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  1. [M&M 3rd] Energy Absorbtion question
  2. how do you convert parhfinder monsters to ad&d 2e?
  3. Star Wars Wookie fighter
  4. Superhero Question
  5. retinues as a solution to split parties and balancing PC focus
  6. Superhero M&M: Help me make this power!
  7. what are your worst\best ad&d 2e monster?
  8. Ravenloft: the path of corruption
  9. Sci-Fi [Let's Read] First Contact: X-Corps
  10. Star Wars West End Star Wars combined with X-wing Miniature Game?
  11. Star Wars [Saga Edition] Rebuke vs Dark Side Score
  12. OpenQuest: anyone know much about it?
  13. Nobles Discussing Noble Things - A Nobilis Thread
  14. making a ad&d 2e supplement need help please
  15. Sci-Fi Advice on homebrewing a traveller setting
  16. Superhero Super Villain Campaign: Stories
  17. Superhero Figuring out two powers in M&M
  18. Superhero One Punch:Unlimited
  19. Superhero M&M 3e help
  20. AD&D 2nd Ed Confusion on Helm of Teleportation
  21. Vicissitude: Vampire, Dark Ages
  22. Things you miss and things you don't
  23. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Attack extra on powers
  24. Superhero M&M/DC Adventures: Basic Rules Questions
  25. Superhero [M&M 2nd ed] Alternate Form power question
  26. Star Wars SW:SE Jedi build advice
  27. Shadowrun A question for the (Dumpshock) boards.....
  28. Old D&D Improvisation?
  29. Does anyone still play Rifts?
  30. Call of Cthulhu(6e) Do the rules cover Investigators cooperating on rolls?
  31. Macross II (Palladium) and Mental Stats
  32. Old School Looking for an alternative magic system for BECMI/AD&D
  33. Star Wars Fantasy Flight Star Wars
  34. AD&D 1st Ed AD&D Class Explanation
  35. Star Wars Would like some help with Star Wars D20 Revised character idea, question of powers
  36. Does the "Take that you Fiend!" spell break Tunnels and Trolls?
  37. AD&D 2nd Ed ToEE Meets Doom of Daggerdale (looking for Advice)
  38. Superhero [M&M 3e] Consolidated Rulings on Vague Mechanics
  39. Traditional D&D spells that make planning adventures difficult
  40. AD&D 2nd Ed Is there a way to make polearms as main weapon in AD&D game?
  41. Star Wars Saga Edition: Building a tanky droid, need insight
  42. Pokemon Tabletop United Team Suggestions
  43. Don't Rest Your Head
  44. M&M Character help needed!
  45. AD&D 1st Ed How big a deal is magic resistance?
  46. Favorite Discontinued AD&D Spells
  47. [GURPS] Help reaching a good spot with death, damage, and action
  48. Old School In the land of level 0 NPCs, the 9th level Fighter is king.
  49. Dresden Files Game
  50. Star Wars New GM looking for story advice
  51. WoD PtC Question: Unfleshed Sublimati
  52. Old School Gathering a posse instead of hiring mercenaries
  53. Old School Does tracking time matter?
  54. WoD custom discipline opinions
  55. DFRPG (Un)Seelie Magic
  56. Children of the Sun
  57. Mutants and Masterminds, Reliably Surpassing PL
  58. Am I interpreting these things wrong?
  59. Star Wars D6 - Pinwheel - A Gambling Game For PCs
  60. AD&D 2nd Ed Regarding Multi/Dual-Classing and THAC0/Saving Throws
  61. [Savage Worlds] Replacing the Wild Die
  62. Star Wars (Saga) Taser droid mod. How does it work?
  63. Anima: Beyond Fantasy; anyone played this?
  64. L5R NPC Advice
  65. 7th Sea 2nd Ed
  66. Mutants and Masterminds 2e power help
  67. WoD Luckiest Mage Alive [Classic WoD]
  68. Bronze Age magic items
  69. Star Wars D6 star wars first edition revised
  70. D&D 2E elven chain help.
  71. WoD Mage: The Awakening: Extra attribute point, don't know what to do with it.
  72. WoD By Night
  73. Star Wars GM looking for some suggestions.
  74. Review of the new Delta Green book
  75. AD&D 2nd Ed Tripping with Polearms
  76. Victorian-era rpg
  77. (L5R 4th ed) Ninube shugenja technique question.
  78. Interesting Deities for Clerics
  79. Exalted Advice on character building
  80. Call of Cthulhu: The Print Delays
  81. Smallville RPG : Is there some player of this one here ?
  82. Advice on running an ASOIF RPG campaign
  83. AD&D 1st Ed Aging Bonuses
  84. 2nd Ed. AD&D Questions about an enchanted sword.
  85. LotFP: One skill point per level for all characters?
  86. 1st Edition Cleric Spell casting question
  87. Where to find Faith: RPG core set
  88. [M&Ms3E] Questions for First campaign
  89. 2e help with my orc
  90. Any D6 Star Wars love left?
  91. BECMI Natural healing?
  92. Superhero MnM 3e Should Powes (X per Rank) and their Extra/s (1 per Rank) always equal?
  93. AD&D 2nd Ed 2E Subabilities
  94. Best system for a post-alien invasion style game, ala Falling Skies?
  95. AD&D 2nd Ed Who uses arquebuses?
  96. MLP question
  97. [Fate] How to make travel matter?
  98. Shadow of the demon lord Two weapon fighting
  99. Looking for Skill-Based rpg
  100. Traveller Clement Sector adventure advice
  101. A Red & Pleasant Land?
  102. Deadlands Classic: new player help
  103. AD&D 2nd Ed Organizing/Generating Encounters
  104. Why I am now interested in Runequest and looking for other players.
  105. Star Wars Star wars saga: before/starting of IV. (may be in the wrong thread)
  106. Early Edition Barbarians
  107. Adventure Ideas
  108. Superhero Hero System 6E - Basic Help Needed
  109. Old School What do you most look for in Supplements as a GM/Ref?
  110. WoD Mage the Awakening character question (Orders/Legacys)
  111. any d&d\ pathfinder products covering african monsters?
  112. AD&D 2nd Ed Spelljammer Planetary Tracker
  113. Superhero [M&M 2e] Energy Controller (Electricity) + Martial Artist character mix
  114. 2e D&D Druid Help
  115. New M&M 3e player seeking help
  116. Looking for Fantasy AGE support
  117. Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Advantage
  118. FATE vs FUDGE vs BRD vs GURPS vs Savage Worlds
  119. AD&D 2nd Ed Is a "Great Galley" really worth twice the coin?
  120. Sci-Fi [W40K]Looking for tips for cross-over campaign (Deathwatch/Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader)
  121. AD&D 2nd Ed Half-Orc Wizard?
  122. L5R, 4E, Mortal Combat!
  123. Star Wars DMing Edge of the Empire with a player who has a 10 year lead in EU/background infos
  124. Star Wars Star Wars: Force and Destiny and Force Rating
  125. Exalted Can Immaculate monks Exalt? and other setting questions
  126. Shadowrun [5th Edition] Behold, the Mighty Cheese-Deck!
  127. Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Systems Difference
  128. Old School D&D with Boyscouts: A quick session report:
  129. (FATE: DFRPG) Need help to feel relevant
  130. Questions on Campaign Conversion from Pathfinder to Dungeon World
  131. AD&D 2nd Ed High Level Spells Resources?
  132. Superhero Plot ideas for a low-powered Mutants and Masterminds first mission
  133. Mistake, please delete
  134. Star Wars Force and Destiny: Saber Throw
  135. Wrong subforum
  136. [VtM] What if some ghouls got a hold of an Antediluvian...
  137. Dual wielding 1e
  138. Shadowrun Campaign Help
  139. [Deadlands Reloaded] Kung Fu question
  140. AD&D 2nd Ed Running Al-Qadim
  141. Druidity qnd other advice
  142. GURPS Claymore Mine Help
  143. Exalted 3e-- Anything I should know?
  144. Superhero Looking for GM to run a My Hero Academia-like Superhero Game
  145. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds math check
  146. Savage Worlds: Savage Rifts
  147. Star Wars FFG Star Wars: Building a Jedi
  148. Need probability help on dice system
  149. Putting Monsters in My Pockets
  150. Old School Money in Old School D&D
  151. Old School AD&D/BECMI/Retroclones: Favorite weird monsters to populate a setting
  152. A better D&D/Swords & Sorcery game for me?
  153. WoD Tips for running Vampire: the Requiem?
  154. WoD Recommendations for getting into Mage: The Awakening?
  155. Old School Labyrinth Lord vs Swords & Wizardry
  156. Achtung Cthulhu
  157. Why do almost all editions of D&D fall apart around 10th level
  158. Old School Calculating XP at the end of the adventure
  159. How do I build an Item of Power in Dresden Fate?
  160. Star Wars [Saga] Starships and power differences.
  161. Old School E9 for AD&D/BECMI: Would it make a real difference?
  162. Superhero Fortifying a crime lord's Mansion against Super-Heroic assault
  163. Multi Group campaigns, PvP, kingdom building, and play by post. Need DM advice
  164. Old School Giving XP in a campaign not about treasure hunting.
  165. AD&D Treasure Maps
  166. 1e rule proficiencies
  167. Anima help with artifacts
  168. Main Roleplaying "Activities"
  169. Mutants and Masterminds 3e; unlimited power?
  170. Dreamscarred Press Announces - Dawnborn RPG Open Alpha!
  171. SavageRun
  172. AD&D 1st Ed Caves of Chaos Solo
  173. Old School Wandering Monster, Reaction Rolls, and Morale Checks as worldbuilding guidelines
  174. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 2e Enhanced Abilities
  175. Old School Playing OSR soon. Is there any optimization?
  176. Star Wars [advice] Star wars saga: jedi builds
  177. [early D&D] how awesome was Ranger class?
  178. How to do large-scale combat without being a drag?
  179. Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  180. Star Wars Edge of the Empire: 1st Game Suggestions
  181. Old School Let's say I wanted to try out "old school"...
  182. Vampire the Masquerade - see generation?
  183. WoD Dark Ages games in Modern era
  184. AD&D 1st Ed Running G1-3 & D1-3 should I use D1-2?
  185. Big Eyes Small Mouth verses OVA
  186. LFG Basic Fantasy or any other fantasy game on maptool or mote! I will learn new ones
  187. Dungeon World
  188. Blood Bowl RPG (WH FRP 2nd Edition)
  189. WotC Al-Qadim Email List archive
  190. Apes Victorious!
  191. Pendragon 5th edition! Online Character sheets?
  192. D&D and RPG changes, please tell me what you've noticed!
  193. Old School Adventuring on giant trees?
  194. Star Wars Ithorian Bellow Optimization (SWSE)
  195. [Fate] The Mists of Avalon (Help please)
  196. Cryptomancer-has anyone tried it?
  197. Superhero M&M 3e: Deflect while Vulnerable?
  198. WoD Backstabbery and skullduggery help
  199. Victory Through (Teleporting) Superior Firepower!
  200. Superhero Area Regeneration (M&M 3e)
  201. Superhero Does a Teleported Object Carry Passengers?
  202. Dark Heresy
  203. Superhero Satellite Senses in M&M 3e
  204. Saga Edition new player help
  205. Sci-Fi Star Trek Powered By The Apocalypse
  206. Old School Making great modules
  207. Mouse guard: box set or just rulebook?
  208. WoD Looking for Werewolf: the Apocalypse Sneak Attack
  209. Werewolf and will I have to power game question.
  210. [PTU] What do badges do?
  211. Superhero Creation and Volume M&M 3e
  212. Superhero M&M 3e: Pocket Tanks Armaments?
  213. Mutants & Masterminds: tiring and regeneration
  214. What do you need to play Legend of the Five Rings?
  215. Fantasy Age / Titansgrave
  216. Star Wars Sensing force sensitives. Edge of the Empire/Force and Destiny/Age of Rebellion.
  217. Would You Play This?
  218. Shadowrun Making my 1st Shadowrun character at long last. Anyone around to discuss ideas?
  219. Superhero Looking for a good city campaign setting
  220. Name my Magic Sword!
  221. How to be a necromancer/technomancer in rifts?
  222. WarMachines and Hordes of the Iron Kingdoms
  223. AD&D 1st Ed Druid/Magic-User?
  224. Nobilis (3e)
  225. New to edge
  226. Call of Cthulhu Scenario Ideas
  227. AD&D 1st Ed & Magazine Issue 13 free download!
  228. WoD How do I get my PC's to investigate their pasts?
  229. WoD disregard
  230. Has Anyone played Dragonstrike ?
  231. Cyberpunk 2020 combat questions
  232. Star Wars FFG first time player Jedi build help
  233. $1 Adventure Frameworks
  234. WoD Help me flesh out PC's backgrounds for them to investigate
  235. Shadowrun Shadowrun: Anarchy or FATE for Shadowrun game?
  236. Sci-Fi Black Crusade Campaign Questions
  237. Anima Beyond Fantasy Thread: Bring out your d10s!
  238. Sci-Fi Savage Worlds Sci Fi questions
  239. question about xp in either 1st or 2nd edition dnd
  240. [7th Sea] Destiny Spread vs free building
  241. Scion: How do Virtues actually play out in game?
  242. First time edge player
  243. 7th Sea 2nd Ed Character Share
  244. Building a slightly different magic system. (I would like your opinions)
  245. Outbreak Undead PbP- Looking for opinions and input
  246. Against Lathander
  247. WoD (oWoD Mage) Character Design Help
  248. WH40K Deathwatch character questions
  249. AD&D 1st Ed Ideas/Tips for Running Ravenloft
  250. AD&D 1st Ed character creation l ist ed