Aevum Character app- Loft and Palm
  138. Dragon Age Set 3 and Core Rulebook announced.
  139. Merrik Cloud Singer
  140. PTU: Into Aevum Character App: Errain Bronte
  141. Sci-Fi Psyker Options [Dark Heresy]
  142. AD&D 2nd Ed Let's talk about Followers
  143. Star Wars Help with Saga Edition Character
  144. WoD Mage: The Ascension - Magic System Clarifications
  145. Shadowrun Shadowrun 5 Book List?
  146. Iron Kingdoms
  147. Sci-Fi Looking for Starships (Mongoose Traveller)
  148. Into The Aevum Character: Kishi Vulpson
  149. PTU: Into the Aevum character: Kaiyou, Ship's Guardian
  150. Old School First try at an old school dungeon
  151. WoD Scrying on People (New Mage)
  152. Gurps character assist required!
  153. AD&D 2nd Ed Costs for Building Different Kinds of Buildings?
  154. Baldur's Gate: Converting 2nd edition AC to 3rd Edition AC
  155. AD&D 1st Ed First Edi (OSRIC): Sword and Dagger
  156. Mutants and Masterminds: Quick ideas
  157. Superhero Planning Mutants & Masterminds 3E campaign, answers and advice requested
  158. One Player GURPS?
  159. Ars Magica
  160. Star Wars Melee Fighter
  161. Star Wars Denying Dex Bonus
  162. Talislanta, anyone?
  163. OLD WOD highlander
  164. AD&D 1st Ed Wisdom for non-clerics?
  165. Pregen Characters for d20 Star Wars?
  166. Shadowrun First time playing Shadowrun (any addition) - pitfalls to avoid?
  167. Star Wars Assassin Prestige Class
  168. Shadowrun Shadowrun 4E, low powered advice
  169. Help converting M&M 2e to 3e
  170. Star Wars Saga Edition Experience Question
  171. L5r
  172. Call of Cthulhu time periods
  173. What system would best capture Mass Effect?
  174. L5R online references?
  175. Need a Change: Numenera or Dungeon World?
  176. Star Wars New Races
  177. Star Wars Sick of looking through books for force power descriptions? No more!
  178. List of Spelljammer material?
  179. Star Wars Long term plot devices
  180. Star Wars Which system should I use?
  181. AD&D 1st Ed Animal intelligence of 0
  182. Star Wars Star Wars Saga modules?
  183. Playing Legends of Wulin in a Naruto setting???
  184. Old School OSRIC - has anyone tried the Usherwood expansion
  185. Superhero Rotted Capes/Squadron Uk Zombie meets Supers game query
  186. [L5R 4E]Help me optimize my Kakita duelist
  187. AD&D 2nd Ed need box quest a 12 year old can run
  188. Star Wars Need a bit of help with my build
  189. How do I Exalt?
  190. AD&D 1st Ed Beefing up the cleric class
  191. Star Wars Force and Destiny Beta revealed at Gencon
  192. Help Identifying an Old D&D creature
  193. Sci-Fi Cthulhu Noir Help: A Yellow Night
  194. Superhero New to Superhero RPGs
  195. Star Wars Worst Saga Edition Races
  196. Paranoia...new version?
  197. WoD Help With A Relic
  198. Dungeon World Impressions
  199. AD&D 2nd Ed Playing Kender Without Being Fed To A Dragon, or, Handling With Care.
  200. Newbie needs help creating Gunslinger adept Shadowrun 4e
  201. AD&D 2nd Ed 2e Online resource similar to 3.5/pathfinder srd website?
  202. Spelljammer: What was it like?
  203. Trinity AEON
  204. Dystopia Rising : Tabletop
  205. M & M 2ND ~ Super Speed build
  206. GURPS question
  207. Rewards/ Loot for players in a modern campaign?
  208. PEACH My Concept! (General Character Critique Thread)
  209. Sci-Fi Traveller GM needed for PbP
  210. Help with a GURPS character.
  211. WoD V:tM Question Concerning Torpor, Ghouls, and Vampire Lobotomies
  212. Palladium Why?!?
  213. GURPS questions
  214. Shadowrun SR 3rd edition: FAQin' hell some rules are dubious!
  215. Competing with a Jedi
  216. Rwby
  217. Shadowrun Mech Suit
  218. GURPS: Computer Programs and Drone Stuff
  219. Superhero M&M 2ed Character help
  220. Star Wars Saga character build help
  221. Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet
  222. FFG WH40k Minutia question
  223. AD&D 2nd Ed 2E Spells Per Day?
  224. AD&D 2nd Ed Any rules for scribing Scrolls?
  225. AlphaOmega Rpg conversion question
  226. [L5R 4th Edition] Duels and other things
  227. GURPS Character build advice
  228. [Shadowrun 4e] Hacker Creation Question
  229. The One Ring
  230. How do I FAE/Fate?
  231. AD&D 2nd Ed Isle of Dread - DM help
  232. Barbarians of Lemuria
  233. Star Wars Edge of the Empire General Discussion Thread
  234. Diving into Role Master blind
  235. AD&D 1st Ed Alignment change
  236. Eclipse Phase, what should I expect?
  237. The Secrets of Cats (FATE) question about True Names
  238. AD&D 1st Ed XP for traps
  239. Learning to play World of Darkness
  240. Shadowrun Gang Warfare
  241. L5R - Rokugan Society Help?
  242. Shadowrun 5e NPCs
  243. WoD Hunter: Help me design a safehouse
  244. Dresden Files Character Help
  245. Exalted Need help with first time character build.
  246. AD&D 1st Ed Dragonlance Adventures ( suggestions and tips )
  247. WoD What issues would I be looking at with a Fallout WoD game?
  248. AD&D 2nd Ed Dual wield and specialization
  249. Redacted
  250. Trying to Make Magic Man (Adventure Time) as a GURPS character