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  1. Shadowrun Help with mage build for Shadowrun 4e
  2. Blue Rose: Has Anyone Played it?
  3. Superhero Making Custom Soul Eater System: wanna help/join?
  4. Keltia and Yggdrasil
  5. AD&D 1st Ed 1e Sorcerer
  6. Sci-Fi [Dark Heresy 1st Edition] Psykers...
  7. Numenera
  8. AD&D 1st Ed Running combat and balancing things
  9. Star Wars Saga: Blackhawks Prequel campaign
  10. Superhero [M&M 2nd ed] Published adventures with more lower PL characters
  11. How to fix FATAL.
  12. anyone have SW Force and Destiny exp?
  13. AD&D 2nd Ed Campaign ideas/review
  14. Continuum Frag Verification
  15. Star Wars SWSE Converting passenger quarters to cargo space
  16. Under Hollow Hills Discussion
  17. Scion - Lilith
  18. Sci-Fi Sci Fi RPG Suggestions?
  19. Superhero some questions about power creation rules
  20. Star Wars What to watch out for when running REUP for the first time
  21. Star Wars How well does the Use the Force skill work in Star Wars Saga?
  22. BRP - point buy option?
  23. Most op things in GURPS
  24. Star Wars KOTOR Saga Edition - Building a ranged droid
  25. Darkside ideas
  26. 2nd Edition AD&D Module Question
  27. Class naming
  28. Multiple Processors in one droid (SWSE)
  29. Guys help
  30. Demon: The Descent, Question on Demon-blooded
  31. AD&D 2nd Ed How do Vorpal/Sharpness actually work?
  32. Castles and Crusades: Fields of Battle questions
  33. AD&D 2nd Ed Campaign Journal: Darkhold
  34. AD&D 2nd Ed [2e] Spell list from the wizard compendium
  35. How to roleplay a seriously stereotyped knightly class with a female character?
  36. WoD Need to Create a New Discipline
  37. Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed of
  38. WoD Multi-Splat games
  39. Sci-Fi Cthulhu Tech Advice
  40. Adventure Depth in RuneQuest/Mythras
  41. Star Wars Saga Edition: Dawn of Defiance
  42. Advanced Fighting Fantasy
  43. AD&D 2nd Ed Specialist Wizards - a new perspective of an old hat.
  44. Superhero M&M 3E: Any way for constructs to resist Affect Objects?
  45. AD&D 2nd Ed I'm actually doing it : gonna run some 2nd ed.
  46. The Original Shaman
  47. M&M 3E: The mechanics of restraining arms
  48. M&M 3E: Building A Character For A Newbie
  49. oWoD Demon/Werewolf shenanigans?
  50. AD&D 2nd Ed Do magical ammunition and magical ranged weapon stack?
  51. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e
  52. AD&D 2nd Ed Experiences using the variant spell-casting rules from "Spells and Magic"
  53. I forgot the name of a monster
  54. Red Dwarf style mini modules
  55. Dual-class Wizard, learn new spells?
  56. The Witcher RPG is out
  57. Star Wars Saga Edition Minion Help
  58. 1e Assassin Prime Requisites
  59. Superhero M&M 3e Concept Build
  60. Dual-Classing without the Prime Requisites
  61. Build Help. GURPS 4E Mage 200 points in a 250 world. :)
  62. [Starfinder] lvl 5 build ideas/help
  63. AD&D 2nd Ed My thief feels useless- sorry for the long post
  64. Know of any homebrew monsters for Deadlands classic?
  65. Question about 2e dragon items
  66. There was a Bomb suit in a d20 Modern book or supplement, I can't find it now!
  67. M&M 3E Character Creation - How does Altered Form work now?
  68. AD&D 1st Ed Seeking Human Cavalier Build Advice
  69. AD&D 2nd Ed Spell Jammer World book/books?
  70. M&M 3e; Questions about "linked" modifier
  71. Differences between Fudge and Fate
  72. Superhero M&M 3e Enhance Trait vs. Alternate Effect
  73. New to anima
  74. Starter Set Character sheets
  75. Superhero M&M 3e Senses
  76. Superhero M&M 3E Tools Question
  77. How to handle infiltrate an army base?
  78. Apocalypse World - What is Augury?!
  79. Superhero M&M 3E Move Objects and People?
  80. WoD Clan for an oWoD Vampire
  81. Exalted Extras in Qwixalted
  82. Do you have to be a Game Master to get people interested in a variety of RPGs?
  83. Alternity Zombie Apocalypse
  84. VTM character idea, no normal disciplines.
  85. Superhero M&M 3e Investigation
  86. Exalted Antagonists/Protagonists who inspire you
  87. Crowdsourcing Advice - First Time Setting Creation - Choosing Game and Idea
  88. Character concept help for WoD
  89. God-Machine Chronicles Question Re: Merits
  90. M&M 2e Fashionmancer
  91. [Mythras / RuneQuest] NPC Statblocks?
  92. AD&D 2nd Ed Enlarge spell is it worth it ?
  93. Experiences with 7th Sea?
  94. Four Horseman of the Apocalypse
  95. [In Nomine] opinions on artifact costs
  96. WoD OWoD Clan Lore Assistance
  97. WoD I'm A Beginner To Play Vampire: The Masquerade And I Don't Know Where To Start
  98. Why is FATE more popular than Fudge?
  99. Old School I bought the Wilderness Survival Guide- Now What?
  100. Dungeons the Dragoning 40k 7th edition - Going fishing
  101. SWSE: Coordinated Leadership (Coordinate)
  102. Invasion of Yu-shan, Exalted musical ideas
  103. Deadlands Reloaded Question
  104. Help with Hero 6th edition
  105. King Arthur Pendragon Game
  106. Star Wars SWSE: Building Starships; Weapons
  107. Exalted weapons without evocations
  108. Help making a military base for a zombie survival game
  109. Quest Item XP
  110. SWSE: Countering Coordinated Barrage
  111. Star Wars Star Wars, Age of Rebellion - 1Y1G or 3G?
  112. 2018 RuneQuest, some thoughts on skimming the new book
  113. Skill Cost in GURPS
  114. WoD Optimizing Zack Zealot
  115. The One Ring
  116. Cyberpunk rpg
  117. Shadowrun 5e question
  118. Need help with Gurps binding
  119. How would you summarize M&M's basic traits as a starting point?
  120. swse proton bombs
  121. [Vampire: The Masquerade] [5E] Chicago by Night Kickstarter (last 3 days)
  122. AD&D 2nd Ed Dungeon Master in Need - 1st level players, mid size group, island adventure)
  123. [Any Game] - Illusionist Tricks
  124. Star Wars SWSE: Outlaw Tech
  125. Star Wars launching fighters
  126. Help setting up a GURPS cyberpunk game
  127. star wars role playing game d20 system wizards of the coast
  128. Dark Heresy 2.0 (where do I even start??)
  129. Dungeon World
  130. Star Wars more than 1 destiny point for an attack
  131. Shinobigami: Modern Ninja Battle
  132. 1st Edition Dnd, Monsters that can cast spells.
  133. Genesys/FFG Star Wars
  134. Star Wars faceoff... this is absurd
  135. Good system for playing Call of Cthulhu?
  136. Experiences with The Witcher RPG?
  137. Toned down hit point scaling (Stars Without Number)
  138. Star Wars Computer Use
  139. VTR Clan C’Thrash-Progeny
  140. VtM question. Noob GM perhaps.
  141. When did Forgotten Realms shift its geographic focus?
  142. Starfinder: Doubt about Dwarves
  143. Christmas Oneshot: Any critique would be helpful.
  144. Shadowrun Technomancer more?
  145. Mutants and Masterminds 3e Nullify Complication
  146. AD&D 1st Ed beat a black dragon
  147. [M&M-2ed] New to the System (GM)
  148. WoD [Mind's Eye Theatre/Vampire: The Masquerade] The Arcane merit
  149. Does Anyone Here Play Ironclaw 2e?
  150. AD&D 2nd Ed Has anyone heard of the Monster called the TakkleMaggot?
  151. help me find an old splatbook
  152. Player VS Player Interaction Skills In M&M 3E
  153. Running Basic D&D, with just the necessary house rules
  154. This Year's Christmas game! Need ideas!
  155. GURPS DIscworld 4th Edition
  156. Shadowrun Shadowrun 5e (Face/Adept VS Face W/ Cyberware) Advice for new player.
  157. Shadowrun Apocalypse World
  158. M&M advice for overpowered sensory abilities
  159. Star Wars Outer Rim Merc game
  160. Gamma World Alpha Powers and Omega Tech
  161. Kismet! a simple hack for converting d6 into fudge/fate dice
  162. Star Wars Saga Edition: which character sounds the most viable?
  163. Star Wars SWSE Stealth Scout/Jedi into Melee Duelist build advice
  164. Players are way to crafty (The dark Eye)
  165. AFMBE Zombies eating People
  166. (Ironclaw) Maps
  167. Monte Cook's Invisible Suns - first impression and perspective
  168. A thread about Iron Kingdoms.
  169. AD&D 2nd Ed Apocalypse Stone clerics losing powers
  170. WFRP1e: Wizard Help: Coloured Magic or Wood Elf Mage
  171. best system for this type for fleet based combat / rpgs?
  172. Old School [OSR/ACKS] "E6" with Generic Classes for historical games
  173. Star Wars F&D armor mod question
  174. AD&D - The cliffnotes version
  175. L5R 5th Edition Probability Results
  176. What Systems Can Make Clockwork Oozes
  177. WoD WoD 2e Mortals advice
  178. CoC 7e Black Powder weapons
  179. Working on a Mutants & Masterminds 3e Fix
  180. Who here has played Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC RPG)?
  181. Mutants and Masterminds
  182. Dawn Caste Solars are misunderstood.
  183. Planning a Sci-fi Adventure: Need a system!
  184. Star Wars SWSE: Ideas on different ammo types for slugthrowers
  185. Who here plays Exalted?
  186. Exalted 2 Combo understanding, building and charms
  187. homebrewing a sci-fi campaign...when is big enough big enough?
  188. Superhero Which system would be best for this character, and how would I build him for it?
  189. Stars Without Number Skill Points
  190. AD&D 2nd Ed Red Steel
  191. What superpowers are available to mundanes in Exalted?
  192. AD&D 2e: is there any “broken” class?
  193. Anima Beyond Fantasy Questions (Does anyone even play this?)
  194. AD&D 2nd Ed Random Causality casting time
  195. The Riddle of Steel: why not using all dices to attack ?
  196. AD&D 2nd Ed Looking for info about a Book
  197. Exalted x campione - doable?
  198. General Exalted Discussion XVIII: Lunars Time To Shine!
  199. First time Shadowrun, I want to make fox Ninja
  200. Superhero Cypher System Focus: Shrinks to Miniscule Size [PEACH]
  201. Cheat sheet for V:tM 2nd ed
  202. AD&D 2nd Ed Completely Spells and Magic
  203. Looking for an old monster
  204. FATE Core, Avatar: TLA Homebrew Rules (Seeking Feedback)
  205. Superhero M&M 3rd Edition: How would you build...
  206. paranoia red clearance is a good game lets talk about it
  207. Games for monster campaigns?
  208. Star Wars SWSE: how many Vultures can we cram into a Salon?
  209. Planescape: help with names
  210. Shadowrun alternatives
  211. [M&M] help with arrays
  212. Desert of Desolation Trilogy or Master of the Desert Nomads and Death Temple?
  213. [WFRP4e] Career Trappings
  214. Is the Echelon RPG good...?
  215. [Planescape] Clerics don't really make sense in Sigil, do they?
  216. A GM Dilemma
  217. First Edition D&D Overlooked and Overpowered Spells
  218. Exalted Campaign Chronicles and Journals
  219. Planescape: emphasizing belief
  220. Anyone here play Genesys RPG?
  221. Thac0
  222. Where Can I Get the World of Prime Worldbook?
  223. [Planescape] Ideas for a PbtA hack..
  224. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e - House Rules
  225. Savage Undead - Immortal Archetype.
  226. Integral Ravenloft Sourcebooks?
  227. Adapting Changeling the Lost
  228. Planar travel for Savage Worlds Fantasy (besides Suzerain).
  229. Warbirds question
  230. [MotW] Acronym Help: M.I.T.H.O.S.
  231. AD&D 2nd Ed What was the deal with Tenebrous?
  232. Star Wars Saga Edition - Fixing scaling
  233. Advice for a shadowrun 5e game.
  234. Sci-Fi New 6th Edition Shadowrun has been announced. Lets talk about it
  235. A friend is trying to entice me to play...
  236. Smart phone app that throws Rock/Paper/Scissors
  237. Do you like the older RPG systems better than the newer ones?
  238. Wrong section- please remove
  239. [MotW] How to follow a teleporting monster
  240. WoD WoD Tips
  241. Shadowrun Campaign journal, first person view
  242. Expanding Lost Expedition into a Campaign [Pulp Cthulhu]
  243. Savage Worlds - About Suzerain's Pulse Paths and Shantair's Professional Edges
  244. Caught in the middle
  245. Superhero New GM looking for help on story for an M&M game
  246. What happened to the god Raiden? How did he end up on the plane Carceri?
  247. Exalted Exalted 2 Lunar, new player, min-maxer need help
  248. One on One Campaign (Sort of)
  249. Looking for a Pen & Paper System
  250. Hitler the Lich