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  1. [Fate Core] Help designing a wealth system
  2. Favorite OSR, OSR-esque, quirky or famous
  3. Sci-Fi Eclipse Phase Fan Theory
  4. Shadowrun Shadowrun 5e: Local Grids and service providers (also, what year is it?)
  5. diceless system
  6. WoD W:tA Mokole Turtle Theory
  7. AD&D 2nd Ed Understanding Dark Sun
  8. WoD Mage; the Ascension in Dark Ages?
  9. oWoD Demon: The Fallen physical build recommendations
  10. oWoD Kindred of the East vs Normal Kindred
  11. oWoD Merits Question
  12. Mongoose Runequest, RQII, and RQ6
  13. What are your thoughts on the Silhouette System by DreamPod 9?
  14. Any Ars Magica players out there?
  15. WoD Social Dice on uncharismatic player
  16. AD&D 2nd Ed Druid Spellcasting for noobs?
  17. WoD [cWoD] Brujah or True Brujah?
  18. Exalted Harmony of Deadened Steel Style
  19. [DCC] Peril on the Purple Planet box set
  20. Fate Core : Campaign Write Up (Also please help with any of my questions)
  21. WoD [cWoD] How to Tzimisce?
  22. Old School Dealing wth 10,000 zombies
  23. Shadowrun Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Learning Curve
  24. Old School Naval Battle Issues
  25. Shadowrun SR5 Faraday Cages
  26. Bunnies and Burrows
  27. Outbreak Undead- Played with a Sandbox style
  28. [STaRS] a few questions on the system
  29. Star Wars Star Wars Saga Edition advice
  30. AD&D 1st Ed Spellcasting homebrew; Druid build help?
  31. WoD Of LARPs and Dice-Rolling
  32. Superhero Squadron UK Chatter Podcast
  33. AD&D 2nd Ed FR: Changes between The Savage Frontier and The North
  34. Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition Question
  35. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds 2e: Mass Battle Rules Question
  36. The Dresden Files: Any Good
  37. Superhero Optimizing M&M 3E Archetypes: Beginning With PL 10 Kryptonian
  38. Next Up, Iron Kingdoms Advice Needed
  39. Simple Systems
  40. Shadowrun 5E (Rakoa's Grand Thread of Nooby Questions)
  41. Need some ideas for Cyberpunk 2020 Loot
  42. Sci-Fi Rogue Trader: Navigator advice
  43. Sci-Fi General Eclipse Phase Thread (Or, TITANs in the Playground)
  44. AD&D 1st Ed Druid armor crafting?
  45. Shadowrun Shadowrun Penal System
  46. Star Wars Sci-fi vehicle conversion help
  47. FATE: advice for a starting GM
  48. Art in GURPS books
  49. Shadowrun Water Based Nickname
  50. Valor Tabletop RPG System
  51. Why is there so many retro-clones, and why are they all based off of first edition?
  52. WoD Best way to toughen up a character?
  53. Icons Superpowered Role playing
  54. Fantasy AGE?
  55. Old School Where does the Magic Jar spell come from?
  56. [Star Wars RE] Jedi Consular Help
  57. Shadowrun 5e quality question
  58. Dark Heresy: First or Second Edition?
  59. Superhero M&M 2e: How to make equipment?
  60. Metamorphosis Alpha
  61. 13th Age race suggestions
  62. Numenera - What's it for, how does it play, and general questions
  63. [Savage Worlds] Final Fantasy VII Materia
  64. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds 3E - Multiattack Array
  65. D20 Modern: Burn Notice Style Campaign Advice (Fresh GM!)
  66. GURPS guns question
  67. AD&D 2nd Ed D&D 2e deathball spell?
  68. Warhammer through the ages.
  69. WoD Vampire: The Masquerade, where to start?
  70. Old School [D&D 1E? 2E?] Lightning Web Spell
  71. Dragon Age RPG Core book available for pre-order.
  72. Exalted [Exalted 2nd Ed.] The first four years of the rest of your life
  73. Star Wars Jedi Response Question
  74. Star Wars Fringers III @ FG-Con 6
  75. Palladium/Rifts to be Converted.
  76. The Stange
  77. Sci-Fi Looking for d20 system for Metroid (Nintendo game franchise) universe
  78. SWSE house rules and balance issues?
  79. AD&D 2nd Ed Immortality for a Druid?
  80. WoD [Apocalypse/Ascension] A Mage, Kinfolk and a scotsman enter a sept...
  81. Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Thread
  82. AD&D 2nd Ed 10th level spells.
  83. Shadowrun Shadowrun 5e Decking Help
  84. AD&D 2nd Ed Are undead kept out of a Protection from Evil circle?
  85. WoD About Highlanders.
  86. Quick Question about FATE
  87. oWoD - All ways to lower Generation?
  88. Bee Monsters in 1e and 2e
  89. Superhero Bash!
  90. Star Wars Advise on Star Wars Age of Rebellion beginner game
  91. Shadowrun SR5 Max weapon mods
  92. Barbaians of Lemuria - Mythic Edition
  93. Star Wars The GM Chronicles: Stormthroe's Stories
  94. Shadowrun Best Place to Start Running?
  95. Scion, avoiding the horror
  96. Shadowrun 4th: How High can I get a Spellcasting Pool
  97. M&M 3E: Help for a noob?
  98. exalted 3rd?
  99. WoD V:TM Using Dominate and Presence in tandem.
  100. AD&D 1st Ed Druid Spellcasting Help
  101. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Character Help
  102. Feng Shui: Good or Bad?
  103. What would the best RPG to portray the XCOM universe?
  104. Psionic Critters
  105. D20 Star Wars: Legacy edition or Revised Rule Book?
  106. 2D20 CONAN RPG - My Thoughts (and why I don't like the system)
  107. Need screen inserts SR4
  108. Singularity System?
  109. Sci-Fi The Last Parsec: A Savage Science Setting
  110. AD&D 2nd Ed 2nd Ed AD&D Cleric Advice
  111. WoD Hunter; the Reckoning question
  112. Star Wars How do I not suck with uzis?
  113. AD&D 2nd Ed Troglodyte Stench vs Gauntlets of Ogre Power/Girdle of Giant Strength
  114. AD&D 2nd Ed Detect Invisibility: the stealthy latern?
  115. WoD Blood points vs pints and feeding
  116. AD&D 2nd Ed What does thac0 CONCEPTUALLY represent?
  117. X1 - Isle of Dread central dungeon ideas
  118. Star Wars Anti force Jedi Hunter Saga Edition
  119. Dark Heresy II Chargen Help
  120. Need help with Vigilante names
  121. 13th age combats
  122. AD&D 2nd Ed Fighting Schools In Dragon Magazine
  123. 19th-century 'punk' style setting - looking for a ruleset to adapt
  124. AD&D 2nd Ed New Player Getting Into AD&D 2e
  125. My pitch for a alternative Vampire game
  126. AD&D 2nd Ed experience points for clerics turning undead
  127. WoD Baali as PCs....
  128. Star Wars Holonet access
  129. WoD VtM without.....
  130. Old School Spears of the Dawn
  131. WoD "Re-Thinking" WoD's 'canon' or lore...
  132. Superhero M&M2 Villain
  133. [Anima Beyond Fantasy] Slight change to Quick Reflexes Advantage.
  134. Iron Kingdoms RPG - Mechanika questions
  135. Old School Hit Dice for high level monsters
  136. Superhero Tips for making and GM-ing M&M 3E campaigns?
  137. Old School Simple poison system idea
  138. Old School How to fight a dragon... in B/X
  139. Titansgrave It HAS BEGUN!
  140. Star Wars Jedi in Stars Without Number?
  141. [Fate] How does the magic exactly work?
  142. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds help
  143. WoD how self-contradictory is oWoD
  144. Exalted Fun exotic ingredients.
  145. Fate based medieval fantasy settings
  146. AD&D 2nd Ed how to handle XP for this one encounter
  147. [oWoD] Are there any rules for hunger?
  148. AD&D 2nd Ed Fiend gating in Planescape
  149. AD&D saving throw help?
  150. Who's hoping the next edition of Scion is better?
  151. [old WoD] Middle-of-the-Road Traditionalist stereotypes for Mummies and the Fallen
  152. AD&D 1st Ed Ghouls, Ghasts, Gargoyles, and the Underdark
  153. Star Wars Is there a pounce-like ability? (Saga)
  154. Star Wars Conversion Assistance
  155. Shadowrun [SR4] Noob Questions -- Recoil Compensation
  156. Old School Let's Read B/X: The Moldvay/Cook Basic and Expert Sets for D&D
  157. Judicium Odyssey (W.I.P) Help me design.
  158. AD&D 2nd Ed Monster Adjustments for New DM
  159. [Eclipse Phase] Having fun with Hedonists
  160. Old School What have 1st level wizards ever done for us?
  161. How do you play Exalted?
  162. Eclipse Phase: WTH?
  163. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds 3E - Reducing Distance Ranks
  164. Star Wars Reliably hitting people with high use the force?
  165. Quick question about movement and obstacle in FATE
  166. Star Wars Ways to counter powers like Force Grip
  167. questions about FATE
  168. Sci-Fi Warhammer & 40K RPGs Thread III: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Heresies?
  169. GURPS: simple magic system
  170. Dcc?
  171. AD&D 1st Ed What is a Scarab of Protection from Evil Clerics?
  172. Superhero [Mutants and Masterminds 3e] Help me with some optimization
  173. Star Wars First time saga GMing help.
  174. Old School Energy Drain doesn't seem so bad in AD&D/BECMI
  175. I'm looking for a Sci-Fi RPG, what do you recommend?
  176. oWoD: Does Arete dictate personality?
  177. AD&D 1st Ed Recommend me some mods, o wizened gamers!
  178. d100 modern system?
  179. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3e: Hero's Handbook vs. Deluxe Hero's Handbook
  180. FFG Star Wars games
  181. Star Wars Saga Edition Thread III: Saga Academy
  182. Superhero (M&M 3e) Move-By Action
  183. Old School [BECMI] Replacing all Clerics with Relic Keepers
  184. Why does no one play Rifts?
  185. WoD List of Playable Creatures in nWoD
  186. Setting up fight difficulty in FATE
  187. AD&D 1st Ed Wrapping up Vault of the Drow? (Major spoilers for players)
  188. WoD Describe Demon: the Descent to Debutants
  189. Star Wars Saga Organizations not finished?
  190. Superhero Ideas for Fate Core
  191. Star Wars Converting Star Wars EotE / AoR / FaD to a D&D-esque setting
  192. d20 Modern Wealth System vs. Fallout
  193. AD&D New DM struggling
  194. Subclasses and Multiclassing in AD&D 1e
  195. Cthulhupunk
  196. Star Wars Star Wars D6: House Rules/Lightsaber Combat power
  197. Sci-Fi Post Apocalypse Engineer - a Savage World Character (Player help)
  198. Old School Fads in OSR?
  199. Call of Cthulu: Where to start from
  200. Savage Worlds: Good Starting Point?
  201. Superhero Building a Gestalt Character M&M III
  202. Sci-Fi horror TTRPG?
  203. Old School Playing without thieves
  204. WoD Dark Age: Mage Help
  205. Sci-Fi Should I try Alternity?
  206. Star Wars Carbonite Rifle range
  207. Fantasy Age is out
  208. Mutants & Masterminds - Just another beginner, looking for help
  209. Star Wars (saga) Drain Energy vs Lightsabers
  210. Sam & Fuzzy RPG: any players?
  211. Traveller Fans Sound Off!
  212. AD&D 2nd Ed Better humans and priests of a specific mythos
  213. Old School Geeky OD&D Random Generation & Maths Spreadsheet
  214. (Basic Fantasy RPG) Am I Reading the Item Creation Failure Chances Correctly?
  215. Looking for advice for non combat encounters in a mountain pass
  216. Star Wars (saga) Most effective way to resist force powers?
  217. How do players avoid Combat?
  218. Star Wars (Saga) Houserule opinion?
  219. HeroQuest 2nd Ed: Rising Action Extended Group Contests (Help)
  220. Exalted Question about Unnatural Mental Influence
  221. WoD Plot Ideas for MtA
  222. Shadowrun 4E - How The Frack Do I Wizard
  223. Sci-Fi New Game: Star Defender. Needs playtesting and comments.
  224. Pokemon Tabletop United - Can ghost types hurt trainers?
  225. A Zombie Game Discussion
  226. AD&D 2nd Ed Scrying and how it works...
  227. L5R 4e Help with my Kakita Duelist
  228. Anyone familiar with Mutants and masterminds 3e? Attempting my first character.
  229. Shadowrun - end game concept help
  230. Fate Core & PbP: eliminating combat rounds
  231. Star Wars drugs and chems in Star Wars
  232. Bunnies & Burrows
  233. Superhero M&M: Looking for an optional rule
  234. AD&D 1st Ed Elves as the Dead of Another Realm
  235. Superhero I need cheap martial arts to sell toys
  236. My Little Pony Roleplaying
  237. Post Nuclear War TTRPG game
  238. Star Wars (Saga) Morale/Insight Bonus optimization on Kissai
  239. WoD Looking for Advice to Build a nWoD Illusionist
  240. Dark Heresy 1st edition vs 2nd edition
  241. Bunkers and Badasses: What system would you use for a Borderlands RPG?
  242. Mystara question
  243. Questions of a Fate newbie: temporarily knocking off and immunities
  244. AD&D 2nd Ed priest of fertility forced to be chaste
  245. Star Wars Star Was Saga, Soldier Class, Clone Commando help
  246. Looking for system for my group... Recommendations?
  247. Mutants and Masterminds 2E Weird Campaign idea
  248. Superhero Some help designing an amulet
  249. Star Wars D20 revised edition ( mining questions )
  250. Finding Enemies of the Emperor [Warhammer 40K]