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  1. Deadlands Classic: What are some tips for running it, where do I find modules, etc?
  2. Savage Worlds Sci-Fi - Racial Edge Heavy-G Worlder require a Hindrance?
  3. 2nd Edition AD&D - Crafting Material Question - Elemental Silver
  4. Superhero Help with a new hero
  5. How do you deal with Races in Fate
  6. Hackmaster 5e skills
  7. Shadowrun Running Berlin (campaign reports)
  8. Superhero M&M 2nd Ed. Question about "Boost" and "Alternate Powers"
  9. How to run Fantasy Age/Dragon Age
  10. [L5R] Is my courtier build any good?
  11. [remiNES] A quick review.
  12. Cthulhutech Views
  13. Shadowrun Assassin Rigger build help
  14. 2nd edition inquiry - looking for source matireal, if available.
  15. New to adnd and looking to see if this is possible.
  16. Exalted help
  17. AD&D 2nd Ed New to 2e, looking for advice on making an effective character.
  18. Arcane Dilettante [Fantasy AGE] [Homebrew]
  19. Area Deflect in M&M 3e
  20. The Apocalypse stone
  21. Star Wars Star Wars d6 / d6 Space
  22. Shadow of the Demon Lord PDF released.
  23. star war revised edition droids
  24. Backswords & Bucklers
  25. General Exalted Discussion XVII: Edition of Cascading Years
  26. [Exalted] Maximising Strength
  27. Star Wars First Time SW d20 Advice and Lightsaber Question
  28. making a team for atomic highway
  29. Seventh Sea Character Help
  30. Sci-Fi Mekton Zeta Setting/Plot Ideas!
  31. spontaneous caster in OD&D (or similar)
  32. Spycraft: Using a heavy machine gun without a tripod?
  33. Sci-Fi Need help understanding some of WH40K Dark Heresy 2nd edition rules.
  34. WoD NWoD Style Dice using OWoD style numbers
  35. [L5R] Two Weapon fighting
  36. dice pool when casting disciplines/using willpower (vampire: the masquerade)
  37. Friends Request
  38. I need a good system for a setting based on kinnikuman
  39. Dungeons: the Dragoning Without the World of Darkness System
  40. How do you make rolls and checks in CWoD?
  41. Rolemaster character rules question - Power Points
  42. AD&D 1st Ed "Game Turn" time?
  43. [M&M 3E] Making the masterless swordsman.
  44. My Malkavian: Marko Delani
  45. Radicals and Renegades- Making a Dark Heresy 1E campaign
  46. WoD Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary
  47. SWSE Placed Explosives: How do they work?
  48. FATE Core (3.0) Displaying Aspects in Play
  49. Superhero M&M 3e Question: Increased Action+Sustained Duration
  50. Feng Shui 2: Damn Dirty Apes!
  51. Star Wars Saga droid character.
  52. AD&D 2nd Ed Looking for Swamp Adventure with a Dragon (AD&D and BECM okay too)
  53. WoD Idea for a crossover chronicle
  54. Wfrp 2e vs Wfrp 3e
  55. Star Wars [Saga] "Support Techy" (Noble Banned) Please Help
  56. Rogue Traders from Planet Express
  57. AD&D 2nd Ed To Revive a Dead God; a Gray One's Highest Ambition
  58. Old World Of Darkness
  59. Star Wars [Saga]Noble fencing and help with a build.
  60. WoD What Edition of VtM?
  61. Best places to find WOD PbP games!?
  62. [L5R]Where is the Hiruma bushi school?
  63. Old School Footprints #23 is now available for download [free]
  64. Shadowrun (SR 4e) Toxic Mage Bounty Expiration?
  65. Paranoia: Good intro missions?
  66. [Rogue Trader] Essential Roles and Eldar
  67. Superhero Returning to the Rifts system.
  68. Did Elves and Half Elves live longer in 2nd Edition Dragonlance?
  69. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3e: Character Creation Advice.
  70. MnM: Easy Ranged Question with an easy answer
  71. AD&D 2nd Ed (Week 4 of Planescape) I led another player character to his death today...
  72. Recommended system for modern fantasy setting?
  73. What's the best narrative system you know ?
  74. Tips on running Dread
  75. Superhero M&M (3e) how does Strength + Damage + Growth interact?
  76. Looking for a game
  77. Sci-Fi Mass Effect Tabletop: Dawn of Shadows and Spectres
  78. Superhero Mutants & Masterminds 2e: How would you build this power? "Gravity Ball"
  79. WoD VtM V20 : One of my player embraced last night and I need tips
  80. Sci-Fi SF Horror: They want to play Alien, but...
  81. A few Rifts questions
  82. WoD Mage rules questions - Relics, casting difficulty
  83. Initiative and Fate Core
  84. Engine Heart
  85. [PTU] Help with Puzzles.
  86. [L5R]Good source for historical maps?
  87. Old School Fantastic Heroes & Witchery [Retroclone]
  88. Star Wars Saga Question: The Blackwing virus?
  89. The Last Witch Hunter
  90. Possible Dungeon World Campaign. Looking for feedback. :)
  91. AD&D 2nd Ed Psionics, how do they work?!
  92. Dragon Request
  93. Custom Endowment Help for Hunter: the Vigil (NWoD)
  94. Dread: My surreal horror campaign for Halloween
  95. AD&D 2nd Ed Negative THAC0?
  96. M&M character idea suggestions
  97. A Maw Worth Fighting For: A Rogue Trader Campaign Journal
  98. D20 vs. White Wolf
  99. Alpha Omega RPG - Wielding and resist checks
  100. Paranoia: Advice please
  101. [Rogue Trader] Building an Astro-Paladin
  102. Help with a Dark Sun Random Adventure Generator
  103. AD&D 2nd Ed I suddenly feel uncertain about meanings of "powers" in PHB...
  104. general tech hero/villian equipment
  105. [NWoD] A Mage getting Embraced
  106. Old School Basic Fantasy - Cool Retroclone
  107. Witchcraft Magic Help
  108. Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Support Technician
  109. Most Embarrassing D&D classes
  110. Looking for help - Old FFRPG ORD (Final Fantasy)
  111. Star Wars Saga Help
  112. Sci-Fi [Setting] PonyMech
  113. [M&M 2E] Defensive Strike feat vs PL Cap
  114. Sci-Fi Eclipse Phase- Plot Assisstance Required
  115. AD&D 2nd Ed Sword of the Dales difficulty question.-
  116. Star Wars SWSE Unarmed (Teras Kasi) Droid Build, Please Help :D
  117. How do you make monsters for GURPS? (Preparing for a mon game)
  118. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3e Power Help requested
  119. Runequest 6 Combat and Rules; Help Requested
  120. Deadlands - Hell on Earth - Junker
  121. Star Wars Star Wars Saga: Want to run Stormtrooper Campaign
  122. AD&D 2nd Ed Sharing a Campaign?
  123. Things I am no longer allowed to do in any WH40k RPG
  124. Wanting to make a new Discworld system
  125. Complete and utter noobs to Shadowrun.
  126. M&M3e Power Concept Questions
  127. Supers vs. Cthulu
  128. Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade/Rogue Trader (with bits stolen from Only War/DH2)
  129. Working on a character for FATE; Looking for Advice on balancing
  130. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 2nd ed Villain help
  131. Need help making a Starship Troopers themed game in Savage Worlds
  132. Pokemon Tabletop United
  133. [Dragon Age TRPG] Barring Backgrounds
  134. Mutants and Masterminds 3e. Could use help making a character
  135. WoD Beneficial Spirits
  136. Sci-Fi Seeking thoughts and help/discussion on a Fallout universe PnP
  137. Good System for Steven Universe?
  138. Good superhero d20 system?
  139. WoD Vampires and bullets
  140. Help with MnM(3rd) powers/device-set
  141. Exalted advice for runing a dragon bloodedor solar campin
  142. One Piece D20
  143. Seeking Obscure GURPS 4 Knowledge
  144. Paranoia - Who Stole My Mission?!
  145. Help for a new Fate GM
  146. Star Wars Into the Black: the Adventures of the Andoan Swift
  147. WoD How to defeat Temporis? [cWoD] Role Playing/Planning Help!
  148. AD&D 2nd Ed What does "empathy" mean in this magical item description?
  149. Shadowrun: I Know A Guy. . .
  150. GURPS 4th Edition Cahracter Building Assistance
  151. Can you optimise MLP:Roleplaying Is Magic?
  152. Regarding The Talisman Of Ultimate Evil
  153. Shadowrun Optimization Orc Adept
  154. AD&D 2nd Ed can someone teach me
  155. Star Wars SWSE Bounded accuracy
  156. Need help making a FATE character
  157. Eclipse Phase
  158. Star Wars Star Wars!
  159. Shadowrun 5th Edition?
  160. Shadowrun 5e question about essence and emotion
  161. So i just got Savage Worlds.....
  162. WoD oWoD Gargoyle Question
  163. Star Wars Questions about SAGA edition
  164. Help me remember the name of this RPG.
  165. Legend of the Five Rings Character
  166. Star Wars SWSE jedi builds for criticism
  167. Star Wars FFG Star Wars: Dathomiri Witches can Fly. Suggestions for handling this in the Force?
  168. 1 1/2 inch Battlemat
  169. Star Wars Scratching that Star Wars Itch: Edition Search
  170. Star Wars Saga Starfighter Ace build help?
  171. Star Wars Range Bands beyond Extreme with Sniper Shot?
  172. M&M Nephilim Super
  173. Mage the Awakening: Lasting changes to living beings
  174. WoD Differences between Caitiff and Thin Blood...
  175. Star Wars FFG: Brainstorming Interesting Stories to Reach MacGuffins
  176. Powergaming Geists and the Underworld - World of Darkness
  177. M&M Fallout Help
  178. Star Wars Star Wars: Saga Edition D20 (Looking for a GM)
  179. Call of Cthulhu: How do you run it?
  180. Making Mage the awakening more flashy and light-hearted.
  181. Sci-Fi Psi Powered Star Ships
  182. Deadlands Character Creation... Help!
  183. Savage Worlds / FATE
  184. GUMSHOE, how does it play.
  185. Star Wars Saga Edition - questions about the optimal Jedi
  186. Legend of the Five Rings GM advice
  187. Legend of the five rings combat questions
  188. D&D 5th to Hackmaster 5e
  189. Star Wars Droid shields vs energy shields.
  190. WOD: Defending your Safehouse
  191. WoD [M:tA] Looking for some advice on Magery
  192. Star Wars Saga Edition... Can I use/combine multiple force powers in the same turn?
  193. WoD My little slice of WoD Pie, VTM: Cthonic Wars
  194. Star Wars F&D FFG: Starfighters and starting groups
  195. Starwars saga : building a powerfull force user without jedi build help
  196. Star Wars Campaign planing
  197. Star Wars Star Wars Saga: Adding drawn special actions
  198. Star Wars [SWSE] Anyone have a copy of Radical Taoist's Build Compendium?
  199. Star Wars Optimizing upgrade slots
  200. Clockwork Dominion: My impressions/Review
  201. Star Wars Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - any good character builders out there? Any suggestions?
  202. Best Flaws!
  203. M&M 3rd Edition: Need help with crunch/flavor for Final Villains
  204. Star Wars Jedi Build Advice
  205. Shadowrun 5E: How banged up would this dragon have to be?
  206. Firefly
  207. Enemies Beyond Worth Getting?
  208. Night's Black Agents/Dracula Dossier review
  209. Fun Indy Traps
  210. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. 2nd Edition Swordmaster of Hoeth
  211. [GURPS] PvP Hunger Games
  212. AD&D 2nd Ed Updating Morale to 3X
  213. [FATE Core] Avatar: TLA game - Handling Bending
  214. Star Wars character build advice
  215. Any 7th Sea fans here?
  216. Star Wars Saga Edition Help
  217. Water+Air=Ice?
  218. Shadowrun Need Ideas for a Magical Artifact
  219. 4th Ed L5R character help
  220. Shadowrun Shadowrun weapon mods? Help!
  221. Runequest 6 - Kill Silently question
  222. WoD WoD as D&D
  223. vampire the masquerade - magic defense?
  224. M&M 2e Pregens and Saving Throws
  225. WoD Creating a Sub-Director of Task Force: VALKYRIE
  226. [FATE Core] Looking for ideas on a Roboticist!
  227. What is your worst roleplaying game?
  228. Anybody remember savage coast? What was good,what was bad
  229. Star Wars [SWSE] How do I make this a Heroic Droid? - AD-Series Weapons Maintenance Droid
  230. Do you have faith in pugmire rgp?
  231. Puzzle tower ad&d 2e
  232. Shadowrun 5th ed, type o system
  233. WoD Warding Stance attacks, from the Sojutsu/Jukendo Merit
  234. Shadowrun Summoning
  235. Runequest 6 Massive Combat - Ships & Shield Walls vs Mythic Britian - Which is better
  236. [Call of Cthulhu] Backup Character Questions
  237. Fantasy Grounds Help
  238. How do you make gunslingers for ad&d 2e ?
  239. Anybody else ever heard of Toon by SJGames?
  240. New Dungeon World DM Tips
  241. Has anyone played palladium need advice.
  242. need help with name of scorpion-dog hybrid monster
  243. Star Wars (Saga) Killing Droids
  244. Exalted [2e] Martial Arts Siddy?
  245. Superhero RPGs
  246. Backswords & Bucklers: The Missing Classes
  247. Birthing a New Chaos God (It's a Boy!)
  248. D&D Opposition Schools: What were they thinking.
  249. Could use some help fleshing out a Campaign Idea: D20 Modern
  250. The Best of the Old AD&D Modules