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  1. Mutants and Masterminds: 3e Contradictions
  2. Shadowrun Stats for a big cat (panther)
  3. Superhero Rotted Capes: Alternative History Question
  4. High School?
  5. Star Wars Saga Edition KOTOR Build
  6. [Shadowrun] Alternate history for the middle east?
  7. Mage Focus Advice
  8. Worm Characters in Marvel Heroic - SPOILERS!
  9. SWSE Jedi Optimization- Countermaster Duelist
  10. AD&D 1st Ed Jumping Back In
  11. Shadowrun Run feedback/Lore Questions
  12. Poison'd, the pirate RPG: Yo ho ho and a bottle of technical questions
  13. WoD Innocents: Frame story help
  14. AD&D 2nd Ed Witch Kit
  15. Exalted Edition Wars?
  16. Star Wars Destroying Starships from Within
  17. AD&D 1st Ed Need help identifying a monster
  18. Superhero Premade urban steampunk settings
  19. WoD [nWoD] Philosopher BrujaH in V: the Requiem.
  20. AD&D 2nd Ed Would it be ok if...
  21. AD&D 1st Ed How do I make monks not underpowered?
  22. Warhammer Fantasy: char-gen advice
  23. oWoD: Abilities beyond 5 dots
  24. WoD V:tM Need help with staying alive
  25. Star Wars droid building/balance
  26. WoD (oWoD) Just how do you play Vampire?
  27. Sci-Fi Just getting ready to run Old School Justifiers.
  28. Star Wars Star Wars 2nd Ed R&R - couple of Rule / game play QU's
  29. Concept: 4th ed. Shadowrun human with lowest possible attributes
  30. Starting out Hunter (pseudo) soon, and had a question about the splat books
  31. Exalted dice maximums from charms
  32. Magitek setting?
  33. Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea | Party Conflict
  34. Wraith the Oblivion : Character exemple
  35. Shadow of the Demon Lord (Robert Schwalb's Dark Fantasy RPG)
  36. Shadowrun SR4A: Help with a character
  37. Shadowrun Edition to play
  38. Need Earthdawn Help
  39. Wanted: a good website for ad&d nostalgia
  40. NWoD Making Deadites
  41. (Mutants & Masterminds 2E Question) How would you build this?
  42. [FATE] Secrets of Cats
  43. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition
  44. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Character 2nd ed: build help
  45. A Delta Green Open Beta?
  46. WoD V:tM Brujah Ideas
  47. WoD Old World of Darkness Growth Tables?
  48. Quick scion question
  49. WoD Wraith: The Oblivion Can some rules be cleared up for me please?
  50. WoD Analyze my drug dealer!
  51. Old School How compatible is OSRIC & AD&D?
  52. AD&D 2nd Ed Wanting some wisdom: Campaign Log
  53. Shadowrun question - Essence and Cyberware
  54. OVA - Open Versatile Anime Role-Playing Game
  55. Natural Resources
  56. Sci-Fi Rogue Trader, Help with Tzeentch plot
  57. Exalted Shadow Over Water and similar Charms
  58. Star Wars Star wars D6 Martial arts
  59. Talislanta Spell Ideas
  60. Shadowrun First ever Shadowrun (5e) Character
  61. New Paranoia
  62. Sci-Fi Kromore RPG
  63. [Shard] Okay, I just found this game and I want to talk about it!
  64. New to system, just looking for advice (exalted 2e)
  65. Old School Completing the set
  66. Challenger RPG new group
  67. WoD Making Promethean Work
  68. WoD [Mass: the Effecting] Applying God Machine Chronicle-style XP
  69. WoD How to be relevant in V:tM?
  70. WoD Statting out Johannes and Horst Cabal in Old World of Darkness
  71. Magic based on God?
  72. GURPS 4E - Racial Destiny
  73. d6 - House Rule or Hallucination?
  74. [Fantasy Craft] Spellbound finally coming out, first quarter 2015
  75. [Deadlands: Heall on Earth classic] Cyborg's drain
  76. Sci-Fi How would you handle a game idea?
  77. Superhero Would like feedback on my Mutants&Masterminds plot for sunday!
  78. WEG d6 system for D&D?
  79. Exalted Lunar Assistance
  80. Exalted Getting into Exalted 2nd Edition
  81. Basic Fantasy: single character
  82. Star Wars SWSE Jedi
  83. Exalted Excellency Questions
  84. Exalted Using TAW Player-Made Rules/Charms
  85. WoD W:tA Delirium Quibbles
  86. Anybody here play Eclipse Phase?
  87. WoD Does anyone have the crunch for the Mechanical Seeming saved somewhere?
  88. WoD NWoD: Time Travel and History Altering
  89. Hero System Champions 5ed: How to build tremorsense
  90. Rogue Trader, whats the point of the Rogue Trader class?
  91. Edge of the Empire/Force and Destiny
  92. Rifts, anyone?
  93. WoD Statting up Crocker for CtL and need feedback
  94. Superhero Making Batman's Detective Mode in Mutants and Masterminds 3e
  95. Rogue Trader: Any experience with Xenos?
  96. [L5R Char Op]Kaiu Engineer
  97. WoD Can someone help me with a LARP character concept, please?
  98. Newbie GM, Looking to Start a Call of Cthulhu Group; Advice?
  99. WoD Classic WoD character help
  100. Scion: How to wrangle the worst parts of the system?
  101. WoD Hunter: The Reckoning Metaplot questions
  102. Shadowrun 5e Cheat Sheet?
  103. SWSE - Non-combat Droid, suggestions?
  104. Cleric Spell Question
  105. WoD (VtM) How strictly do you enforce the Humanity rules?
  106. Shadowrun 5 Tradition Creation
  107. "What say you to an Adventure?"
  108. Shadowrun Creating cyberware and Hacking, Help!
  109. Werewolf The Apocalypse Guides
  110. WoD [VtM] Advice on which direction to take a LARP character
  111. Serenity RPG Unarmed Combat
  112. Mixing up Star Wars continuity/history
  113. Little Fears Nightmare Edition Manipulative Monsters
  114. Converting Thri-Kreen to Shadowrun 5e
  115. FATE Legend of Korra ideas.
  116. Exalted [Exalted 2nd ed] in-combat healing
  117. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition: Building a Balanced Character
  118. Savage Worlds
  119. Viable WoD Wrestler
  120. System Crunchiness Preferences?
  121. [Pokemon Tabletop United 1.04] Regarding evasion
  122. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Grab Question
  123. Shadowrun without Shadowrun?
  124. What changes are needed for d20/SAGA
  125. Sneak attack on AD&D 2ed
  126. AD&D 2nd Ed Psionic Life Detection and Other-Planar Creatures
  127. best zomie system?
  128. Kung Fu RPG
  129. NWoD Endowments Question
  130. Sci-Fi [Mass: the Effecting/nWoD] Antagonists
  131. WoD WoD general info
  132. Star Wars Capital Ships in Saga Edition
  133. Shadowrun 3e - Day Job - Matrix Game Programmer
  134. D6 Zombies
  135. Help for a beginner 2nd edition AD&D newb (Fighter or Rogue)
  136. What are some good skins? [Monsterhearts]
  137. What's bad about d% systems [Fantasy Flight W40k specifically]
  138. Star Wars Mysteries and Skill Checks: How Do I Run A Whodunnit?
  139. Help me understand the Hero system 6 edition?
  140. Shadowrun 5th ed reprint
  141. [Rogue Trader] New PC
  142. AD&D 2nd Ed Turning a Monster into a character
  143. AD&D 1st Ed Trying to find the sweet spot for challenge
  144. Have you ever...
  145. SWSE non-Jedi Miraluka's and Force-sensitive as bonus feat?
  146. Sell me on BESM
  147. Wheel of Time RPG
  148. Shadowrun Adventure - feedback requested
  149. Why would 2 powerful red dragons be cooperating with a country in cahoots with Orcus
  150. (wrong section) Who's the better Binder? Occultists Versus... Binders
  151. WoD V:tM Backup Discipline
  152. Newbie Question about Mutants and Masterminds
  153. 'Loot' Rules For Mutants and Masterminds 3e Fantasy Campaign
  154. WoD Innocents - hidden backstory and flashback ideas
  155. Shadowrun Complete New, character build
  156. Mutants and Masterminds 3E giving a character Flaws/Weaknesses/???
  157. Star Wars Star Wars Saga Heavy Weapons Droid Design
  158. Shadowrun Shadowrun Character Build, Help?
  159. Shadowrun General Shadowrun Questions
  160. Exalted manifest anima rule
  161. Shadowrun Heisting an island army base
  162. Star Wars Saga Equipment Ruling Assistance Please
  163. Iron Kingdoms
  164. What is the point of Ranks in Rogue Trader?
  165. SWSE Morality
  166. Sci-Fi Help me deal with Traveller (Mongoose in Specific)
  167. GMing Mutants and Masterminds for first time, any advice?
  168. Rogue Trader
  169. Shadowrun Spell to Fix Things
  170. Monster of the Week (Revised)
  171. WoD [nWoD/GMC] Has anyone ever played an all-Minor Templates game?
  172. System Help!
  173. [O(A)D&D/Retroclones] Do/Did/Can/Could Henchmen level or otherwise increase in power?
  174. [Deathwatch] Completely new to the whole system, have mucho questions.
  175. [GURPS] Explain Techiques to me
  176. Fate Core, Avatar the last airbender.
  177. [ROGUE TRADER] Confused about the Endeavour system and Ship Components.
  178. Superhero M&M First time GM help
  179. Old School Why does BECMI have unique monsters?
  180. Sci-Fi Mekton Zeta Campaign help
  181. MERP questions
  182. Eclipse Phase: some simple questions
  183. Dragon Age RPG [AGE system] Rogues and Archery
  184. Sci-Fi Traveller/Stars Without Number Mashup
  185. Old School How many Pun-Pun exploits are in BECMI?
  186. Merging Fate with Weaver Dice
  187. [LotFP] Death Love Doom
  188. Exalted Using Exalted with other settings
  189. Atlantis: The Second Age
  190. Shadowrun SR4A: Melee characters (with a dash of 5e)
  191. L5R 4e Advice
  192. Superhero 2nd ed M&M Campaign help
  193. Shadowrun Is there a SRD available for shadowrun
  194. BESM and the Anime Campaign!
  195. AD&D 2nd edition Weapon Finesse
  196. Usagi Yojimbo Beastiary
  197. Changeling/Geist game: Welcome to Silent Hill
  198. 13th Age: General Purpose 2
  199. Shadowrun [4e] Newbie Hacker questions
  200. Question How may Adventures per level?
  201. Dragon Languages
  202. New to 2nd edition. need some assistance please
  203. Sci-Fi What does WH40K mean to you?
  204. Learning GURPS
  205. WoD The Cancer Cell or Hunter Roadtrip, nWoD campaign help
  206. Making A Nurgle Army
  207. [Alternity] Starship Troopers
  208. AD&D 2nd Ed Are there any worthwhile Player's Options?
  209. [Earthdawn] Archer and Wizard Optimization help
  210. Great Galactic War. - Side quests
  211. Sci-Fi Dark Heresy Second Edition: Ye or Nay?
  212. Superhero Doomsday Weapons and Devices in Mutants and Masterminds
  213. WoD Vampire V20 - Scion (or exalted) combat time management
  214. [Dark Heresy 2nd Ed] Sword Wielding Psyker
  215. Time Per Encounter?
  216. 2E Magic ... What is it?
  217. GURPS Shapeshifting/Morph help
  218. GURPS having trouble liking it...
  219. Exalted [2nd ed] Iron Skin Concentration vs Ping
  220. What is a good system for when to force ideologically-based intraparty conflict?
  221. Pokemon Tabletop United 1.05 is out!
  222. AD&D 2nd Ed HELP! how to calculate XP for major puzzle encounters
  223. Ideas for giving a player a chance to show off their powers?
  224. Fate Core : Situational Aspects
  225. WoD Hunter JROTC
  226. (MnM) Trading PL for extra PPs or vice versa, would it work?
  227. Star Wars Age of Rebellion: How did your group get their start?
  228. B/XoL: Dungeon Crawlers of Lemuria
  229. M&M so how much better is 3E to 2E
  230. Shadowrun Converting SR4 to Mutants & Masterminds 3e?
  231. [MnM] Artificer with Variable Device Loadout (build help)
  232. Sci-Fi W40K-RT-Character Creation-Tallarn a Death World?
  233. inv me to ur group
  234. AD&D 2nd Ed Guerrilla Shaman NWPs advice?
  235. Shadowrun New to running Shadowrun (4e), looking for tips and tricks
  236. Old School Rules Cyclopedia
  237. Old School Morale: Essential or redundant?
  238. Help First Time GURPS GM
  239. Sci-Fi Moving from Classic Traveller to Mongoose Traveller
  240. [Fate Core] "Multi-target" compels, how do they work?
  241. Black Crusade and the dichotomy of Evil/Chaos
  242. WoD General WoD Discussion #4: Rage Against the God-Machine
  243. Iron Kingdoms Warjacks
  244. Old School What do Prime Requisite ability scores reawrd you for?
  245. Old School How is Stealth supposed to work in AD&D/Basic?
  246. Old School D&D (B/X, BECMI, RC): Bunch of Basic Questions
  247. nWoD Campaign Help
  248. help fighting a blue dragon
  249. I rolled an 18/00 Strength!
  250. Ninja Troubles