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  1. I got an idea, do you think I can make a short adventure out of it?
  2. [PTU v1.05] Pokemon Contests?
  3. FATE : Venture City - Why with these powers I could be a SUPERHERO
  4. Sci-Fi Numenera: Encountering some meshing issues between my character and the story.
  5. Has any1 played Open Legend.
  6. Scion: Help and Suggestions
  7. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game - Mobs?
  8. AD&D 1st Ed some question about how combat works
  9. AD&D 1st Ed some question about how combat works
  10. Star Wars Edge of the Empire
  11. AD&D 1st Ed Sequel To Queen Of The Spiders?
  12. Isle of Dread Adventures
  13. AD&D 1st Ed How do other classes deal with Thief class abilities?
  14. Am I being unfair to Saga Edition?
  15. WoD General WoD Discussion #5: Chronicles of Duty: Modern Darkness
  16. Superhero [M&M 3] Building a Sentai Team
  17. Superhero (MnM 2nd ed) Variable power and the Magic array
  18. Low Fantasy Gaming - shout outs and Review
  19. New to Spelljammer - need help!
  20. (L5R 4e) Armour vs spell damage.
  21. Call of Cthulhu edition questions
  22. Low Fantasy Gaming - Hardover $22 USD via Lulu
  23. AD&D 1st Ed Deities and Demigods: Origin of Druaga?
  24. Character (mechanical) development over time
  25. GM looking for a Toolbox
  26. Tools for Star Wars FFG Technician
  27. Exalted Help me be more than just Dragonblooded!
  28. 2nd Edition Campaign
  29. WoD oWoD Medium
  30. PTU Update
  31. Mekton Zeta: Creating Combo mecha? Power Rangers
  32. AD&D 2nd Ed Hit Point Ranges for Dragons
  33. Need help with old tsr product
  34. d20 Starcraft
  35. Ore Roll Engine for JRPG-Style Adventures?
  36. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay new GM
  37. AD&D 1st Ed THAC0 Question
  38. AD&D 2nd Ed using 2e player options to translate various systems to AD&D 2e
  39. Call of Cthulhu (7th ed.) for a new GM (or how do I stop these people getting eaten?)
  40. AD&D 2nd Ed Favorite Stat Generation Method
  41. Need help making a M&M session.
  42. Gamma World 4e Editable Character Sheet?
  43. SR5 Help Creating a Street Doc.
  44. Vampire of the Masquerade DM Help
  45. IKRPG - balance questions
  46. HARP rogue build help
  47. AD&D 2nd Ed Forgotten Realms Adventure
  48. Nobilis question: mythic humans
  49. WoD A Beginner's Guide to Chronicles of Darkness.
  50. Weapon Damage by Target Size
  51. [OWoD] Werewolves and Mages
  52. DM looking for group of players in the Minneapolis area
  53. AD&D 2nd Ed How to Survive Low Levels
  54. [spycraft2.0] New player seeking help
  55. Mummy the Curse or Ressurection?
  56. Traveller 2300 advice requested
  57. Star Wars [Savage Worlds] Empty (Star)Child (Star Wars crashes into Doctor Who - log)
  58. Star Wars Stats for Death Troopers (Rogue One - Very Minor Spoilers - Star Wars Fantasy Flight)
  59. Amber Diceless Roleplaying - Scenario Ideas?
  60. Pokemon Tabletop United Character
  61. Old School What if spells don't need to be prepared but take 1 minute to cast?
  62. Faerun Story Information for Waterdeep needed
  63. Star wars saga edition campaign help
  64. Star Wars Star Wars Saga - Telepathy question
  65. Cogent Roleplay
  66. Vampire without Personal Horror
  67. First Time M&M Player! Tips and Optimization?
  68. Old School New D&D (Basic/Expert--Mystara) IN PRINT at DTRPG
  69. AD&D 2nd Ed Does Illusionist opposite school include Evocation or not?
  70. An Enemy Spy Plays F.A.T.A.L!
  71. Gamma World 4th edition (1992)
  72. Star Wars Optimizing a Jedi!
  73. Superhero RWBY How should I build?
  74. AD&D 2nd Ed Help with Dragons
  75. Shadowrun 5th
  76. clarifying question about White Wolf's Storyteller system (Aberrant)
  77. Sci-Fi WH40k Rogue Trader - Into the Maw
  78. AD&D 1st Ed What would this assassin do upon seeing the afterlife waiting for him?
  79. Robotech RPG: How long to change modes?
  80. Ideas for Spirits in Mage: the Awakening
  81. Shadowrun (5e) Stealth Character building
  82. The Monk
  83. Sci-Fi Decipher Star Trek: Any Adventures?
  84. Star Wars Preparing a game for my group - SW:tOR era questions
  85. AD&D 2e Rakshasa
  86. Star Wars Saga edition : dex Jedi, nagai or human ?
  87. M&M Quickness Question
  88. DCA (M&M) Newbie GM Questions
  89. Star Wars Saga Edition Grenadier build help
  90. Shadowrun General Shadowrun Questions III: Ya like that, Chummer?
  91. Index Conan 2d20 Spreadsheet
  92. Shadowrun Shadowrun 5e Aumentation Question
  93. Star Wars Star Wars Saga Edition: Elite Combat Droid
  94. Question: Red lantern blood
  95. Old School Monster placement in a sandbox
  96. Non-Cliche Pyromancer
  97. Help? I need a swag at a price on eBay for my Dragon Magazine collection
  98. [M&M / DCA] Power Construction - Help me think!
  99. [M&M / DCA] Easiest way to explain "Dynamic Alternate Effect"
  100. Daemonic Magic System
  101. WoD Old or New World of Darkness?
  102. Superhero Help with Backstory and Complications?
  103. Sci-Fi A new adventure for Numenera: The Bridges we Burn
  104. Old School Just four classes or four racial classes for each race like in ACKS?
  105. FAE & Fate Core? Is this the right sub-forum?
  106. Star Wars Need help with background for Bothan scout.
  107. World War Kaiju ?resurrected? (Fae & Fate Core)
  108. Courtier School selection help
  109. [DCA] Fisrt game reports + Tweaking Super Speed
  110. Quick VtM Question
  111. Help coming up with a new RPG class feature (Bounty Contracts)
  112. Unbound RPG Discussion
  113. Sci-Fi Fate Core - MvK weapon creation &/or homebrew stunts for weapon creation
  114. AD&D 1st Ed Looking for good house rules for unarmed combat
  115. Cthulhutech Mecha High School Shenanigans
  116. What system for Comedy Fantasy Games?
  117. Building a crime empire in a modern setting
  118. AD&D 2nd Ed Attempt at hacking 2e
  119. [SCP][cyberpunk2020] campaign questions
  120. Vanpire the masquerade melee fighting build
  121. d20 modern monster lore
  122. Werewolf the Apocalypse Totem Creation
  123. Has anyone here played Princess: The Hopeful?
  124. Paranoia XP clone help?
  125. Shadowrun vampires
  126. Newbie to Gurps Help - Dwarvern Fighter
  127. L5R 4th Edition - Kitsune Shugenja Technique Summon
  128. Trying to find obscure D&D spell
  129. AD&D 1st Ed magical armor and movement
  130. WoD New World of Darkness rules
  131. AD&D 2nd Ed XP values for enemy adventurers
  132. [D20 Modern/ Arcana] Looking for guidebooks and other character creation help
  133. Demon slayer/Doom Guy
  134. Superhero A.I. Companion/Gunship?
  135. Sci-Fi Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. Build Advice
  136. Anyone wants to use my city in World of Darkness?
  137. Exhumed Obscura new supplement for old schoo role playing OSRIC 1st & 2nd ed AD & D
  138. Utter Madness
  139. Going to start a Doctor Who campaign - what source books can you recommend?
  140. AD&D 1st Ed is there a master encumbrance and movement table?
  141. WoD White Wolf? Onyx Path? What's Going On?!
  142. Mouse Guard Roleplaying game
  143. Recomendation: no / very low fantasy medieval system
  144. BFRPG Cleric
  145. [Dungeon World] I need some clarification.
  146. [Labyrinth Lord, LOTFP] Descending AC to Ascending AC Advice
  147. Ways to use artifical gravity as a trap
  148. Torchbearer: character experience and ability benchmarks?
  149. Superhero Gamemaster Advice for Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition
  150. where does the starting gold players get come from. How much would people earn
  151. L5R 4e Gaijin
  152. Star Wars Help with where to go from here?
  153. AD&D 2nd Ed Let's Build a Planescape Campaign
  154. The Crossover Fan-fiction Campaign
  155. Star Wars Force and Destiny: dual wielding lightsabers
  156. Sci-Fi [FALLOUT, Homebrew, Cyberpunk 2020] Ruleset to play a P&P RPG in the Fallout setting!
  157. WoD V20: Obtenebration Suffocation
  158. Star Wars STAR WARS FFG Goup Looking for GM
  159. Grim-n-Gritty system
  160. Looking for a good Weapon Plus Facility Map
  161. Vampire weapons help!
  162. Dark Thaumaturgy yes or no?
  163. OK so how dose combat work, exactly?
  164. (IKRPG) Archetypes
  165. AD&D 1st Ed Bards and Hierophant Druids
  166. Microlite20: Hit points?
  167. Werewolves in NWoD
  168. Dragonquest or The Fantasy Trip?
  169. Basic Fantasy RPG Crossbow
  170. 1st ed d&d rate of fire
  171. AD&D 1st Ed The 7th Dimension: Inner Plane Probability Lines
  172. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds- F/SN- Archer build?
  173. RQ3 (and Advanced) / RQ2 - House Rules
  174. Old School Simple combat defense roll for players, does this work?
  175. OSRIC/AD&D Score Generation
  176. Shadow monster vampire the masquerade
  177. OSRIC/AD&D Weapon Tables
  178. Question: Quick and Dirty RPG System
  179. Shadowrun 4th ED Hacking
  180. FFG Force and Destiny - Sith Build Advice
  181. OD&D/MicroLite74 Two-Handed Weapon
  182. Sci-Fi Need some advice and info, playing Rogue Trader for the first time.
  183. Player roll under for DEF w/ descending AC. Possible?
  184. Rogue trader, upgrading guns
  185. Old School Measuring time in Turns for explration
  186. WoD Vampire the Masquerade : Thaumaturgical Rituals
  187. Heroes Against Darkness Dumb Question
  188. Ad&d 2nd ed player help
  189. Microlite 20 weapons
  190. Sorcery & Chivalry (Stormbringer and Pendragon)
  191. Exalted - Abyssal Mad Artist character
  192. Cypher System vs. Fate: Core
  193. Alternate System: Fallout (Exodus) D20
  194. 40k big bad suggestions
  195. Vampire the masquerade NPCs?
  196. AD&D 2nd Ed Spelljammer question.
  197. Sci-Fi Looking for Dark Heresy Pointers
  198. M&M Module
  199. How would you finish out this team? (Pokemon Tabletop United)
  200. b/x dwarf
  201. Old School Diving and Drowning
  202. Fate Core: Structure for a magic system?
  203. Shadowrun 5e hacker face help
  204. Microlite81 Cleric
  205. Need advice/ideas for my first savage worlds character.
  206. WoD Toreador Merits
  207. Star Wars Saga Edition - - - Possible thoughts for a Lightsaber Throwing Jedi
  208. Calidar: "Dreams of Aerie"
  209. 1 pot RPG spellcasting
  210. [C&C] Combining Hommlet/Keep on the Borderlands & C&C House Rules
  211. OD&D/AD&D/OSR modules
  212. Question for Mutants and Masterminds
  213. Hex crawling software tools
  214. Sci-Fi Looking for sci-fi fantasy game system. I play and run 5e and love it
  215. Old School OD&D in the Playground?
  216. WoD My first WoD game... and I'm the Storyteller. Help a newbie out with their story?
  217. Sci-Fi The Planet Mercenary RPG -- "Schlock Mercenary, The Roleplaying Game"
  218. Star Wars Published Adventures for Star Wars RPGs
  219. Basic D&D: Cyclopedia and Mystara Gazetteers
  220. Star Wars FFG Star Wars Role for Force Sensativity
  221. Saga Of The Splintered Realm Heavy Weapon
  222. Sci-Fi Getting Together next weekend for Savage World - Fallout like campaign. First Timer.
  223. Victoriana Girl Genius
  224. Running Rifts for the first time in years
  225. Temple Of Elemental Evil
  226. Savage Rifts I
  227. Gurps
  228. Star Wars FFG Campaign
  229. Temple Of Elemental Evil Assassin
  230. [Savage Worlds] Need help remaking character to better suit party. Mechanics and fluf
  231. Any White Star RPG Players?
  232. FIrst Edition D&D and retroclone Skill Systems
  233. Star Wars Ffg Star Wars force powers question
  234. WoD [Homebrew] Naruto-themed Backgrounds...
  235. Planescape: Torment Question
  236. GURPS Mecha 3rd vs 4th Edition
  237. Does this sub-forum have some cut-off date?
  238. WoD I think I've ST'd myself into a corner
  239. Deadlands Classic: Weird West Help
  240. Looking for feudal Japan systems. Help!
  241. WoD Vampire The Masquerade 5th Edition Playtest
  242. Star Wars [SWSE] Tech Specialist/Ranged build character advice
  243. AD&D 2nd Ed Powergaming 2e
  244. The New Blue Rose: Thoughts?
  245. New Gods of Mankind: Size of One Territory
  246. [PTU] Am I reading this combo right?
  247. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Nanocyte overmind build
  248. [WH40k] How long does it take to make a Grotesque?
  249. Ideas for making mechanics/engineering more fun/interactive
  250. AD&D 2nd Ed Making AD&D 2 game more interesting.