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  1. AD&D 2nd Ed [SPELLJAMMER] [Found it!] Looking for a link to a homebrewed variant of the Gadabout.
  2. WoD Sell me on Vampires: The Masquerade V5
  3. best systen for zombie survival games
  4. [Mutants and Masterminds 3rd] What Constitutes A Good Threat? And General GMing Tips
  5. The system(s) you always wanted to play...
  6. Superhero Mutants and Masterminds 3E How's this PL 6 character look?
  7. Fudge media? (YouTube play sessions, tutorials, etc.)
  8. Superhero M&M build help
  9. AD&D 1st Ed Fighter Magic Resistance
  10. Exalted Exalted: What's it like?
  11. Superhero How's this Mutants and Masterminds character?
  12. What's Your Favorite Out-of-Print RPGs?
  13. Can tech priest get faith talents?
  14. The Council Of Whitestone: Dragonlance readthrough alignment discussions
  15. WoD Advice: First time Mage: Ascension GM in search of pre-made adventure
  16. AD&D 2nd Ed How does the Fighter Hide?
  17. AD&D 2nd Ed Dark Sun Race with Mutation Chart?? Not Dray...
  18. What is Birthright?
  19. AD&D 2nd Ed Cleric/Thief anyone?
  20. Help with YAPCG
  21. Ironclaw 2e Help: Combining Elements from Other Games
  22. Sci-Fi Generic Help for a GM
  23. Dungeon World GM-help
  24. Advice: Wishes, Time Travel, Simulacrum, oh my
  25. Green Ronin ASOIAF roleplaying game House rules?
  26. 1st edition AD&D shield bashing
  27. Legend of Five rings Lore questions.
  28. Exalted [GM Help] Exalted 2.5, Marama's Fell and the North
  29. Best Space Opera RPG System?
  30. wrong forum - just delete
  31. Star Wars [SWSE] How to compensate Mid Level PCs?
  32. Superhero [Mutants And Masterminds] Support Character
  33. Random Rules (From A Bunch Of Places)
  34. Traveler 2300 / Mindjammer
  35. SW Force and Destiny help
  36. 2ed Animal affinity psionic and martial arts.
  37. AD&D 1st Ed Biggest Baddest Demons: How did you determine if they hit? (No HD, just HP)
  38. Looking for Archlich information
  39. Obsidian weapons in RQ/Mythras
  40. [Mutants and Masterminds 3e] Valid Quirk for “Variable Power-Based” Super-Villain
  41. [M&M3E] Trying to build an Elementalist
  42. Eclipse Phase : How to Convince a Player to Try
  43. Shadowrun Can someone recommend me a decker/infiltrator
  44. Mature games ?
  45. Superhero [M&M, 3e] How does ritualist interact with mental quickness and skill mastery (magic)
  46. Exalted Exalted 2 a noob need help with building Tiny Tina from borderlands as a solar
  47. 13th Age-What's It Like?
  48. Superhero [M&M 3e] How does Permanent Modifier interact with Morph Power?
  49. I need to know *EVERYTHING* about the Tarrasque
  50. Superhero [M&M 3e] Queen Hatshepsut, AKA Dr. Lapis Falsey, PhD, AKA Nile Queen
  51. Superhero [M&M 3e] Mechanical Cost of an Amulet that makes permanent innate insubstantial turn
  52. Word of darkness how to start
  53. Read-through of Zweihänder Revised core rulebook
  54. [D&D General] List of ALL the weird forms of magic?
  55. GURPS flaws?
  56. Dogs in the Vineyard - Playbooks / Character sheet !
  57. Star Wars [SWSE] 1/Turn abilities VS 1/Round abilities
  58. Traveller
  59. Exalted Exalted 2(with access to 2.5 and 3) looking for cool things to craft with magitec
  60. Sci-Fi [Starfinder] Need Help Picking a Dawn of Flame Concept!
  61. Star Wars FFG
  62. Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG
  63. Effects of drinking blood from Perils of the Warp: DtD40k7e
  64. Sci-Fi [Stars Without Number] Cheat Sheet For GMs And Players?
  65. Shadowrun 5e Mystic Adept build...
  66. Exalted Exalted 2e where does one find the crafting rules?
  67. AD&D 2nd Ed Actual Play: Has anybody used the Arcane Order and their mages?
  68. Superhero Newish to M&M 3e: How do I build this character?
  69. Exalted What if Two Incarnae want to Exalt The Same Person?
  70. Old School Saving Throw — a fundraiser fanzine to help James D. Kramer
  71. Star Wars Star Wars FFG
  72. Shadowrun New Player Questioning Delayed Actions
  73. Pulp Cthulhu: Ghostbusters?
  74. Exalted Solo Character Help (Exalted 3e)
  75. Star Wars Star Wars Saga edition Melee Scout help
  76. Planescape lore
  77. Star Wars Saga Edition: Rogue One as a party
  78. WoD Character Idea Questions for Continuity
  79. [SWSE]Want to help me stat a monster?
  80. Read-through of Main Gauche supplement for Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG
  81. Replacement for HKAT?
  82. Superhero Help with Mutants & Masterminds
  83. Rules for official pokemon battles?
  84. [M&M 2e] creating Lich, ran into problem
  85. Exalted Exalted 3e Quick(ish) Rules Guide
  86. Good survival horror or action horror
  87. Superhero Villains And Vigilantes
  88. Superhero Chargen advice for GURPS superhero game
  89. Pugmire Optimization Ideas?
  90. outbreak undead free content fridays
  91. Updating 2e backstab?
  92. Superhero [M&M 3e] Devices : need inspirations
  93. Abilities for a psionic dwarf who doesn't know he's psionic
  94. Old School Thoughts on Magic & Monsters?
  95. Fallout pnp zombie outbreak game idea
  96. Looking for guidance to begin playing Call of Cthulhu (or similar)
  97. Athas meets Rogue Trader + Exalted.
  98. (Shadowrun) How to start?
  99. How do I run shadows (Shadowrun help)
  100. Index Don Fernando, Ghost Boss
  101. Savage Worlds: Impressions of the High Space Campaign Setting?
  102. Superhero TTRPG
  103. Anyone tried Call of Cthulhu for a sword & sorcery game?
  104. Exalted Exalted 2(with access to 2.5/3 rules) looking for infernal wild shaping help
  105. Old School What's the difference between BECME, Labyrinth Lord, B/X Essentials, BFRPG, and S&W?
  106. Star Wars Saga
  107. AD&D 2nd Ed Materials Question
  108. Old School I.D. Monster
  109. AD&D 1st Ed Increasing INT in AD&D 1e
  110. Superhero Help me play this character!! (M&M 3e)
  111. DM of this website, please help me with a (boring!) zombie quest
  112. Star Wars FFG Assistance
  113. Star Wars [Saga] Ship Systems
  114. Star Wars [SAGA] The Unstoppable Power of... Invisibility?
  115. Is there an optimization community for Star Wars Saga Edition?
  116. Does Exalted have a basic rules equivalent?
  117. AD&D 1st Ed Questions about under-priced magic items in AD&D 1e, and non-magical weapons
  118. Need advice for new exalted campaign
  119. Ghoulish Politics
  120. AD&D 2nd Ed Magic Resistance vs Detection spells
  121. DMing Paranoia for first time
  122. Dungeon segments/rounds, exploration and me (aaaaaand possibly you too)
  123. Superhero I'm Thinking Of Playing Mutants & Masterminds
  124. Making a Jedi-analogue in True20
  125. Tunnels & Trolls 5th Edition compact paperbacks cheap
  126. BESM/Big Eyes Small Mouth 4th edition initial thoughts
  127. AD&D 2nd Ed DM help. Possibly Deadly Encounter. Looking for feedback.
  128. WoD Is owod still alive?
  129. d20 Modern
  130. WoD White Wolf World of Darkness Part 1
  131. Has Anyone Tried Paleomythic?
  132. AD&D 1st Ed How to destroy hundreds of (inert) mummies that won't burn?
  133. Exalted Exalted 2/2.5 Looking for Dragon Blood pregnancy rules
  134. Spheres of Power - Nature Help
  135. Tips for Running Dread as Star Wars
  136. mixing Call of Cthulhu and mutants and masterminds 3 edition what do you think ?
  137. An death-benefit scam, in space!
  138. AD&D 2nd Ed Help on creating a character
  139. Shadowrun 6th?
  140. Vampire Requiem 1st: Maxing Presence+ Intimidation pool
  141. Legend of the Five Rings (3rd)
  142. WoD W20 Werewolf Summoner
  143. Star Wars Saga Edition - Inspiration for a new character
  144. WoD OWOD DAV20 looking for ideas to turn my voivode into 1984 and improving defense
  145. Overlight
  146. Victoriana 3e: the orderly orc.
  147. Fallout RPG
  148. L5R 3ER - Full Defense Posture
  149. Teens in Space RPG -- Looking for Contact / Errata / FAQ
  150. AD&D 2nd Ed Lamentations of the Flame Princess?
  151. "No Thank You, Evil!" Fun Question
  152. Shadowrun 6e - technomancer hacking issues...
  153. Looking into Mouse Guard
  154. The Dark Eye RPG - Free "Play At Home" for now including Core Rules (normally $20!)
  155. AD&D 2nd Ed Question: Why would you ever be a Defiler?
  156. [Let's Read] Zweihander Player's Handbook
  157. Please sell me on BESM 4E
  158. [Let's Read] Dungeons the Dragoning 40,000 7th ed. v1.6
  159. Old School INX1 - Against the Dwellers of the Isle of Dread campaign idea help (Basic Fantasy)
  160. Exalted to M&M- Relative Power Levels
  161. Call of Cthulu: Making Lara Croft
  162. Blood Oath
  163. Shadowrun [SR4] Matrix Clarification Help
  164. Modules to Sprinkle into Pulp Mask of Nyarlethotep
  165. AD&D 2nd Ed Silly question about Flight? Are the numbers the speed?
  166. Looking for mysteries (Steampunk GURPS)
  167. X-Crawl
  168. AD&D 2nd Ed Rules for travelling in a Desert?
  169. Old School Rolemaster Free Hand Weapon Mod Question
  170. AD&D 2nd Ed Are there rules of Madness? How to simulate paranoia?
  171. AD&D 2nd Ed Do you need to use your action each round to continue Turn Undead?
  172. AD&D 2nd Ed Constricting/Trapped? Python Staff? Looking for staff.
  173. I'm Thinking Of Playing Fate
  174. Exalted Exalted 2/2.5 Where can I find the Merits & Flaws table? I was not able to find them
  175. Need some help with character creation in Adeptus Evangelion 05
  176. Superhero Precognition power (PL7)
  177. Sci-Fi Scare my players - IN SPACE!
  178. Sci-Fi Wrath and Glory: Anyone Tried It?
  179. Old School OSR Hybrid
  180. WoD MtA: Etherships
  181. Champions 6e Build Help: Power Replication
  182. Star Wars SWSE: Help! Jedi Build: The Negotiator
  183. AD&D 2nd Ed DM HELP. What book are there stats for Tieflings/Aasimar? Angel and Demon NPC needed.
  184. Star Wars [SWSE] Creating Armor with Build Object
  185. AD&D 2nd Ed Armor for a Bird? Any rules or book with info?
  186. 2nd edition books from dmsguild, are they worth it?
  187. AD&D 2nd Ed 2nd edition books from dmsguild, are they worth it?
  188. Sci-Fi BBCode Table formatted Character Sheets
  189. Exalted How to write homebrew for Exalted 3e?
  190. Cleave
  191. AD&D 2nd Ed New to AD&D 2e - fighter advice please!
  192. AD&D 1st Ed Is there a way to optimize a character in this system?
  193. Old School I’m also in a BECMI game, is there a way to promise here?
  194. Superhero Strength based Dommage and Alternate power.
  195. Classic Paladins
  196. AD&D 2nd Ed In Dark Sun, was it ever revealed what the black sphere in Ur-Draxa was?
  197. AD&D 2nd Ed Any AD&D 2e Homebrewers Here?
  198. Campaigning in Dark Sun
  199. Superhero Luck Hero accidents and bad luck ideas.
  200. Classic "Rangers"
  201. Low-level Planescape adventures in the Outlands
  202. Superhero How to attack with Move Object
  203. [Heroes & Horrors] Skill/ Proficiency system
  204. AD&D 2nd Ed Looking for AD&D 2e group (UK time)
  205. GODBOUND: How to handle the word of artifice in combat?
  206. AD&D 1st Ed Dragon Breath
  207. AD&D 1st Ed [AD&D 1E] Looking for an Issue of White Dwarf
  208. The Blightlands
  209. Dragonborn Grapple
  210. Savage Worlds vs FATE vs FUDGE vs BRP vs GURPS vs Cortex vs Cypher
  211. looking for a good system to have mechs vs giant monsters
  212. WoD V20 Character Optimization
  213. PC building constructs with templates?
  214. Mutants and Masterminds 3e stacking powers and equipment
  215. Star Wars Star Wars d6: Questions about taking turns
  216. Old School Origin of "Clerics Can't Use Bladed Weapons" Rule?
  217. TTRPG Timetravel
  218. AD&D 2nd Ed You've lost your spellbook. Now what?
  219. Environments of Suzerain
  220. To Scratch an Itch: Mercenary Company Rules & Ideas
  221. Stars Without Number (Revised Edition) help.
  222. AoS: Soulbound Optimization
  223. Most memorable use of Karma/Bennies?
  224. Star Wars RPG need help finding a ship (cannot remember which book)
  225. AD&D 2nd Ed Wizards and Racial Weapon Proficiencies?
  226. Closest Call In A TTRPG?
  227. One-shot Bucket List?
  228. How We’ve Changed TTRPG Worlds
  229. Sci-Fi [Starfinder] Replicating a 40K Sisters of Battle Seraphim
  230. En Garde! in the Playground
  231. TTRPGs - With or Without Reality?
  232. Superhero The Blood of Heroes: Special Edition (MEGS/DC Heroes/Mayfair Heroes)
  233. Fantasy Flight Legend of the Five Rings Campaign Idea
  234. Sci-Fi Starfinder: Should I Duel?
  235. Adventure Writing for Fate
  236. Must play old school or osr adventurers?
  237. AD&D 2nd Ed New Pick-Up-Game 2E Dark Sun sever on Discord
  238. AD&D 2nd Ed Monstrous Manual HD?
  239. WoD In oWoD, what "class" of characters could you play?
  240. [GM Tool] My Pathfinder 1E Random Loot Generator
  241. Star Wars [swse] Droid Companion Creation Help (Solved)
  242. New Discipline Vampire the masquerade (and requiem),
  243. Pathfinder Kingmaker vid
  244. Plan for a one off session on Halloween
  245. AD&D 2nd Ed Looking for a most complete spell list
  246. AD&D 1st Ed Question regarding Phantasmal Force and its verbal component
  247. 3.5 DM considering running dnd 2e for the first time.
  248. Superhero M&M 3e Character Thread
  249. Alien the RPG?
  250. NPCs, gangs, and monsters in Blades in the Dark