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  1. [GURPS] what even is the point of having a strength score - HELP ME PLEASE
  2. Blades in the Dark question.
  3. WoD Entry Point to VtM/VtR
  4. AD&D 2nd Ed Where do I find audio CD for old Ravenloft adventures?
  5. Sci-Fi [Rogue Trader] Transubstantial Initiate PLUS Witness of Dusk?
  6. Dungeon World basic questions
  7. Any advise on Dark Heresy?
  8. Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine - Affliction Scope
  9. Magic Item ideas?
  10. Grey Matter Questions
  11. [GURPS] extra attack advantage, mixing unarmed and weapon skills
  12. [Unknown Armies] Need Help With a BBEG Encounter
  13. Dark Heresy - Full Auto and Suppressive Fire
  14. Understanding Apocalypse World
  15. Old School BECMI optimization
  16. AD&D 1st Ed Optimization race/class
  17. X-Crawl
  18. AD&D 2nd Ed New to AD&D, and what books and rule quirks should I keep in mind?
  19. [Rogue Trader] Too Many Alternate Character Ranks?
  20. GURPS character creation baseline/guidelines for combat focused cinematic campaigns?
  21. Star Wars Saga Edition: Force Power vs Lightsabers at high levels (branch off)
  22. AD&D 2nd Ed Starting a D&D game at mid-level
  23. Surviving Rokugen Politics (L5R 4e) Year of the Mouse
  24. Exalted 3rd ed Social Combat
  25. Sci-Fi Is anyone familiar with the Doctor Who RPG?
  26. AD&D 2nd Ed Player's Option Weapon Mastery
  27. Superhero Looking for a good city sourcebook
  28. AD&D 2nd Ed Appropriate Monsters for a c. 7th-level party
  29. [Conan RPG 2nd Edition] Scholar build
  30. Rifts by Palladium Books
  31. AD&D 3.5ED to 2nd ED castle building
  32. Low magic Artificer class
  33. AD&D 2nd Ed Dagger of Throwing question
  34. [Cypher System] Adapting Cypher for a Call of Cthulhu game
  35. Sci-Fi Twilight Imerium-inspired RPG
  36. Finally picked up Fantasy AGE
  37. AD&D 2nd Ed Where were the additional specialization levels?
  38. [Dungeon World] Bargains with death
  39. Exalted 3e style weapons
  40. WoD Proposed Dice Mechanic change
  41. I tried out the Cypher System and...
  42. WoD Universal WoD using different editions
  43. Dungeon World for Sword & Sorcery. Or maybe better Apocalypse World?
  44. Monster of the Week for fantasy settings
  45. AD&D 2nd Ed Multiple-School Spells
  46. Sovereign Stone CliffsNotes
  47. AD&D 2nd Ed Hammers v. warhammers
  48. Sci-Fi Mekton Zeta mech building help
  49. AD&D 2nd Ed 2e help.
  50. [Dungeon World] How fast do you level?
  51. looking for system with nation (or estate)-building
  52. Star Wars Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition
  53. Nevermind
  54. Pathfinder: Need help with one-shot treasure!
  55. I'm looking for a rule set to use in an upcoming campaign. (Faction game)
  56. Index Looking for Hardcore, Realistic Medieval FRP Scenario & Module
  57. Savage Worlds Question - Fleet Footed
  58. The Mancatcher and rigging explosives
  59. Thac0
  60. New to the Traveller system
  61. AD&D 1st Ed ruins of adventure questions
  62. Matsuricon 2018 - Dungeons & Dragons Panel
  63. Strategy and Planning
  64. [Savaged Worlds] Warhammer Fantasy Why would ANYONE play a Halfling?
  65. Dark Heresy: Overall Logician plot
  66. Star Wars How to start a campaign?
  67. Legend of the Elements? (Avatar like RPG)
  68. Riddle of Steel: combat code in R
  69. firing into melee
  70. Star Wars [FFG] Can a melee character be viable?
  71. Vampire Anniversary editions
  72. Free Games
  73. Superhero Mutants and masterminds 2nd
  74. Exalted 2nd edition: weapon Rate
  75. Mutants & Masterminds 2nd: Medieval "Brew Master" Help
  76. Traveller Black Book High Guard Question
  77. AD&D 2nd Ed "Certain Greater and Lesser Powers"
  78. The Playground and A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
  79. AD&D 2nd Ed Bladesingers and the Bladesong Fighting Style
  80. A fool plays Cepheus Engine / Traveller
  81. Exalted Martial Arts weapons, Melee Charms?
  82. Star Wars SWSE Species Shard clarification help
  83. 1st Edition AD&D Bard
  84. WoD Translating CoC Masks of Nyarlathotep into WoD? Is this madness?
  85. Basic Old D&D Dragonborn conversion?
  86. Mutants and Masterminds 3e
  87. Exalted 2nd edition Necromancy question
  88. AD&D 2nd Ed Good boss monster for hedge maze
  89. Exalted Sidereal Astrology
  90. BESM Third Edition Ryoko template request
  91. Star Wars [d6] Welmo, Rogue Ithorian Geoformer
  92. Exploring a faery world (Numenera/Cypher System)
  93. nWoD Pregnancy Question
  94. AD&D 1st Ed Modifying 1e AD&D Bard
  95. Searchers Of THe UNKOWN PLUS
  96. Exalted 2nd edition Resistance defenses
  97. Microlite74
  98. 2nd Ed M+M Dodge Roll
  99. Shadowrun Dual natured and Astral Projection
  100. AD&D 1st Ed Capturing a gelatinous cube
  101. GMing CoC for the first time
  102. Zweihander
  103. Call of Cthulhu In Media Res premade character help
  104. Star wars saga edition - PC quandry
  105. Runequest 6 / Mythras Opposed rolls and Difficulty Penalties: Please Help
  106. WoD VtM: Personal Horror in a group-based game?
  107. Torchbearer: is this houserule horribly unbalanced?
  108. Exalted 2nd edition summary of social combat
  109. M&M 3rd Edition Partial Resistances?
  110. LANCER: A Mech RPG
  111. Tuckers kobolds
  112. Selling my AD&D stuff?
  113. Call of Cthulhu 7e One Shot?
  114. Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy - Lord Edge of Grimdark
  115. D6 Star wars returns!
  116. Help with a Shadowrun build
  117. Fate System: Do We Need Stairs?
  118. Thinking about making the switch to basic fantasy
  119. WoD Beast: The Primordial (Good Lord Above, Why?)
  120. 13th Age or Fantasy AGE?
  121. Looking for a game with free form magic rules for Chaosium BRP
  122. How many of you played Savage Worlds? What should I look out for?
  123. Shadowrun Developing an AI antagonist
  124. WoD Changeling the Dreaming (Chronicle Assistance)
  125. Dark Heresy Tech Priest (Adeptus Mechanicus) 1st ed...OP how?
  126. Labyrinth Lord Vs. B/X
  127. Chuubo's...Marvelous...What?
  128. WEG Star Wars d6 system?
  129. Is there a two-weapon fighting style in NWoD 2e?
  130. AD&D 2nd Ed Is there an unoficial 2e warlock class out there?
  131. PTA/PTU , Edible Pokemon
  132. Using rolemaster skills with D&D
  133. What can you tell me about Symbaroum?
  134. WoD Mage the Awakening: Design help and questions
  135. WoD Why would a demon owe a favor to a vampire? (Old World of Darkness)
  136. Arms of the Chosen is Out!
  137. AD&D 2nd Ed Recommend me a module for a one-shot/two-shot!
  138. Creating unconventional game structures
  139. Sci-Fi The Savage Worlds of Borderlands (need help)
  140. Shadow of the Demon Lord - Character creation advice?
  141. How did Runes work in Mongoose RuneQuest I
  142. Zweihander: Any Good?
  143. Character build request for d20 modern
  144. theorycrafting question involving what weapon to use against undead
  145. Warhammer 40k games compatibility
  146. WoD Need an interesting backstory for a V:tM NPC
  147. Dark Heresy / The One Ring mash-up
  148. [Legend of the 5 Rings 4th Edition] What Experience and Insight Rank to start at?
  149. AD&D 1st Ed Question about aftereffects of fireballs cast inside
  150. Dark Heresy party comp
  151. AD&D 2nd Ed AD&D 2e Fairy PC suggestions
  152. Warhammer fantasy, who has played It? Help please.
  153. WHFRP 2E: What's Cooler?
  154. What do players do in Ars Magica?
  155. Generic d20
  156. WoD Changeling the Lost 2nd edtion preview
  157. Firearms ADD 2E
  158. WoD Running the Giovanni Chronicles [Dark Ages Vampire]
  159. Exalted Exalted, Third Edition
  160. Star Wars Star Wars Saga: Doing my own prequels
  161. Number of paladins in a party
  162. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3e Character Guide
  163. 2nd edition AD&D question
  164. Star Wars Saga optimization: How do you build a functional Jedi Consular?
  165. Broken game builds
  166. Running a shadowrun game in starfinder
  167. Savage Worlds and Gaining Experience
  168. Otto's Irresistable Dance
  169. Wfrp 2e bounties?
  170. [ROLL20][LFGM/DM] POKEMON (PTU). Sundays 7pm PST.
  171. Warhammer adventure help
  172. Star Wars Building a Terminator PC
  173. [SW Saga] WBL?
  174. AD&D 1st Ed Why are Werebears good?
  175. First anima character help pls.
  176. [WHFRP 2Ed] Help to Create New Character
  177. Star Wars Saga Thread IV: A New Hope
  178. Superhero What would you use low-PL M&M for?
  179. Old School Experiences with Lamentations of the Flame Princess?
  180. Superhero [M&M 2e+3e] Running a game with different PLs
  181. How do I find Game groups?
  182. Help finding some classes?
  183. RuneQuest
  184. AD&D 1st Ed Quick question about Find familiar spell.
  185. Old School Role playing Collection
  186. AD&D 2nd Edition Magic Resistance Question
  187. WoD Questions about Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
  188. Superhero [M&M 3E] Being hit by a vehicle
  189. looking for obscure book
  190. Cantrips and At-Will Arcane Attacks History?
  191. WoD System modifications for a Demon Souls / Dark Souls setting
  192. Exalted starting adventure with minimum fighting?
  193. AD&D 2nd Ed How do you deal with hordes of enemies?
  194. Calling all FATE Core players and GM's
  195. News Some Help with advancing undead
  196. AC vs. Accuracy
  197. Pendragon: The Once and Future RPG?
  198. Pathfinder 2nd edition (5e)
  199. Superhero Toypocalypse?!?! Campaign ideas?
  200. AD&D 1st Ed Horse and mule carrying capacity
  201. (PEACH) custom gurps-style fallout system
  202. Numenera - what to buy?
  203. Exalted Exalted 2nd Edition Linguistic Charms
  204. Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition: How do you build Kamen Rider?
  205. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition
  206. Sci-Fi Dark Heresy 2nd Edition: First Time GM, need help
  207. Which version of Changeling is compatible with the God-Machine Chronicles?
  208. WoD Nosferatu favours to trade?
  209. You are a wizard, Harry. And I'm in big trouble, here.
  210. Old School Roll Master Adjustments
  211. Dark Heresy help. No Smite?
  212. AD&D 2nd Ed I could use some advice on creating a character that might survive
  213. AD&D 2nd Ed Treasure: non-random awarding & spending
  214. Where can I find these psionic powers detailed?
  215. Sci-Fi Cyberpunk 2020
  216. How "present" are the gods in your game?
  217. Could Ironclaw and Jadeclaw be used with a custom setting?
  218. Spellbook creation. 2nd ed Ad&d
  219. WoD how do you build a caern for a werewolf the apocalypse game
  220. tsr products
  221. Superhero M&M 3E, charter idea I of mine - cyber nija
  222. AD&D 2nd Ed does 2nd still have support by users.
  223. Sci-Fi Mobile Suit Gundam 0082: Shattered Sun
  224. Getting into Dungeon World, any failure stories?
  225. Swse Character optimization questions
  226. What would Russian roulette be called on Golarion?
  227. Final Fantasy FFRPG
  228. Dark Heresy combat flow chart?
  229. Trying to remember a class in D&D
  230. Star Wars Saga, spalsh?
  231. Star Wars Jedi Builds
  232. Any Street Fighter RPG fans in the house?
  233. Old School Scion Dex/Stamina Build Help?
  234. Sci-Fi [Starfinder] Mechanic's drone and equipment?
  235. Star Wars Help with a Star Wars-style Zen Archer
  236. Mechwarrior to Battletech
  237. Warhammer fantasy RPG 2nd edition questions, need help!!
  238. Any love for BECMI?
  239. Fun with Fate
  240. [CON-X] Anyone know the differences between the two 1st ed. Exodus books published?
  241. Earthdawn 3e : Is there still an active forum left ?
  242. Dark Heresy - logistics questions
  243. AD&D 1st Ed Is First Edition Ad and d Dead?
  244. [d20 Modern] Mecha Heat System
  245. Suggest a System?
  246. Shadowrun How can I help my team 5E
  247. Demon: The Descent, creating NPC advice
  248. End of The World RP Line - Which one would you recommend?
  249. Challenges for players
  250. Deciding on a system